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Give, Give, Take: Make a Value Exchange

Lesson 10 from: Email Marketing for Crafters

Abby Glassenberg

Give, Give, Take: Make a Value Exchange

Lesson 10 from: Email Marketing for Crafters

Abby Glassenberg

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10. Give, Give, Take: Make a Value Exchange

Lesson Info

Give, Give, Take: Make a Value Exchange

Let's talk about giving and taking so in your role as the newsletter writer you are going to do a lot of giving you really want to put yourself in the role of the giver so week after week, month after month you are creating things that you're going to give to your followers being generous you're giving and giving and giving in a time when they are not buying because as we said earlier nobody's going to buy something from your store every week so despite that you're still sending every week and you're putting yourself in the role of of being generous and of delivering valuable things interesting content things people saver and look forward to week after week okay, so you are the giver at some point you're going to have something to offer maybe it's an online class maybe it's the new necklace whatever it might be when it's timeto offer the thing then that's the take right so you by setting up this sort of exchange of value you're giving them valuable things over time and at a certain poi...

nt you're offering something that they can then buy back five from you it's like a risk reciprocity a relationship of reciprocity and so obviously don't be manipulative but you do you know people to feel over time like she's given me so much you know she's giving me so much and I want to support her and at that time they will sort of buy from you and be part of your community because it's part of their identity to support you at that time. So this is this exchange of value where you're giving and giving and giving and then you have the take and that's why you can't set this up on email marketing strategy on november fifteenth and hope for an awesome black friday sale, right? Like that is not part of this you could do that, but I don't think it's going to be successful I think it's going to feel like pottery barn teen on def, you don't want to feel that way, you know you don't want your subscribers to feel that way, then this is a long term strategy of being a giver um and and making that exchange of value with your subscribers gets a long term investment and it will totally payoff promise really well, you'll see it will pay off. You gotta trust me on that one for now, but it will so buying is an emotionally driven decision it is and you're developing this relationship of reciprocity with your subscribers people often if you could think about this, people often buy things from people because or buy products because of an emotional reaction I mean, you know, and you want to provoke that emotional reaction and it might be just provoked through the product itself because it's hilarious or it's touching or just gorgeous. And you can't live without it. But you can also provoke it just through relationship. Soon it can be to fold. It can be both of those things, and you can use the kind of content that you're providing to people to create that relational bond.

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Bundle Wade

Abby Glassengber's class is a great tool for beginners. Abby encourages us to focus on the goal of our newsletter, and to incorporate aspects of newsletters we enjoy into our own writing. A particularly useful section of the course was the description of different content types that work well for e-mail marketing. Those of us who dislike "salesy" content are given the revelation that our newsletters are a gift to our most dedicated fans. With this in mind, putting together newsletters becomes a more thoughtful and fun process.


What a fantastic course! Abby is informative, interesting and she explains both the bigger picture and the specifics to help you get started. I highly recommend this class.


A down to earth and honest voice. I found this quite relaxing and a really nice class to get rid of those fears of email marketing. I love how the audience can participate and questions have been asked.

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