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Family Photography: Creating a Successful Business


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Action Vs Moment

Let's talk about action and moment, because this is a really important thing that I've started teaching in the last year. I mentioned it in the first segment, that we all go in and shoot all the action right, and bigger action feels like it's a better photo, right? And in the beginning it is, but now to push you to a further place, we have to have action with a moment for it to be successful. Does that make sense? There has to be a moment with the action. So this to me, actually, Jess put this in, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a good one or a bad one, but we're going to say it's a bad one. (laughs) To me, and I give it to my client, here's the thing, give your clients everything that they're going to love, right? It's a matter of what we're choosing to show. To me, this is great action, we got hair flowing, like he's changing the baby. But I don't feel like there's that much of a moment yet. In my heart, I don't feel like there's that much of a moment. I really need, like, so...

mething else to be happening here, him to be crying, him to be laughing, her to like, kick her face back, so what do I do, I just keep shooting and then if I miss the mark, I let this photo go. And I let the effort to make this photo go. It's not a big deal. Failures are great, like, they just make us work harder. And I don't actually think of this as a failure, I'm like, it's just a photo that didn't work. It has no reflection on me as a photographer or me and my work, it's just not working really well. I am sure that mom likes this photo. But in terms of really representing my point of view or my strength in my portfolio, it's just not working that well. Okay, action. Look at that fancy stuff I just did. (Kirsten and crowd laughing) Forgot I was playing with that. (laughs again) Plus no moment, really means no picture. Does that make sense? Okay. So we might review this later, this whole scene, but this is an action with a wet teddy bear but I don't feel like there's much of a moment, I even need like, the clutching of the fingers, for it to really work as a photo. Eh, it's dead to me. I had a little funeral for it, buh bye, it's gone. And I'm fine with that, my students know what I talk about, I'm like, funeral. It's just a funeral, you just let it die, we say like, a couple of nice words and we let it go. And then you don't worry about it. In all the time I've been shooting, for 19 years, there's only one photo I regret that I missed. Only one, I can only think of one. Like after a shoot I'm like, ah I missed this and this, this. There's only one and it was amazing and I missed it. And forever I will be really angry that I missed it. With my friends Jen and Tristan, we were all in a house together and Tristan had the baby like this, and then tried to open a beer and it exploded and it was spilling out everywhere and then the baby flipped over upside down and he had her by the leg and he's like going like this. (audience laughing) And all three of us, my husband, Jenna, also a photographer, and me were like... (audience laughing) Camera's right there, no one made a photo.

Class Description

Building a successful family portrait business takes more than capturing a good image. Not only do you need the tools to create family memories that your clients will love, but you also have to know how to set up a business that will make money and keep your clients and their referrals coming back. Award-winning photographer and international educator Kirsten Lewis returns to CreativeLive to teach all of this and more in the third class in her series on family storytelling photography.

In this class Kirsten will cover:

  • The psychology of photographing families and how to really “see” your subjects
  • How she collaborates with families and other creative professionals
  • How to stay present in the moment to capture authentic and timeless images
  • How to set up your business for success and sales

Kirsten will pull back the curtain to show you the nuts and bolts of her business and how she continues to be successful in this unique area of family photography.