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Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

Lesson 11 of 21

Fashion Lighting Refresher

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

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Lesson Info

11. Fashion Lighting Refresher

Lesson Info

Fashion Lighting Refresher

Lighting setup that felix taught me on the lighting workshop that we did together where I asked felix if he could replicate my vision of natural light nice flat soft light my greatest idols fashion idols, photographers that used this soft light and I asked him to different to copy it and now after the air workshop I went and bought the scrim and I bought the two fifty alan chrome and the pocket wizards and I'm now shooting with strobes when I want and I've used them maybe twenty percent of the time I've played with him I've really enjoyed it but it's a sit and look and so this is the look that he's telling about now so this is the two by two last alight skylight rapid scream with the one point two five stop diffuse I'm going to show more in my segment after lunch that's what I'm shooting through there is a light behind here I'm going to do this really quickly john, would you just help me with this right? So you just pull that through that uh uh so there is any umbrella any modifier wil...

l do shooter anywhere into the space but not directly at the model all that's happening back here is in this white room the light is bouncing around and getting really soft it's very, very, very simple that's it and as felix said, you could he's trying to create a window so he's trying to use the reflex to create a window space which is exactly like the windows face that I use when I shoot natural light so he's created this frame here he said it would be if you have a small space you could put the light outside of a doorway and use the doorway with a scream over there to create the size of a doorway light coming into your model that looks like natural light and just to clarify this is not a scream this is black on the other side of that so we just put it there to block the bottom so that it kind looks like it's the window from slightly up high and you don't need to buy expensive little things like this frame she could just use gate if I'm or foam core or the flats and cut out the size of the window that you want and the larger the light source the soft that's going to be softer the light so if you're using the whole scrim on thing obviously the softer it's going to be a and the more you bring in your fief let's more directional your light is going to pay no different than natural light how I used natural light when I close down my lighting and I get the sliver of light to get more of a silhouette on the shower off sorry superpower of the pact like how much how having the flash I don't know and I don't care what I care about it's like I'm using one lie I don't need to worry about ratios that under more about any of that don't make it so complicated just whatever comes out the camera that's what I'm looking at in this case all right so basically I was told that if I'm shooting on in so um around what so you are today I think it was two eighty what we worked for a day I went up to four hundred okay after four hundred that basically you are think sweet spot is what I think speak when you think you're oh you shot a speed yes wonder on flash it's usually one hundred twenty five to two hundred of a second yes in your stop is currently at for four so I preferred two point eight we could go down to that I mean I could if I go teo two point eight now that's a stop out I'm going to change my two hundred going exactly the same of light yeah so that's your sweet spot one twenty fifth of a second in europe for four yeah whatever you know you're going to know if it's too bright when you get images I know but when I went to sit it out without you all of a sudden I became elementary stupid again and I was like mmm mmm mmm mmm, yeah. I felt that we were going to kind of even the mission takes giancana cello and said, what what was it called again? And he told me, and then he wrote back and it comes in hot pink. I like okay, that have been seventy goes. Don't be offended. I bought it in helping, but I'll cover it. You should. You should come after lunch, I'll cover more of the technical stuff. I think today we did that. I'm not lighting challenge, so I want to get to the post because they have a lot of poses, okay, stop mucking about, right? Oh, but one technical things I was in the break, john showed me stop mucking about just one more thing. It's like amazing this thing. It does all sorts of things. You can it's a tripod, felix. Now, actually, now I think it's more. It has transcended tripod is, um

Class Description

Bring more flair to all of your photographs with fashion-inspired posing and lighting ideas from Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze.

In Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting, Sue and Felix will show you how to direct and light a model to create a fashion-style shoot. This class brings together a master of posing and a master of studio lighting to show you how to create gorgeously lit and posed photographs in your own studio. Sue and Felix will demonstrate how to create three versatile lighting looks and a whole range of poses that bring the subject to life. You’ll learn how to work with a model who can’t move and how to capture the energy of one who can.

Create and capture the beauty of a fashion-inspired shoot – join Sue and Felix for your guide to shooting professional fashion looks and photography poses. 

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Spectacular class.!!! This is what it is like on a professional set. Time is money and the director gets the shot, Taking direction is the key attribute for the talent and crew.. That means tempers are high, there is humor and passion while cajoling the set to work together. The energy was amazing on this set. I loved their working relationship. Sue and Felix both have their vison for getting the shot. And they got it. I highly recommend this class.


Sue Bryce has what my Thai friends would call a teacher's heart. It is hard to translate but basically means caring, deeply knowledgable, dedicated to constant improvement and possessing the ability to present to students in an easily understandable and accessible manner. "Near enough" is never "good enough'. In a word she is a professional. This course is highly recommended for developing a framework for photographers to work from. Sue Bryce also has many additional pieces of inspirational advice along the way in terms of styling and costume. A talented teacher who presents practical steps that can easily be adopted by others. Impressive!