How Style is Applied to your Brand: Image Style


Finding, Defining, and Marketing Your Photographic Style


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How Style is Applied to your Brand: Image Style

How style is applied to your brand. Remember the visuals of your brand. Remember that image style, the logo, remember your collateral, the product line and studio look. Those things are what we're gonna talk about in the rest of the segment. I'm gonna show you some examples of another photographer who's doing things really well when it comes to studio look and product line. I'm gonna introduce you to Jenny Kruger in that department, but also think about Allison. You guys saw her in her studio and her work. It is so cohesively tied with what she does. She literally took the work and made the brand around the work. Which I thought was brilliant and what most people should be doing. Because how you shoot from your heart is natural. When you have a style and you shoot that style, it's going to come rather naturally once you find it. Remember Lindsay, she talked about, you know, I don't really have to work so hard anymore to get my style, I did in the beginning, but now it comes pretty auto...

matically. When you get to that place, then all of a sudden developing a brand is piece of cake. Image style, just a quick review, we talked about the visual and emotional components of your work. Using your 20 image body of work to come up with visual adjectives and emotional adjectives that reflect your body of work. Then I asked you to start connecting these words and create sentences that make up your artist statement. What I want you to do is pick three words on each side, both physical and emotional words. For me, I very quickly did this with my new work, my newborn work. I could probably fine tune it a little bit, but for example's sake, I'm gonna pair my work with it and my studio with it, but it could be anybody's. Does that make sense? Visual, airy, clean, organic is kinda the descriptive words that I wanted to use there. Emotional, serene, hopeful, and authentic. That is the ones that resonated with me on both the visual and the emotional side. Then I just kinda made a little graphic that made me feel it a little bit. Something visual that represented how I felt about it. You can do this or not, it's not a requirement. I just kinda got a little bee in my bonnet and decided to do that. What I want you to make sure you do in your brand, and ladies who we looked at their websites today did an amazing job of this, only show work that represents these visual elements and emotions. Brian Calloway talked about this on his own social media sites. They don't put anything out there that does not represent who they are in their style and in their brand. That is so, so important. And yesterday I talked about Instagram a little bit and he reiterated that today. When your images are on social media and especially a platform like Instagram, you could literally go and see someone's entire portfolio in their Instagram feed. Use that as a place to shine, don't put images in there that are your screaming kids of bad, horrible iPhone snapshot that you would never take for a client. Only show images that you would actually show to a client as their session, their wedding, their commercial shoot.

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How can you work successfully (and profitably) as an artist in a crowded, over-saturated market? You have to make your work and your brand stand out by creating your art from a deeply authentic place that is only YOU and yours alone. In other words, you must define your STYLE. By standing out uniquely, you can attract the kind of client who is willing to compensate you appropriately for what you bring to the table.

Join master business and photography educator, Julia Kelleher, for a class on finding, defining and applying your style to your work and your brand.

In this class you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify your style as an artist intentionally rather than by accident
  • Incorporate your style into your brand
  • Use your style to help gain financial benefits
Learn how an undeviating style can bring in your ideal client, make you stand out in a crowd, command top dollar and keep your competition at arms length.


Cesar Flores

Wow wow wow, as an artist on a beginner's stage this was an amazing presentation. Julia is a pro on teaching the psychology of the artist within ourselves. I will follow her from now on and start putting in practice her step by step techniques on finding my style as an artist. Thank you Creativelive and Thank You Julia, you are amazing


This course is amazeballs. Love love love love love love love. Just buy it. :)

a Creativelive Student

Great class. A step by step way of finding a artist style that is from your heart. Stop hoping the style fairy will randomly visit you some day. I view this in-depth system as a smart exploration component integrated with a gut check component. Julia has laid it all out smartly and easy to follow. The work itself will not be easy but the steps are beautifully explained. Brilliant! Buy the course. Yeah I will be using it for years. Shelle