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Bonus with Purchase: Testing Customer Profiles using Facebook ads

Lesson 14 from: How to Make a Living Selling What You Make

Megan Auman

Bonus with Purchase: Testing Customer Profiles using Facebook ads

Lesson 14 from: How to Make a Living Selling What You Make

Megan Auman

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14. Bonus with Purchase: Testing Customer Profiles using Facebook ads

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Bonus with Purchase: Testing Customer Profiles using Facebook ads


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Lesson Info

Bonus with Purchase: Testing Customer Profiles using Facebook ads

Hello, everyone! We are at the bonus lesson testing your ideal customer profile with facebook ads, so in lesson for we identified your ideal customer, but as you guys know, we kind of did it based on a little bit of imagination, a little bit of empathy, a little bit of guesswork right now when it comes to getting feedback on whom you think your ideal customer is, one of my all time favorite method is to observe in person whether it's a craft show or a trade show, nothing beats that one on one feedback, but I also know that that's not an option for everyone. So in this bonus lesson, I want to show you how to test your ideal customers using facebook ads. Now we're guard this of your personal feelings about facebook, you cannot deny that there is no better way to target people based on the same demographics that you're using to identify your ideal customer. So what we want to do here is run short campaigns for small amounts of money just to see if we're on the right track with our ideal c...

ustomer just give us a ton of information now we're actually going to do this by paying for paige likes in the grand scheme of all facebook advertising, paying for paige likes may not be the biggest bang for your buck, right? It can be is parliament overall strategy but what we're not what we're doing here is not necessarily trying to market to people. We're just trying to test your ideal customer and we're using page likes because we want to find out first and foremost if people have that gut immediate reaction to our product and we don't want to have to ask them to do something really momentous right to know if they like us, we don't want to make them click to our website or sign up for email list, yet once we know that we're on the right track with that type of customer, then we can start to ask some of those things. What we want to do now is just see if the people we think are going to like our product actually like our product, by very simply asking them toe like our page. And so the goal here is to run facebook like campaigns using targeted audiences and try to get our page likes as low as we can because a low page like tells us that we're getting a good audience response so you can see here I have a couple of ad groups that are running and I'm going to show you guys how to set this up, but you can see if we go over here, the cost per page like really varies from forty eight cents to thirty three to a dollar seventy two so what this tells me is that that dollar seventy two, not the best fit customer for me, right? It's, too high of a cost, but the group that I'm targeting that's getting me thirty three cents a page like that's, really good that's a good fit. Not surprisingly, it's a group that I put together by interest of museum lovers, right? There's a few other factors going in, but so for me, not surprisingly, that one worked really well. This one is people who liked design milk, and, well, that was working pretty decently, right? And then this one guy was, like, let's test high end fashion people who like neiman marcus report a thing like that. Not as good of a response, so I might find some customers in there, but not my ideal. The other thing that I found out in testing is that you want to do something based on your ideal customer profile, but we might not want to go is narrow. I found that that didn't get us those low page like. So we want to kind of be slightly more broad when we build these audiences. So that's, what we show you first, our first step is to build some custom audiences based on your ideal customers so I am in the facebook ads manager yours might look a little bit different if you've never set this up, you'll have to go into facebook but of the ads manager they usually make you link either paypal account or credit card to get started. I may be able to google if you've never used facebook as he may be able to google and find like a fifty dollar credit, some of those exists. If you've never done this, try that out, you might be able to get some free ads and maybe even do your ideal customer testing without paying at all be even better, right? So now I'm on the facebook ads manager and when you're in your facebook home page, that comes up on the side or you could just google facebook ads manager and it will take you there to tonight on ads manager and where we want to start is down here at the bottom when audiences so I'm gonna go into audiences and you can see I actually deal build ones that were custom built, bernice and susan and my testing, I found that those really narrow ones just didn't quite get the range. We want to broaden it out just a little bit people who are like bernie's, but maybe a slightly what wider geographical range and that's why I'm going to show you guys the other thing you can do as a compare which is a really handy sneaky trick that I recently learned is you could also create lookalike audiences based on your mail chimp list so if you want to compare how well some of your ideal customer profiles are you can also create that look alike audience but what I want to show you right now is how to create an audience just based on the kind of hypothesis of your ideal customer so we're gonna go up here to create audience and then we want saved audience lookalike audiences what you would click if you were trying to build something that was like your male chimp list but I'm gonna go in here to save the audience and it's gonna ask me teo name my audience so I might say I'm going to do something in this case you're going to go by profession right? I want to kind of find those interior designers who might like my product then we're going to do location so there are certain ones that you could ignore but there are key ones you want hit so we want to hit location and for this I would recommend you know, picking key places not just one s oh, I know that you know my susan customer she lives in a suburb of massachusetts but I'm going to hit a couple of big cities right so I might do all of massachusetts it's a small state and there's plenty of people there um there might also do new york city and then when you start to do cities it'll ask you how much of a radius you want teo so some cities are more compact new york I'm finally just that um you know, I might do the bay area so let's head in san francisco you know why I want you to pick mexico first and maybe that you know, I'll go a little broader sense a little more of the bay area when incorporate you can keep on adding and adding right? So that's, what you can do to kind of hit where you think your customer is going to be, then you definitely want to hit a jj so I'm looking for my kind of susan customer, so I'm just gonna go ahead and hit forty and I'm gonna leave it on up for now I'm just going to kind of see again, we're not going quite so tight brought ng out a little bit that seems to work better for this and in this case I'm just hitting women even if you think your customers both run the profile separately, so think for michelle that would be the case for you, right? You have a very specific some very specific male profiles, very specific people so you might do men who happened to like vintage cars right that could be a really good one for you and that's where we really want to come in here is tio interests right because this is what where we kind of have these ipod hypothesis about our customer and you can pull in any interest so I might search interior design and see what comes up and you could see as we're doing this if we throw back up it's gonna tell us the potential reach right so it tells you how many people are in this potential target audience and you could make it bigger or smaller usually by adding more locations and occasionally by adding more interests but when you're adding more interest I would always keep them related so I might also add in people who are see if I can find and you're not gonna find everything but I might find people who read design sponge right or who expressed it like don't it's not perfect right but the idea is that it's getting you pretty close eh so anything that you see in here you know you might want to test so I could dio you know like l decor right so people are into your interior design my real decor like an ad that end right so but keep them under related seems so in that museum lovers when I showed you you know I picked kind of all the museums that I thought my customer would like moma the met using modern art, museum arts and design you want to go for the ones that make sense but keep them related because if you like to do a profile that's both this museum and interior design you don't know what succeeding right you don't know what the kind of main thing is so you add those in here and then I would ignore if you're targeting internationally you could add language if you want to, but I think probably for most people in the us you're probably targeting the u s if your international anyone hit people speak a certain language, you could certainly target by language as well and then behavior tends to reflect buying behavior for now we're just gonna let that one go again we're really just going for that kind of visceral reaction and then we can go ahead and create audience right? So now we've made our custom audience we're going to go back to our ads manager and then we're gonna go ahead and we're going to create an ad now I'm using the basic editor you could use the power editor, but if your first time we're gonna keep it simple we're gonna do this right so we want to promote our page we're just trying to buy some likes is gonna ask me to pick a page on a pick my business page and I like to name the campaign based on the audience so that when I'm looking in my dashboard, I see someone go with page legs and this audience was interior designers can't type, so we had a name that now I'm gonna come down here and it's gonna ask me who I want to reach and under this new audience option, I'm gonna look for the audience. I just created interior designers, then this's really keep a tension don't forget to change your budget, you can edit it later, but I would keep this small for now, you know, no more than a couple of dollars, and then right now we're just doing, paige likes we're gonna let that go, and now we want to select images and the other thing that I like to dio I like to throw in a couple of images that are very different just to see what the audiences respond to. Now facebook is actually going tio auto choose what's working the best, right? They have their algorithms and they're going to say, well, this image is working the best, so we're just going to show this image from now on, but we would at least pick a couple to start see any of these they're not loading going pick some random it's, not what you should actually d'oh. But since they're allowing, I think a good place to start it lets you do six I think I would usually do out for just to kind of test things out. The nice thing is, you know, when you're actually using facebook ads, then and you're testing, you could start to turn off ones that aren't working and let the rest of the ad run. So if you're then starting to really aggressively pay for facebook ads, you can start to turn off things drop your cross lower, but for right now we're just trying to see what our audience might like, someone hit, done, and then it might crop your image is weirdly, so you can go in here and crop, you know, I want the focus to be on the necklace, but I don't want to cut off her eyes because that would be awkward, so that seems pretty good. This is quite truthfully, not an image that eye would actually use, and I was running an ad it's goingto play way too small, but this was the first one facebook popped up like I think it's my cover image so I wouldn't actually use this, but for a speed of loading, we'll just go with it, I'll show you guys having the ads manager and show you what I have been using. And then you want to change the text and you want to use I think the same text across some different groups as well we want to kind of keep some constants right? So in this case every group that you're testing were to use the same set of images on the same text so that we really just know it's the audience that's changing and we see who is working for us so I'm gonna go in and just say jewelry except I can't spell jewelry she's a problem my profession jewelry that makes a statement and obviously if you're getting really into, um facebook ads all of these things can be tweaked and tested you can run the same image with different text, but when you're doing all these testing things, the idea is that you want to test one element at a time so right now what we're really trying to do is not necessary optimize our facebook ads but just test our ideal customer so we want to keep everything else the same so we can get that I'm just gonna go ahead and place order there's a lot more things you can add it on facebook as a quiet but weird's going for like best information on our target audience and look facebook actually wants us to do that try it with more specific audience see if you're targeting works right so you can play around with all of that and what you couldn't do then is just go into your ads manager here. So if we go in as manager, I've pulled up over here, and so these air, the active campaigns that I bought and actually the last campaign will show up and it'll say pending while facebook reviews it, but if we go in here, we can see, um, you know, this is a category that I created and then within it you can see I've actually taken everything else to inactive, um, and I'm just running the ad she doesn't want a load, which is getting the most traction, but what you can start to do, then is a test and refine and play with that customer audience always looking to drop your page likes because the lower paige likes means you're really targeting the people who are, in fact, your ideal customer. Then if you want you in the future, once you found a really highly hi once you found are really targeted ideal customer audience, you can always play around with serving them other kinds of ads you don't I was an artistic to paige likes, but for this quick test, run it for a few days, see what your page likes are on got to tell you a lot about your ideal audience. Yeah move it confused on the lower paige likes so isn't the objects the lower price of inhaling we want the rice to be cheaper yeah yes really the number of paige likes doesn't tell us much let's go backto all campaigns the number of paige likes really doesn't tell us anything what tells us everything is the cost per page like that means how quickly they clicked it well it means what basically means what percentage you converted the more you convert that cheaper iss so we always want the cheapest page like that tells us that it's working right I want to pay thirty four cents for a page like that means that that audiences responding better than the audience that paid that where I'm getting at one seventy two so the cheaper you can get your and that actually goes for anything on facebook whatever the cost is they always break it down whether it's per page like or per click or her engaging with your post and the lower that number is the lower that dollar amount is the better your ad is working so you're always trying to get that number lower. Any other questions about this? I know it's a super deep subject but we're just going to use the first one very specific thing for right now to really help you get a sense of who your ideal customer is so that's it for the bonus lefton

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This course was totally awesome!!! I cannot express enough how fantastic Megan Auman is, what a great teacher she is, and am so thankful she offered it for FREE!!! Wow!!! It was exactly where I was at, stuck and frustrated. Exactly what I needed to begin to get my business off the ground. I am currently implementing all I have learned from her. Rebranding my self, rebuilding my website, new product shots, model shots, list building, etc., etc. I am still connected with the Facebook group, and that is awesome we have that connection to continue helping each other out and using each other as a sounding board. I plan on purchasing the course as soon as I can. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to get their business off the ground and going!!!


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