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How to Make a Living Selling What You Make

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Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Monica Jacquay

Megan Auman

How to Make a Living Selling What You Make

Megan Auman

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40. Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Monica Jacquay


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1 Class Introduction 19:47 2 Define Your Big Goals: What Gets You Out of Bed? 31:09 3 Finding YOUR Ideal Number 37:12 4 How Much Should You Pay Yourself an Hour? 32:03 5 Who is the Ideal Customer for Your Products? 30:33 6 What is Your Customer Willing to Pay? 38:34 7 Pricing Your Products for Profit 31:06
8 Where Does Your Brand Need Work? 51:31 9 What Are The Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Products? 40:07 10 What Makes You a Great Business Owner? 36:19 11 What Should Your Product Be Now? 43:38 12 Bonuses w/ Purchase 01:33 13 Bonus w/ Purchase: Your MAL # (ideal #) in Detail 05:50 14 Bonus with Purchase: Testing Customer Profiles using Facebook ads 16:27

Session 2

15 Live Check In 40:19 16 Shift Your Money Mindset 43:12 17 How To Finance Your Business 33:57 18 Are You Ready to Crowdfund? 52:51 19 Analyze Business Opportunities 35:12 20 Test the Market by Entering with a BANG 50:33 21 Plan Your First Big Sales Event 55:31 22 Market and Promote Your Event: How to Build Buzz 57:00 23 Make Your Event a Success 54:17 24 Analyze and Move Forward 33:18 25 Bonus with Purchase: Calculating ROI 20:10

Session 3

26 Evolve Your Product Line 59:42 27 Create a Production Strategy 52:12 28 Plan for Growth and Future Revenue Streams 35:47 29 Your Big Business Vision 41:23 30 Draft Your Daily and Monthly Action Plan 44:09 31 Keep the Momentum Going 19:48 32 Live Check-in - Finale 28:59 33 Bonus with Purchase: Adjusting your MAL # with employees and contractors 15:16 34 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Catherine Utschig 00:54 35 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Christine Herrin 01:35 36 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Holly Tanner Straus 01:17 37 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Joy Jenkins 01:03 38 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Leah Drapkin 01:08 39 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Lisa Jones 01:12 40 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Monica Jacquay 01:12 41 Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Richelle 01:13

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Free Bonus: Student Interviews - Monica Jacquay

Hi, I'm monica, cofounder of livin lila, you confined us at live and lila dot com we crease sheikh essentials for baby and convenient gear preferred by moms. We have a nursing scarf and a diaper clutch that are vastly different from anything on the market. Our goal for the business is to make it seven figure business where we're profitable, recognizable brand that's highly sought after and ah, and able and us doing this, I can then have an income because right now, it's just a sustainable business. So I want this to become a living and not a hobby. Our biggest challenge right now is really educating consumers on how our product are different and how they can make life so much more convenient for mom so that there is something that they want to purchase or wholesalers want to carry. And the one thing that I'm very proud of that we've done with the business is our design it's very unique compared to anything else on the market. So I'm really proud of our designs and something that I'm ex...

cited to learn about in this boot camp is to really be able to elevate our game again. So not being just a sustainable business, but a profitable business.

Class Description

It's common for a crafter to get inspired and pour time and money into launching a creative business idea that they “just know” will be a hit only to discover that there isn’t much of a market for the business they envisioned. But it doesn’t have to be that way – there are specific actions you can take to ensure even the most creative endeavor makes money right away and doesn’t flop.

How to Make a Living Selling What You Make is your complete guide to building a thriving handmade business. Megan Auman is a maker and educator who has built a multi-faceted business around her passion for great design. Her jewelry line is sold in stores across the US and in this bootcamp she’ll teach you the recipe to her success. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Generate revenue from the beginning while balancing longer-term growth 
  • Find the best and worst revenue streams for your products 
  • Set targets, create profitable pricing, and evaluate market demand 
  • Deepen your product line and build your brand 
  • Grow your email list and use social media for long-term growth 
  • Develop production strategies as you start creating more product 
This course includes a comprehensive workbook with exercises and activities designed to propel you through the lessons and position your business for sustainable success.

Megan will help you develop your business idea so you don’t waste time and money on projects that don’t pencil. She’ll also share insights on what to do once your business is up and running. She’ll coach you through best practices for hiring, outsourcing, and planning for the long haul. You’ll walk away confident that you can develop and stick with a business plan that won’t have you tied to a day job or pouring money into a project that doesn’t pay. How to Make a Living Selling What You Make will set you up to earn a serious income by doing what you love.


user a03f28

Love the shorter and longer format to this class. It keeps me interested and I don't have to schedule a whole day at once, during the free play. Well worth the money if you pay for the class too. Megan is amazing! She really knows business, marketing and has strategies which apply to all kinds of businesses. The work book is 150 pages long and breaks everything down into small bits and teaches you to really think about all aspects of your business. Where you were, are now and best of all where you want to be and how to get there. Highly recommend any of her classes. Thank you so much Megan and Creative Live for bringing us such wonderful content!


This course was totally awesome!!! I cannot express enough how fantastic Megan Auman is, what a great teacher she is, and am so thankful she offered it for FREE!!! Wow!!! It was exactly where I was at, stuck and frustrated. Exactly what I needed to begin to get my business off the ground. I am currently implementing all I have learned from her. Rebranding my self, rebuilding my website, new product shots, model shots, list building, etc., etc. I am still connected with the Facebook group, and that is awesome we have that connection to continue helping each other out and using each other as a sounding board. I plan on purchasing the course as soon as I can. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to get their business off the ground and going!!!


Thank you Megan for this opportunity. I really liked the first classes. You indicated interesting directions to think about. Even though life verifies the rest it is still worth to become smarter. Great Work! Best regards from Poland. Ewa