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Dress For Success When Teaching

Welcome back for this very special lesson on what to wear and what not to work what not to wear glasses we're good thank you but the question really is are the glasses true to brand? Sure sure what they could be c they're michael's glasses but here's the thing about dressing true to brand for us we tend to be a pretty casual were playful we want to be able to move that's right? We sometimes feel like superheroes so we're gonna wear clothes that help us feel like that and continue to put that kind of message in that kind of image out there. If we came to present and michael was in a three piece suit with a vest and I was in a cocktail dress and heels it would not work it wouldn't be true to brand so we want to give you an example of somebody else who's done their wardrobe in a really true to brand kind of way and it is once again the illustrious and beautiful petra kolber they say she looks comfortable which is so incredibly important. You know, sometimes we put on clothes that we think...

are going to make us look a certain way but they make us uncomfortable but she looks so comfortable notice she's not wearing shoes which is true to brand for her there's a lot of movement in her course and she looks warm and inviting, she doesn't look like she's above anybody else she's not trying to be fancy, but yet at the same time, she looks stylish. So I think it's really nice? Yeah, I agree, and that brings us to our second point, which is that it's really important that you be comfortable that you'd be able to move, that you'll be able to stand, that you'd be able to sit in whatever it is that you are wearing, that you be ableto walk in what it is that you are wearing, she has become very important here. Shoes are really the big thing, especially for women. High heels might look going that might bring them a nice fur. The dress line lines the lines, but if you're on a wooden platform, which you may be a creative life, they may make a lot of noise and you might find that the wood is actually kind of rugged and you could have an issue with ah, hell, going through a seam in in the wood itself, so are you look wobbly, trying to look at my heels, then it makes other people uncomfortable, you know you lose your power. Yes, everything we wear is part of the image that sends a message so it's important that you rehearse in the clothing and the shoes that you're going to perform in that's because we get a new tie got this great new outfit it's fantastic but you've never worn it before you might not know what it feels like to move and it may actually be constraining or the same thing with shoes with a brand new pair of shoes you may be wearing them for three days and your feet might be killing you and then boom there goes your energy on dh you know you know starts toe starts to really bring you down and you don't wantto worry when you're performing about what you look like because really truly people are not looking at your bum or people are not looking at your degree of attractiveness they're there to hear your message they're there to hear what it is you have to say so yes plan your clothes out ahead of time your wardrobe and talk to your content producer about that as well but then when your when you are up and you are teaching and instructing just relate just communicate and don't be so next thing so you're choosing clothing that are true the brand that help deliver on the promise meaning the clothing you wear influenced the way people think about you and as a result think about the material that you're presenting but you're not choosing the clothes just from the perspective of oh I look great in this that's that's that's that's different so we think about clothing choices as costumes here you'll call it wardrobe but we think about it his costumes because a costume influences the character that you're playing and when you are performing you are playing character an authentic character, a character that is a representation of the best parts of yourself but it's still a character nonetheless so a couple of things to watch out for we want to watch out for patterns because that can be tricky through the camera and also really bright colors can sometimes be jarring through the camera too tight clothes too tight clothing or short skirts if you're wearing a skirt this too short and you feel like you need to keep hiking it down then that could be problematic or if the short you're gonna end up sitting in high stools or even in chairs and the short the skirt will come up and you don't realize that it's coming up more than you wanted to now you're uncomfortable when you're sitting because for and distracted and distracted and for men too tight pants can be an issue the camera picks up every little detail right? So you don't want to pull them up too high or yes yes okay then even moving on so you also want to make sure that your clothing allows for secure mic pack attachment so and mike attachment so if I was wearing a turtleneck that would be difficult to attach the mic two in the same way if I was wearing a dress, there might not be a secure life to attach the mic back. So clothing matters on that's a little bit on what to wear and what not to wear. But by.

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Let public speaking experts and pro instructors Michael and Amy Port show you how to own the room and master the art of teaching.

Even for seasoned experts, teaching can represent a new and unique challenge. In this class, Michael and Amy will help you become a better on-camera instructor and a better speaker in general. You’ll learn about the unique challenges of teaching and how to most efficiently prepare your material for a dynamic and engaging class. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Rehearse and prepare adequately in the time you have available
  • Develop your content to the fullest and prepare bonus materials that will incentivize sales
  • Attract a big live audience and drive them to purchase the class

Veteran public speakers themselves, Amy and Michael offer battle-tested strategies for preparing for, marketing, and teaching a class. You’ll develop skills that will make you a more engaging speaker, one who is completely at home engaging audiences.  


a Creativelive Student

This was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you, Michael and Amy for the tips - excellent for both new and seasoned instructors! I had several *huge* take-aways that will help me improve my next class. I appreciate you and the thought that went into these sessions.

a Creativelive Student

This class is full of great advice from two seasoned pros... I've worked with Michael Port in the past and attended a workshop with both Michael and Amy in NY last year that was AMAZING... this CreativeLive class is perfect for people like myself that are not only speaking to groups but also teaching them in the process.

a Creativelive Student

Amazing class! So many great tips & ways to connect with your audience. Thanks Amy & Michael!