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Logo Design 101


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Not gonna do it you're on your own, but I say that because you can get you can gain a lot of good information and a lot of insight like from other designers and from classes and from going to conferences and seminars or whatever but you don't get expertise you connect from doing that you get expertise from doing it, you know, the more you do, the better you get. Um, you know, I've been doing this a very long time and I'm still getting better um and there's still some things I don't do very well er but again it's been an experience is one of the best teachers questions parting shots I designed and and I don't design I designed and printed it's ah, a lot of a lot of press. Yes, earlier you were talking about making sure that the color was consistent with what you present your client. I was wondering about color chips. Where do you get those two car color? You have to find somebody that pelt sells the pantone thing and you can actually buy individual like there's. You could buy like a fan...

s watch book that just has the print colors, but then they also sell like these ring binders that have pages with the chips and you can if you know what the cholera is, you can just buy the page that it'll have, like, you know, five other college with or whatever, but you can buy those individual pages. I'm just have to find a deal up like a pan time dealer. Some our supply places that carry pantone's watch books will have those, uh, my website, um, instagram, twitter, dribble link, then. Alright, all those places. All right, well, thank you so much. Test has been a moron. You're more than welcome, thank you, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Class Description

A logo is a visual representation of a brand. And when you are relying on one single physical identifier to encapsulate a brand - the stakes are high. Find out what you should know in Logo Design 101 with Tim Frame.

Tim has been in the branding business for more than twenty years. He’s designed logos, icons, brand identity systems, and retail graphics for companies of all sizes. In this class, he’ll teach you the complete process for creating an effective logo – from start to finish. 

You’ll learn about:

  • Researching and gathering relevant info
  • Concepting, refining, and rendering a design
  • Producing identity standards and basic style guide
  • Considerations for making color decisions

You’ll learn about the four primary logo types and the strengths of each style. You’ll also explore how to work with Adobe Illustrator to produce a logo that can be used in print and online.

Logos are a core part of every brand identity, learn how the experts conceive, develop, and produce them in Logo Design 101 with Tim Frame.