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Adding a Page in LR Books Module

Let's go to a couple more of the panels over here so you get a good sense of what else is here? S o we've already done the book settings in the layout we've talked about the page area here so in the page area what I want you to understand a couple other things about this section here first off you can have page numbers if you like I never ad page numbers but you could on ben also you can click on this and this gives you a bunch of pages so you have okay? We started with an auto template that just designed the book and if we'd done random and you saw when we first did it randomized the patterns and what not but if you if you don't like the page that you've got here, you can change it and right now it's giving me options for other four up pages so for instance I can click on this one and now they're all big and full frame and then I can right click on this one and I can say phil and then I can grab it and kind of re organize it and then I can fill this one and I can move them up a little...

bit phil this one so I'm just right clicking it and telling it to fill and then I can read uh negotiate where it's going to be inside of that frame just by moving them around, and so now I've got a completely different page here than I have over here, so I can kind of break things up if I want thea other thing I can do is I can click on add a page if I click on add a page right here, so I'm going to show you the grid so we can see all of these pages happening if I click on out a page it's going to add a new exact duplicate of that page structure right at the bottom here, see that added a page here, if I want to add a page right here, you need to click here out of page, there we go. So once you've clicked on a page and add a page, it takes what you've whatever this pages and puts it right here, and then it just expects you to fill it with something. Now I want to philip aiken grab on four images and grabbed the images and drag him to this first spot here and it auto fills the other three so you can auto populate a page really quickly, and that is really useful when you come to the the cover one of my favorite covers is this one here like that it's got a full page picture here, so these these girls I can fill so I'm going to take them on I'm going to zoom in like this so I fill the entire frame with him and then on this side here it's just a smattering of images and you can see that on the back of this book right here you can see that it's got like a grid full of pictures and I love it it tells you kind of what's in the book and so all I have to do is then highlight you know, all of it highlight all the images that I want to go in the back page here so I'll click on one and then shift click all the way to hear and then I'll drag him into the top frame and drop him and then it just fills in, you know, a bunch of frames for some reason it filled in a weird set of them but we can we can kind of fix that just grab you know, some more images here and drag him in to right there and it sounds filling them all in then if I go to that page itself and I can click on you know all of them just kind of like this now remember in my preferences I told it when I auto fill something that I wanted to fit if I had this on zoomed to fill, it would have filled all of those but if I if I forget to do that forget to change that preference aiken go in here and right click all these and I can say zoom photos to fill and now all of them filled the least the ones I had selected all right, so that's how I end up getting this kind of look right here online on my page they're all filling in those squares okay, but but this is also available in all of your pages so any page that you're on you can choose the structure so you can choose photo one photo to two to three to four multiple photos so this is a page so if I want this page right here I can say I want a page that one so see how now I have a whole bunch of images on that page and so then I can start auto filling that so the page structure that you choose the temple it's that you choose here's some with little sprockets if you're really into film still but you're shooting digital he wish you were shooting a film two page spreads are really important if I click on a two page spread it gives me a full image across the bleed and so then I can kind of move these girls around zoom to fill that area and just kind of get them so and you can see how it gives you the the line between that tells you where the gutter is, and it shows you a pretty accurate gutter so that you're not you're aware of where the gutters going. Falk you don't want to face in the gutter or something like that, so you can do that. You can also go in and look for text. So if you want to make a text page, just click on here. And now this is all text, so I could copy something from a word document pasted in here. And now I have a text page and again, this text editor has all the cape abilities that you have inside of in design or photo shop. So you can, you know, you can make that text look just the way you wanted to. You could select, you know you can have, you know, regular text here, and then you can have a heading right at the top. So let's, zoom in and look at that page so I can have a heading up the top heading and the heading could be completely different from all the other ones so you can have it. You know that big so that you can you could write something out, you could write a story out or whatever, so it's totally cape. People of publishing a book albeit it's not mean if you're really publishing books, you should be in in design, but if they're just photo books where you have like one little story that you just cut and paste in here, this is a perfectly viable option so related to that alison online had asked, can you create a custom template in foot a shopper in design and then use it in light room that's a good question? First let me answer with custom pages, right it's all about that if I if I take a page let's just say that I took this let me show you an example of a page that I've really customized so let's take say this page here would put a photo in it on dh let's just design this page so we like this page we like the photo but we want to play around with it so there's other areas in the in the inside of the book module that help you to really customize because a lot of people look at this and say, well, there's it's all based on templates and I can't really change much but that's not really true because I can change a lot of things for instance I could go in and change the padding and move this thing around wherever I want so I can pat it in like this so that is right in the center really small so there's no template that gives me that but they're I've made one I can also say well I want it really small but I want it up in the top left hand corner well that's a case I need to come into these little controls here and unlinked all of these so now they're independent controls once they're independent controls I can say ok my left patting is not going to be so it's going to be right there and my top patting is also going to be like right they're so now I have put my photo wherever I want to be and then the bottom padding is going to come up and the right patting is going to go this way and so I can put that thing wherever I wanted to be there so that's what that paige would look like now so I have the ability to do quite a bit and I could add page text to that so I could come in here and say I want to on this page I want ads page text here so at this point I can say blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and now I can take that and aiken put it wherever I want on the page so I could put it up this high and I could highlight it all and say, well, I want to add some left patting to that so that it goes like, right over there, but the right patting can go all the way to there, so that it, you know, conf it like, right? They're so it's pretty customized page. Once I've done that, then I can say what I really like that page layout, and if I like the way that page layout works, I can click here and come over and say, I want to add this is a favorite page, so this is where the favorites are right here, and I don't have any favorites right here in this catalog, so I'm going to make one, so I right click this page and I say save as a custom page when I do that, see how it now you can see it shows you what that page is going to look like, and if I click on this button here and I go to my custom pages, you can see this is it's it's available for you right there and if see this little button right here, if I click on that button, that just means it's a favorite so now if I go in and click on my one photos and say, these are my favorites here and I like this one a lot, and then when I go up to my custom pages actually not the custom pages, two favorites, you can see that all of those favorites, aaron there, including the one that I just made so that once again, if you work on something, if you work on a page just the same way as we talked last session, if you work on us some kind of an effect, you want to save that effect so that you have it available to you forever and you don't have to work on it anymore. So what we're going to do is we're going to save favorites and click on him so that we can use them really quickly. So the next time I'm making a new page, so I add a blank blank page, and I say, I really want that specific page we'll have to do is click on that and say, that's the page, and now I just need to grab this dragon into that area type here and say hello, and now I've got that page will set up. All right, so page favorites are really important to find the ones that you like the most, and custom pages are important to make sure that if you've worked on the specifics of the way of page falls out, that it also is easy to put together

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Photo books can be used as a portfolios, client proof books, personal travel logs, children’s books, or as gifts. Learn how to design one in Making Books in Lightroom with Jared Platt.

Jared will take you through the process of designing and printing your book in an organized and efficient way. You’ll learn how to use all of the tools in the Adobe Lightroom Book Module – from typesetting to custom page design. Find out how fast and simple publishing your book can be.

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