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Making Books in Lightroom


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Auto Layout Preset Editor

The second area, the book module is called auto layout and in order for you to do auto layouts, you have to do some things in your preferences first so when they show you out of jail and then I'll show you some preference issues that you've got to deal with. So in the auto layout area you can set up presets just like you could do everywhere else you khun set presets and inside of the auto layout you could tell it what you want to do but what we're going to make a pre set right now so at an auto layer layout presets if I click on that, it brings up a dialog box that asks me how I want to lay out my book. So as I zoom in here, I want to lay out my book. This is the left page. This is the right page. I can choose either based on a fixed layout or I could do random lands. If I do random layouts from favorites, then I choose do I want random with just one picture, two pictures, three pictures for pictures do I only want one or four pictures and then it will randomly choose between one pictu...

re or for picture layouts for that left page or you can say I always wanted to be a fixed layout with one photo and I wanted to be full bleed photo and I want to fill it so it fills the entire page or I could say, I just want to fit it into that page so if it's a landscape, it'll fit this way if it's a vertical, it'll fit that way. Typically speaking, I like to fit things rather than phil because most of the time I'm pretty happy with the crop that I've made on my photograph on ben aiken aiken choose some other things like do I want to add photo text to the I don't like to add text really? So if I want to add textile abbott later um stuff like that and then on this one do the same thing fixed lay out I could do to two photos per page if I chose this one, see how there's little lines down below that those lines are text area and then you could choose what you can choose what that text area is going to be it's like what kind of text it's going to be? You can add the text, align it with photos, but the question of what is that text going to say that's, what you have to set up in your preferences which will show you in just a second? So once you worked on this auto layout, you decide I want this to lay out in a specific way or, if you want to do it with random photos, then you hit, save or you can update the presets. So I save this. I can save this as its own preset, so I would just click on save current settings is an in pre set, and I would call this test and test two, and now I've got a preset called test to that. Has all of these particular, uh, concepts are structures involved? So now I'm gonna go back to the presets, and I'm going to go up to my four proof book page, and you can see what I've done is I've given and see where we go for a proof bait page and hit done. So now I have. Here is the proof book page, and if I auto layout right now, it's going to take all of my images from this group of photos and it's going toe auto, lay them out.

Class Description

Photo books can be used as a portfolios, client proof books, personal travel logs, children’s books, or as gifts. Learn how to design one in Making Books in Lightroom with Jared Platt.

Jared will take you through the process of designing and printing your book in an organized and efficient way. You’ll learn how to use all of the tools in the Adobe Lightroom Book Module – from typesetting to custom page design. Find out how fast and simple publishing your book can be.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


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