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Getting to know the Book Module in Lightroom

All right, so we are now in the grid module in library and we have a set of images on dwi this is an entire wedding we want to make a book out of him. The first thing that we do is go to the book module so uh, books or made in collections so if you want to make a book, the first thing you need to do is highlight all the images from whatever job you're doing or from whatever set of images you want and make a collection of it because that's where you're going to kind of operate from is the collections area so we collect the images now if I'm making a book like this where it's child portraiture so it's a whole bunch of different children's images well then I'm going to make a collection and start dragging images from all over the place not just from one job because it's not just one person's photography it's a whole bunch of different peoples photography and so I will go in and create a collection and the beauty of the collection is that it's not real it's it's ah it's virtual and so I ca...

n dragon image from, you know, folder one and from folder ten and from job three and from job and pull them all into the same place hasn't moved them at all it's just collected them and made references to them and so that's what I've done here is I've created a collection and you can do that by just clicking on the collection area here and click on that plus button and decide whether you want to create a regular collection or whether you want to create a smart collection or even a collection set now if you create a regular collection all it is is simply a place where you could drag images into that collection so if you create a collection it's going to ask you you know what you want to call that collection and so we'll just call this test book and I'm going to put it inside this book folder area here and I'm not going to include any of the images right now but I can set it as the target collection I could also while in making this collection by the way sync it with light room mobile, which this is a really interesting point because we talked about light room mobile yesterday, right? We showed how to use it and all that kind of stuff well, if you're making a book and you decide I want to make a book of these you know such and such images if you sink that with light ra mobile like this and hit create now our test book is literally as we speak being sink tw two my ipad and if I collect a bunch images in there and then I say well I'm out of here and I leave for the day but I take my ipad with me I can work and adjust and play with those images as I go and when I come back to work the next day the images air adjusted and ready to go now I just have to throw them in the book or if I happened to build the book but I didn't really adjust the images yet they're still inside of my ipad and I could then run off and adjust those images and at when I come back to my book that I had already designed all of my adjustments will be inside the book so the book can change is I work and so that's the beauty of working with a raw work full like this as opposed to the idea of designing a book in some software and then you come back and work on some things and you have to go back and kind of replace those images you want that the synchronization is built into the book module so any time you change something it will just change it inside your book which is beautiful okay, so we'll show you how that happens all right so I am now inside of the scott wedding we made a test book here you could also for instance if I was making a child life book or whatever I could just do it a smart collection here, smart collection, and if I click on that, I could then say, I want to have the criteria of the rating being three star, and I wanted to have the metadata, keyword, child and portrait, and then hit go, and if I do that, then all of the pictures that have child and portrait that air three star better will show up there, and then I get to make a buck, so very easy to collect things, especially if you're doing it from a portfolio catalog. Okay, so now I'm going to go into the scott wedding, and we're going tio, this is the scott wedding, we're going to make a book, so the first thing that I do is I go into the book module, and once I, it takes a little time to go over the book module because it has to get some stuff together and get ready. But when you get to the book module, I'm going to show you what it looks like. It looks like that the book module let's give you a quick tour, just like we did on the last segment with the develop module. The book module looks like this over on the left hand side, you have the preview area, which you always have, and then you have collections because collections or where you design your book from and so I can swap between collections and move back and forth between the collections while I'm in the book module on the right hand side owned by the way at the bottom left hand side you can see this little button right here. This is export book to pdf so if I design a book and I wanted to send it out as a pdf, just click on that it'll send it out was a pdf of that book so I don't have to send it to specific place like blurb or whatever, and the book module is specifically designed to work directly with blur books, so if you don't know blur books there really I got this upside down there really an excellent book by injury, they do a great job of printing on its very easy and inexpensive to create books, but you can also send it out as a pdf and share it with people is a pdf so we're going to go over to the left hand side now and on the left hand side, we're going to zoom in and we've got the first panel, which is the book settings this is where we choose what we're going to make out of it, is it going to be a blur book? Is it going to be a pdf or is it going to be a j peg so we can send him out as j pigs as well? But we're going to start with blur because that's where I like to print the book um so once we've made this selection of blurb then we have all the options so do I want a standard landscape book? This is what I use I use standard landscape for my proof books so that's what? I used for the proof books but if I want to make a big book twelve by twelve square that's what this one is here is a twelve by twelve square and then this also expanded this standard paper type is well, I got a little freeze going on let's see oh, no, because there's a dialogue it says so if you change the size of your book it's going to ask you if you want to change the size and relay out the book I'm going to say yes so that it has to do that. Um so now if I go in here I can choose ah hard cover rap or hard dust jacket if I go to eight by ten I have and I have to say yes again let's not show that again um so now I can actually do a soft cover as well then this isn't going to be this has to be a hard cover. This one could be a soft cover paper type standard, or I could do premium type papers, and so when I'm doing a book, when I'm just doing a proof book, I just use the standard paper, but when I'm doing a really nice like art book or something like this, then I use a premium paper and you can kind of test the papers and see which one you like. I have really, really like the matt and I like the luster. I think both of those are really nice finishes, ok? And then you can choose whether or not you're going to put a logo on it. If you put their logo on it, they will give you a discount on the price. So if I click on that, you can see that I got ten bucks off my book, but if I choose not to advertise their company now, I pay an extra ten bucks and that's fine by me, because I'm not in the business of advertising someone else's companies, so I'm going to leave that off. All right? That is the first area of the book module.

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Photo books can be used as a portfolios, client proof books, personal travel logs, children’s books, or as gifts. Learn how to design one in Making Books in Lightroom with Jared Platt.

Jared will take you through the process of designing and printing your book in an organized and efficient way. You’ll learn how to use all of the tools in the Adobe Lightroom Book Module – from typesetting to custom page design. Find out how fast and simple publishing your book can be.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5


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