The Tactile Effect of Photo Books


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The Tactile Effect of Photo Books

Our goal with this class today this hour and a half is to make some books I have books with me I brought books um so you can make little books like this this is a hardbound book you can make soft bound book like this um you can make a big book like this so this is is a studio book that I usedto show my ah child life portrait's and things like that so I you know, I show my clients all the types of children's portraiture ideo and gives him a lot of great ideas as to how they could have their kid photographed because I try not to take boring photographs of people so anyway, so I use these in the studio. I also use them to share with my client so that they have like this is a proof book. So this is a wedding proof book you can see that it's got you know every image on their on each page so you can see it's got the image number below it so that they can find their images. A lot of people have gotten to the point where they're so online everything's online so they use pass or they use, you k...

now, smugmug or something like that to share the images with their client which are all really great systems but one thing that we have lost in the transition from physical things like film to digital is that we've lost that tactile experience with our client and so the client you know, may be able to look at their images on their phone, but maybe they don't have access to it one they're on a plane or more to the point for instance, past past system, which is made by david j is a really great system, but one of the shortcomings of that system is that the person usually has it on their phone. And so when someone's on a plane next to you looking at their phone what's what's the likelihood of you leaning over and looking at whatever they're looking at on their phone that'd be a little bit uncomfortable, right? Because they're that's the it's private time, you know, I'm watching a movie on my phone it's not right for you is my fellow passenger to lean over and try and watch my show same thing if I'm reading my email it's just not right for you to peek over. However, what if I'm sitting on a plane with a book full of pictures like this and I'm I'm looking at him like this a big spread of now we can have a conversation and I've I've actually booked a number of weddings from a mom who had a proof book on a plane she was looking through her images like this and the person next to him said oh that's a pretty book what is that all that's my daughter's wedding really can I see oh absolutely she hands it over and I happen to be the one who took him my information is right here on dh so they know that I took these images and they say well who's your photographer and they call me and I have a wedding so these are really good marketing tools for me because they they go to work with the bride they go on planes with the bride's mother they travel around a lot now ah a lot of people say well on album is good for that too but an album is not actually all that good a marketing tool because states home it sits on the coffee table and it gets seen by like seven visitors a year or something like that and those seven visitors are probably already married or they are family that were at the wedding already with you and so it's not a great marketing tool but these books little books in expensive books things that you can print and give to the clients or things they I mean they're great marketing but for those who are professional photographers I mean holding something is a really deal it's great to be able to do that well, I was watching a show oh, it was them was the new planet of the apes or whatever and they, you know, and in the show in the movie they they had lost all power, and at one point they somehow got this generator working, and so they were able to get power back, and as soon as they got power back, the guy's iphone chirp to life and he could see his photo albums. So the first time in years, and he just started crying over his photos, he's looking through his like little son and daughter and whatever imagine if you lost all power right now and didn't have a charger? Could you see any of the photos you had taken? Probably not because most of us are in a digital world, so this is where prince and books and cards stuff like that really come in handy is the ability to toehold something that we've created on I don't think that will ever lose the need for that. You really need to be able to see things without battery power, um, and that's where I think books are invaluable, so we're going to make some books today. The first thing that I want to show you is how I use books and how I make a book, too show them to my clients, so a proof book type of mentality, and then we'll talk about the process of making you know other books as well. And and all the things. The things that are ingrained inside of the book module inside of like room.

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Photo books can be used as a portfolios, client proof books, personal travel logs, children’s books, or as gifts. Learn how to design one in Making Books in Lightroom with Jared Platt.

Jared will take you through the process of designing and printing your book in an organized and efficient way. You’ll learn how to use all of the tools in the Adobe Lightroom Book Module – from typesetting to custom page design. Find out how fast and simple publishing your book can be.

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom 5