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Changing Text Attributes

So now we've got some text on there but the question is then what do we do with it? Because right now that's a pretty boring cover so at this point I can highlight little angels and come down to my type area and in the type area I can change the size of it I can change the font and any font any funds that you have inside of your system are going to work in here because this is basically photo shops type tool so whatever you have in photo shop you have right here inside of your type tool here so if you're used to in design this is exactly what in design has I can change the size I can change the opacity of my text I can change the tracking between the letters I can even change the baseline so that the distance between the lines change I can change the leading eso all of that kind of stuff is available to change inside of your text editor plus you can change you know where it falls centered right left justify total like spread it all the way out. Another thing that you should be aware of...

is this which is you khun each text goes in a box and so if I go over to say this side here this text right here if I go to the text editing area and I click on the left one it sits it to the top. If I click in the middle, it goes to the middle of the box and if I click on this one, it goes to the bottom of the box and then it will start going up from the bottom. And so if you wanted, for instance, I want to put my, you know, name here, platt photography. So I want that to be at the bottom um, little angels could be here this one actually let's take little angels, um and put that at the top and then we'll put two thousand fifteen here, the bottom and with little angels, we want that to be a much more interesting fun. So let's do I don't know, uh, comic sans yea, so comic sands and then this one is going to be exactly what it is a little bit bigger and the opacity down quite a bit. Um and that khun, that could be our cover. This can also be raised or lowered. You can zoom in so every time you have a picture you have, if you click on it, you get this little zoom and you can zoom in so that it fits that area little bit more so if I zoom back out you can see see how it fits the area's over click on it zoom in zoom out so right that's fit and then that's phil also if I right click it I can tell it to zoom to fill this cell and then if I right click it again now I could un check that and it will fit again all right so that's your basic concept of what you have available teo on the text is right here in the type tool you also have options for a photo text so if I click on photo text these are things that you can add text to it so I can add photo techs and when I do that it's actually going to add click on it and it's going to see out puts us right there in the photo but aiken link that photo I can say I want that photo to actually be in the photo or I wanted to be further away from the photo it's going toe link it based on how far away you want it to be so I could put it in the photo and I could also tell it I want to be I want that to be weird there are gonna be don't align it with photo or align it with the photo you can offset it inside the photo itself when I highlight that go into the text area and say I wanted to be on the on the the right hand side so now it's always going to be right there and I can also say I want this to be white text so now hopes didn't quite get that weight they're so it's white text so now when you look at it you can see the image number if for some reason you really wanted the image number on the photo on the cover but you can also change that I can change this to um let's see oh no there we go so in order to do that in order to change this I have to go into the photo text area here and I tell it what I wanted to be caption except etcetera etcetera or I can edit that and then if I add it that I can go over here and has everybody renamed images in light room know some of you haven't but you can rename an image and light room this just using the renaming tool and then I can add anything I want in there. Look at this I can do file name with a dash on then aiken dio like the date that it was taken with another dash and then I can take uh what else could I do? I could do the exposure, insert the exposure and hit done and now now look at the ridiculousness that I could have on this say now it's number a this is the date it was taken and here's, the exposure setting is on it so there's a lot you could do with what kind of text you're going to put on the image if you so choose, but we're going to turn that photo text off there's also, you can add page text in page text it's doing the same thing but it's based on the page itself it's not based on the photo it's based on the page so once I get the page there and let's, go over here and dupage text on this one because so I want page text and I'm going to I can move that page text anywhere I wanted to be, and I can tell it I want that page text to be you know us over on the right hand side, no let's, do it on the left hand side and aiken say jared platt it's in white text right now, so it highlight that change it to black text so you can see that I've got lots of lots of options for where I want to put text whether it's based on the page whether it's based on the photo all sorts of different options, I also have the ability to do backgrounds and let's go to instead of a cover page let's go to a regular photo page um and let's, look at that full page and let's decide what we want to do on the page so I can apply the whatever I do to this page. Aiken, do it globally, or I can do it on lee to this one page so each page can have its own so I could take these girls playing in the leaves and drag it onto this little, uh, cell here, just grab it and drag it. And now it's a background. So now it's, but notice is only a background to this one page and not to the other pages and that's because I didn't apply globally if I applied globally now it's on every page. So you have background, same background on every page, but in this case, if I don't apply it globally, which now that I applied it globally, it's everywhere but if I want to now, I can change this one to say this page. So now I've got a different background for this page on dh. Once you've done that, then you can change the opacity so it's one hundred percent capacity, or almost zero percent capacity, so you have lots of different options. They and you have this option as well, just in case your interested there are templates. And so you can do travel or wedding or something like that so you can click on this. And now you've got like, these little floor floral patterns or little squiggles to make it look pretty so they have their own settings here. A cz well, there's like a little world map that you can use so let's, do let's do a world map. They're so now there's a world map so that if you're doing travel type stuff, you could do that. But if you want to have your own, then what you would do is you would just simply make a bunch of photoshopped files that have little squirrely things on him that air eight by ten, which is the size for this book or twelve by twelve, that society for the size of that book and you would just add those into your collections and then just simply drag them on and those would become the backgrounds to your, uh, to your pages. So you have the ability to add pretty much any background you want to these pages. Um, you can also just change the background color. So if you come in here, click on background color like this. Now you have the ability to change the background color to say gray, but notice that when you have one of these elements here it's actually changing the background color but it keeps the element in their same thing here if I click on here and turn the background color to say blue you can see that it's I've still got the girls playing in the leaves back there but there is blue over the top of that or maybe underneath it so that they're kind of working together but if I if I come in here and I increase the capacity the blue starts to disappear until finally there is no blue because it's behind him all right, so do we have any questions at this point? Yes. Yeah let's take some questions so hopefully everybody understands the basics from here. Definitely we have a question about can you add textured about backgrounds? You already answered that one. We do have a question about do the photos have to be in a particular color space resolution size can you go over that again? That's the beauty of light room is that it is independent of color space and so if there s rgb rgb uh they could be pro photo doesn't matter his light room takes all of those color spaces, uses them and then spits out one color space and so it's independent of that your best bet is to always keep them raw as far as you can because it's going to spit out the best possible photo if it can stay raw if so here's my hierarchy I want raw and if I can adjust and do everything in raw, I'll keep it there that way I can go to the book module, make my book spit it out and it came straight from the raw to the j peg print that's going out for print that's what I want if I can't do that then I want to go photo shop with a pro photo rgb and I wanted to be sixteen bit tiff or photo shop that's my second choice if I can't have that, then I want something akin to it if I can't have sixteen bit, I want eight bit, but I still want pro photo rgb if I can't pro photo rgb l want rgb nineteen ninety eight if I can't have that, then I'll go toe s rgb and if I can't have any of that then all allow a j peg so a j peg srg b is the worst possible file type you could well, I mean there's worse, you could have a bit map image or something like that, but j peg srg b is a really poor file type and it will break apart much faster when you're editing it, so if I'm in the developed module and adjusting a j peg that's in srg, be it's going to break apart real fast, but if I'm in raw it won't so the higher up that ah hierarchy I can go the better and then your butt then you're out putting them all in one right? But in the end if I had a j peg in here right that's ok because in fact if I want to put a logo in there it's not going to be a brawl logo it's going to be a j peg or it's going to be a png or something like that but it will take that png whatever color it is and it'll take my wrong whatever color it is and it will put him together and send him out is one cool so great thank you questioning okay when you puts a background on and hit the auto like for all the pages and you said it's applying to it can you reverse that? Because it didn't look like when she unclipped it or unchecked it that it I didn't take it off that's a good point it doesn't take it off because you just told it to put it on all of them now you could undo everything that you do in in light room khun b with a very few exceptions if you hit command z it'll undo the thing you just did so if I had really been concerned about I would hit command z and it would undone that thing of checking that box but once you go beyond that you gotta undo undue undue undue like aiken start undoing so and what? I don't know how many steps back it was but see I'm going back and steps back and steps and there undone but you had to go back a ways to do it but yeah, you can undo but you're right once you toggle that and say make it global it put it on all of them un checking it doesn't remove it it just now they're all that way and then if you uncheck it you can start putting different ones on there okay, thank you. Do we have time for a couple? Sure. One more. Okay, great. Uh let's go back over here. Um when you used using images for the cover yeah. Are they removed from the contents of the book? Does it duplicate that they're not removed from the contents of the book there they're duplicated and in fact, if you go down to the bottom in the film strip here see that one? That means that the images used one time. But if I go to the first image of the book here let's see this one here see how that says two that means that it's used in to id oration one is inside the book and one is on the cover so I can see how many times something's been used so that's a good question

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Photo books can be used as a portfolios, client proof books, personal travel logs, children’s books, or as gifts. Learn how to design one in Making Books in Lightroom with Jared Platt.

Jared will take you through the process of designing and printing your book in an organized and efficient way. You’ll learn how to use all of the tools in the Adobe Lightroom Book Module – from typesetting to custom page design. Find out how fast and simple publishing your book can be.

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