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You know when you're delivering digital negatives I showed this once before I'll show it again just really to drive the point home we're delivering digital negatives were not delivering them on a cd right we are one upping next level we want that brandon experience so we have these boxes that were created for us okay they slide in there felt lined in here if you can see that okay they slide in together right this is what we're delivering to the client box comes out our logo's up top okay so that's been branded and then when you open that up it's got a crystal thumb drive that comes out okay and that's got our logo laser action inside of that crystal this is an amazing branded product this is that next level stuff it's not even expensive it's about giving that the thought of what you want your business toe look and feel like from your clients so you want to hand over that cd in a tin can do you want to hand over that cd and a sleeve with what you know marquis black marker on it or do yo...

u want to hand over something that over the years they're going to be proud of and so the company we get this from is a company called photo flash drives uh they're running a special for you so if you placed your first order by august second no minimum orders or set of fees twenty five percent off I don't know that they could make it any easier for you by by waving the minimum order and setup fees they're gonna make it super simple for you to get for you to get going and twenty five percent off your first order so you can go off and buy two right so you don't have to make this major investment and go buy one hundred of them that's always the challenge force isn't it we start seeing these products we like him but then to make the minimum investment you gotta buy ten fifteen twenty or more they're making it super simple for you you can pick up one or two get going tested they also have the crystal drives that thumb drives now so you can get everything from them a twenty five percent off so definitely definitely check it out as we drill more into marketing I got some of our marketing pieces here I thought you guys would I would appreciate some of our marketing you know we have an anniversary card and a um client for life so I have it here digitally for you so you can see so if you can cut back to me here and then we can go back to the screen here's what it's delivered in so we have this envelope here this is how the client for life is delivered and so from a client perspective this is put in their bag okay and now you're going to get you'll see the one side of it here I'll just read it to you through all the love giggles, tears, blessings home growth memories changes dreams children loved ones and family let us tell your story welcome to the client for life program and this is the kind of stuff that we're delivering and if you bought the course, you're going to get this power point presentation and you'll have all my marketing material you'll see the designs in the power point presentation the back side of it's just got different pictures from all stages of life engagement session seniors you know families, babies that kind of stuff and it's outlines they're clearly every year for the rest of your life you will receive one free session up to an hour to document those cherished moments that's how we want to deliver this this is this is branded right so you've never seen this before this is branded stuff uh we also have the same thing for our thank you an anniversary card so every month right you want talk about marketing every month on the first of the month taylor steps out, pulls one of these cards out and sends it to all our all our wedding clients as an as an anniversary gift and it just says happy anniversary let's go to the actual slide so you guys concede on the screen happy anniversary whisper something sweet rock the boat share secret laugh out loud, shake it up, sing in the shower, get flirty, go on a shopping spree color outside the lines kiss in public or desert have a great marriage it's just a little fun thing that you're going to send them and on the back it says happy anniversary sad thinking of you sound taylor so once a month taylor goes in grabs an envelope itself, you know, writes out the envelope and drops it in the mailbox all our clients who got married that month, whether it was last year or five years ago, it's those kind of personal touches is that really going to separate you from the pack? Let's go and look atmore marketing that we do, we create inspiration boards for our clients and so we now create a pinterest board for our clients because how many of our clients don't know howto frickin dress right? They show up in cargo shorts, flip flops, they don't match. This is how we get around that now, so we go out and we build our own inspiration boards for them and even if they don't like the outfit there's a color palette there and so we also tell them where they can get those outfits, so if they actually like him there's a way for them to go buy those that exact outfit but then there's a color palette as well and so we do it for engagements and it's not one just so you understand there's probably twenty of these that we have on a pinterest board for an engagement session for them to go out there and see it from a family perspective we do the same thing and so this ensures this is that next level stuff this is how you take it to the next level for your clients yeah so do you consult with them first and find out what their style is before you go make a hole bored for them? We don't make the board's custom so we make for them I'm saying the boards are made we doing seasonally so will produce twenty boards of what we think looks good but way have a client that comes in and they're like totally off the wall with style they're never going to like what we send him but for that client they see the color palette so the color palette really drives that home forms right? So we're just giving them ideas because most of our clients are not overly fashion savvy. That doesn't mean not all none of them our it just means and most of them are not and so all we're looking to do is try and get them in the ballpark in one form or fashion now some of the inspiration boards we have will be casual some of the inspiration boards we have will be dressing more formal and so by having fifteen to twenty five inspiration boards are showing those to your clients on your pinterest board now you're making good use off pinterest I think this is a really good thing to do here's our senior marketing flyer that went out okay, so this was our flyer for this year the color's a little faded because you're probably looking at it's pia it's a cm like a sorry s so it's not rgb so that's why you're seeing the colors look a little faded because this is what went to the printer, so it seemed like a color, but needless to say, all the college would be perfect on this when it came back from the printer, but this is the piece, right? So you're seeing on the front side of the card you're seeing you're seeing one impact image very much my style right that urban look and feel texture on it backside of the card uh twenty fourteen seniors and just really simple quality it's that time of year again are you ready? Don't settle for second best book your session before time runs out limited availability for unique once in a lifetime experience and senior pictures that is sure to rock check this out it's got a special there like I said, if you if you got this peace if you got the pdf with the course you'll be able to see and use that copy, tweak that copy and use it for your own marketing material. I do want to jump now to show you some cool things from signature collection albums when we're talking about marketing and branding. So check this out, man, when you have your clients come into your studio and you put pricing in their hand, how are you putting pricing in their hand? Are you just putting pricing in their hands and putting a flimsy piece of paper in their hands that does not signal quality? And so we made one of these by hand probably about a year ago or a year and a half ago, and I show these to a few people, and he started flipping out because they look like restaurant menus, right? And so here's what they look like, it's got black velvet here crushed velvet underneath you're pricing sheet would slide into this just like this it's leather. We've got multiple colors brown, black, gray, silver, right, whatever kind of color you're looking for. Imagine now when you're sitting with your client and they asked for the pricing sheet, and this is what you put in your hands, okay, this is that next level stuff and so effective september first. You'll be able to buy this from signature collection albums. You guys have been waiting for a very long time. I appreciate your patients, but you don't have to buy ten of them. You don't have to buy twenty of them, you can buy one of them, and that was the key when we saw these. They're like restaurant menus, but you had to buy ten, fifteen, twenty you couldn't buy just one, and so go register at sc albums dot com and as soon as these air released, we're going to send out an email letting everybody know we're probably on a big sale. But for you here, I got a gift for you guys. Each of you get one, you can pick your colors and argue later, but each of you are going to get one here. Sorry to all my video people pass him to you guys back there and congratulations. All right. So what I want you to do is understand the value of putting something like that in your client's hands and seeing that's a high quality, high end leather and it's that next level stuff for you and your business. So I hope you guys love all that what else? So when we talk signature collection albums and I hope everybody understands what I'm doing here right? Yeah I'm selling you a little bit I want you to be aware of the album company I want you to see where we're going with it but I also want you to see how the omb company's growing this is this is a case study of a real business that you're seeing grow right these things were born out of consumer demand your demand as consumers photographers of the consumers here for signature collection album you demanded this particular product because we showed it to you a year year and a half ago right? What else has been the number one complaint? Some of your signature collection album customers right here what was the one thing you've been asking for swatch kids right? You would think so watch kids are easy enough for us to figure out but signature collection albums launched it launched quick it wasn't completely ready demand went through the roof and we've been scrambling to catch up ever since so when you order a swatch kit affect available september one um you're going to get a very nice linen envelope and I don't know if they can zoom in on this but this is a di bossed folder ok we went we put a lot of time effort money into producing these things for you so you can see how this thing is deep boss here okay for the branding when you open it up you're now going to get a swatch kid here for both our brooklyn collection on our new york collection that you can see touch feel the different lather see the actual actual color, and then of course, in this very same kid, you've got pricing for it. But check out the branding that's been done here, right? So bringing isn't justice us is photographers marketing to other wedding clients and senior klein's branding also goes into are selling two photographers and how we brand our businesses towards you. So what I hope you're seeing is that a case study in how we've grown our other businesses to appeal to you guys? This is really cool stuff, and then the last thing is with every album right for those personal touches, and I want you to steal some ideas on how you might deliver product to your clients, like if you're delivering an album to your client, what you're putting in the box, are you putting anything there? S so what we're doing is now you'll get this and you're getting a certificate of authenticity for the album, talking about the quality of the album, you're also getting a care sheet with it on how it should be viewed, how it should be stored, how it should be cleaned, how it should be taken care of. So that's allowing you to stand out from the crowd with your clients a cz well it's those little touches that we're trying to continuously take to that next level and then one last thing I want to show you I've been excited about this uh actually for a few days now all the guys here in the studio saw this right this is what's next in my opinion this is a wood box to deliver your wedding albums too. So can you imagine how your clients will react when you're black label collection has a dovetail style wood box built in the u s and they open it up and bam there's an album in there that's just bad ass eight by twenty album new leather from signature collection albums right that's the kind of stuff that I think is next level stuff so again, this is the kind of stop man if you feel the weight to this this just stands out from the crowd you guys felt this yesterday and you were blown away that's obviously a nup graded box and then once again next level stuff what's the brand I always talk about signature louis vuitton is the brand I talked about well, if you buy a box from louis vuitton or shoes from louis vuitton all your shoes come in a box very much like this black linen drawer style pull tab box and this will come standard with every order from signature collection albums no extra fee this will be included for you to deliver your client's an album yes, you should be excited about that because this is the kind of stuff that makes you look better as a guitar for think about the boxes you're delivering in today are using those white crappie unbranded on looking boxes jules I'm talking to you they don't signal quality your client right? They just signal vanilla are you using those clamshell boxes that are just falling apart and when you open it up you see all the glue and tape inside that's not quality so imagine if you start delivering this to your clients right and it's just it's not extra it's just all part of it that's the kind of stuff that's gonna allow you to stand out from the crowd and then of course really cool album designs right like this one ok, we've got black leather with a red stripe. This is all new stuff, right? So we're trying to one up it for you a cz well, so really, really cool stuff. All right let's keep going so marketing you know what? I'm a pause the same questions and then let's get to that break and we'll cover marketing in the afternoon hopefully everybody's kind of digging this stuff we're looking at here and feeling it's next level for their business too well all right well let's start people are really excited about the new product sell aiken say that people were married um blown away by the next level so basically the question from kate is what do you guarantee like what if someone damages the items or something how extensive is the warranty on these products especially when people are really investing in this and it's so high quality yeah so what we've found that's a great question so what we've found is we try to do like a ah white glove treatment with the album and we'll put the white gloves in the box for our clients so that's kind of signalling that this should be taking care of so we're delivering this to our wedding clients I'm talking specifically for salvatore conte tired when we deliver these albums in the box is also instead of white gloves so that they treat it and take care of it we also put in that instruction card that comes with the album on how to take care of your album but if a client comes in and spills water beer soda all over that leather we cannot honor that that is not something that we would warrantee what will take care of is anything like pages start peeling away right I mean let's be honest and albums made from photographic prints mounted to some sort of substrate in between the pages over time, if it's not made correctly or with good quality that may start to separate, you have two warranty that you have to own that for your clients, I may never come apart and that's a good thing it shouldn't, but if it does, you should warranty that, but anything that's like fading because they left it in the sun? Oh, are they spill some sort of liquid on it? That is not something I'm willing to absorb, you know that on also something that tends to happen that's why I wanted to offer a higher level box because I wanted them to be able to put this on on their coffee table on their bookshelf, and people look at them like holy cow, what is that? I mean, I cannot wait to be at the bridal show on this sunday showing this for the first time because no one's ever seen it in our market, we just got our hands on these a lot of the things I've been showing you are still prototype, but they're gonna be available september one, but I can't wait for my brides to open this thing up and start taking out an album you know, with unique leather, this isn't leather that exist anywhere, right? So this is an eight by twenty uh eight by twenty album that opens up calendar style crushed velvet inside right. Whoops. I got it upside down, but then we would want the client to display this on an easel. So imagine you give this to your client, and now you're telling them to display it on an easel on their bookshelf that looks really cool or put it in a box like that that's the kind of stuff that is going to stop a bride dead in her tracks, right? To see some like this. And jules, just being honest, this is the kind of stuff that represents your brand e I think that would be an expensive proposition, but it would probably look good. Er and so those are the kind of things you want to be able to do for that next level stuff. So but anyway, you can only warranty so much of it, which is usually manufacturer defect. If they do something, you just can't honor that it's too expensive. W says, do you include the cost of these high end presentation products in your fifteen percent cost basis? So that's a great question let's go to salvatore's and convert our fee. How would we sell this? I'm not kidding. When I say this is brand new, I literally got my hands on that box it was shipped here yesterday, so I just got my hands on that box we have to figure out even internally how we're gonna work this into our packages I can tell you my initial thought my initial thought is that for my black label client this is standard that box comes standard for my mid level package in my base little package this shoebox style one that will be standard there they will be able to upgrade to this box if they want to so for black label I think you have to adjust your pricing to allow for this but that's going once again you go show up to a bridal show you're going to stand out from the crowd but let's say you don't want to build it in your packages let's say that's too too expensive offer a post wedding as an add on right and let's let's go even further let's say because I do believe that offering just digital negatives isn't incomplete service right? I think you have to offer an album I think that is the ultimate family heirloom but you're still gonna deliver those digital negatives well now you've got it, you'll have a matching box traditional negatives so the matching box he's gonna have a thumb drive in there that you'll be able to get in the box will match the cover will actually match this cover where it has that inlay of wood in there so now you're delivering it something to that effect to your client they do not come in black but maybe in the future for you we'll have the black wooden line yes spray painted don't do that all right so I have a question from a void the lloyd who says since seniors don't have that much investment what is the next level for senior presentation and I just want you to kind of you know that's a myth that seniors don't have the money their parents are that is going down thie average senior in our studio spends about two thousand dollars so that is definitely admit now truth be told I would none of us could afford to sell this to a senior but what you could do what's next for seniors in my opinion is you've got press printed books okay, so we get our press printed books from bay photo that's where we get him but that's not photographic album quality okay, next level for your seniors is to offer an eight by eight version of this you very well could do that for your high end seniors and eight by eight album with the cool leather is every senior going by that of course not, but every senior will talk about it and that's what you want to have happen so start looking to a true photographic album for your high school seniors uh it'll happen in a much smaller scale but it will create a vase for you all right um aubrey aubrey from seo sell I don't have a studio and I'm not allowed to have clients in my home due to strict h away so how do you use menus or seem next level if you're forced to meet in a coffee shop well I love this question because we went through the same thing when we grow our business when you're starting out you're gonna you're gonna work out of a coffee shop you're gonna work out of a temporary space you're gonna work out of your home here's the thing I want you to do we know where this person's from from ceo I'm guessing colorado maine colorado okay, so they're here in the united states here's what you've got to realise is available to you you can go look at business incubators so the small business association goto sb dot gov or google business incubators colorado on and you will find a slew of small business places that you can rent by the hour by the weak by the month that are less than two hundred dollars a month that's how you do it so you're meeting space is now in these areas for you to meet with your client it'll make a huge difference for him all right so our last question till a break all right erin ask I have a logo but recently got married and want to change my business name from maiden too married do you recommend I do an entirely new logo are just a last name swap, and I will say we've had many people asking about when they want to rebrand or rename their business sometimes. So I've worked with a lot of studios where, whether it's the business struggled in the past on dh there they're rebooting and anything like that, I say you've got two options here. First of all, you have to think about what is the baggage you're running from? Okay this time I did I miss here this it's a divorce or separation? She just got married changes made into married name made in a married name in that particular scenario had almost advise she doesn't change the name of her business. Her business is fully established if it were a divorce or something like that, and a husband wife team separated. I look at a reboot of the business, but in a case where her name's already established, I know her husband. Pride doesn't want to hear this, but that's her name. I would stick with that name and not change the name of your business. It's established. Leave it b you've got a good thing going.

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How is this just $99? I would of definitely payed at least twice as much!!! Half way though the course and this information is more than what the price is worth. Thank You sal, We love your great energy and amazing information.