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Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience

Lesson 6 of 7

How to Automate Your Business & Client Experience

Hannah Marie

Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience

Hannah Marie

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6. How to Automate Your Business & Client Experience

Lesson Info

How to Automate Your Business & Client Experience

in order to automate my business. I, um I wrote a bunch of email templates, which is fairly classic, like, even if you're just using Google, you can use canned responses, and it will totally simplify your life. Um, and when I used to use Gmail, I would, like, highlight and read the things that I couldn't forget to change because that part wasn't automated. I still had to write them all. Um so I have emails. And again, these are all pre written with my most valued attributes in mind. So even if it's I can response that I'm sending out with a client who's displeased with something that I've done, or whatever it is, I can ensure that, like, my knee jerk reaction isn't gonna be defending myself. It's going to say, I want to let you know that I'm hearing you, and I'm gonna make sure that you're well taken care of. Please just give me a couple of days to ponder this or whatever it's going to say. Okay, my quotes, invoices, contracts like, I don't even know what I was thinking before I starte...

d using my automating system because I would spend so much time making quotes for clients. I had a template on my computer and I pull it up and I would change their name. And I'd like do all the math and figure out everything that they were going. And it was just a headache. That's not how I want to be spending my time contracts that I would just email out as, um, an attachment. And now again, all of this is completely automated for me. If you don't have contracts, that you absolutely need them and you need to have them looked over by a lawyer. And if you don't, um, the thing that I was going to show you here was a link to the law. Tog. Um, Rachel is a lawyer and a photographer, and she has a great website. It's the law tog dot com. You wanna have your clients initial at every point? That's crucial. So if you're saying the booking fee is nonrefundable, have them initial there, and my automating system like allows for that. And likewise, if you um, refer to it as a deposit instead of a booking fee, then deposits are refundable so legally, I expect depending on where you are, you would have to refund it. So knowing those terms is really, really important. Um, the other things that are automated are my acceptance of payments and my questionnaires. My bookkeeping is automated and oh, my goodness. Like the first time I used it, I thought it was amazing. And as I continue to use it, it's just even better because it actually remembers things. So the first time I had to, like, verify? Yes, this is my gym. Yes, this is my album company, and now it's starting to kind of learn like, Okay, I think this is it. So now I just have to click like verify, verify, verify. And it just is such a breeze. And, um, I'll be showing you some of that stuff. Um, in a few minutes, when I pull out my my 17 hats, it has my calendar. It has my to do list. I'm just gonna make it a quick note about to do lists again. This is something I study CEOs a lot. So people like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs like their habits because I think that we can all really learn from them. And one of the things that I've learned. I can't recall who it was, but instead of having it to do list if it's not in their calendar, it doesn't get done. So as soon as something comes to them, I used 25 minutes, but most of the bigger CEOs used 15 minute segments. And, um, there's this concept that the amount of time you give something is the amount of time it's going to take. So if you give yourself like 25 minutes, it'll take 25. If you give yourself 15 you can likely get it done in 15. So, um, well, my system does have a to do list. Basically, as soon as something goes onto that, I pull up my calendar and I look OK. Where can I fit this in on my calendar and what I'm going to do it and it has time tracking. So I I don't often use this because I get distracted because of what Haiti like. It still is here and me, And so if I start my time tracking like a week later, it'll still be going, and I'll be like, Oh, no, But some of you might like, really, really appreciate that, especially if it's time based billing, Um, you can start it for your client and then just stop it. And it keeps track of how much time you've spent with each client my work flow. This is like what made me fall in love with 17 hats. I had been watching for something for a long time, and I love their workflow. Um, and again I'll go into a little bit more detail about that in a little while and lead management and tracking. It's super important to know where your leads are coming from, how many of them you're able to turn into clients. And again, that's kind of something that I would look at during my weekly parallel with myself. Um, toe understand? Okay, a lot of my clients are coming from Instagram or Facebook, or maybe the ones who come from Facebook aren't really booking me, But my once from Instagram are I can take that into account and either change up my Facebook marketing campaign or I can, um, just get rid of it completely

Class Description

Are your profits being diminished not by the quality of your photography, but by the level of service you are providing?

Hannah Marie will teach you how to design and deliver a consistent client experience, and gain an understanding of how your day-to-day workflow impacts your month and year. You will also get a glimpse into the ways she has organized and automated her own business.

If you are ready to gain the confidence you need to deliver a level of service that commands higher prices, and frees up your time to do more of what you love, Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience is the class will you've been looking for.



I loved this course! There was so much helpful information that I can apply to my business. I would love for Hannah to come back and teach a longer course. I feel like there's so much more to learn from her!

Sara Zancotti

Very interesting class with a lot of good info on how to get more organized! Thank you Hannah I could really identify with what you went through and if it worked for you, it might just work for me:)

Haley McLain

Good lessons, she spelled the president's name wrong which threw me off though heh. Helped with my business