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Introduction to Class

Well, today I get to talk about restoration and photo restoration is something so valuable for everyone, whether your photographer or hobbyist or anyone, because everybody has old photographs and a people that we love, that we might not have with us anymore? And the longer we own a photograph, the more valuable it becomes, and we're actually modern day historians, as photographers, we are the historians of today, so we photograph people, and those are going to become priceless as time goes by. But as we photograph people, we find out that everybody has their history pictures from long time ago that probably need a little bit of work. So, philly, this will give you some tips on how to take not only your own pictures, but other people's pictures, and make them look better. Now, if you're a photographer and let's say, you're your workload is getting a little bit slower. It's the competition is really getting stiff out there. This is a great profit center, because there's, just an untapped...

market, an unending market of people who have old photographs, who need them restored, there's all kinds of things that happened, they just get old and, you know, damaged, and this hopefully will maybe turn into a profit center for you, so let me just cover a couple pictures, this is a wall in a client's home and, you know, half of my clients have a wall like this of their family history and they're proud of it. And here is like a family that I've been photographing for about ten or eleven years in every year we do new picture and they add more kids and more kids, more kids. This is one of my favorite pictures of them the parents and I did a couple years ago and we were talking about old pictures and she brought out her wedding pictures. Wow, dig that color right settle. This is one of the problems is the color issues. So, you know, we restored the color and then these are her daughters. They just got this one. Got married a couple years ago. She's getting married this summer and this is one of her favorite pictures. It got damaged in a flood. They had a flood a few years ago in their house and here's, another one. I love this shot. Mommy. I went pee pee, right? So I'm not finished restoring this one, but these are priceless to her. And this this little girl here she's getting married this summer, this is her. So time goes by and they become more and more precious to us, so there's definitely a need to restore images

Class Description

Learn the vital tricks you need to restore photographs and add a new profit center to your Photography! Photoshop possesses power to magically repair and restore damages images - IF you know the secrets! Suzette will show you the super fast and easy ways (that are somewhat hidden!) to tackle tedious repairs and restore the color, texture and even missing pieces of images! Everything from masking & adjustment layers, to liquify, healing, patch, colorizing, rebuilding, and blending! You won't want to miss this invaluable class that will show you how to do "impossible repairs" and tons of applicable techniques for ALL your imaging projects!

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2


a Creativelive Student

Love Suzette's teaching style and she was very thorough in her explanations of each thing she does. I also bough Matt's restoration class, this one by far has more information although his was great also. Would like to see Suzette back on creative live again :)