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Building Relationships

Build them, retain them because it is cheaper to maintain the existing client than to find a new one, and how you do so is what I've been already emphasizing. A lot is to give first and do so unexpectedly. This is the whole idea of under promise and over deliver there's actually a story um under the title of leading by leveraging culture by the u u c berkeley school of business and it's, about macy, about nordstrom and ifyou're familiar north nor shams entire business model is is about service. They're one like one hundred fifty percent about service. There is a representative howard howard is trying to help. This is a client find parachutes, tried and tried could not find the right color, but found the right size and ultimately sorry we don't have it lands not even the supervisor. Just a coworker overheard the story and I said, wait, howard, hold on he called it lance called up macy's ask them if they had the same color, the right shoe in the right size in the right color and had it s...

hipped and shipped to the client's address even though it's a competing company, and told the clients macy's will bill you for the shoes, but norton will pay for the overnight delivery charge. And then she was like oh my god thank you so much for finding for me I really appreciate the client left then lance told howard the representive who was helping her I can't believe you didn't work harder to find those shoes for her you really let us down not even a boss is a co worker and this is really about culture the culture I mean this is about corporate culture but culture of any company and you know how you give the perception to people is really important and it's the same thing about the culture creative life remember I said I was you know being really good about not eating french fries for a week just so I can fit into my suit but once I got here the producer and meg told me oh we don't wear suits here we're start up you know we don't got a catchall can you dress like chase jarvis you know sir casual sure is so that's really important because it reemphasizes and because this pure pressure and that's how this culture is really important to maintain for your evangelists because otherwise it's going to be a sporadic so set expectations maintain it consistently and of high quality so in order to continue building relationships it's a share authentically and transparently same thing with the whole behind the scenes you have to be able to allow people to relate to you on a different level using golding's situation you are not one hundred percent just a wedding portrait pet children for topher, you are so much more as a person because if you really want to be unique, those facades the outs other sides of you is what people need to relate tio not whatyou dio you should really be in terms of branding yourself is you're an x y z loving person blah blah blah who so happens to be a great wedding portrait or pet photographer that should be the last of the afterthought who you are is what you're really selling, so keep that in mind you want them to build to relate to you in that aspect because ultimately people like to work with those whom they like and trust. So remember that next thing is to be timely remember people's birthdays, anniversaries, special milestones celebrate with them speak relevantly you want to relate to your audience, you want to attract others just like you? This creates the evangelism you want to be entertaining, you have teo be ableto engage these post so that I may engage, create engaging content so that people can still have conversations with you otherwise it's going to be pretty boring if the concept pretty powerful your post so just just like the example I gave about putting a full of a baby that has no relationship to anybody and I've tested this before because my marking posts which has so much more value get very minimal engagement on facebook while I put up a mean of a cat or something and I can get so much more attention idea but it's okay, I still maintains toma and here's one quote that I put out there that really uh made sense of photographers, photographers or violent people first they frame you, then they shoot you then they hanging on the wall and I thought this is a nickel and this one got a lot of response so whatever cultivate even though it's not my own quote cultivate the quotes don't give credit to sew reinforce you want to reinforce your brand philosophy, your belief system, your position in this entire market you have to respond to people in order to create relationship you respond think about how it feels when you have similar respond to your arrest, your content it makes you feel good so engaged with others whenever they post the comet is an opportunity for you to create relationship, but there is only one type of person or people you don't ever want to respond tio and those trolls, you've just ignored trolls and this is actually my fiancee's quote, she told me this in high school, the most expensive rent is the space in your head, so don't let anyone keep quiet so they dampened happiness just cut them out next share your clients of stories because in the end you have a platform you have readers even though it's you may deem it to be a small platform it's still a platform and you want to be able to tell your client of stories they feel special that way when you're able teo give them a soapbox and ultimately when you tell their stories what's the likelihood of for them to share that post much higher my correct because it's about them why won't they share it? I mean, if you think about people who re tweet things it's using between things they're talking about them in a positive way so do the same thing next is to give shots and it's just a simple is that your shallots? If anything, I want to give a solitude ling ling, who asked a question earlier in the form but she's been a good friend and never meant her well, you know she's a phenomenal photographer, you should really check her out she's busting your porch it's in texas so next thing is hook their friends up because when I rule number three, friends and family members can sell to you, hook them up they can help convince your prospects for you into becoming clients, so give them foolish shoots backstage axis whatever it may be something that's not going to take so much time but it's still hooks him up in one way or another, because when they have something to talk about, that person and your prospect, what's, the one thing they have in common. When n you in common way, you would a prospect and their friends and it's, really you? You're in a common crooks, the topic that's, holding everything together so they can only talk about how great you are, so help them. They probably have businesses themselves or whatever work helped them out. Return the favor and do what needs to be done fast, asked them questions, and don't make it a yes, no question. Make it cognitively provoking questions, because in the young, if you focus on your clientele, they will help sell your business for you.

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In today’s competitive photography market, taking amazing photos is only half of your business — savvy online marketing skills are essential, too. Join Lawrence Chan for an exploration of the marketing skills every photographer needs to thrive and survive.

During this course, you’ll learn how to create a marketing plan that’s so well-suited to your clients that upselling comes easily. Focusing on a combination of social media, word-of-mouth marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll develop strategies to attract the right client at the right time. You’ll explore planning and sharing blog content that will attract and motivate your target client base. You’ll also crack the Google code and learn how to use SEO as a networking tool.

Whether you’re a new photographer attracting your first paying clients or a well-established photography studio, this course will help you grow your network, re-energize your marketing strategies, and take your profits to new levels.