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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: The Photographer's Guide to SEO and Online Marketing

Lawrence Chan

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

The presentation today is on the photographer's guide to ceo and online marketing, but for the most part in all honesty, I'd like to even change it to the guy to ceo and online marketing because a lot of things what I focus on our strategies versus a tactics, I'm not going to tell you you must blogged four times a day or tweet six times a month or whatever the case there is when it comes to marketing it's not a science, there isn't a formulaic process where you do something and it's going to output, you know, something else you have to, there are so many factors and we're going to talk about these factors that affect all of this in the decisions that you have to make. So in a way, what I'm going to be doing is giving you the guide on what to do because everyone situations defense I mean, everyone's business is different and experienced level everything resource is limitations, so you have to make the hard decisions yourselves. And one other thing is all about all of these technological...

changes, so I'll even use facebook as example, since this seems to be a share topic, what happens if we put all of our energy into one platform? Do you remember a time when we actually put up a facebook post and one hundred percent of our friends and network saw it and then there was a time when they got to forty percent and we might call god I was so pissed off why they keep changing what is exposure right about now three percent may be right yeah the whole point I get it because facebook is a business and trying to push for ads but what happens? You put all of your energy into one basket and then it cracks what'd you do then so we're going to talking about a number of platforms and how you can create bulletproof you know how you can bulletproof all of your efforts so that you won't be so completely relying on just one thing and as much as the topic is going to be about seo which is on day two I highly encourage you to stick around because for day one we're gonna be talking about the content that you have to put up for a ceo and not only lets just say assume that you are really good at sc you already you have inbound traffic but inbound traffic is only the first step of everything you have to be we'll convert this traffic into clients convert the clients into evangelists so then they can spread the good graces of your work so all in all this is more of a strategy course not tactic so I want to emphasize that allowed my readers aren't just photographers and this one I have you know, nutritional consulting business, even a photographer who recently changed his business. And although into a soap craft the aircraft so business I mean, there you, khun basically apply all the strategies to virtually anything, even to life, because a lot of what I focus on is really on the psychological triggers behind our decision processes so that you can understand why we buy how people can buy, because ultimately we are creatures of habit and frail creatures of habit. If you provoke a certain emotional trigger, you're going to get a certain reaction for the most part. So susan, the reintroduced me briefly, and what I do is I consult businesses, you know, startups tech photographer is creative and so forth, but I just want to give you a brief story about how I got into a search engine optimization, even though that's, not the focus. So I was a photographer, and I must disclose that I'm not a full time wedding photographer anymore. I used to be, and when I was a full time photographer, I had a lot of trouble getting business, which is probably the situation from most of our furs. I was born and raised in los angeles and that's, where I started my business, and for those who know, ella and I will see that's like the mecca of wedding photographers. You have jasmine star among all of the other elite in them, you know, in the area. So how do you compete and put yourself on the map when you have all of these great competition? So at the time, a lot of them, we're focused a lot on word of mouth, so I decide I need to put myself somewhere where there weren't where they weren't, and understanding how my clients on thought, where would they go first to search or something before friends, and so far and that was online. So by putting myself online, that's how I was able to generate a traffic and I will teach you exactly the steps in order to generate and what to target and it's beyond just, you know, locations of venues and stuff like that it's so much more to it to a point where and I put this in the inch already, it got to a point where I had about two or three increase a day, wedding increase, solid ones, too. I had so much traffic, I didn't know what to do. I was just tossing away increase to friends, and I hope that you guys can replicate the same success in the future, so before we can get to that, we have to understand everything before we get to seal, because we have to understand the strategic planning which is basically the limitations and the capabilities off your own businesses and yourselves, because in a way, you guys are tools of your own business. We're going to talk about market segmentation. We're going to divide the mark up into different parts, double branding and positioning. The next section would be content in relationships, so you asked a lot of questions about what do I produce, especially while I'm busy and when I'm not busy. So if I have nothing to shoot the white blogged about nothing, you know, so that's a good question, and ultimately how do you create brown evangelists? So these air, basically people who are willing tio promote you without being paid, basically your own cheerleading team and in a way myself, I am everything apple and google, so anything I have is either of the two products, and I would promote them without any pay, you know, because I love them and that's the whole point, and how do we create that? And ultimately we're going talk briefly about pricing because pricing is part of marketing, and when I speak of marketing it, for those who aren't familiar, marketing is everything before you see the clients the whole image sells is up to the point where your client facing and that's not where we're going to talk ng about here because that's old topic in itself but marketing is everything before then and I'm going to warn you that the first two segments are a bit more joy because you have to understand the basics of your own businesses before you can proceed into something more interesting but you know, I threw in some cool photos so hopefully keep it entertaining so day two we're going to be talking about successful blogging practices so like I said earlier, even if you have the traffic from asio, how do you convert them into clients so you need to be able to convert so that's really important two sections will be based on search inch optimization or ceo or how do you put yourself on google basically and I'm not talking about googling your own name because if anyone looks at lawrence chan, of course I'm gonna find myself but how do you find words that people are not looking for that they're looking for but not related to you? And I'll explain it in a little bit later on but more importantly, once you have set up, you have to be able to measure your efforts because otherwise you're just putting all this effort out there and how you know which one's working this facebook working is interests working and how much what percent of the traffic which key words are most effective and then you know all of these efforts you have to be able to monitor and lastly, even though the fourth topic of the fourth section of dates you is not technically related to marketing but I do believe that it's very important and this is where you bulletproof your efforts, how to protect your all of your time and energy so imagine we put all of your effort into my space I mean, who remembers my space not usable anymore and ultimately we have to be all teo integrate disruption and elaborate on disruption later on on day two but it's basically how do we change the way we were thinking and innovate? And then we expand our business laterally and vertically. So how do you increase your business and ultimately your exit strategy? Because as passion as we are and we want to be creative artists and photographers, I can't imagine there is a limitation to all of our skills we cannot be photographers all the way into the end of our days and we can't be no one's gonna hire really old photographer per se I'm not excluding older photographers but there is a limitation and you have to descend exit strategy for that. So what I want teo emphasize again is that there are two there's a breakdown between seo and social media were the mouth marketing we're the mouth marketing and social media both require an existing pulled clients in order for them to spread the word of your work. One thing great about seo is that it does not need that. You can have completely blank slate. So imagine betty from your situation. If you're too moved to a new states, you lose your entire pool clients. What happens then? You have to build bill that back up or imagine let's just I'm just no use waiting for talk. For example, let's. Just say you currently charged two thousand, but you charged decide to move up to three. Everyone from your existing pool referrals. They hang around with the same level of people. I'm not saying that, you know social, economic statics matters, but it sort of does because they they have their own same to your friends. If you move to, say, eight thousand double that's a whole different tear people and they have their own friends. So the moment you move up, you basically lose most of your clients, all of your existing clientele and that's a very fearful thing to dio your cutting off your lifeline. And how do you, christina, how do you protect yourself from these situations?

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Lawrence has done a great job in trying to simplify SEO and marketing in such a short course. He's obviously a clever and well clued up guy, and he comes across well if a little nervous and bumbling at times. The course itself felt quite fragmented over the first day. At times I almost felt like we were going through a business studies book, but in a disjointed way not knowing what direction we'd go next. Having said that the course is worth watching as there are a few nuggets of gold in there and it's a great general overview of both marketing and SEO which is an incredibly deep topic. There were a few questionable area for me over both days, but I've studied SEO reasonably well, for example he told a viewer to keep her old site and not move to a new domain as she'd lose all page rank. In actual fact the lady could quite easily move from one domain to another, and using a 301 permanent redirect she could transfer between 90-99% of her old pages link juice (ranking power). I understand going through deeper areas like this might have put fear in some people, but I think a few areas could have been better presented or explained. Would I recommend this course, yes I would. Although I saw faults in it, the amount of information on offer is pretty extensive and will help most photographers who run their own websites. SEO can go so much further than has been explained here, but for most small businesses this will be a great starting block to getting your business out there and ranking higher than you ever did before! Note to all: Anyone using wordpress please make sure you get it hosted on a decent host. After hosting my wordpress site on bluehost, and getting incredibly slow load times, I researched extensively to find out that the host plays a really important part in this area and going cheap isn't a great option. If your pages load slow you run the risk of losing a lot of potential customers and hits, so do yourself a favour and pay a little more for a decent host.

a Creativelive Student

I have been looking for a course like this to learn more about Online Marketing and SEO and randomly came across this course playing live. I usually decide within the first 5 minutes whether I want to continue learning, and Lawrence Chan definitely had me hooked. I wanted to continue watching his engaging presentation and listen to what he had to say. His quirky and nervous disposition was handled well as he broke into a smile or laughter from time to time, which made him funny yet relatable. Like everyone else, I was impressed by his thorough knowledge of Online Marketing and liked the examples he gave as he progressed with the course. Hopefully Lawrence Chan can be featured in Creative Live again!

Corrie W

Brilliant ! Great content, well organized, practicable, understandable. I felt like I had a good handle on SEO and really thought I’d be getting a refresher. I am amazed at the new things I learned. Great resource that I’ll go back to often. Well done!

Student Work