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How to use Creative Cloud®

So what are some of the new features the big deal is that all these w caps are now written a high d p I ready or happy so what that means is on these newer monitors on apple monitors it's called a retina display so there's super high resolution which means the pixels air really really tiny about half the size that they normally are on your monitor so you see a lot more detail and everything's a lot more clear which is very very nice on the window side that technology is called high d p I which I think is a lot more fun heidi pia anyway so that's one of the big things for all of this new created cloud software from a day be so threatening or high d p I already so those ten of you out there who have purchased these really expensive monitors should be very happy well I'll have them at some point it's not a whole lot of folks have them just yet so that's anything so now let's go ahead and pop over to the creative cloud and let's take a look at how we use it and how we see where our updates...

are and how we access the behan's community and so on and so forth so these two avatars or the new artwork that a baby has come out with on the left we've got creative cloud art and on the right we've got photoshopped I'm not sure what I think about that photo shop when quite yet. So let's, go ahead and pop over to photo shop. There we go. So here we are, as you can see, not very many or any changes to the basic interface. But what we do have is a creative cloud. Little apple. It so let's, zoom in here to the top of our screen is this little guy right here. So if you have adobe software on your computer already and you have a subscription to the creative cloud, then this little thing is going to get installed on your machine. What it really does is dizzy. My remember the adobe application manager kind of handled updates and insulation and all that. Well, this is the need of the application manager now. So when I have graded my copy because I had a pre release cop because I had to write that foot of shops, sisi, the missing manual, I have actually launch adobe application manager and when it connected and I signed them with my baby, I d and when I did that, I got the status bar and it took quite a while, saying that doobie application manager is being updated that just meant that it was transforming itself evolving, if you will, into the creative cloud app. So once that happens, you're going to get this little icon that lives in the mini bar very top of your screen it's not in the photo shop application bar it's in the mini bar of your machine cells in back out, so if we give it a click here's, the new creative cloud app and of course, the first thing you have to do is sign in pain. But what I want to do is check to see who has signed in right now, and I want to show you how to sign out and sign back in, because this is how you can access your settings on different machines if you've sinks them. So we're going to come over here to the photo shop menu, and I can see right here that, oh, erin is signed in right now, so this copy photoshopped has all of hiss special presets actions and so on and so forth, but let's, go ahead and sign out, and you'd think that you could do it over here in the photo shot menu. Alas, you cannot so you have to come over here to the help menu to the sign out options, so let's, go ahead and sign out, we get a little message, yes, we're happy to sign out, thank you. Now what we're going to do is sign in is me so that we can look at think settings and all that kind of good stuff, but before I do that, I'm gonna toggle this little special piece of software off, see if you guys don't see my password back over to the help menu sign in. There we go. Okay, so here we are. We're just gonna put in your adobe I d someone is cleverly my email address. Now this copy of credit cloud is licensed to me seconds they continue and I'll turn back on our little special green circle here. So now when we come up, teo, the creative cloud at it honestly should switch it, but let's, go ahead and see let's, go and check under the footage shot menu and see it still says aaron, so sometimes you may have to quit the program and restarted after you've changed that sign, then you really shouldn't. But again, this is, uh, feels like it's not quite ready. So now we've relaunched let's pop back under the photo shot menu. There we go now we're signing is me so let's just take a look at what's under this mini for just a moment now you'll see we've got a couple of different options here we can choose to sink our settings but first let's take a look at what settings were being st so you can control exactly what sinks and what's not to go ahead and click this woman you hide it right here and adobes preferences refresh lots preferences rather will pop right open in straight from the factory all of these check boxes or turned on so all of these different preset s and settings or being sink to the creative cloud when I trigger the sink doesn't happen automatically so we're talking about all of my preference this is the way I've got all of this stuff set up in the style of box all my actions brushes, swatches, styles, radiance, custom shapes, patterns, contours in tool praecis if the settings that you're sinking differ from what is already on the creative cloud then photo shop is going to ask you what do you want me to do? Do you wantto it's over right the ones that are on the creative cloud with the ones you're sinking right now or do you want tio not overwrite them? What would you like to do so straight from the factory when conflicts occur is set to always ask and it's probably good to leave that oh set as it is that way you can determine what to do on a situational basis so if you don't want any of these sayings think all you have to do is turn off the check box and that's all there is to it, and you also get information of when your last sync wass I'll go ahead and click ok, now I'm gonna open and document here must switch over to bridge real quick and when I open one document so that I can show you what the window looks like and we'll go ahead and use one of my favorite things that I experienced in italy, and that is tagliatelle a pasta with teen golly sauce on it, which is wild boar know so good. So anyway, I open that image just to show you that when you have a document open and photo shot there's another way that you can sink, so I'm going to zoom in so you can see it's, a teeny tiny little icon at the very bottom of the screen. This guy right here, so that is a sink settings icon that you can just click and you can sink your settings right there without having to go up to the phone shot menu or edit on a pc or going to photo shops preferences to do that. So you click this little button right here, you can sink your settings, so if we give that a click, I get a little message, and it's, uh tells me when my last think was and I haven't sink on this machine so that's why nothing is there and if I wanted to sink my settings then I could just click sink settings right now so we could do that and usually gives you a little tiny little status bar there we go so it's bringing down all of my process to this machine so that is super super handy you could do that before but you had to do it manually so I would when I had to work on different machines I would keep my settings and stuff on a little thumbnail drive a lot will flash drive and you could pop it in to another machine but this is this is much much easier and so now we've got a conflict okay so photo shops asking me so you want to keep the local settings or do I want to keep the remote so I'm going to keep the remote settings ok so that's one now let's pop back appear to the creative cloud app and we may have to do the sign anything again here I doubt it will always be this way all right I did so fast that nobody saw anything okay so now photo shops telling me that oh there's an update to the creative clad so let's go ahead and click that again we don't really have to do that right now quit our update interesting okay I guess we are going to have to do that. Oh, my goodness, this is fun. Good times, good times. Okay, how do we get that back? Creative cloud. There we go. So creative cloud is an app, so if you lose it, you can just go into your applications folder and find it to get it back. So it's going to make us go ahead and update so that's fine, we'll make it happy and let's update so women will tip that I've got for you is, as you can see, it was a bit difficult for me to get back to the at once I accidentally quit it. So when this finishes, I'm going to show you how tio save it in your doc on the mac. So basically, what you do is you click the little icon, appear in your menu bar and then there's going to be a little drop down menu and open, as ap is going to be an option, and once you open it as a really application and you can save it to your dock, so it just gives you a little bit easier access to it. Also on a mac, you can press command tab, and that will cycle through all of the open applications and bring them into focus so that you can use them and when you do open the creative cloud as an app through the pull down menu, and I'm ashamed in a second, then you get the ability to switch to it using that command tab, keyboard shortcut. Otherwise you can't you have tio mass all the way up to the top of your screen and click the little cloud icon and then interact with it that way. So this is going to take just a second. So what I'm going to do is pop over and show you a couple of things here. We got a couple questions if you yeah, that'd be great to do that, right? We're updating cool best shot asked his photo shop elements come with bridge like photoshopped does know it used to, but I think the change happened around elements nine when s o on the pc side elements was always a little bit different, and it used a database or file organization and importing utility called the organizer, and so on the mac side, we didn't have the organizer, so it'll be always shipped a copy of bridge along with elements. Well, that unfortunately, max, I got the organizer and elements nine, so then bridges and included anymore. So you don't get bridge with that? I'm not a big fan of the elements organizer, but just because you use element is your editor doesn't mean you have to use that as your database, as we were talking about earlier light room and elements is a fabulous combination, so you'd use light room to import and organize all of your images and then if you needed to go into elements for any reason, you could do it straight from light room. So that's a great question. Oh yeah, few more questions here till honest photo it's just asking if you own cs six is there a reason to subscribe now? So what would you tell? Absolutely because you're going to lose your special upgrade pricing on july thirty first, so if you want to save, depending upon what you have, if you have cia six, you can get the whole enchilada for I think twenty dollars a month if you have cs three three c s five point five and get the whole enchilada for thirty dollars a month for the first year and then it all goes to fifty dollars. So if you want to take advantage of that, if you're doing it for the whole creative cloud or just a single app subscription, you have tio purchase the creative cloud by july thirty first to get that update. You're a great pricing rather and that's going on a single single app subscriptions as well. So instead of twenty dollars a month for photo shop or any of those other programs that we mentioned, you could get it for two until next august. So yeah, july thirty first is a hard deadline. Okay, so our creative cloud at has updated itself. Yeah, way! We've got a little notification of what we did here. So let's, come over here to the aps portion. So this is where you can see all of the programs that you have access to you. And as I scroll down here, you can see that the application is telling me with a little green checkmark over here to the right, these air all up today. So on this particular machine, all of these items appear have already been installed. But as we keep scrolling down, then we start seeing aps that we haven't yet installed. So this is what we were talking about earlier, how easy the creative cloud makes it to explore other applications. So if it any point you want toe build a website with muse, then you can just install that right here. So this is where you do that so in the creative cloud at remember there's several different pains, if you will sections of it in those air, those five options right up here. So aps that's, where you're going to see everything that's installed, install new programs or update your programs. And when you do have an update available for these aps, then your creative cloud icon turns rid, and it gives you a little number. Like, how many aps need updating so it's a nice little visual cue that hey, something needs to be updated. So what else is up here? Files coming soon. Not quite ready. This is where you're going to be able tio sin files from your local hard drive to the cloud, and then when you sign in on another machine than you can access those file, so that could be very, very handy. Let's. Say, if you were, if you do work in an office and then you come home and you do work on your laptop, or what have you so that's not quite ready yet, nor are the web plants. So this is where you will access all of the adobe web fund collection. And again, you can use those funds for print projects because they get installed on your hard drive. However, we talked about when the application phones home, if if the software ceases to work because it can't validate your account, those fonts air going to cease to work as well, so just be forewarned about that. Lisa, can I jump in with a quick questions? You're going back to file? Sorry, do you have any idea of what the file storage is going to be? It's twenty gigabytes. Great, thank you for everything for presets and documents. Perfect, thank they obviously don't want to use that as a backup solution, right? That's kind of that's. What I was one of the things that is there any other options for storage that they're going to be offering, you know, through the club? I don't know that's. A good question, though I haven't seen another option where you can get more than that. I think if you if you do a team subscription or an enterprise subscription that that is an increased amount, I want to say a hundred gigabytes cool. Don't call me on allen and one of our internet students asked regarding storage. Does owning the creative cloud help with your local storage? No, thank you, no, not at all, and you'll never only created club.

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Whether you’re an Adobe® Photoshop® beginner or an old pro, a strong mastery of key image editing skills and an understanding the newest version of the software (Creative Cloud®) will take your images to a new level of creativity, quality, and impact.

In this one-day CreativeLive course, taught by author and Adobe® Photoshop® expert Lesa Snider, you'll learn what the Creative Cloud® is, how to use it, and how it affects your future. We'll break down the pricing schedule so you can learn exactly which package to purchase in order to get the most bang for your buck. Next, Lesa will dive deep into all the new features in Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud®, including how to use the new Shake Reduction & Camera Raw filters, how to use the new Image Size dialog box to make higher quality enlargements, edit the corners of a rounded rectangle after you've drawn it, create 3D text, and much more.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and the confidence you need to use Adobe® Photoshop® to bring out the best in your digital images.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0