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Lesson 1/2 - Matt Kloskowski, Aaron Nace, Jared Platt and Tim Grey


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Matt Kloskowski, Aaron Nace, Jared Platt and Tim Grey

We have matt, erin and tim all in the same place together ready to take on the photoshopped this challenge you guys ready? You don't know what you're doing here matt matt matt was actually wrote and tied and brought in here and so he hasn't actually been told what he's doing but everybody else is ready right? Okay, so photoshopped this what we've done is we take a example image of a final image that we want to accomplish something whether it's you know, make film effect or whatever we take that effect and we show our contestants this final image and then we're going to give them a photograph or a series of photographs to try and replicate that style they don't have to actually duplicate it exactly the idea is you're going to have inspiration from the first photo which will be one of my photos and then I'll give you another one of my photos and you're trying to create the same kind of feel from another one of my photos to try and replicated as though you loved my first photo clear and a...

nd all the time that you do this you get extra points for praising the original example all right, I'm just gonna have to get good photos for relatively mediocre photos you do realize this is nothing like what I thought yeah in fact I think matt thought that this was a critique right? Well, so I got to tell you the story because I worked with arlene and I sent our lead an email and said I'm going to be out there I said it because like we got together why don't we do like a critique of like some photos and then as we're critiquing weaken say like you know these air some things and posted a photo shop for light room that we can change theirs are laying over there and arlene sends me a letter back saying you know yes she's like we have something that's similar it's call you whatever she's like do you want to be apart but look sure I'm up for and I get the email from you with a video of last year's photoshopped them like this is nothing like a zero legal precedent and that's where mistaken because it is actually a lot like your critique it's just me critical on that's what is that really was totally right issue everyone like a crazy orlean it just hits you in the hot seat that's all so are you guys ready for this already all right so what oh you brought something does this help? Yes it does actually very much hold on I'll tell you no, not all that great. All right, you ready to photo shop this I am all right here we go. Contestants ready for image number one image number one is called old school and we're going to see the example image old school come up on the screen, and as we work on those images, we will the audience will be able to see the three images of yours being edited at the time. Your editing plus, they'll see the inspiration image so you can see here on our first image, we have an old school type image got an old grainy black and white, and we're going to take just a base image of wedding photograph, and we're going to trick that out and make it old school. Are you ready already? Already? You have two minutes and your two minutes starts now actually two minutes and twelve seconds to be exact thing that I can see that you shook your pin. Oh, yeah, I got to get the flood shaking the most people don't know this, but when you shake a walking tablet pen, it actually charges it up don't you shake it a lot? You get more charge out of it. And therefore, if it works a little better and I see that we have to walk in tablets and then we have a mouse over here. So magic moment ah, a magic now so I take it, then that you are. You're going to work or school boards rocking and old school blocking an old score totally rocking we actually we actually knew that tim was a little bit over the top on everything so way that his handicap there it's like going on a golf outing with someone trying to go carry on luggage only. So I'm seeing that matt is really going for super contrast still, I'm done. That's done. Put your hands up, madam. Put your hands up. Okay, matt is done. We still see a little work going on here for it. Looks like we're both you're done to that. You've got lots and lots of green in there you don't turn down about I was shopping in this way that way. Photoshopped that. Okay, let's. See what we've got. Show up those those comparisons again. You can see that it was a pretty easy challenge. Wanted to not scare you away on. So we have all of our images. Are we showing those up? Uh, no, not showing us. We're just looking at this creek in the back of our heads looking like my spot. So good black and whites. There we go. Who's screen am I looking at now, I think that's tim me of that tim's. So ten telling what you did totally rocking an old school so I went with initially black and white adjustment layer and just thinking with levels there a little bit mostly to get a little bit more contrast in certain areas and then cranked up little curves adjustment kind of darkening up the shadow areas and went with kind of the old style version of clarity, which is high pass filter overlay blend mode and then used noise added some noise onto a middle gray layer with the hard light and there's your time down the opacity per your request and there we have a very nice for your your falling I'm trying to pay attention to the teacher yes, erin, what did you end up doing? I did pretty much the exact same thing. Oh, I followed his lead way two of you. You can't look, I need horse blinders. Yeah, way. Starting off with a black and white adjustment layer, I went ahead and added a little bit more contrast with curves. Uh made a stamp visible layer and I blurt it a little bit because we're trying to emulate film here so I wanted and one of the photo booth so we had a little blur and then we put a little bit we did the high pass filter as well on top of it for a little bit of local contrast and then we had a dream you guys really did do this way thank you didn't really go for the blur all keep a sharp because I totally respect your in focus photo first place what did you end up doing well added a black and white adjustment layer with curves and then high pass filter and then some so so I actually I added a I had a greedy in't math adjustment layer so did the grady it map if you choose the black and white grady in and then I kind of tweaked it at a couple more points move those guys and you could see it because you're really good black light gives you it gives you a good contrast black in there and that's what struck me about your first yes, of course and then I just flattened it into one layer and I went into the camera raul filter and added green and even yet beautiful. All right, well done well done my hat's off to all of you all though erin you're demoted that's two points for cheating. All right? We're going to our next challenge which is architectures so in the architecture you can see if I'm further away from the building I get a little bit more of a natural feel, but as I get closer to the buildings I start getting that weird, funky parallax type of situation where things get all out of whack, so I want to straighten my buildings so that they look a little bit more like I'm further away getting a natural view of the buildings. Are you ready? That's, right? He oh, take that building and straighten her up and make her look nice and go on their on. The question is, do they have the skills? It looks like matt has already gotten into camera raw versus adjusting the image. Oh, wait'll stylized in here, you're already done. How did that happen? That's great. And, uh, tim is over here working. You can see that he's already done a little bit of the stretching of the image. So now the building looks crease bring great became a wrong filter. It that's right in family rock amazingly straight. Well, I'm a man. I'm checking it out. I do don't go every slaughter, I'm stylized right? That is going to land on us. We've got natural, natural, harry potter. Yeah, I'm sorry. I just saw I saw contrast the clouds there was a little one for I'm calling all in and you're done as well. Teo awesome tim's done. I was going to do more, but I'll stop majesty, keep things fair is going to stop with the final images to see what they looked like. So see what everybody's done and let's start with you matt tell me what you did. I went into camera and I did the lens correction I just hit it with the auto upright filter because if auto doesn't work I don't really know what else did too I hit it with the auto upright and then I took my brush and just I saw that I saw the contrast he clouds I felt like it needed more contracts I just brushed in clarity then duplicated brushed in mohr and just kept brushing you know, I find this photographers were offered often criticizing god's handiwork and like, you know, those clouds are just not good enough no so let's let's work on that, you know, good job. All right, erin all right, what? I did just kind of a simple approach non technical I brought up my rulers to start off with and then drug guides from the left to the right. So I get a good idea of what straight up and now actually looks like then I just took my background file duplicated and then I hit command t holding down control and then just basically stretching out the top of the image so we make sure that the city aaron's rocket school this time he was there he doesn't want to trust auto auto correction stuff so erin does not trust the dhobi matt trusts adobe that's, that's what we're learning what do you do? Well, first I got very inspired by the photo. It was remarkable photographic handiwork. Very impressive. And so what I opted to do in this case was in budapest uh, no, this is actually it was actually look like that. Same and so, you know, it was just so amazingly inspirational that I decided to first up duplicate my background image layer and opened up the image already, because if one is good, you think you are more of your work that's, right always duplicate good images over and over again so that I opted for the camera filter and that made it very easy, as matt did, to apply that upright filter, straighten things out. I also noticed that I added some clarity to kind of enhance the detail and kind of kick things up a little bit. But I also went into split toning because the sky in your original inspirational, very, very inspirational in it had a little bit more of a bluish tint on it seemed like the highlights. The building had a little bit of that yellowish tone to them, so I went in and tinkered with that exposure was that on the spot I was thinking of trying to adjust the exposure on this this after image except it was so perfect that I just had to leave nothing to be done there yeah that's right. Very good. Ok, so let's go to challenge number three challenge number three is to add drama so you can see in our inspirational image we have a little bit more drama to the image itself so it is, you know, sparkling with drama and image the base image is a little bit flat and we want to beef it up. Of course, the base image was shot on a cloudy day with you know, not a lot of direct sunlight or anything like that. So it's your job to make it look like it was dramatic when it was shot when you're editing a challenge number three ok the greenland the green one way very nice to go well and your demand your devoted again not wanting a dramatic okay, wait double voted on you guys go go do time out for ten more seconds penalty ok, so we've got a curve level on air and going already that's nice you're standing camera just for the moment. Very nice to get a little harry potter effect. I feel very I know that you've stolen from the original image you never wear right? That was brilliant really made the inspirational images that inspiration like like I'm making music oh that's beautiful oh we're going way can see erin's going for a night shot day for night that's good. I learned that in film school that is a lot of harry potter. Harry potter, is there any broomsticks you could put a filter for that you get up, go into something it's a broom stick russia just stamp at once and it gives you the bridge group. I don't know where that is. I must be in a new version of photo op that I'm familiar with that is c c h p for harry potter wait that's you with light colored multifaceted okay, I'm gonna have to call it in sixteen seconds which will be good for you ten because that's the way it's time to end the madness and six five I can't do it three to one time's up tell me what you did let's start with you, erin all right, let's see what you did and we were inspired by the gracious use of lens slayer here and I decided we wait I'm good weird focus. I also want a date tonight technique here in photoshopped we've got I thought, using text that it you know where we're using text edited it that's a it's a new thing we're doing we're doing it day tonight this is actually a color look up player would you concur? Load is a three d layer and I typed in the moonlight effect because I wanted to capture the moonlight of the original image very loaded a couple curves on there and then over sharpen the mess out of it uh brilliant time is absolutely uh it's sad but I'm sure can I get a copy of that? You know already while you're from here on out send it on. I love it. All right, what do you do to him? Well, I tried that drama to match your original amazing vision, so I start off with the duplicate of background image layer and went into the camera all filter again had a little bit of clarity, cool things down just a little bit I then creative selection normally I would use a lair mass, but since you're putting us under such tremendous time pressure here, I just used a quick selection and then jumped onto a new layer with the control j command j keyboard shortcut that is right there. Then use the free transform command to enlarge for more dramatic effect and them because in your very inspirational image, they were a little bit more, you know, kind of tilted and so I'm surprised you didn't go with the puppet warping that so they have really been her over a little bit if we had three minutes three minutes you were gone there papa war then also had, you know, create that little not super dramatic I toned it down a little bit but created a blue yellow grady in't sort of to match the coloring of the original set the blend mode to color reduced capacity crank this up a bit just to even see that you know was anything to be something a little bit dramatic but not going too overboard because I know you like subtlety because that radio going yellow is your most subtle thing I could see rosie married one like a guy you know is there actually did I mean did you miss a leg? No sort of like no it's just weird when he's and backward but she's being very supportive holding him up as a strong strong on the strong woman yes and then added, of course the lens flare very nice to get that kind of starburst kind of effect using of course the screen doesn't come on a black player you know, just bring in some of the magic that the original photographer obviously envisioned. That is a lot of magic coming back and all that and give it to you if she doesn't need it everywhere he says is a juicy and it's right okay man well it's obviously not many photographers are brave enough to shoot into the flash, so I applaud you for that, eh? So what? You didn't say that we couldn't use the original image, so I went in and you're just getting ready for the lightning round? Yeah so I went in and I actually selected the original flash brought it into a photo shop just dropped it in there and I did this little trick with the blending the blend if options where here in syria so we'll bring this guy back so you could I also erase part of it but if you hold down the option key and you split that it starts to take away leaves everything that's white and takes away all the dark stuff um and then I flattened that into a layer I went into a perfect effects on one's perfect effect they got a night a day for a nice day for night so it's literally like in one click takes it from that to that which is perfect when auto is your best friend exactly on then I just added I just added a loyal flair a white layer and just kind of yeah, I kind of I can appreciate that and something happened out there we go what's that a little white layer and that's that's what you got very beautiful all right way to go let's see what our time is and we are game for the focus round so we're going to focus so focus round if we show this you can see the first image is shot with a really wide aperture so you get very little focus on anything but the bride's head and her shawl or what is that? I think it goes in front of our face yeah, whatever that is and then the base images a little bit more in focus and we want that selective focus feel ready you have two minutes are you ready to go see what they deal that has gone to black and white got the potential has come out with karen magic selections going on here oh baited nice tim little imagine capital little magic selection there's a little magic happening in the back of the car you know you gotta take selector that's nice still more selection going on you're doing um I'm thinking thinking remember you only have two minutes to wear a one minute sixteen seconds now oh, we've got really never think longer now that's true if you think for longer than two minutes you sometimes hurt yourself for football took twelve seconds I think eight seconds is most bull writers so that's uh here's your except whoa very nice. You see, tim has literally gone into a drug induced like this's where you going to las vegas next week now that's that's what you'd see it w to loathe big on subtlety but your image was so magical it was gold you know so it looks like you are what do you got going on? I had a little irish clergy iris deliver a liar as you are I didn't recognize that tool because I just use the little uh the radio filter in flavor of and then I'm done so of course I don't mind a bit strong I don't get this though that might be a bit strong e I don't know of any lens that goes to that way got oh and you've got five four three two one and you're finished sht all right let's take a look at those images all right? So let's start tim, start us off and tell us what you accomplished or didn't accomplish well, I think I over accomplished essentially but I'm going to sneakily fix that on the fly here while I'm talking about what I did so I had a black helps that they're a little slow and showing us university that's even better so as you can see it's absolute perfect we could move on so I had a black and white adjustment layer and primarily that the main thing in this case was to create that kind of science type effect so I turned on that check box brought up the click the color swatches bring up the color picker and then you know in this case I might tone down that saturation the more he makes it seem like he's helping our benefit well, so I'll mention the other thing that I have to go back and redo based on your your critique your very insightful critic, yes. So anyhow, that tent for the black and white adjustment there to add that color effect essentially, and I appreciate the fact that you have a light science type in the beginning and then as you go further back to help us to see death, you increase the saturation of the purple and the back, because usually when you look across that, it usually gets lighter, but you I've got you wantto I'm very impressed that you noticed that on that you called it up really, really pushing the envelope smart politically, one way of putting should leave him alone ah it's a budding relationship, so to make the blur, I like using the lens blur filter for this type of effect, especially most importantly, perhaps because if you create a layer mask so I create a selection of the happy couple inverted it and made a duplicate of the background in this layer added a layer mask so that now we can use that mask a cz a mask specifically for the blower filters so we don't get the weird halo type of effect and lives initially I'll go and turn it on here an extreme blur so insightfully pointed out that maybe was a little bit over the top may a little bit not a lot but I think the word is little go a scotch too much go and so I just basically recreated that layer mask duplicated it two separate layer and took things a little more down the subtle power yes because it is definitely a subtle image congratulations thank you that is very kind that what did you end up doing nothing good way so you can see that matt did not get back pull back to settle I tried teo and then it's just if I could redo it I might I might go smidge less on the black mat could you do me a favor and turn off later one I think that actually looks really nice it's a ghost couple in the back of this silhouette little care a lot about what we can actually let's go ahead weaken I just feel that will go so you might as well since it's a silhouetted in a couple of that that's good and you might as well take it a step further since tim was doing out while we were talking anyway you could kind of play around with since the images so bad I'll just go back to how I how I converted the the what's it called the toning I apparently can't get back that I just wanted to camera roll I converted into black and white I added a just a bluish split tone on the shadows. I selected the people and I had wanted to select everything else and had the irish floor, which is filter, blur, blur, gallery you have to go to the blur menu first enables the blur gallery that's below it it's just a secret little tip that not many people now or you can go straight there for on did a little irish floor because it's one of the better blurs inside of photos up I might have just gonna touch too high on it. Maybe maybe touch I like aaron, so I got it. I have to conceive this, you say I'm going to see this? We're all depending on, you know well, that's a sorry for you guys. I started out using the pencil aa lot of people think the pence will take a ton of time to use, but there's a really quick method if you just click your way on through, you can actually use the pinto in just a few seconds. So I created a pen path here that cut out my subjects as well as the window and then turn that into a selection and loaded that selection into our blur gallery. Same is matt showed everyone we're going to a blur, you go to the blur, you go down here and in many of the blue gallery piers and I actually trust until shipler because it'll allow you one plane and you can go like both ford and back with that blur yeah, so that with my selection active it on ly blurs the background, keeping our subjects in focus and blowing the rust the image I did actually the same exact black and white conversion with with the here where you can choose your tint to choose any color you'd like so you could make it like a c p a type tone or in this case we're trying to match jared's image um and it didn't turn out the colors weren't perfect from there so I just did a couple of layers of levels to kind of like try to get the colors right and then there were the end at a little bit of grain similar way like you won't like flirt all day I think just forget blinders on way no that was his but really he was just watching you think things during the drop box right now it's just grabbing auto sink is on that's good like that ok, now the very last round this round was designed specifically to tax your to tax your brains to tax your pin tools on dh two really really challenges so I hope you enjoy the experience of compositing so this is the national image very inspired and very inspiring um is that you it's actually it is not me it's a cousin of mine she's a very beautiful girl and this was actually an album cover for an album called thirteen weddings so make of that what you will this is your inspirational image and you will have a whole host of images to choose from and what you choose is up to you you could yes yes do you have a question? I have a proposition that way or that I have a feeling it's going to get shot down what if you give each one of us are like give me fifteen seconds with his computer to change something and give each one of us fifteen seconds ten we go do something way everybody thought this idea split all right wait what we're learning here you come over on this computer what? We don't ever allow anyone on your computer that's the lesson here that we're learning is that you don't want to allow other people to make changes to your computer before you go on live television all right you ready that's it way why don't you have any I have no idea what that change something yeah your knowledge that perfect check all right good. We're going back right back way well since you were handicapped with the mouse there you go that's your hands all right are you ready for this challenge? You take a vacation for you recently all right on your for close to disabling your walking tablet yeah all right you ready I think you should use I'm just going to say I think you should use a lot of layers hours for your weight literally god that just add lots of layers way before you got it following this computer turning a black what about a new layer for their no all right I like the sale of his community I had thirty seconds he'd have been in trouble troll over this crowd anymore all right ready you have five minutes or you reset erin can you work literally the answer is it really is tell him what I had no idea what he did come on I use it I didn't mess with people all the time this is all right go go command k go to your preferences right this command k go to transparency and damn it transparency see the grid colors yeah change it back to you know just not added an empty layer it would've been no perfect hold on what did you do to mind oh its way from the keyboard shortcuts ok because they keep and here we go we have the challenge lightning round ready and start you have five minutes to accomplish this feel free to use any images in your gallery there to start your day and I say that is I created an action for this ahead of done that is what? I'm just stalling for time possum's going all right, so we're starting off with I've taken some pictures as you can see it myself and uh that I see that we went for some of the uh oh everybody I want or the ones with a good looking guy and there he is there he was drinking good drinking guy excellent still selecting oh, there we go so, uh blurring blurring the background that's good really way have to use all of them know you know that every last right I'm getting rid of that one right off of my bird yeah, you don't like birds I get something together had a bad experience you know, I had a friend that really bad experience, but I'll tell you that later really I didn't really have a past ok, so erin is actually clipping me out right now super well done to me is better than one of its easy that were when the images and the model in the photo are so inspiring yes and I'm trying to keep a straight face and not doing a very good job. What about the model that? Well, clearly you didn't take this picture over clearly a cable really situation reminding I take it backto did a great job looking very nice nice that's good cultures were gonna be part of the picture and aaron creature like that the's vultures were my friends oh the mule is coming into the picture so there will be a very nice very nice map there here will be very nice you went all the way with that I was hoping that that would come in way ever thought it wasn't I was feeling nervous about giving e I gave it to you that's a point I wanted to use it and you did given the inspirational image for this had to go that way you have two minutes and thirty seconds you are halfway on time I see that tim has completely removed me out of the equation and you know that's just a temporary all that zips right I just I didn't want to confuse you know there's the magic selection tool again you're getting them your whatever animals that's really good selection you know it's been a very quick that's the point of the magics like very good aaron oh really oh yeah I hope it works out selecting the bottle selecting the hand that is going for the gold on this one is really taking it to the limit I love it commentary is ex fantabulous what's that commentary I have to agree with with matt over there that is beautiful see I knew you were inspired knew it what do you got going with aaron what do you know I can see the year clipping again spending on time quitting I haven't seen you for the oh there you go I don't think that those vultures are ever going to blend into anything because they were shot on a sunny day but I can work on it most definitely you could write this year you could help that way go now they're starting to fit in a way so tim's going for more of a photo montage look nice likable you know clipping I think matt is going for the more realistic look if you can if you can that's super realistic you call that ultra photo realistic ok guys you have fifteen seconds really yes you've been wasting a lot of time with her there was time go when you're having fun time just spy like that where you going? Yeah something close to done and you started on your project who's going for a random alright erin on done and done so erin I'm going to start with you good you don't understand what I just really wanted a lot more jered way needs a little bit more you went with what we just wanted a lot more um you mentioned your you know huge fan of vultures way have that long talk about that dream you had with the culture on your head uh yeah not dream you felt like you could fly so yeah, I thought we basically going to turn it into reality yeah, I appreciate that what is the, uh me sticking out of my coat pocket it is not a dream you have e mix them up a little bit. Okay good all right, well, uh that I'm liking it yeah it's not bad um I uh it was a little problem that I can be clipping out but I can I'll give you that because it was sunny day versus cloudy day hard to match the two hard eventually too and I only gave you five minutes but very nice I now this will be in my dreams so I won't I'll sleep tonight thank you, tim, would you do well? You know, I when I originally saw the thie inspirational photo, I thought that was going to become the base for the composite and then you suggest it was only the inspiration so I decided I should go in a different direction. It was going to be three men in a lady sort of but that, you know, had to ditch that. And so I decided, you know, you can never have too much jared and I could go for a drink right about now and so I just decided to combine these elements so essentially well didn't get back down to our original air. I start off because the original photo get a little blurring of the edges type of effect, so I just went old school with that apply the blur with layer mask using just a simple elliptical selection and then I'm asked out our drinking buddy and put him in the center of frame and masks are inspirational amazing photographer and host thank you very much for everything you do and out of you once again because you were just looking so suave and basically what this started office I couldn't decide which of these two photos you like but it is harder this year you and I just had to go with both so I don't have a twin brother anything but actually the guy the drinking buddy is my brother he is a better thing there yeah I mean I have no hair he has rare and so then I decided that the beast had to make an appearance largely because you know this quote unquote woman is was that a goat or something and so you know how to bring it bring in that dramatic element went into a stamp visible layer and applied a couple of other adjustments he's the camera filter tats and clarity just to pump things up use the high pass filter to kind of give it that sort of in boss look and then use a black and white adjustment I added a tent because that original inspirational image kind of had this there's a lot of reddish sort of tones going on I mean there was a tent to it but like the wood is kind of red and you got the red carpet and the the red dress and so use that tent but then toned down the opacity significantly for that black and white adjustment layers just this little the inspiration of review it also helps to blend them all little together because they all come from default so true absolutely serious it wasn't for that tip at the end I don't think that would be that it made the entire image really I mean to me it's all about the model in this case what one of them anyway which one that's well the one that does not have the mules head on it now I'm gonna have to go with jared on the left top notch it's good to be behind the camera but you it's also the oh yeah just a rock that whatever yeah I'm mad tell tell me what you did well I might have a word close I e I actually favor I actually favor this better I really like that image like it was a little rough around the edges but I like the idea like where you're going with this's a really good selection aside from that well see the way from here that is really looking that no you're right okay tell us how you selected it because I think that's worth exploring I did you do such I used the jared selection tool no I used to use perfect selections and no, no no I used what's called quick selection just like that yes and then refine edge and all you do is take your brush and just paint and there's the edge but it's pretty cool if you look at thea look at the look at the mask view that's pretty and that's what we went in there with and that's what just brushing of course that stuff is easy to get rid of it's the hair look at that's crazy stuff anyway well very good selection and then I don't understand why you started going to the angel we just distracted I was it was everything that was going on around me and I strayed I still I should I should have stuck with my original is to go with this image and put a picture of you and believe in yourself so I will if I can call this my final image I will I don't think we can allow that but I will say you know believe in yourself because that was the right direction what's the angel thing I'm not sure why you wanted to put a time on that but it was aaron's aaron's keyboard shortcut city screaming up that's why did you put in the like totally go the wrong direction short yeah I actually don't know what you've changed he'll never know you know what he's thinking is that every time you out put an image now it will say copyright wearing not thirty percent off all the comments all the metadata, we'll say that's. Awesome, beautiful, stupid espionage well, thank you all for joining us on photoshopped this. We're going to be doing another photoshopped this on thursday, I believe, and I will not be your host, and they will not be the contestants. It will be completely different, crew. Eso. We always have fun goofing around like this, but thanks for all the education that you guys provided today and yesterday, and further on. And, uh, and thanks to a creative live for creating such an amazing place where people can go and get educated and entertained for free, that's. Amazing. So thank you, creative, live. Give them a hand.

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