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Posing a Body Painted Model With Hot Lights

Hi so so well welcome to the outback for the last segment of being be live in seattle you know we're going to have so much fun now we've got our model are gorgeous model raising here and we've been working with an amazing body painter and so we've gotten some look at her beautiful shape and so we're going to photograph for a little bit and what I want to do with the with raven now is I just want to I want to show you just how I might flow through a photo shoot with with the subject in ravens case she's going to play to this light on the left hand side I want to kind of have her face kind of in that little bit of his own but I'm not going to worry too much about always having perfect light on her face because it's all it's going to be about more about the shapes that she makes with her arms and about the grace of her body and such so we're gonna just have a little bit of fun and so for the next few minutes it's not there's not going to like a lot of like like I'm not going to talk to yo...

u a lot about why I'm doing what I'm doing we're just gonna go play because like I'm just so not even gonna we're just gonna have some fun okay? All right, you ready ok raven let's see what she got here? Excellent let's see? Hang on a minute I gotta raise my ah it's nice let's get my camera set up here who wants to play? Who wants to do this first? Uh huh. Nice that's the worst job I ever saw rave in some love it some beautiful darling really just work oh that's perfect that's beautiful right here with your eyes or even love at awesome. Very nice. Really getting us? No. Very nice look at her. I'm telling you want to do this for a living? Awesome. Very nice. Perfect. Perfect, perfect love it awesome. Awesome right in your gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous you know, it is really a shame, you know? By the way, just for the record, I look just like that underneath my clothes I dio I totally dio look just like that, I try to hide it with all the bulky stuff you know, just because, you know, I don't want to like I don't want to steal the show from my model and everything I know it's terrible it's a curse I've been cursed with that all my life raven it's tough. I know you understand that they can maybe turn around backwards I want to see a little of your back right there, honey and what I'm gonna have you do raven love it right there with your shoulder lean back towards me right here very nice very soft on your hands and bring it like right up to your face right you're awesome beautiful honey that's just magnificent little parting of the lips right there. Perfect. Wow. Well oh gosh, I'll tell you she is doing good real soft on this finger tips and when you have your hand up your face just kind of been your risk this way. Oh, very nice. Thank you. Your thumb real close to your other fingers love it very, very nice. Perfect good job. Love it. Very good, lovett. Excellent. Hey, you know what, let's? Just have a little bit fun. Let's, take this red share she's wearing blue and I love the opposite of blue is red. So can we grab this chair? Kids, I need some strong guys to carry this. Come on, young boys. Let's, get the set here and raven, come over here for just a second. Precious and let's turn that chair. Maybe this way a little bit right there. Okay. And the first thing I want to have you do raven just kind of can you get in the chair and I want you just to sit in it on your knees actually this is going to look pretty for you too. I love it. Can you kind of lean into this direction right here and turn your feet this your legs this way a little bit yeah, a little bit more of your legs this way I won't have like your feet hanging off the front end beautiful and I want you to bring one leg forward and one leg back beautiful very, very nice and let's have you bring this like back a little bit love it and kind of arch your back a bit and then bring this arm these arms and just kind of put them like right behind you and there you go. Very nice can you be like sit down on your on your on your on your feet and just drop your feet down right there down a little bit more with your the bottom bring it down a bit more and then lean into this with your chest this way right here and turn your face more towards light perfect chin down a little bit beautiful oh, that is gorgeous raven I'm telling you, girl, you aren't too and good I'm telling you she's just freaking awesome, okay, right about there not going to sit down on your booty right there beautiful right there love it and love it but now curl into the middle right here beautiful lean in this direction right here always towards a light source of just roll relax on your hands very, very nice perfect, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful very, very good right there love it turned towards me this way now a little bit and I want you to sit you're going to sit on your bottom and I want you to bring your feet up in front of you like you're going to bring your feet right up in the chair right there just like that and you're going to cross your ankles like that sit back on your booty beautiful actually that's really pretty too high camera angle where's the ladder uh, yeah, we grab the ladder. This is really, really pretty for her really gonna stretch your arms out behind you and just bring him like maybe like this oh, yeah there you go, that's pretty right there that's absolutely gorgeous, kiddo. Beautiful rave in awesome part your lips for me just a tad love it love it love it let's see how we're doing lighting wise actually, what she's looking great, huh? Hey, dad, can I have the twenty four to seventy udhay raven drop this front leg down a little bit, you couldn't bring it down all the way and now right about there but I want your back me up now bring your back like just like that but bring your knee close to this light right here love it just like that yeah there you go oh that's beautiful raven that's really pretty gorgeous that's gorgeous this front toe though I want you to bring your foot up a point your toe like that oh yeah that's awesome gorgeous kid I'll tell you right there beautiful now to sit up can you sit up on the top on the back of it a little bit but be careful don't fall out of the chair don't flip it over okay yeah I'm sorry that would be so embarrassing really than I would be saying clearly not take you anywhere okay now you gonna stretch out your front like this front like right here beautiful absolutely gorgeous just stunning lean towards me a little bit ravens lovely beautiful right there love it except your back foot bring it back just a tiny bit and point your toe and pointed back that way turn your foot beautiful why did I do that because I'm teaching again I don't want to teach I want to play I also love it lean towards me with your chest a little bit gorgeous, huh yeah and now I just need you to bust out laughing for no reason chin up a little bit like uh no but you have to really lower that looks completely stupid if you don't really do it uh beautiful score just just stunning hey, dad, let me have you relax his shoulder right here just a little bit and then when you return your legs across the chair that way be careful. Don't fall of flip over and be really careful cause I don't want you to flip leader and lean forward, missy lean forward like this and now stretch out your bottom leg, stretch it out a point your toe beautiful lean towards us this way. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Nice. Very nice. Relaxed the shoulder right here. Perfect. Really nice. And can you bring that knee up and you're gonna kind of wrap your body around your leg right there. Oh, but turn your face back this way and bring this elbow back a little because can you point that two right there? Yeah, much better real soft on your fingertips and I want you to bring your your chin down to your leg right there. Real soft chin up a little bit perfect. Good job. Ok, anybody else want to get up here? Yeah. What do you make here? I know, I know, I know. Can you lean towards me a little bit with your shoulder on this side right here, stunning, darling, absolutely gorgeous, I will tell you what dropped this like down in the chair right here. You find them with your chest you're gonna lean towards me fabulous hey dad, can you bring that light on this side right here I want to light her whole are on this side a whole bunch yeah just about like that I just want to see what the difference is I think I'm gonna like it better the way you had it but but let's just see how that looks right here hate missy lead towards me raven right in here beautiful ravens just gonna shake your head just a little bit lovett awesome oh, gorgeous very very pretty sweetie absolutely gorgeous. Ok, someone else has got to take over on this because like I got a I want to just see you guys come on, michael let me you get to direct this bad boy. All right, see where did I put my iphone? My iphone owners shoot this yeah way I want to really even one fast one of her favorite person I have to do it there's the camera right there love it awesome. Awesome job very, very nice. Okay, who else was hey, relax don't make it happen just just getting to be nerdy I know that's a real stretch for you hey, you know what? Thank you yeah hey, you'll be really cute rate rave in stand up right there in the chair stand right up in the chair right there can you separate your feet and bend your knees like this beautiful and I want to take your your little your undergarment right there and actually going to cover for the body painting didn't happen on your like they're just bring it down a little bit and uncle john can we bring that light back this way that and raven I want you to cross your legs like mine if you can do it without hurting yourself in without falling down very very nice see now that I think is really cool right there turned it towards her a bit dad right there love it love it love it okay okay oh that's beautiful right there shake it out for so girly there you go absolutely gorgeous that's really pretty that's amazing right there hang on a second you get back here stunning excellent. Okay lynn linda come on I want one unique post from each one of you okay I want one unique pose I don't care if it's perfect I want one unique pose no way okay everybody keep in mind I want each I want a frame out of each of you and bender uh good sooth run through we're gonna do okay who's next okay come on terri ann miss terri let's see what you can do girly come on I want to see big things pressure on this is your opportunity sure you can tell her okay and you have a microphone hey mia michaela and here I'll just hold it for you okay you do you grab the camera and okay forward for me here I would like you to take your backhands but among your your back just like this it's cool are you called crazy and I'm not the paint the way the run the lower part of your back is that better? Okay but your chest forward I'd like you to take your left shoulder and leaning forward like I am very nice I like that and put your chin down towards me very good. Okay who's next twenty phase that we're going to see a little bit okay, who wants to go okay you know you could do anything you want here you go on to me I'm talking okay okay hang on. I'm in here oh, I was gonna help get that chair out of the way, okay oh, I don't want your paper. Okay, so I'm gonna have you here come and face me here well, let's wait so we have the like available you're not well doesn't matter really? Ok, so let's trade places all right now face me here I'm gonna have to get the light back a little bit and so here take a step back I'm gonna have you face me directly good, okay um probably not quite that far back but I'll get there in just a second okay and then spread your feet about shoulder's went length and rock onto this ship over here sorry I got my hand behind you um good and then I'm gonna have you let's bring this foot back a few inches let's go ahead and put it out pretty far bringing out this way a little bit right there you go. Um good and just relax fully onto that hip and turned toward me um lean forward with your chest a little bit sorry. Lean forward with your chest a little bit on don't aren't you back just go ahead and bring your chest forward good and bring this bring this arm and sort of bring it wrap it around yourself good I'm gonna may I touch your hair okay exactly where I'm going good and then bring your right shoulder back toward me just a little bit. Okay? This arm forward perfect. Okay, good. And and I'm gonna get your face ok? I got an idea catcher with you guys okay, I need to I need some strong men. Not john but I knew a couple of guys I need you guys to take this chair and you gonna flip it this way and I want you to carry right out here in the middle and I want to facing me this way right here I've been trying this is this chair has been called me flip it down on its side right here yeah just like that turn it towards me this way yeah, I knew this was gonna work I knew it I knew it I knew it ok back it up just a little bit but be careful when you do ok, now we're going to try it with the cushion in here. What I want to do is I think this could be really cool uncle john, I probably need to move that this way right here I want you to do crisscross can you do like crisscross applesauce but not we don't want to like show anything in this part right here. Okay, let's see what it looks like I might even have you bring your knees to straight up in front of you? Yes, this is gonna work. Okay? I'm gonna have you you know, do you know what? Go ahead and grab that cushion and then bring it out towards me just bring it away from there. I'll keep going right there and I just have a seat right there crush your ankles right here and I'm almost wants you to slouch back into the chair because I want to get I want I want to get this is to me this photograph is more about here it's actually it's high it's so high right there and I love this this has been bothering me the entire week this chair I've been trying to figure out how I could use it in a less than perfect way and I love what she's got bring your hands like on the inside of the chair right there you just kind of push yourself away like you're yeah there you go awesome good job I'm liking that awesome that's cute very very cute oh actually that's really really nice I think I'm gonna change lenses real fast nice oh well I'm glad you feel that way hey raven can you sit forward to me and then bring your hands and wrap them down actually there's the picture I will tell you right now that's the picture for me right there you know I'd love to be each other that be cool the only thing I want to do though is I got I gotta back up about ten feet and where'd you get this way I want a little oh hang on a minute I'm plugging dead okay we're plugged in pop and excuse me back up a bunch oh this is really good I love it I knew this was c I kept thinking I know this can happen and work I just know it ok hey dad I just rave in turn your face this way a little bit more towards the light source right in there yeah bring it down a little bit that's okay love it right here ravens really tall with your back perfect honey that's beautiful chin down with your eyes a little bit yes oh you know now we're getting their own in loving this okay, yeah, I got it I got it I got ok raven wrap your arms around your legs right there rule soft and bring your chin down and uncle john bring that light just a whisper around her face a tad more and hey hey scooter pie can you just grab that light right there over there and then bring it around a little bit more perfect dang it that is perfect. You know the only thing I need to do hey, uncle john, can we back her to her chair up about a foot see her to her toes are a little too close to the edge right there. This is so hot I knew this would work I just kept thinking I know there's a reason to use this right there my settings are s o four hundred to eight in the eighty eighth of a second. Very nice. Oh, really nice, very soft and your hands row where that's beautiful ravens chin down a little bit good job that's beautiful turn your face this way a little bit and can I have you kind of lean into this arm right here bring your chin down towards your knees, honey that is so freaking hot shit up a little bit awesome this elbow bring your hand up like this like this on your elbow like oh you know nice right an awesome very good loving hey raven oh you're doing great girly I'm telling you right now this is so freaking hot I knew I'd get there I just kept thinking where am I going here I don't know yet love it love it love it perfect ravens awesome now do me a favor so you're gonna love this this is so pretty I got to make one of these for you hey let me have you turn your legs this way a little bit right there and tuck your front leg in front of your back actually uncross your legs and then I want pointed toes can you point your toes so you have amazing legs and now wrap your arms around your legs right there and bring your backhand up like this yeah nice very very pretty raven that's lovely I need a little bit of a laugh from you like oh baby like but I don't want you to look like you got a headache so just like that's what I'm looking for right there awesome no headaches is gonna happen perfect okay now let me have you could lean back and that cushion right there be careful and you're gonna lean back with your and you can you do crisscross applesauce on your legs now you know what in fact, even you just gave me a better idea if they're you push back a little bit with your butt good job love it and I want to have to bring your legs like one leg down won't let one leg up perfect love that backhand just kind stretched in a little bit you've got beautiful long limbs I want to really showcase your your length you have just a great you have a very beautiful length turn your face that way oh honey that's perfect right there perfect awesome rated oh yeah awesome very good bust out laughing for no reason at all now awesome perfect gorgeous right here beautiful lean towards me with your chest and I want beautiful that's what I'm looking for right there perfect beautiful beautiful beautiful nice nice nice nice nice excellent bring your hands like right in front your face for me but real soft and your fingers and I want you scream as loud as you can one two, three go oh don't even go there girlie there you go awesome perfect that's looking for I love it I love awesome that's beautiful, gorgeous gorgeous yeah, man if she were pretty, this would be so awesome and I'm telling you right now still tread that way a little bit no eyes dom and she's doing good, awesome perfect a moon no really, really good ok, who else wants to find me another way to use this chair come on I need somebody else with a little bit of personality here hey, raven turn your face up chin up this way and lead towards me budge yeah turn your face that would tilt your head that way a little bit should have love will bring your chin up a little bit awesome. Ok no, you can do anything you want one second here's my here's the tether can I get you? Teo? Is it possible for you to play with your feet over this send in your hair is are you too long for that? You think yeah if you can what I know just turn your feet over this way a little bit and then just leave that arm just like that is um can you bring your elbow up a little bit more like kind of they go just like yeah just kind of relax we'll see how much I'm gonna turn a little bit and then get ahead and get up on your beautiful that's really pretty good and come upon your mobile like you were just seconds there you go. Oh, thanks. Thank you. Okay, good. You could do it go for it okay actually, okay might go for dead you do this, I can tell keep it straight on facing forward they even left you know it's going to get have to get cut is disposable, right? Yeah no that's coming out of your salary pill hey, driven cannot get choose come stand over here but actually can I get you to actually stand up on the two arms pretty much symmetrical facing forward towards long um yeah just facing that like is I'm going to shoot you from over here um but then actually I have this for a little bit more to the edge I got it and then that one a little bit further back a stand right here just in case she falls I can catch her and they go ahead and go ahead and turn your torso that's what? Like me and, um go ahead and lean forward what? Your chest a little bit perfect and actually let's have this hand on your waist perfect just perfect looks good. I like that yes, just let it hang perfect and can just twist a little more who has not had a chance to do to focus okay, you're next, pal. I hope you got in mind. Okay, you're just a little bit one too three and look at me uh uh excellent. Okay, let on. Yeah, what you need the way you would like seeking like you would just see what this money so you you're like some others you want her to lay her head down to bring her feet up okay got you that's cute that's a good idea like that so here you go missing here lay down and we'll put your legs up here wave your hands yeah there you go now you can eat that cookie you were talking about eating yeah you know you totally let yourself go you only have like sixpack instead of a twelve one very nice that's very pretty sweetie beautiful really pretty well that's very nice hey look don't break what ben one of harvey's break her leg you need to break this tension on like yeah actually what she's doing with her hand right by your head was beautiful tio what is this my concern would be to flip this image over completely so it's kind of like defies gravity yeah sure future where you're going that's a good idea very very cute ok who's lad who's next ok who has not a chance to go? This is your last opportunity last call ok I think we were going to wrap it with our gal right here and let's get ready to do our big picture of our group okay ok so we're going to get a group shot of everybody for those of you that I read that in an internet we hope you totally enjoyed this this part we love this was so much fun um I reacted a real special thank you to miguel edwards for doing the body painting for us and of course to our fabulous model rave in I especially want to say a very huge thank you to my sidekick john where are you here you go way I could not have done anything I did today without my pal here this guy for me I know I know he is absolutely man and and made things happen for the rest of the creative live crew thank you very very much for making this such a very special experience for me celeste comeere missy thank you so much. Especially my precious one you provided all the great models for us as well I do answer all my own email if you email me I will answer you back unless it goes into my spam folder and so if I don't answer you then send me another email because it means it probably wanted to spam bambi it can troll portrait dot com I'd like to thank every one of the students that was here this weekend every one of you guys totally made this such a wonderful experience for me I am thanking you from the very bottom of my heart I expect huge things from you and I want to see you do very great things so now we're going to do a couple of groups shots to a say goodbye so if you want o watch this you're welcome to to watch it and let's get busy okay come on I want all of going to feel the love right in here high camera angle good for bam stir here someone twenty years and there okay good okay short he's in the front hall is in the back come on you guys cragg come on out here let's get a big group shot of everybody we're going to feel the love excellent is very good here nico come right here pal we're gonna put you buy the girls watch out for them yeah let's do that actually goes to the big group first and then the students afterward because then we break you know we do from big a little I tell you you'll be driving my busker friend okay could come right here by craig right here where is uncle john uncle john get your butt right over here and where is a big john you see here john cunningham yeah oh, great yeah thank you that's good okay we're going to get nice and cozy here let me have come here darling come on here missy actually right there beautiful. You're perfect right there and I need you precious to come right up here hon guys let's come in nice and close I need exit right here craig have you back up just a little bit I need to put a couple of folks in front of you yeah, you're going to come in nice and close real cozy kids anywhere right in here miguel coming back out this way, buddy. And we're gonna put these little girls and first right here good limit backup income in nice and close to right here, kids excellent. And can you see all of our faces from up there? Actually, we probably need to be upon the ladder here I'm you know what I'm gonna do is I'm going to shoot this and then all voters shot myself in. Ok, got it. But can you check and see if everybody is in this shot? Can we see everybody there? You can know that. So I want you to do precious. There you go. Good. Oh, hello does know dio here you go, kitty, I'm gonna come in right here by you. Watch yourself. Don't get too close to me. You know what I do? Okay, we got it. Okay, you guys in the back, you're gonna lean forward to all of us and we want to touch bodies. Kids oh, that's good. We got way really close, gang that camera there, ready on three. One two. Yeah. That's the worst job I've ever seen you guys can do better than that make mother proud, okay, ready one, two, three o e

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