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Posing a Model in the Bathroom and the Studio

The only light source and this that we're going to use in this picture are these little tiny halogen lights look at the beautiful quality of light that is going to be produced on our subject. Ravens face notice, for instance, when we look at ravens face this beautiful shadow that is right here on her cheekbone, we get a very, very flattering butterfly formation under the nose. The other thing I love love, love, love, love look at that sexy shadow underneath the lip and these beautiful, dreamy eyes, this type of lighting environment is not perfect. It is not the kind of imagery that you want to be judged in competition for because they're going to probably not like it, but this is the most powerful thing I ever learned. Absolutely all the things I've ever that I ever taught myself to do was using these kinds of light source because they're fabulous, their dramatic and they are seriously fast to use you walk into the room, you look up hey, what can I do? I'm going to use this, so let me ...

show you what we can be able to what we're going to do with this young lady, I'm going to come out this direction and all I want to do is raven, I want your some lean into this shoulder a little bit this way stunning right here and then I just want to bring your chin down and with your eyes only I want your eyes up a little bit more like right in my hand right here. Now we have a subtle catch light in her eye beautiful love it now with ravens skin tone she's an african american young woman I want to under exposed to get a proper skin tone on her because in my camera, the light meter in any camera, any light meter understands only one thing and that is eighteen percent great. Her skin is not eighteen percent gray it's darker than that, so I'm going to purposely under expose by about a stop on her skin to get a proper skin tone for her so right in their raven tall with your back, honey lovely, just beautiful with your eyes look at me beautiful oh that's awesome! And the cool thing to look at that. Even with her eyes down, we get that little bit of a shadow on her eyelid honor from island! Bring your chin down just a little bit with your eyes, chin up a little bit beautiful love it! Shut up a little bit more beautiful, gorgeous that's gorgeous! So now I've got my the image of her, I'm going to move my position slightly, you are doing fantastic really gonna love it chin up a little bit more beautiful, darling oh, yes this is so stunning for you eyes open a little bigger write their chin up a little bit more stunning drawing relaxes shoulder down and I won't be with your chest you're going to lean towards me stunning you see how that pulls her neck forward a little bit and it just makes her look absolutely amazing just I want a beautiful soft lips lovely darling lick your lips for me, hon fabulous right there. How gorgeous. Excellent! And so now I've been able to create a siri's of images of her just very simple simple portrait lena all the way back into the wall right there lovely and I'm going to just get a little higher camera position now and we're going to actually go into the bathroom next which this is perfect oh that's awesome gore just like right here. One, two, three chin up a little bit gorgeous perfect, lovely, darling oh, yes this hand on this side right here I want you to almost laugh for me. Put this hand right if you're like right to your neck lovely dolling awesome eyes nice and big love each enough straight your head just a little bit and then this hand right here just bring it like right to your lovely right there excellent bring your hand down, you just bring it all the way down tall with your back good job and I want a nice big eyes open your eyes nice and large for me lovely that is gorgeous I'm telling you you are adorable okay, now let's take her into the bathroom. Yes, I know the bathroom sounds like a crazy place a photograph it's one of my very favorite places to work because we get beautiful beautiful like ok, come on let's go! I'm not sure yet watch your head and can I just have you take your shoes off for me because you're enjoying okay if you'll come come on and let me have cameraman coming here I want you to see the kind of lighting that we have to work with. We just have these kinds of round light fixtures right here they're going to produce a very pretty pretty soft light on ravens face might might images not to maybe necessarily use all of these lights. I'm not sure where I'm going with these yet but raven let me have you just lean across the across the counter right here lovely and with your chin lean towards him there that is stunning oh my goodness oh does that work for you? Let me just brought this down just a little bit chin down a little bit more oh oh my god that looks so good I'm here you got a lucky to live tell me I'm sorry we are off the charts in here. This is way, way too good looking. Ok, right about there ravens chin down a little bit love and dollars talk to me, darling. You catching up a little bit more? I love it when you champ. I like you with your chin up like that love it. Very nice. Stunning, darling, don't look at me just kind of roll your eyes that way love it, love it, love it with your eyes once you three look at me over out of the corner of your eye this's great. The cool thing is this and this is the reason I love these kinds of environments. I want you to notice the subtle highlights and shadows on her face. It's a beautiful soft light. Come over here and look up here. Ok, turn your face that way. Ravens, look that we get that beautiful shadow right here on her face. It gives her. I'm very, very pretty light on her eyes. And now raven, let me have you turn and this time let me just have you take your road and just throw you're going to just drink it off your shoulders lovely now lean back up against the wall on that shoulder right there stunning drop this shoulder a little bit this way very, very nice and internally with your chest I want you lean into that part of the very good bang on that may have this arm right here bring it that way and with that shoulder lean into that shoulder right there good job lovely let's see how you're looking right here turn your face slightly towards me beautiful I'll tell you right now ravens I mean this gal has got that it quality does she looks just amazing or what? Straighten your head up just a little bit and I want you to go come closer to the mirror dynamite and now turn your face just a little bit this way what I'm looking to get on her as I still when I have light in both of her eyes I want to create something that's just a little bit dramatic chin down a tiny bit darling beautiful let me switch lenses real fast hey, dad, can I have that twenty four to seventy? You need to have one more hand. Excellent. Excellent. You know, the great thing about a bathroom like this is we can have drama can be very, very limited amount of time. I mean, look at how short this period of time is we're not spending hours in here if you had a bride that was getting ready and you knew that you only have like ten minutes to get a twenty a two hour job done this is exactly where I'm going to go to look for a place this these kinds of light fissures are my absolute favorite because they produce a beautiful soft light. Now, it's going to be a warm light so you may have to do some color car if you want it to look literally. You know, normal pretty skin tones, but I may want it to be very dramatic. Don't movements. They stay right there. That is just way too good looking for you. Uh, look right there. You get awesome. That is phenomenal. Stay right here. This is so beautiful. I'm loving this just gorgeous. Stunning right in there is just amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. And now we're gonna be turned toward the mirror again, just like you just did with your whole chest aunt and lead towards it on this shoulder right here. Lean in that direction right there. Lovely. And then looked right at yourself in the mirror. Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Let me just move my position a little bit more. I want to keep myself out of the mirror if I can this hand on the back side over there, your hand over there. Just bring it up account just touch her lip, right they're lovely chin down a little tiny bit off some three d excellent, very nice okay, bring your hand down and just kind of wing it like rates like this gordon lovett dot we are just having the best time of our life role that shoulder that way just a little bit. Let me tell you, this is really great hanging. I wanna come in religion tighter and I want to I want to eliminate the light fixtures in the background right here with your eyes beautiful chin down a little bit role that shoulder that way. Just a tad lovely and just like, flirt with me this way love awesome, gorgeous chin up, beautiful. There you go. So, it's really easy, easy, easy way to get some beautiful portrait. Oh, you know, one last thing here, missy, have a seat on the toilet right here, and all I want you to do is you just gonna lean back into the wall. People were not going to see the toilet actually turn your you know, she's going oh, my god. What are you doing now? Okay, lean back into the wall with your shoulder and shut up. Good job. Tilt her head this way a little bit more lovely. Nice chin up a little bit more excellent, very, very nice dynamite excellent, and there you go that we found a couple of locations you know, in a very, very confined areas you can see this is not a big fancy bathroom is just a simple little area where we could take some phenomenal images have wow impact that are very, very high impact images without any fuss, it'll ok, well, we're going to go downstairs now and let's, go find some other locations down there to photograph or even okay. Okay, let's go already missing. Okay. All right. Welcome back, everybody. We are going to give away some more prizes because that's what we like to do here at creative live um the first prize we're going to give away today is a triple scoop music download and that is going to d I y film co uk the quote from d I y film is beauty is in the eye of the checkbook holder and I saw that go out a lot of times people love that quote so congratulations to you. Congratulations. The next prize is a lexar sixteen gigabyte memory card. Nice. And the winner is joe mcdonald says the more emotional experiences you have with your client, the more you will own them. Congratulations! Bam! Starlet ok, the last prize we're going to give out this morning is bambi cantrell's, photoshopped actions dvd oh, good that's great, you want to tell them yes oh I'm so sorry yeah right you're so cute oh she's like hey hey anywhere can you okay and the winner of that prize is tim rogan design and the quote for that was concepts not laws or rules were not all crazy women running around with lamb shapes on our head well very I am you know not everybody all right. Thanks very much. Congratulations all you winners congrats okay what bambi do you have in mind for you and I liked up you're ready to go ok awesome yes, I'm miked up perfect over to you ok do we have any questions while we're waiting on our our scenario here with our we've been hooked up with our cameras a real set to go all right so we're gonna get started we have we're going to do some more pictures of rave in now so we we worked up in the bathroom to create some imagery now we're going to use some studio lights to sculpt her shape and to create some very, very interesting looks for this beautiful young woman s oh come on over here and the first thing that we're going to do is I wanted to show you let's start her shoes on I wanted to show you that you don't necessarily have to have real fancy kinds of paraphernalia to create some really interesting looks can we have our light on john? We're going to use this I want this light, and then we'll use those two over there on debts, bring her, like, over here, somewhere in this area where we're going to use our black seamless, and then what I want to do is one of my very favorite things to do is to work with fabric come out of your darling, thanks, ash on dh let me can I have your road if give me just a couple of pieces of fabric and I have a great time now in this case, we have this amazing silas here who's going to help me to do this, and we'll probably do an amazing much better job than I will ever do in my lifetime, but I love love love working with fabrics, I usually like to drape them on the body and create kind of things that look a little before evening gown ish john brought this beautiful piece of fabric in for us, which was really amazing and there's a couple of different ways that we can do it. The first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start from the back and I want to just drape it down the front of her here and down the front of her here, see how we've kind of created a nice, interesting it looks almost like a wedding gown now I could stop right here. We could put a belt on her and create just she could look like she's wearing again you have a belt? Can I borrow your belt missing food? But I mean just like it does that not look like she's wearing a wedding? I mean just on evening gown that's one way we could do it um we another thing that we can do is we can drink this could you hold that right up there with your hand right there and we could start draping the fabric and wrapping it really, really tight because I wanted to show up I want her shape to show up on this so now I'm going to just wrap this fabric very, very tight this is one of my favorite favorite things to use for pregnant women is just a piece of fabric so now I've got that type around her give me just a second and demonstrate this and then we're going to use it the way that we wanted to and now turn around this way, darling ok, so we've got that on her back and now I want to create I want to create almost a the look of a like a bustle in the back of her, so we're going to take this simple fabric right here and we're not even using any clamps and we could definitely use a couple of clamps to create something kind of fun and so I just tied it basically and and not know you let me know if I'm too long makes too uncomfortable for you okay? And now we'll just clint we could even clampett back here see how this is start to create kind of a bustle effect this is so much fun to do because you can create your own kind of it's kind of like playing barbies. It really is this totally playing barbies? Can I have a clamp? I just need one clamp just right about there is where I want to clamp it right there listed that a clothes pin. Okay, so we've got our little clamp right here. Now can I have one more clamp on? We'll just clap it like right up underneath here. Let's do this right here underneath here and then let's just hide the oh, that looks really good and you might say to yourself, well, why would I do this? Well, I think this is just one of those things that that takes you from the realm of just the literal photographer like everybody in their brother anybody can do the normal stuff and say, hey, bring in this quote this outfit or this out that but just having a bunch of fabrics can be such a fun fun thing to create some very interesting looks ok, so now look at her okay now so come right over here missy and uncle john can we can we have some lights give me some let me get some kicker lights on her now so now we've created basically a really beautiful evening gown without any work I gotta tell you I should be a designer because that looks really good with my little sidekick of course I'm taking all the credit from ashley ok so now we have her weekend we could photograph her from the front and we could do some beautiful things that way let me show them the back of your beautiful gown lovely darling can I have your raven do me a favor separate your feet forming about a shoulders length push your hip this way towards my hand very very nice see how we can kind of create a little bit of just a little bit of shape with her body right there and we've got this cute little bustle going now turn your feet towards me this way rave in beautiful step about right here for me and this is what we were talking about earlier see that little kicker light on her arm right there so we don't want this background to go gray we want to keep it black but we want to separate her beautiful skin tone from that background so by moving I have using a kicker light one of these beautiful scrims I can create separation between her shoulder and her arm and the background to highlight her skin I don't forget with her skin tones we don't want to use exactly with the meter is going to tell you because the meter is going to say fur proper exposure this and you want to fool that light meter and under exposed by about stop if not more than that let's see what it looks like from the camera already? Okay, let's see what it looks like here? Yeah, let me just do a test shot real quick so I can see what we're doing here about right there. All right, let's see how she looks let's see how that looks on the screen? Give me just a minute here. Well, I'm telling I think it's a tad over exposed let me just go down a bit a little bit more of a stop right there, I'll tell you what oh, yeah, I mean, she is looking great. See how pretty that little bit of highlight looks on her now? Yeah, this is good. I love it. Okay, now rave and let me have you start by we're just across your ankles towards me this way perfect and I want you to lean into this shoulder a little bit oh, look atyou girl, this hand right on this I just bring up behind you a love it but I want a bit of an elbow now why do I want to see a bit of a noble let me have your a rave in this hand I want to see it like on your butt right here I need to see your hands to bring it around towards me a little bit and now bring it down a little bit more more and bring your elbow back dynamite let's see how that looks from here stunning I'm telling you right now with your shoulder with your chest lean towards me right here lovely and straighten your head up just a little bit dina my awesome yeah who is your daddy now? Raven lovett awesome I need you to laugh when you give me some laughter going on love it that is the stakis laugh I have ever heard in my whole life good job you're doing great kiddo very very nice let me have you bring your arms right in front of you this time and really I want you to squeeze your arms together she has got beautiful beautiful arms she's one of those people who can easily she can have her arms in front of her body it works turn your face this way missy lovely, lovely lovely that is just stunning I'm gonna come in really tight on her face now and what's really amazing do you see how we're getting that beautiful highlight on her hair and on her cheek bone it causes it just gives us a stunning stunning angle on her face bring your chin down a tiny bit darling beautiful very nice excellent ok I have to be careful because actually the last shot that I so you can say right now I'm not going to like it because you have to pay attention to where the earrings are see how that hearing is kind of growing out of her chin so what I'm gonna do can I have your can you have your earrings? Excellent great when you're doing I like jewelry I don't have a problem with it I'm gonna have to take them off in this particular shot but I would you know, obviously if they brought their jewelry I would do some pictures with it the other thing that I want to show you two is hey uncle john let's kill this light now and I want to just see what we can do in the way of creating shape on her let me have you john bring that light forward just a little bit, darling more more, more, more, more, more, more more excellent now remember we're not trying to we don't want to make her skin tones like turn it towards her a bit more john beautiful more sideline I want to have it right there excellent do you see how with a single light source you can really create ah mood on your subject you can create a beautiful beautiful soft mood rave in turn your shoulders a little bit this way and then I want you to turn your face more this way lovely bring your chin down a tiny bit so we could absolutely photograph her just like this can I have a ladders are something stand on I want to get higher cameron on her this is absolutely gorgeous for you I'll tell you what right now raven you are amazing now I manias so six forty on her let me see what my exposure is going to be now because since I took away our main line it actually is quite nice do you know why because you need to meet her on the highlights and if you look at see how we've got in fact that back off the back is a little bit overexposed I'd probably want to change that a bit hey john let me have this front light on again and this time I want you to take that back light and pull it back let's see what looks like just where it's at right here now see how flat the lightest suddenly gotten on her it's a two flat why it's it's in too much of the same direction so john move it back and you'll see how that start skimming across her shoulder see now see the difference that it made now in her shoulder watch see how it flattens out her arm so if you want to keep that if you want to just add a high let's see we're just trying to add a separation between her shoulder and the back up. Back up just a little bit, dad. Beautiful. Very, very nice. And now ravens let me have you turn around away from me a little bit let's see how that works turned right? More beautiful right there. Can I have you wrap your arms around you? Stunning right there. And I want you to pressure to switch your feet to the other side. I want you have been this front knee right here. Beautiful. And then drop that shoulder a little bit perfect. Now do the just the opposite. Go around the other shoulder, turn around this way better. Now, why does that work better for her? Because now we're lighting the front of her face and not her back. And she has a really pretty back. If we wanted to show off her back a bit, then we might take a turn on that extra little kicker light over there. Let's, try that, john on let me have you bend your knee over here on this side right here and point your toe I love those shoes, by the way, those are very, very cute shoes love it see now how weakens we're getting that pretty highlight on her back so the light is skimming across her back and she has amazing amazing back very, very nice right about there drop your shoulders towards me this way. Just a little bit stunning very to stretch your neck out. Just a tad perfect that's lovely raven. You are adorable. I'll tell you right now she is just as cute as they come. Perfect. Let me have you bring your arms down and bring it up but I want to have you turn away from me just a little bit and across your back arm over this perfect. There you go, that's what I'm looking for see how we get that pretty kicker light across her back if I were doing nudes that's exactly the kind of light pattern that I'm looking for on her back because I want to show the shape of her body I want the shape of those shoulders on her this time don't look at me look right over here that light look at the light. There you go, let's see how this looks right here beautiful. I'm telling you, raven chin down a little bit and within turn your face towards me a tad right there, chin down a little bit more and I look right me with your eyes but I want a sassy looks that children had that way a little bit like yeah that's my girl perfect very nice excellent very very good very nice I'll tell you right now you are an absolute keeper so you can really sculpt the body by the way that she posed her and create some very, very actually that's a little bit over exposed for her I would rather see her do something different turn your feet towards me this way now, darling and I'm gonna have you I want she's one of those few people by the way that we could actually do some photographs of her straight into the camera keep your shoulders straight right there and let me have you cross your ankles like mine beautiful do you see what that does and this time just take your hands and put him like on your hips right here lovely very, very nice and then let me have you step over this way just a tiny bit with your feet good girl excellent, very good. Can I have you turn your feet a little bit towards john this way right here beautiful very, very nice and now oh that's awesome very, very nice and then with this shoulder just roll it back that way just a tiny bit you will take this arm right here just bring it like write this on your shoulders lovely very nice so when I'm photographing I usually try to move my move the subject's arms around a little bit to create just a couple of very unique just a couple of graceful looks for her bring your hands bringing right down here on your on your thighs right here now and I'm going to lean towards me with your shoulder on this side specifically more beautiful tilt your head that way more more and then turn your face this way awesome right there gorgeous so just those tiny bits of movement really change and shake it up okay just relax for a second they're awesome now there you go see now that's much more who she is she's one of those sultry sexy women but we can have a ball with her and use a lot of variety hey you know what just for fun let me have you step back about five feet be careful don't step on your dress and you be careful I want youto thought because it's also it's undone huh ok you know what hey you know what let's can we do one of the thing real quickly can we do the belt thing and let's just wrap it around front okay so the only two things holding this dress on up are two clothes pins okay to clothes pins you don't have to use clothes pins you can use we use grips you know like just regular like what would they call yeah we use a clamps you could use like a hair scrunchie you name it I've used hair scrunchie ease I've used gaffer's tape or duct tape and just pulled it in the back and then taped it with duct tape okay let me undo this right here oh, you know it would be really cool for her hey, uncle john oh get get get get get you know that black the netting we have that we look awesome for her you will be gorgeous love it okay, I'm gonna just grab this right here, okay this time we're going to wrap it in the front because this is going to really show her shape her bus line off in a nice way can you just hold it on one side so yeah there you go. Thanks. Ok actually this drag this around real nice and tight we wanted super type on her body okay keep rapid. We're gonna wrap it all the way yeah, there you go love it. Okay. And now we'll just roll it back here in the back and create that bustle again can you tie it in a knot right there? Okay, we got a completely different look had heavenly doesn't look different to you in fact I think this is very flattering for her shape if you have, by the way if you just pull it across straight across the front if you just use a ah safety pin, you can clamp it on the inside with a safety pin. It's really, really fun to do all kinds of fabrics and textures are really interesting to work with, so we're going to do a couple of things now that we've got hurt her all set up in this oh, that looks that just adorable. Thank you very much, actually. In addition to that, I really want to play with her a bit. Can't you just see her in this? Yeah, this is awesome. I love love, love, love, love this and this works with her style with her natural style. I think this is going to be just so much fun. Actually, I think I need the small piece, not the big beast. Let's, try this first. Okay, we ready? We're gonna have some fun with us, so I want to take this. I want to drape it across your head. Oh, this is so working on you I'm loving it. I'm just going to roll and this is just what is this uncle john? I don't have a way. Excellent it's bird netting. I mean, is that not just the cleverest thing? I mean, look at how beautiful that looks and the cool thing about this is because we're now using these two accent lights you see how it's kind of picking up the edge of that fabric for her and on the on this on this netting is so it's kind of separating that netting from her face it's a very, very flattering way toe engage her. So I'm gonna have you come forward to me a little bit, darling, let me get a little bit more light on the pro. Yeah, right. Let me back up. Just a hair. The reason I'm having her back up just slightly see that little kicker like that highlight on her cheek. I really like that. I think that's going to be very, very flattered, useless can't capture a couple more images of this and then we're going to move on and I probably I'm gonna want to be up on a ladder for this. I think so. Let's, try this right there. Excellent. Okay. Rave in. Love it on. Lean towards me a little bit with this shoulder right here. Stunning, darling. Beautiful that's my girl love it really nice parts her lips and I went, huh? Gorgeous. Perfect. Really, really nice. I'm gonna be back upon to get up on the ladder now, uh, get up a little higher that is so beautiful for andi, I love the quality of light a light on ravens face and you notice the little kicker light on the right hand side here that's kind of separating her cheekbone you see how it's accenting her forward her cheek that's really, really a powerful thing for sculpting her cheeks she's got amazing cheekbones and remember for darker skin tones what gives ravens face dimensionality is not the shadow but it is those little highlights this kicker lights that are on her face right there oh hello beautiful very nice rave in a nice big guy stunning absolutely gorgeous right there can you take this piece and getting and bring it across your face on one side perfect riding on those eyes turn your shoulders and your body that way a little bit right there perfect right there bring your hand down a little bit, missy lovely, lovely, lovely awesome but I need I want youto on the count of three I want you to scream for me ready? What? Yeah, ideo I want you to scream for me a lot of ready one two, two and a half two and three quarters and bring your hand down wrap it around your waist right both of your hands a little bit right there. What? They're there yeah love it awesome okay, ready one to go that was the worst job I have ever seen in my life absolutely the worst you could be arrested for that did you see her course all the camera guys, you're going great, thanks, bambi. He's. Excellent. And there we go now. Why did I ask her to do the screaming thing? Look at the look on her face now. Do you see the huge difference? So you have to break it up. Sometimes you have to be willing to just, you know, you have to just get after right about their chin down a little bit would do one more right here. I'll tell you what. If she were pretty, this would be amazing, huh? It would be so freaking amazing, awesome pool of it. Yeah, ok, now we're going to switch gears completely. Thank you, dad, can we give a hand to rave in? This was awesome, sweetie, absolutely fantastic, I know, isn't that great? I love that, I tell you, and then we could put birds in that thing really easily.

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