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Posing Boudoir With Hot Lights

And I really like hot lights, which are continuous light source they do get really hot, so you don't want to touch the bulls or anything like that, but I like them because then I can actually see where the light is going to fall on my subject. Space on dh we're going today. We're going to be using a two lights set up. We're going to start by using this octu bank right here. Personally, I call it a satellite dish. It's called a knocked a bank, right? John? I did. I can't believe it if you only knew how hard that was for me and then we're going to also use the secondary light. Hey, q. D can you come over here, turn on our secondary strip light and that when we can illuminate our background a little bit more, so there we go. So now we have this beautiful set up. You know, here in the in the studio space, we're just going to use a simple white couch and then just some sheer fabrics. Whenever I do a boudoir session or a portrait session, I really like to keep it very, very simple. I changed...

my mind a lot, and so I want a set that's going to allow me a lot of variety. And a lot of changes so that I can so I can give my clients a lot of variety. The first thing I want to do before we bring our model out here, though, is I want to have one of our models or one of our students come over and come your q t um, I want to use you come in love it's set your camera down, you're gonna be the model we're going to start by having one of these guys were going to photograph him and the reason that I'm going to place him in this I want to tow photograph our model here is one of our class students is that I want you to see that concepts or concepts? No, we would not photograph a guy like this, but we're going to pretend for a moment if this is one girl and let me tell you, she would be seriously really screaming ugly, ok, we know that, ok, but that's, all right? We're going to just go with the flow, but one of the other reasons that I'm gonna I'm going, I want to conduct this kind of experience is that I think that if you feel it that you can do it yourself, that it makes it easier for you to translate. How you felt the way you position your body into getting somebody else to do that very same thing. And so when it comes to you photographing your people and doing cnn poses then you can also achieve it if you put yourself in that position so I encourage all of you that are online today I want you teo during the break this afternoon I want you to go find a couch to sit on or your bed and I want you to bring a mirror so you can kind of see what you're doing. I know it sounds a little bit weird, but it works. Trust me because then you can start feeling the body the way your body is position and the way that you're the way that you lay or the way that you sit to create a very pleasing image so let's get started. Okay, dad, laurent, let me have you you're going to sit down right here, but not on your, but can I have your wallet, please? This right here, what's everyone here, I just posed. I know. What can I say? I shall see. Does he have any money in here? Here you go, john. I'm sure there was no money in there, right? Yeah, that's my yeah, there you might tip oh, here let's get the phone too ok, so the first thing I want you to have a seat right here, but you're going to sit on the thigh. Remember, folks, we wanted to sit on his thigh. Why class? Do we want this? The subject to sit on the thigh and not the back side. Why this michael helps tio, uh, not exaggerate the thickness anymore on this that's. Right? And by the way, this is a really powerful way. If you have a heavier subject that you're working with man alive, can you minimize their shape by the way that you have unseated? Hang on, stand up a second scooter. Let me show them something. When I have you come over your love. Whenever I have m anyone sit down on a couch, the first thing I do is I want to have them bring their knee up, put the need down on the couch, okay? And then I'll have them fall back into the seat. You see how I'm by falling back into the seat. Now, I kind of put my back side, goes into the edge of the couch, goes into the back of the couch so it's it could be a very flattering way, and then it's, actually much easier there kind of basically falling into the kind of a basic position that I want to be in and now there's a real stretch in this you're going to have to just you know, work with me people ok? Because it's a little more difficult to get a man to do this and this couch is a little bit sticky so your legs will kind of stick to it ok ready try that for me and now just fall back into good jobs so you did that right the first time I love it you could take your hand out of your pocket very very nice let me have you sit up a little taller for me let me have this knee right here this like bring your leg up beautiful very nice now look at me a second the rock flip your hips this way towards me more more good job you did that right? Can I have this arm right here this one right here and just tuck it behind you just a little bit like behind no no no I'm sorry I didn't tell you right I want you to just tuck your elbow back here and just relax your arm here beautiful this hand right here turn it towards you know their whole hand bring it this way let me have your elbow move it out here good. Why did I take his elbow and pull it out this way and bring his hand closer to his body? Why would I do that, huh okay the reason I'm going to do that is because if this arm here let me have your arm relax move it up this way see now the hand is coming towards the camera and it's not really nice looking so by taking that have I wanna have I want a light trap here but I want and I don't but I don't want that hand to be like right in front so when it's like more forward you're saying because then it looks short yes it's going this way it'll make it look a little bit more you look so completely ridiculous right there can I just tell you right now you could tell he's seriously yeah sex love it yeah there you go this's so frightening on so many levels that everybody is going to so there you know it's over for you pal ok you no thank you I was enjoying it I know you were I know you were ok so let's get our beautiful model over here tran right? Trin okay, yeah here you go so we're going to try a couple of things with trend and I'm going to just demonstrate a couple of concepts and train I'm gonna have you take your shoes off that's ok? Those things happen that it's gonna look really cute you know and you know it's not going to show anyway so I think we're gonna be okay coming out of your missing okay, now train, I'm gonna get you to have a seat on the couch and I want to do is take and put your drop your knee into the sofa. Good job, but your foot goes over that way. Good job. Excellent. Very nice. Now I want you to sit towards me with your chest a little bit beautiful. Notice what happens by becoming body parts specific? I'm gonna have a polar chest forward, a little bit trend. Turn your shoulders towards me this way a little bit more and this arm are you bring it across your lap. Lovely. You're an extreme that shoulder towards me more this way. More good job. Beautiful. And what I love that you do is you don't give extreme movements and that's. So funny because a lot of people will do that they'll go, you say move, turn your shoulders a bit bigger like that and they turn real drastically tiny, tiny movements all we want to see and actually right now, the way she seated is actually very, very pretty. The only I might want to do is I'm I want to stretch this foot out just a little bit towards me here by stretching that foot out a little bit, it'll make her legs appear longer, it just gives him this really wonderful long look the next thing that I try to do is I want to move around the scene a little bit to be able to see where I might be able to capture a variety of images turn your face this way a little bit like that with your eyes look right at me with this shoulder lean towards me a whole bunch beautiful do you see how much difference that made the active have I cannot tell you how powerful it is when you have your subject lean a little bit towards the camera it really engages you're subject to you it makes their whole body language fall better and they look like they're there they really look engage the picture and let me see what looks like from camera position and let's see what we got here I'm gonna do a light test first shoot with the seventy two, two hundred millimeter lens I don't know where I'm going yet what I want yet so let me just see what looks like close up on her face and I'm going to change my eyes so to about two fifty I'm going to photograph in manual meter mode at two point eight hammond got a second here okay so let's see what that does a manual meter mode I'm going to be my eyes so I was going to be a two fifty and which means I'm at about an eighth of a second a two eight lovely eightieth good question now with this shoulder right here turn your shoulders that way a little bit and then with your chin lean towards me beautiful chin up a little bit more more lovely various tilt your head a little bit that way stunning let's see what that ok first frame is out of the camera okay my exposure looks decent I'm not I'm kind of liking that so I'll take this armor here put it on the edge of the couch right there and I want you to stretch and lean into the edge of the couch right there beautiful stunning stunning stunning that's just absolutely awesome for you this shoulder right here roll it towards you like this like we love it set up a little bit love it that's my girl turn your face back this way a little bit more up stunning amid my seeing clamps no I'm completely cropping the clamps out you don't see them at all with this strap and you tell me if you're not comfortable with this then I would go to plan b this strap right here can you just pull it down off your shoulder a little bit is that ok? Beautiful oh that's lovely just let it fall a little bit more that's lovely right there and now I want you to take that shoulder and just roll it into this way right here beautiful and then lean towards me champ a little bit lovely and I'm going back the slide off a tiny bit because now the light by moving her forward did you see how the light kind of changed in her eyes a little bit and it was a little too high so but if I back off my life john john can you could move my light back just a little bit and actually can you drop it down a whisper? C notice what happens and he's going to drop that light down a little bit and it'll give me that's perfect. Do you see that? What happened? The difference in what it did to begin with the light was becoming a little bit too high in her eyes when she leaned forward and we were getting us slight bag under here and it's not flattering so where the light is now by dropping it down slightly we get the catch lights in the part of the eye that is a very flattering section of the eye for her it's gonna look very, very pretty for her. I like that. Now I want to move myself around her a little bit and see if there's a different camera angle that might look very beautiful for her. The great thing about this kind of simple, simple lighting scenario I mean, I love these tamir hot lights they are so much fun to work with this eight this octo bank is one of the best tools I've ever come across because if you were if you live in an area where you have lots of rain and you can't take advantage of the natural light like I have in california then these air a wonderful wonderful tool I love the continuous like I can actually see exactly where I need to go take you to turn your faces what beautiful oh my lord you guys have got to see her from here this is so stunning I'm lovinit dollars you better love it on leading to the shoulder a little bit yeah like who is your daddy now? That's it awesome turn your face that way a little tiny bit and I want your chin up a whole bunch now love it love it love it hey john john dropped that light even just a tad more for me sugar right there love it love it love it love it that's absolutely with your eyes right here nice no, no, no no, no I'm not catch any lovett chin down a tiny, tiny bit stunning sunny now what is missing in this picture right here we have absolutely no expression so now that I have my light the way I want it, look at how beautiful from this camera position the way the light falls off on her cheek let me show you what I'm talking about see how we get that beautiful shadow area right here. How pleasing is that? I mean that's so beautiful and soft on her face and it literally sculpt her cheeks and gives her a lovely, lovely cheek I want to get up on a little bit of a step ladder yeah, that actually might work for me. Okay, missy looked right at me right there except but I want a little ruling of that show that's it nice you are adorable part your lips for me just a little bit stunning chin up a little bit more love and lean towards me with your chin stunning that's absolutely beautiful love excellent. When I start when I photographed my subjects I always start with a few images that are closer up and then I might back off and do simple life we could easily do some beautiful full length photographs of her in this environment but from this camera position we might run into what kind of problem folks, what would we might have a problem with? We might see some of those things that are going on in the background but there you go, terry why don't you take your shot from there? Because I think that's what that's where I would go is up, up, up on that angle right there beautiful and terry not tell us why you're up there what do you mean excuse me? You are like almost six feet tall what is your problem girl yeah I couldn't see over your heads but also I just thought it was a better angle and I would open her eyes more absolute really captured the shadows on the right side of her body beautiful beautiful beautiful you can you can completely change the perspective on the way of photograph looks by changing the angle that you're photographing and because we have we have our light all set up to go we have so free reign of the different kinds of looks that we can get from her okay I want to do a couple of different things now let me have a tech terry I want you to direct this next picture relax missy and terry I'm going to move our light because I want you to know I would need you to do the whole thing and I want you to tell me a tell us why where you're gonna put the light and why you're going to place it where you are do you want to impose on everything or just you yes just get nerdy and don't you have to make her work for it okay? So act like you've never done this before and it's a real stretch cause you're cute and you already have it so yeah stand up for me please okay, I want you to put your leg on the couch just like this and then just go kind of fall down into the couch on your leg perfect. I love it. I'll take this leg and put it up here uh moving a little bit closer to hear a little bit but if I touch you okay and binge a little bit more expect this way very nice take your arm and, uh lean over on your elbow like then getting kind of a comfortable is that comfortable for you? I should want the elbow out a little bit more here nice and just let your hand fall comfortably. I like how this is sitting if you would just drape it over here a little bit more turn your hands sideways just let it fall perfect. I like that you take this light, I'd like it left like you had it before bambi when I had some shadow. And how will you look at the shadow terror? Um by screaming the light this way I'm not gonna lighter directly beautiful absolutely perfect that's exactly right? Do you all understand that you see by her turning this light source now this way she see how she's turning it so that she can see where that shadow is going to fall on the cheek it's now you know one of the thing you could do what's the other thing you could do besides turning that light more that way what if you really liked the light in her eyes but you still want to pop that cheek in what what's? Another thing you could do I could probably put a black reflector excellent. You know, that is exactly right. Smart woman absolutely. We have a black reflector and uncle john could you be ah, like like guy over here notice what happens? Wow. Do you see that? Look at how much difference that makes see how it gives her it just kind of takes the edge off that light so we can still use that light on the front of her face and then skim it a little bit and it'll pop that cheek because a black reflector it absorbs light and so it will really make those areas that you wanted to find more, see what it does to the arm as well. All that away now, john yeah, it really does make a huge difference. Yes, because she's picking up some light from there. So if we don't want that and we might want to skim, scream it off okay, so go ahead and then set up your shot and they go and take it ok could have toe probably put the mike down I think I'm gonna shoot that's my camera do you want to use mine thiss looks like mine that's okay but if you take a really good shot I get to have credit for uh networks yeah let me see my holderman thank you very much if I take it from here I'm gonna lose that shadow ok well he's not he's not set up yet so let's let's see what that he hasn't put the reflector there yet ah yeah you probably would let me see how it looks from down here it might be interesting that's beautiful can you get that black reflecting a little closer to her dad a little bit more shit nice that's it that's exactly what I want beautiful it's a nice angle I think I'd like to shoot it from over here too ok go for it michael you're next I wanted to think about how you're going to what you're going to do to shake this up and change it up a bit okay maybe just back off just to hear just the front part of the reflector and tilt it there you go nice her eyes were popping so much for that hat beautiful there you go that's what I want show me some staff girl now I'm bambi yeah there you go that's going to scary but you're doing your own you're doing away better invitation to you excellent very very good terry that was beautiful one terry there's only one thing I know you weren't seeing them so it's okay no no you're fine you're you did a very fine job. We should give her a hand for that very nice job if you were photographing her full length I would want to see that she has a second leg see from here depending on the angle if I was photographing from here and you were showing this see I can't tell there's a number right here it just looks like her like that there she doesn't have a leg so you just want to think about that? It doesn't matter in what you were shooting cause you were shooting got fairly close up image but if you were foot boat arriving from afar there angle then that's something you would want to think about ok, but still really, really nice job. Okay, uncle mike? Yes? It's your turned out okay, relax, relax, shake it off, shake enough do you want actually stand up and just shake it off because we're gonna do something totally different. Good job. I love it. Ok, first of all, where is your life? I got to shake it off to the oh, um okay, so, um can I have you? Actually we're going to do a kind of like a standing with one knee on the couch, so it's kind of I don't know, I'm not sure how it's going to look so louisa's try real quick how about something like this okay perfect and actually turn a little bit more nice job michael very nice job do you see what he did what we like that he did what did he do right walked around her and stood right in front he went stood right in front of her so that she had there was no question about where she needed to go okay perfect um and how about if I um lean forward a little bit with what with your chest ok, by the way do you know why I use the word chest instead of breast? Well men and women have more because men and women both have a chest and then it doesn't sound gender sensitive and it sounds if you said chest a man says that to a woman it's ok doesn't sound nasty but if you said with your breast lean forward see how that sounds a little bit more vicky so I always just try using words that are not gender sensitive and I'm very body part specific is that it just seems to make it flows things nicely okay okay I'm not sure what is it that you don't like michael it's this this leg that's exactly right why is that like have why is that happening because because she has to support herself with with her weight's ok making her um use only one leg okay so maybe you so what would you do differently how about, um howbout actually how about like oh about that um that looks a little stiff though I think so. So what might make it less stiff? How about it? Can you can you move this leg more across? No, that doesn't really work well, I don't know, I guess kind of but I think I still want to accentuate accentuate her leg more. So, um, how about if you actually just, like, plot in that criss cross but actually come come off the edge and can you try toe across this leg and then rotate and put your weight and get on this edge of your thigh? Yeah, yeah, yeah, something like that. And then again, um, lean forward, turn your shoulders towards me a little bit and how that this arm meaning and go ahead and just being forward in that way a little bit more yeah, I'm just trying to figure out what might work, but I'm not like that, okay, so first of all, what's wrong. Okay, let me ask you this where is your light going to go? Like I'm gonna have it still over on this side. Okay, you're going ok that's really critical to know, so let me turn the light this way and your first we're going to identify a number of problems okay, which is closer to the light source her back side or her face okay, her backside ok? Is that a good thing or a bad it's a bad thing? I should probably have her back side on this side on the correct ok now, but also does she look comfortable? No. Ok, there are a number of there's, a couple of problems that and the reason you're having this problem I like the idea of what you're trying to do with the knee, but the problem is, is you're using a part of the couch that is too low for her body, so that pose is not going to fit in that scenario now if she were using a chair that might work. So you have to think about what it is you wanted to do and whether it will work on a product that's real sinking like this couch because your legs are longer than the couch, you might could do it on the edge of the couch to achieve what you were trying for, depending on how tall she is. The other thing is, is that you know, you're you're, you're the way you were trying to support her legs was just not working, so if you start seeing that it's not feeling right to you, go to something else you know, take a quick picture of what you did even though you don't like what you did and I want you to do that because then when you get into your home environment then you can analyze it go what was I didn't like about that and then it'll those mistakes helped to identify where you go next they really do they start they'll start popping your mind later and although that's why that didn't work but to see if you don't capture the bad then you can't remember what you did to fix it so I want you to capture even though what it wasn't was it wasn't perfect for you wasn't it wasn't feeling right and it didn't happen I want you to get that and then I want you to move on. We'll do something really I want you to do something else for me. Okay? All right, so let me go ahead and just get a shot of this real quick to see how this is work in linda your next rides way I think we got that one was let's. Have you come over here? Um I think the couches too squishy. So can we do have your left leg after linda on the couch and, um perfect and that actually just go ahead and just look that way and can you push out with your chest towards me a little bit perfect and put your this arm on your actually know what? Go ahead and do this behind your back perfect and go ahead and grab your other arm if you can with it perfect actually I don't like that because I want more separation so go ahead and just kind of just put it on on the side there perfect and then can you actually lean forward and a little bit this way with what she learned to me specific if you want to be in this direction maybe she leans with that shoulder which will drop that shoulder dammit the shoulder come over here to my hand perfect and then a little bit more out with the chest great and just go ahead and just relax that arm so I don't know how much I can move this light you can move it anywhere you want to do this is your shot okay when we get there almost just tell me where you want that can you actually we're going to go this way over that on and so okay right there came on and see what's going on actually I think I'm gonna do something further like that okay and just kind of a little darker see how that looks like right? Can you actually just go ahead and just come up forward a little bit perfect right? You look great he's taken touch not perfect and then just can you look at me on three just with your eyes one two three perfect great. You look great. Okay, very nice, michael thank you so much. It was awesome. Linda hey, relax, missy okay, where you going? Toe okay. Terrific. Okay. You know, while we're waiting for that to be tethered okay, let me just try a couple of things with you. Well, actually I'm going to tell her camera so minds unplugged, right? Okay. Um michael, let me ask you a real quick question about where you were going with this. What was going through your mind when you were opposing her? Um you know, I think I just kind of wanted her to be a little bit more dramatic with height and then doing something that was a little boy more leaning tio can create that lean. Okay, so if we want to create a bit more lean, I want you to just come right here to missy, I want you to show me how you just show me the exercise, what? We're waiting for this camera to be tethered, how you might get her, what the language you might use to get her to lean. Um all right, well, I guess you could just kind of get silly and this lean back and forth a little bit, just let's drop that shoulder and just exaggerated just let it hang very nice I like that excellent good job I like that we ready john perfect okay linda okay where you going to go with this tell me okay you good and well first of all where do you want your life you have a preference on that yet I'm going to keep it on the left ok all right so could you get on the couch with your kneeling on the couch but facing towards me so you're doing this yeah um I think that's good actually then but may be closer to the edge of and have your hand maybe a little bit lower actually thinking of your hands kind of resting on that one of your ours rest being on the couch until your head back kind of like you're perfect and then push your chest forward why did you have a push your chest forward here towards the light okay why did you do that um tio illuminate her ok is there another reason um so you straight her back to get a girl you see but it normally doesn't straight back but it arches the back you see when you have them pull the chest forward this way it'll archer back and that's a really really flattering thing to do when you're working with your subject in the boudoir setting ok go in and capture your image until the head back a little bit more perfect love your hat matches your eyes certainly does there really pops your eyes ill nice job how's your exposure dad good job excellent figure me okay relaxes your turn good girl cnn got your name right this time it takes me a hundred years but I got it um all right so I'm going to try something with you lying down a little bit more so I'm gonna have you put you're writing up on the couch we're going to go on same direction right about here where I am on this on a sufficient perfect you know what it's probably gonna be maybe six inches forward okay perfect and then I want you to sort of do the fall on the couch sit down thing perfect I'm sorry may I give you a hand up? I'm gonna have you do it a little bit farther ever we're gonna have there you go perfect. Okay, sit back and relax and then just lean over and patrol boat down here good and now bring your other um bringing other elbow to sort of meet it on the on the edge of the couch thie arm of the couch perfect um so I'm gonna bring my light over and I want to work to get her collarbone excuse me? So I'm gonna have you um uh bring this um arms straight out and then I'm gonna have you roll this shoulder back so that you're facing me a little bit more um even more dramatically ok let's try the other way come come forward with your oh no no no say yeah you're good and just follow follow me with your shoulder keep coming okay and then let's make this light sorry this is not intuitive for me at this point that's okay you're doing a really nice job that I love the way you're stretching her body out you're doing an outstanding job of stretching her her her body that's really pretty ok so now I'm gonna have it's very close sorry all right trying to watch and hold a microphone at the same time okay good and then I want you to roll this shoulder up toward me not I'm sorry this time not quite so much and scoot your scripture elbow back and then bring your hand in toward toward your breast perfect okay and once again with your hand exactly where it is just roll your role your shoulder forward perfect any any words before I shoot you doing a really nice job and actually you know take your shot because you were you were on a path to really do something that was amazing I want to see what I want just take your picture and then I wanna move you yeah that's definitely looks bored love, love love your camera angle that's beautiful and she's not tethered issue I want to make sure that this image goes in our critique this afternoon because I really like your camera position and I want people to see what you did right you got there you go. Yeah. Hey, now there's one thing that you did that I thought was really beautiful and this is this is what you've done is very pretty but when you have her bring her arms out this way right here and you had her stretching her arms that stretch your arms out towards me this way beautiful just bend your elbow slightly right to bring your hands a little closer together that is so pretty for her I got to tell you I fact I gotta shoot this because it's so nice um but it's very see how great I know. Yeah, so stealing your pose okay, I'm sorry I'm the boss here this is my class I can do that but look at how pretty that looks for her and in just a second I want to see how that looks it's um and love turn your face a little bit towards the light a little bit missing good chin down a tiny bit. Look at me a second with your eyes lovett tilt your head to head that way no, just absolutely stunning chin up a tiny bit absolutely gorgeous and I'll tell you there's so many things I'm liking about this concept I would in fact I would just cropped out the back part of the chair but see how relaxed she looks more relaxed and more believable now than the way that you posed her just a moment ago. And that's why I had to stop you on that? Because the even from this camera angle, I want you to come over here, look at the beautiful angle on her face this way. See from this camera angle? We're not shooting straight into her chest. We're photographing into that a bit to the side, this camera's tethered if you just want to have him step in and oh, actually and michael's next. So, yeah, you know, michael sorry, but your next s o but I really love that from our camera guy can get a picture that look at how beautiful the way she's leaning. Now we're not seeing we're not shooting straight into her chest. This way. We're the camera visit from there. See how it's your shoulders around. Maybe one. And it just looks very relaxed. Yeah. You want to take tonight? Kind words start, but yeah. Are you exposed properly? I can't tell for months. Among spot are evaluative beautiful. Let me just come in a little bit tighter here. It's a little hot, you say, um, come well, we'll do your shutter speed, okay oh, gotcha. Do you feel you're using and I got it yeah board plus the fact that you've got to die after they can't see what I'm doing anyway tilt your head that way a whole bunch actually turn your face this way a whole bunch and kind of role that shoulder this way love it oh there you go oh, nice chin up a little bit and part your lips was like oh yeah I love it now I need a small it oh yeah nice see how that say if you want to give them a reason to smile I have no idea what we just shot but at least that's actually pretty darn cute I like that okay, good. So okay, let's we're going to move on now and let hang on a second here you go, love okay, relax. Set your lights up, dad nice nice job. You guys are all doing so phenomenally I'm really, really proud of you. You guys were getting it truly cool thing I hope that you guys were paying attention to is that are you starting to see how these air all elements that I'm not trying to make you become me? I don't I mean, nobody wants to do that trust me, you just so don't want to be me what you want to do is you want to learn a little nuances in little tweaks that you take and you take these concepts little recipes and then you make them your own you make there you find a way to make that happen for you personally and that we each have your own space in your own reality and with depending on the model that you select you're able to to create some really unusual interesting photographs ok ready for you dad let's meet you okay uh if you would do me a favor please and you were gone through much of it right now but if you would, um put your seat right here and then if you can pivot yourself first and get your legs over this part of the culture here and then all position your body from that and then if you could if you could cross them please over this leg first and then if you can lay back so that sure so that your this shoulder comes about right here on the couch actually if you could turn a little bit more saying get your head on the end of the chair you know is going to mess up your hair philly back there you go and man touch here for a second I really love the way you're communicating with her it's very, very nice come back up and if you could do the thing with your arrogant you and I just lay back the most comfortable right and now if you could please bring this hand over to turn your shoulder and a little bit so a little bit on your side it's your hats coming off um she had something to put under head just a little bit more but so actually what I need is ah you to try to turn your body a little bit more this way. There you go. Uh can you do it a little bit more what with it being able to keep your feet up there? Okay um how about if you bring this foot down and said it right here sorry this foot there you go and then the other foot cross over let's go back up. I'm sorry. Okay? Let's ah, you know actually what I want you to do is to yourself a little bit more so that your head will come off and here because I would liketo get your eyes in the catch line there you go. Yes, yes is that is that too uncomfortable so for your hat wonderful. Here, hold on one second, okay? And I actually want to where's your camera position going to be right over here. Okay? You're gonna fall off if you lay back yeah, okay, all right then let's not be that let's just go ahead and we'll try to make best with going going back on that there you go there you go now can I touch your hair for just once I continue face this way you go ok and if you would bring can you turn your shoulders just a little bit in bring this arm across your front kind of across your chest just below uh I don't know what to do about that just let it go just let it go okay now you can do this ok yes ok and now if you would just give me one second if you could bring this hand up so you cannot just above your there you go just like that can you go and scoots back over for a second just seeking rest there um and then if you could bring this hand up and just kind of grabbed the fastener just like underneath like is if you were catching it I think that's except uh one sec look at this sweater for a second you go going to set it back down it was disappearing okay hold on one second beautiful looks great trend back up if I can get you to just with your eyes look down towards your feet I am a little bit I like the shadowing here where the light comes across here and hear her arm combination is yeah if you can when he's done and he's ready to capture then you can ask question but just let him captures image only because because if he's making an error I want I don't want to draw the attention to until after his capture so there you can see where he went wrong okay now can you turn your face towards me you go just like that just a nice easy look on your face a little bit more charge me in chin up just a tad give me a nice soft smile like they it's beautiful and can you see one more in lloyd one more john e okay okay now we're going to stop you for one second because let's talk about for a moment what what we've done so far first of all you get an absolute a plus for trying something different and I know all of you probably we're going wait a minute maybe I really want to do that too and so but I so I give you an a for effort for trying it is man I got to say if all of you folks it takes a whole lot of just puts but to be able to get out here and put yourself out for this and I'm really proud of you for that ok but let's talk about the execution there are a couple of areas first of all I love the way you communicate to a subject you are really good at your language that you use it's very sweet and very soft it doesn't come across in a vulgar way and for a man it makes, it makes me feel as though you're very respectful of women and I think that that's a real plus for you if you do good war work, you want if you're a man and you want to be very respectful and your tone of voice is absolutely fabulous, I love love love the way you're doing that the area that I had a problem with was not as much the posing the closing was there was a few weaknesses in that the biggest issue I had was where was your light source your light sources actually underneath her face yeah, yeah you're lighting her up from underneath your so let me show you more than the way you check come your cameraman I want you to show to see this look where the catch lights are falling in her eyes see there underneath eyes and this was a natural place for them to should have been over here. Yes and it would have been ah hole on more flattering it would have been up so much more beautiful the softer light would have been much more really feeling if you had let it from this side versus this side so you have to really that's why you always have to ask, where is the light going first? You know, where is that going to be? And you thought you pose in relation to the light source. You don't do the pose and then figure out where your lights gonna be. See that's what you want to think about? Especially if you're using any kind of continuous light source the window light. Anything like that? Because that's a fixed that's, a fixed environment. Now here we could move this so it's not like earth shaking or anything. We could move it to the other side. But that's, why? I always want you to think about first before you take your first picture. Where's, the light. Where should I put the light in relation to see? The other thing too is if you look at our secondary line, see how it's kind of in now? Because this lights coming from over here. There's they're crossing and it's awkward and it's wrong. If there's no harmony does that make sense? Does it make a lot of sense the flow coming through this way for a second? Just so you can see what's going to happen and how different it looks. How you doing? O k qd okay, so now, if you moved that light, see now look at how much better oh, hello much and look at how much more beautiful her face looks. Yes, look at how many more cool angles camera here q t look right here look at the right here turn your head back the way you just had it you could even get an amazing tilt your head back that way limit scooter and bring her chin down a little tiny bit shut your eyes or just look down look at how way could see those beautiful eyelashes we can start seeing she looks very graceful it looks very believable yes so you have a lot better experience with your image so you want to think about where that light's going to go but really good job thank you so much they skated by many where would you have shot that where would I have shot that I would probably there I would shot have shocking hookup place I would've shot from here I would have absolutely photographed from this direction and when you guys you've done I'm going to show you what I would do but I do want to give the cat away can't wait I want to give the secret away okay it come here dad it's your turn okay laurent alright cannot move these you certainly can has everyone have a chance to go yet this got everybody going okay hi my name is noted that's right they are definitely hot nice thank you can I have you here and just drop like this? You have some good news is you're changing perfect can you put your hand? Can you cross this like and just move it like that can you pull your chest forward more like that can you move your head into backwards sort your chest forward and just looking back okay so okay go on get your camera take your shot there is one thing I don't like ok there you hanging so I still want a little bit more curve at the back huh? And uh and I want to play with that a little bit so can you face completely in tow and face me all right then just put your put your and right here on dh look back and throughout your head like that all right so let me take my shot just checking I cannot hang on a second before you go farther there's a couple of I'm gonna critique you on this right here and now first of all because this is this is going to be your weakness that I want you to really work on came where is her energy flowing? Where is all of the body language? Everything flowing would you agree that everything points that direction except for what? Six of the head not even the head the eyes I mean look at her I mean we'll hear her head too but you have so much of her the whites of her eyes showing see how she's going like that it's very extreme and because her neck is being turned so much we see that chord in her neck and it's really it's stiff she's almost looking like like you know the exorcist you know turn it all the way around um yeah so yes so well so you want to think about that so you need to turn her if you're going to have her look over her shoulder yeah if you want to watch out for those eyes and you got to ever look down a bit like that but but again most of the problem is is that your poll poses going this way and you got her head going that way so if you had her kneeling on the couch or something and then looking over her shoulders interfere pointing the other direction so or you could have point see how this my energies even though my body has turned this way by pushing my hip this way I'm kind of energy is flowing back this way so if you wanted her looking over her shoulder she could do this kind of an environment but as it is everything is flowing this way now there is one caveat to that can you find it for me where I could be a really beautiful picture just leaving her way she is because sometimes out of madness we find some really pretty things where's it at move yourself around the subject and I should really look at that really see where it's at okay I mean probably up okay a pyre would not be bad why don't you take your shot from up above and let's see what it looks like okay can you look up to the right needa I need the bike during a lance for is though can you hang on a second I want you to come over here love don't move missy stay right there for a second come here baby I want you to look at how pretty this looks from here ah hi camera angle is what you would need but it looks a thousand times better from over here it's much more graceful I want you to look at the screen over here let's look at your picture that's on the screen can we go back one image look at this picture on the screen do you see? I think you know it's much easier to see it here than it is actually here because we get we forget because it's just we get clouded and we're looking at a real body do you see how shut your eyes and squint you see how she got her leaning back a bit so the chest and her legs are the brightest part of the picture because they're closer to the lens they're closer to the land says so they're and they're brighter they're white versus her face so because they're closer to the lens and they're brighter that's all I see I don't see this I don't see her face if you get a higher camera angle it's going to look much, much prettier excellent. Ok, well, can we give a big hand every one of you guys did good congratulations, possum. Okay, can I have myself tethered now and and I'm going to do a couple of images I want to try a couple of different kinds of scenarios here. Um my first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move the light I think I want it right over here on the side so dad turned me over listen, I'm gonna move by light this way I want it right here now missing I'm gonna get you to lay flat on the couch good light and I want you your head this way and you're like sarah here. Okay? Flip flopped on your back. Good job. Excellent. Right about there just lay your head down. Excellent. Now what I'm gonna have you do that you're going to be on your elbows, so I want you just set up on your elbows a little bit a little bit more just like that love it and no one should bring this knee up beautiful like that and now I'm gonna have you till the top of your head back this way towards me here excellent now in this case, where would I need to be to get a really nice shot of her here and where does my light need to be? Do I have any light on the front of her face? Ok, but where is it in relation to her eyes? C is there light in her eyes so let me see what looks like to bring this light up a little bit now let your head back just a little bitches living good turn your face away from you just a tad that way lovely and I'm gonna move this around just a tiny, tiny bit this way let's bring it here. Lovely that's better so now I could do my I could do a picture of her right here. Look at me a second, but I want you with your lips. You're gonna bring your head back a little bit like huh? Gorgeous that's absolutely beautiful. See how nice that looks for her really like that feel a lot. Okay, now roll your hips towards me all the way a whole bunch of guys sit on your hip beautiful very, very nice. More because I want you almost rolling forward to me. Beautiful that's gorgeous. Now look what happens because she's her backside is actually in her pelvis is pulled forward to me. I want to bring this light back down, hang on a little bit too high now hey um scoot this way just a tiny bit missing I don't want to crowd you in that couch love it love it love it right they're beautiful roll your shoulders and your hips towards me beautiful suit this is going to be important to me I want to be able to see that she's got two legs bring this knee just right here and I want to drop it down here I want that pelvis pulled forward because if I don't it's going to make her thighs look a little bit heavier so roll that shoulder this way just a tiny bit right like that very nice and just stretch out your fingers just a tad can you bring this hand right here bring it across like this beautiful lovely lovely lovely role that shoulder towards me nice very, very pretty acts absolute beautiful chin up though why do I need her chin up? Because if I drop her chin bring your chin down look at the light on her face do you see what happened right here now you see even though this light is barely fairly low you see for chin is way down is down look at the dark shadows and go underneath her eyes bringing him back up look at how nice that looks right now that's much, much better okay that's going to be one thing I might be ok have sent a set up a second but I might want to do a couple of things of her that air just a little bit different I'm gonna have you sit if you if you're comfortable I want you to come in you're going to sit right up here right up here with your feet there okay right here in the middle and I'm gonna put her in the middle because I want to hide the crack in this couch I just think it could be more interesting okay? And I want you ok very good let's see how that works for you don't lean back mistakes don't you fall off the couch okay okay now so if I want to have her said seated here I want to bring this up a little bit second see that she's got garters on now turn your legs towards me here more good job bring this front like back a little bit beautiful actually a very nice tall with your back lean towards me right here very nice let me have you point this toe like this but back over this way lovely that's much better turn your shoulders this one what your face back towards me here. Very nice see it now look at her see how we're starting to see we're creating that pretty s curve on her I would probably move my remove my light around just a little bit too flat light her just a touch more and we bring even a little more this way lovely. Turn your face back this way, missy with this shoulder right here. Look at me a second with this in his hand across your leg right here and lean towards me on your knee. Perfect. Oh, my gosh. That's that's ok, we got to shoot that. Um hang on a second here. Dad, I'm all set good. Let me grab grab a shot of this arm being closest to the airlines like no because I'm going toe that's a really good question on the reason I'm not worried about that arm is because if I have her lean forward a little bit her face will be brit will be lit up appropriately watch what's gonna happen next then this elbow a little bit more in this arm right here and then I want you to lean towards me with your chin and turn your face that way a little bit stunning. Stunning stunning the only thing that's missing right here is any expression right in with your eyes beautiful leading to that shoulder a little bit like that gorgeous chin up a little bit perfect love it actually, but I need more laughter on if you want to look more like a love that awesome gorgeous absolutely beautiful loving this backhand, right you're bringing it into your hair like this nice but I need real I needed to be riel said yet lovely lovely love and excellent lovett lean towards me a little bit with his shoulder but really bring bring your head back to sea I want that's it oh that's awesome right there love it with your eyes right here nice and roll the shoulder into a little bit beautiful love it love it awesome and turn your face back that way stunning very nice excellent good girl okay, now let's do something a bit different let's just do some let's have some fun okay stand up a second we're going to use these things now in a very abstract way I need a couple of really strong men I need strong men I I wanted to split this couch on the end I want to slip it straight up other way, dad, that is the upend now you're probably wondering what the heck am I doing with this couch? You know, I really love I love shaking it up because I don't want everything to be so literal. You know, I think sometimes when you take and you you take and shake up your props a little bit and flip him over on the back side or or you know you just do things that are a bit less literal if even if you don't get a great picture out of that shot it it will it will bring you to a more creative place. So it's not what necessarily happens with that particular entity, but it's what? It will draw you too. So I really believe in just, you know, shaking it up and try and some things that we haven't done before. So we're gonna have her. We're going to use this couch right here. I just thought this was really kind of an interesting piece, and I think I'm gonna have her. We're going to use this as our backdrop right here. I want this to be my backed off let's. Just try it. You know, she could even lean up against it right here. I could have her lean up against this back piece right here. Now are my center of focus is going to be somewhere, maybe here I don't know, maybe I'll use this coming this direction and have it be a long, skinny piece. But do you realize that this could be a background? We don't have to see that it's a couch. You see, this is nothing more than just an out of focus entity it's an out of focus entity. So let me bring him here. Cute. They're fixing your straps here, missy. I have no idea where I'm going, and it may completely suck, but you know what I think if you don't try oh I love it I knew it was gonna look way didn't practices did we I love the sea this is just actually fun bring this hand up on the couch right here beautiful and what I'm gonna have you do mrs I'm gonna have you push your yeah just like that love it but actually I'm not going to put your hand up there on the on the couch because I think that looks it looks too fake and too contrived let's see what it looks like he could step away from the catch a second right there just a little bit is right and step this way now a little bit with your feet turn your feet this way towards me more more, more right there good job to separate your feet like mine and we should push that hip that way a bunch yeah put your hands just like right like oh you don't want to do is to be kind of fun take this hand right here just bring it like right up underneath your your fabric right underneath your chopper here but just don't we don't need to see everything we don't we're just trying to have the illusion of sexiness without we don't have to show the whole universe everything we've got you know, that doesn't look I don't like that but bring it like more on your leg right there perfect lean towards me just a little bit stunning turn your shoulders a tad this way awesome! Excellent! Excellent, excellent own and I think I want to just drop that strapped right here. Can we drop that strap? Let me see what it's looking like this direction to actually chin down chin down don't look at me nice excellent with this shoulder right here. Lean towards me right here. Yeah love it. Awesome! Very nice or just turn your feet towards me a little bit here more, more, more, more, more, more, more mark warner good job. Look at me second and lean into this shoulder right here like this lean towards the couch right here on this side right here, so love it that's my girl chip lover showed up a little bit like oh, yeah dollars baby chin up a little bit more like like, oh, yeah you want a piece of me very nice that I'll tell you right now could very well be the shot of the day oh, I'm loving this this is really good so you know there she goes that's her hello, darling alomar little precious girl lean towards me this way just a little bit see, now we're creating energy and her and see and see how it works with her now tilt your head back this way because we've got to keep a light in her eyes and make it really work make it very fresh bring your arms right in front of you but underneath love it good job I'm turn your face this way looking I think that on let's have a little higher right there stunning, stunning, stunning chin down a little bit awesome, right? They're awesome dog. But turn away from me a little bit because I don't want to photograph straight into her chest like it very, very nice very, very nice. Love it once you three look at me with your eyes shut down a little bit. I want you to look at me. Look right here missing hello, love dot. Yet this hands bringing right in front of you like this both hands but both hands. Okay, but I need you to really laugh. Okay, see, it doesn't work unless she's really turn your shoulders that way. But I want to have you almost look at me a second bring your leg in front like mine good and turn your shoulders that way love it. Do me a favor. Look at me a second. You know pressure, tell me forward, love it, see how much better that looks when she presses her, tell me forward love it with your eyes look right at me ah so oh, she is so dead I'm kidding I'm telling you are adorable lean towards me look it with this shoulder right here nice chin up a little bit awesome and now bring this hand just like right here on the side. Nice right there. I like the way you held your hand right there love it all right, but look at me a second this hand right here that's it was front turned the wrist a little bit this way other way. Yeah. Beautiful, beautiful. Do you see what difference that made on her hand? Lovett chin up a little bit. That gorgeous love gorgeous. I will tell you if she were pretty, this would be an awesome shoot click click click like like like if she were pretty I mean, we're have a stretch because let's face it, you know, she's a little on the home side. I know I actually you know what I think the way you get one of her being sincere that's your shot, your idea you have can't take other people's ideas. So when you have that blowing, the kissing I have has to be really can't be me, can you do me a favor and blooming thinks the cool thing it is you want to wander around your subject because you can create so many incredible images without having everything be so perfect it doesn't have to be so literal. The cool thing is is when we moved her to this angle move away second look, you are doing great by the way you are so fantastic and I thought christine was good yesterday was crap, we don't get her back and now I'm going, yeah, this is good she's amazing too. Okay, this piece right here on this piece, the fact that they're different tone ality actually works for us it really I think it creates a really nice, interesting line, and then this fabric back here goes a little bit on the blue side because we're under exposing it a little bit. We're under exposing that fabric in the back, so it kind of goes a little bit darker, but the whole thing works to creating a beautiful, beautiful tonality, ok, my strong men for a second to move these out of the way we're going to move this couch completely out of the way we're not going to use it, should we go this way should bring it back down, sam, but I just want to tell you that yesterday zacarias was in the chat room on he said that same quote about how this course would would be great if we just had a pretty bambi I know you, but I've seen that area so when we talk about probably doesn't mean anything because he's adorable I think he's one of my heroes okay? Okay. Oh, you know what? Hang on a second. Bring that couch over here. I'm sorry, boys. There's a method to my madness. Why do you think I want him to those guys to bring that couch over here if you want to see her muscles besides the muscle reflection it's because this hang on, turn it sideways like this this is going to become I want you to notice what happens turn, turn a little bit, but not so fast. Look at the light on my face. You see how we're starting to get a highlight here so you can use these crazy, silly props? You know, just the rockiest stuff starts happening and this has become a reflector, a white reflector. So we're going to leave that right here. Okay, kids. Okay, come your q t and I'm going to we're going to use the curtains this time and this time what I want is I need some strong boys or girls, anybody you're going to stand off camera and you're gonna unplanted from the bottom right there and just off camera so we could do that too, huh? No, but I don't want to mess it up for the video feed so I just need a couple of people that just maybe I can have argue are groups or some folks that are not mike like my people to to do this in colombia I'm clamp that right there and you guys are going to stand just off the people against and write off camera and that e yeah, I know, I know you know, okay, but what I want, okay? The real key to working with some fabric like this is we want a really loose fabric like this, okay, see how there's lots of playing it and basically all you guys are going to do is shake it like this back and forth see how I'm getting air in that fabric. This is one of my very favorite things to do. I have fabric hanging in my studio from the ceiling and we have so much fun with it. You want a photograph at a slow shutter speed so that you can get the movement in these drapes so about a fifteenth of a second, which means lower I s o two point eight and maybe a thirtieth of a second we're gonna have our model be fairly still, okay? Qd here you go, daddy o th of a second he said maybe a thirtieth, maybe a fifteen but let's see if we can get something fun with her now and here I love using fabrics and if I had a subject my model was if I wanted to work with her and I didn't have one her where like lingerie I would wrap her in a piece of this same fabric and put her right between this what we're going to do is now I'm gonna have her hold the edges of this fabric I need lots of play in here as well I don't want it way up here I need lots of play like so that we have lots of room here now kids let me have you shake the fabric see how we're getting that blue billowing effect and it's really, really pretty so now I can have my model here just get very, very we can create some beautiful ethereal images she could bring this fabric up like right here to her chest if she were if I were doing some tasteful nudes, I'd wrap her in the fabric just like this and do some nudes of her you would be able to tell what you know you was this issue on the goods but I would be showing just beautiful shapes of shoulders and and just, you know, maybe the illusion of showing you know, more body parts and you're actually showing ok kiss so cute coming out of there for a second so I'm going to use this reflector right here is just going to give me a tad mohr of an edge on the light see how it's giving me just that little bit of a cheek right there it just gives me a little just gives me a tad of a kicker now if my light is right there where do I need is she standing correctly for me okay so come here q t autonomy poster for me yes no, you could move it well actually I want you to post or where the lights at right now wait wait bring ok bring point that way you know sorry can you go? Can you go even more back on that on that hip just like way out there you go good. Okay. And now so you want to lean forward with this shoulder right here in the front? Okay? Yeah and I was going to say and would help with having her bench absolutely so bring your knee forward don't don't go falling on me if you need to take a small step forward you can spread your legs a little bit more um and then yeah and then just sort of play don't wake you okay and I'm trying toe bring that in front of your shoulder up and around and then just bring your hands together if she gets a little more slack I think we'll be good there all right. And now have fun with it. Go ahead and sort of give me a giggle, a little play and lean forward with that children way forward. Yes. Super exaggerated. Trying bring that rate down and around the other thing too. If you have her hold this fabric. Have her hold it with those two fingers. Okay? Remember those two things? Not this one. Okay, notice what's going to happen with her hand if she holds it with this finger right here on this one. Look what it does to the hand. See how much more graceful or hands look, huh? See if she's holding with it with this finger than it looks a bit more claw like, but she's holding it with those two things, she can kind of keep this finger a little bit more relaxed like that. Very good. Ok, you wouldn't take your shot, okay? And then I feel like there's just something off. Like she looks like she's leaning forward to I mean, in an uncomfortable with why? No, k e stand up tall for me. Excellent. Turn your feet a little bit more this way. Good. And push your hip that way away and point this to right about here, excellent point right about here toward get a job now with his shoulder lean towards me right here tall with your back and then turn your shoulders a little bit this way and I'll bring your chin down and now bring the fabric out more like this beautiful if she wanted to bring it out see now she's starting to look a little bit from the camera does it turn you face that way so we want to play towards the light a little bit not your eyes your register face beautiful bring those hands and just bring him down like this beautiful love scene now we're starting to get a little bit more movement in her actually one, two three bring those hands down like that stop right about there for me look right here and what we need some laughing going from you this is kind of a playful experience lean towards me a little bit more dramatically bring those hands away lovely, lovely, darling excellent. Now take this front leg right here and bend your knee stand up tall and bring you need close to the other leg then this knee right here just beautiful. See how soft that looks for her now? Excellent, sorry, good job. So have you guys tried using a slow shutter speed on this okay, so if you do that, you want to if you're going to use the slow shutter speed then you that way you can still get her face tax sharp without having but those fabricas blurry okay, now let me go one step farther ok, this kid back up a little bit this is what we do for all the ugly girls ok and I know yeah she's just so beautiful is this it's not even funny okay, I'm gonna have you daddy oh you're going to hold this fabric someplace out about right here but down low so you don't block our light ok because what I want to do now and dad, can we have my strip light moved around a little bit we're going to photograph I think I'd like to see what this looks like through I'd like you to shoot through this fabric so maybe I'll stand right off camera looking now and can you come in a little closer sugar plump in fact you know what daddy o camera here hunt and I want you to hold this stretch it out right there just hold it just off camera we're going to stretch it out because I don't want that I want that beautiful now do we see shape behind there? We see her shape actually come towards me let's see if it looks like we get more out of you beautiful you know what? Can we move that even more so because I don't why is this not work because it's right on the because it's flat on that's, right? So you need to take this. Your main light has to come from the side then I love love love shooting through fabrics like this. It is so much fun. There's a wonderful hotel, the cosmopolitan in las vegas, nevada, that I love this hotel. And in this hotel they have these really cool, huge screens that are from, like, forty foot forty foot tall screens. And they have this wonderful thing where it looks like they have bodies behind sheer fabric dancing and it is so sensuous and so beautiful. I just was very moving to me. Okay, so here we go now, let's, see how this is looking? I need to ask me. Hold this so I can get this right? Yeah. So we need to turn this this way. Here you go, kids. I'm right here. Uh, that's better stand right there for me. Excellent. And now we can light heard this way right about there. Okay, precious, I want you to step this way a little bit, love. Beautiful. Very, very nice. And now bring your arms like nice and softly together. Turn your feet this way a little bit towards me here beautiful, and I want just a real graceful, lovely very, very pretty but see what happens what's she not doing right what's what we what we not without not tell her to do right. See, I want you to stay right there for a second. I want you to see how you don't follow through on the feet then you are it's not going to work see how it it doesn't even though her hands look graceful, her body doesn't it doesn't feel right this second manager yes, he she doesn't look good so let's get your feet separate your feet a little bit and I want you to do this. You're gonna push your hip away from me here good and just point this toe like this very nice and now lean into this shoulder towards me right here. Like this lovely turn your face up a little bit lovely very, very nice on dh now do maybe I want you know that right there. Just tilt your head that way. Yeah. Now that's working. Yes, would you would you since you're shooting through the cloth use manual focus instead of yes, you know what, though? If you focus on the highlights on her? Actually this is really, really pretty for her I'm really liking the asshole bunch and would you under exposed because you concede through a little bit better actually I don't think so in fact I thought we're going to do it I might even over expose it a bit because to me this kind of scenario is better for nudes can you imagine how beautiful this looks with a nude? Because then it's not like hard core in your face but you're seeing more of a shape you're seeing more of a shape is just so so pretty I just love this is one of my very favorite things okay now missy turn your feet this way a little bit more this way a little bit more this direction right here and now let me have you bring your hands to stuff like this and cross your legs like mine beautiful just point that toe a little bit right there lovely and then lean back and you lean back in your shut your face lovely turn your face downward my angle might be a low camera position uncross your legs right there it's got to be really very nice and then just bring your hands down beautiful this would also be phenomenal I'm sorry darling I'll get out your way this is also absolutely beautiful, beautiful beautiful if you're doing it if you're doing this kind of thing where you could create some dancing movements if you're doing a ballerina it would look amazing it would look absolute mazing and then without even moving anything come right over this way here you go, scooter but I look at me a second missy in your hands right in front of you like that look at right here with your eyes real soft on your fingertips right in there hello I gotta have a camera shoot this this's so so pretty lovely this's gorgeous. I'm thinking right here, chin down a little bit miss saying in a second we got me off a lot of focus chin down a little bit perfect really? That I need a little bit of sass like like, oh, who meet yeah, let it like that's a girl love it nice thing I know I'm not see I'm moving myself to it just a different angle under I would move myself around my subjects a lot because I think there's so many wonderful images that you can capture that I just think our that we lose by just staying in one spot hey, cuties, I need mike my maya gals here can you pull that from the top of a higher angle from up the fabric a little bit higher because I want to just bring that okay right there. Excellent very, very nice and then turn that this week is going to get a little more light off of it right more like that let's see how it looks from down here I like this camera angle down below because see, the light is reflecting off of that top these folks bring it up a little bit more like this beautiful awesome chin down a bit love actually, that looks great don't look at me just looked tilt your head this way see, I don't want her to look at me. Why? Because if I'm shooting through fabric then guess what then it's going to look icky turn your face a little bit love her fit right? They're awesome. Perfect got it? Absolutely stinking hot I'm telling you right now this is good. This is just such a great thing and this is an exercise. This is one of those crazy things that you may not get the perfect picture, but but I will tell you learn these air concepts that you just want to take to the bank. Excellent. Excellent. Ok, do we have some questions? Thank you very much. Can we say thank you? Thank you. Thank you your way this afternoon it all awesome. Great. Thank you so very much. And I know we had a few questions from the gallery today. Just a few. Okay, um, question from yellow rose, how do you make sure eyes state tax sharp when you're shooting at one thirtieth or one fifteenth of a second and purposely trying to get movement in the background, okay just have your subjects sit stand still and you'd be surprised as long as they aren't moving as long the fabric can move all day long but just keep their themselves stationary like if you look at me um if I have light in my eyes and hang on a second this fabrics not right you want the other side as well yeah see if you just if you look at me right here if a cz long as I state my faced a stationary I can photograph a fifteenth of a second is slow enough where it's going to stop it'll blur this right here you see my face is still my arms are moving now in her in my case I would just have my I would bring a fan if I'm shooting on if I'm in my studio I'm going to have a fan or have one of my assistants and by model really stands like this getting us some we just shake the panels right here john john yeah there you go can I watch my face and my moving no and at a fifteenth of a second I'm not moving but maybe this fabric is so you'll get that stop of that movement and even if you decide you want your subject and I want you to practice this because this is so much fun practice having your subject move their arms in nice jerking motions jerky in that smooth well, no just like this to get some air into it, but try it for fun because you could even create some very interesting photographs by just having your subject move their hands and not their face just they keep your face still and this is a wonderful exercise you got to get it right you get me guys so the moral of the story is is keep the face still and then just move the obvious is so much fun it's a great exercise to play ok, now the question and the question from levi's was do you ever let the model and provide supposes to get ideas because you've been doing? I've been doing a lot of direct yeah, but you know why? I'm seeing a lot of directing because I'm not working with professional models and you say if you're not working with someone who knows what they're doing, who does who does, who likes to move around, then that subject doesn't know what to do if you're working with a professional model oh my lord that's actually so stupid easiest it's just I mean because they immediately they know how to click and tilt their head and they start moving themselves around I think that's wonderful it's a lot of fun but the general person doesn't know how to do that most people they stand there and that okay, what you want me to do and so, in that case, I want to command control of that experience. I want to command control, because by me doing that, I let them know who's in charge. Who's, you know, because it's like, if I were going tio, if I were going to the doctor, you know what would happen if I just let if I let his assistant the nurse, you know, kind of take controls that well, doc, move over this way just a little bit, you know, it was, you know, you want the persons in charge to be in charge of that scenario and that's why, when I'm photographing weddings, I have an assistant, but I do not let my assistant supposed my subjects, I never, ever let them post a subject. Why? Because the person who's doing the directing is the boss of the shoot, and I do not want there to be any question about who's in charge on I don't allow clients to dictate the way that I oppose them. In other words, I don't allow them to say, you know, oh, no, no, no, like mothers of the bride, sometimes they'll want to do that, and I've had that happened, I had a very, very, very influential client if I told you their name you know them are you know who they were and I'm in the middle of doing the family photographs and this person goes oh no no no no you need to do it this way and I looked at her and I went no honey I grabbed her by the hand I hold it held her hand like this on the other hand I don't know you know what today you get to be the mama and I get to be the photographer is that okay? Ok, now I know that sounds very patronizing but it wasn't meant to be patronizing what basically was I saying you've paid me to do a job let me do my job and I will tell you that set the tone for the day that and she left me alone she let me do my job because I established that this was you know that this is what she's paid me to do and by doing that then they listen to you if you start letting your client say oh no, no no let's do it this way I am sorry you are seriously screwed because then you have believe it you have eliminated you as the responsible person in charge and you have guess what? You're no longer in control and in charge of the situation that doesn't mean that I do not take suggestions I do take suggestions which is in fact with this mom, this is what I did I said, you know what after I do this way, if you'd like me to try it your way, I'd be happy to and so once she understood and she saw what I was doing cause I wasn't even half had even started my my proposing yet and I established what I was going to do she had much more faith in my ability and it was it was it worked really well, but you have to establish a roll of credibility and if you do not establish that you're they're paying you to do this job and you let people boss you around, it only goes downhill from there and you never can get it back you can't get back that credibility. Awesome. Ok, hi there would like to know when you're doing things to set up the shot. Um, are you always speaking out loud to the model, explaining what you're doing to them? If this wasn't a workshop, would you be saying, I'm doing this so that this or yes, I would yeah, I will always say to them, you know, and I will say, I know this seems kind of dumb that I'm having you push your hip away from the camera and but although you know when you see how gorgeous your hips look in your waist looks oh my goodness, you're going to want to do this every day and I'll say from now on you'll be walking around going like this and just tilt your head just a little bit every time you're talking to your friends at a cocktail party so yeah, I'm very vocal I talk a lot, I just chatter I just, you know, talk a lot and just he'll communicate with them and asked lots of questions and I'm always check just playing with them I mean, I just said I use that stupid line about them being butt ugly all the time and, you know, just about anyone I play with them because I find that if you play with people and you just you don't take yourself so seriously, you know, then then they can they get disarmed and then they start enjoying the experiences that said, this is all part of the enjoyment of the experience, you know? I don't need to talk to them, but man, I will tell you it's so important that they enjoy the experience and so I want them to feel that this is a playful, fun environment that you know, that they're not going to that it's not we're not operating on somebody and we're not doing open heart surgery we're just taking pictures for going to sakes came I have a question from wonder, wonder and scroll bambi, do you suggest any pre shoot preparations or tips for your boudoir client? Specifically, the most important thing that I tell am that I tell a client when I'm doing a boudoir session that I'm going to do, I have a close set, no one is allowed to come into the set when I'm doing a big war session, my mail assistance aren't there a swell? They, you know, they aren't in the room? S o I tell them that we're going to have a very relaxed environment, I want them to come with no makeup done, I want their hair washed but not curl just leave it alone, and I'll have a makeup artist and hair address to do their makeup. I will tell them to bring in if they would like to some garments that they would like to wear on dh then I I let them know that I will probably wrap them in fabrics and such, and that most importantly, that I want them to feel comfortable about the experience and so if they're at any time that they are uncomfortable with anything that they say no, that is so fine with me that we'll go to plan b I want them to enjoy the experience. So I have to say that's, the biggest thing, it because to me, it's, not about the props like as you can see this set right here so simple and silly, you could set this up anywhere you don't have to be, you don't have to buy expensive, expensive things or lots of, you know, expensive paraphernalia, everything in my studio has a dual purpose, a couch hey, you know, accounts, people come to sit on when they're they're coming to interview me or when we're doing portrait sessions, or when they're just coming to enjoy the experience of sitting in my studio. And so every prop that I have is not a prop for prop's sake. I don't have any angel wings in my studio, nor will I ever have any angel wings and a studio, so we don't have any that those cheesy prop, the kind of things that people have generally cem. So any rate that's going to be our last question for the morning, we're going to take a lunch break now, and when we come back this afternoon, we're going to be working with the bride and groom, and we're going to be demonstrating, supposing and lighting for formal pictures for doing groups as well as bride and groom, so I hope that you'll come back and join us this afternoon. Okay. And, hey, in the meantime, your homework assignment is between now and after lunch. I want you to practice some of the concepts that we talked about this morning. Okay? Hey, I want to see some pictures later on.

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In Bambi Cantrell's first creativeLIVE workshop, she led an powerful three-day course focused on posing and lighting techniques with a focus on wedding, boudoir, and portrait photography. This workshop was one of the most popular subjects we've hosted.