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Quick Home Photo Sessions

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Photo Session Introduction

Vanessa Joy

Quick Home Photo Sessions

Vanessa Joy

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1. Photo Session Introduction


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Photo Session Introduction

So we're in my office, and I know this doesn't quite look like the office on this side. We did make some arrangements. It probably looks a lot like everyone's office on that side. So, uh, we'll get toe what's happening over there in a minute. But what we're going to do today, we're gonna photograph my kids. Now, this is about quick home sessions. This is not necessarily about kid for Target Family course that applies to you. So some caveats. My Children are two and five. They might scream. They might say things like Poopy, and we're just gonna roll with that. I'm mostly saying this for me, cause shooting with my kids stresses me out like crazy. And I think that happens with a lot of photographers, whether it's shooting their kids or shooting their spouse or significant other or parents family. We tend to fulfill that cliche of the cobbler whose kids have no shoes, right? I mean, we all have that kind of mentality or situation, and you know, the most we do is when you take out our IPhon...

e and take some pictures and then we just let them die. They're so what? We're going to do today. We're going to shoot. We're going to edit and we're going to print and probably under 20 minutes now a couple of very important things whenever you are shooting, particularly with kids. But even with reluctant, significant others or family members, make sure that you get everything set up beforehand, much like when I'm on the wedding shooting with clients. I'm not letting my bride and groom or my couples stand there while I'm setting up lights and testing. I'm gonna go ahead and do that ahead of time. Nobody wants to sit there. They just get more frustrated or more self conscious and impatient. So get everything set beforehand. Number to tip. Have them doing something now for kids. This is, you know, we've got Plato here and it'll be great. But there's a reason you wanna have them doing something aside from when there Children. It's just distracting, and hopefully we'll get some natural expressions. And even with adults, the last thing you want to do is like, OK, picture time, sit down and smile and look natural. It just doesn't work like that. So, even for adults having some kind of activity where they can be a little bit more relaxed, more natural. You will get candid shots that are a little bit more actually candid because you're not guiding them so much. You're just having them do something that they normally dio. And then, of course, overall any time that you were photographing at home don't have expectations, you know, a photo shoot. As a professional photographer, we tend to think in our heads. Well, okay, I'm hired to do this job. I have to do this job and I have to get these images, but that's not what you're doing here. Here. You're not being hired. You don't want to have those expectations. Instead, you just want to capture what's happening. So I think I just talked myself off the ledge. Okay, It's but that's what's gonna happen when they come in here. I'm not going to even talk to you guys that much. You're just gonna watch the photo shoot happen? As it happens,

Class Description


Photographer, Educator & Canon Explorer of Light Vanessa Joy brings you a quick home photo session using the new Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera. Vanessa shares her tips for capturing your subjects naturally. Learn Vanessa's efficient workflow from photographing her two kids at home to wireless image transfer to fast mobile editing in Lightroom to printing at home. If you've been wanting to print more of your images, get inspired by how easy it can be.


Since 2002, Vanessa Joy has been photographing couples and educating pros worldwide. Focusing her business in the NJ / NYC area, and alongside her partnerships, as a Canon Explorer of Light + Profoto Legend, she helps pros take their businesses next level.



Loved this class! Thank you so much. Excited to get a printer so I can take, edit, and print pics of my kiddos!!


Simple but practical. Good tips.

Lone Jensen

Short and informative - thank you