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SLR Lounge Live Q and A and Image Critique

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Flash Modifiers: Grids, Snoots, and Fresnel

Pye Jirsa

SLR Lounge Live Q and A and Image Critique

Pye Jirsa

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14. Flash Modifiers: Grids, Snoots, and Fresnel

Lesson Info

Flash Modifiers: Grids, Snoots, and Fresnel

What's the difference between using and grid and zooming your flash? Really? Good question, actually. Have ah couple cool little gadgets here to show off. Okay, so this is a grid. Why don't we do a couple light patterns on the wall? Actually, so let's do this. I'm gonna put this just directly facing forwards. You guys can see the light pattern. I'm gonna expose very dark so we don't see anything other than just the light patterns. So we're gonna go to F 14. I'm gonna flip this. I'm gonna focus and flip this over to a manual, actually shoot a little bit wider. Just so we have more of the wall present. Let's go see if it works, you know? Ah, whitewall like this is not gonna be a good wall toe testes off of All right. Don't ask again. There it is. You gotta Steve, um, you know what? Can we Steve, can you move the V flats? You have to move anything else? Just let's just move the V flats away from that wall and will just bounce up that well. The reason why guys is because if you notice, it...

's gonna be hard to see what this is doing Because the Wallace so reflective. What you're primarily seeing is the highlight of the flash itself on the wall. When this loads, it's a good test to see if it loads. Yeah, so we don't really see the flash pattern so much as we see the little highlight. I want to see just the flat Better. So let's go right here. All right, We're going to put this to manual right now. We're at I'm gonna go to full power. Okay? My zoom is on 24. Okay, Let me dial up. I s a little bit. There we go. What you see here is that the light is really hitting everything on this wall, right? So you don't really see much of in terms of the light pattern, because it's but you can see it, like, kind of been getting around the edges. You can kind of see that. Now what? We're gonna dial the zoom. So this is your first level of flash control? Is that zoom? Now we're gonna bring the zoom up. We're going to see is a much stronger zoom pattern on the wall where we actually got mawr. light. You see that? So what just happened right now is we actually got more light to that center area. Hence it became stronger. The power setting did not change on the camera. That makes sense. It just kind of funnels it forward a little bit. All right, so now let's start introducing things. Let's put the grid on how I was getting okay. My pattern tightens up. Do you see how we lost a little bit of light to like It kind of cuts down a little bit on that light. So just member, when you throw a great on there, the center is gonna be a little bit, you know, it's still gonna be pretty hot, but then you're gonna lose a lot of light very quickly. So with a grid, if you need more power, that's the only issue there. Let's go ahead. And this is another madmen item. This is a snoot. Oh, man. I think my batteries are. My magnets are reversed on this. See if this isn't reversed. Hey, Okay. This is what this guy looks like. It's a little snoop guy. OK, let's go ahead and get this. Okay, So this is the first level of snooping level one student snooping level one. I don't know what is the correct to with greater level one snooping level two. Yeah, there's more levels, guys. Level three. And I know you're thinking that Yeah, there's a little for Okay, let's see how that works. So these are all kind of steps beyond each other. So the greatest step number one, and then it's new. And it's Newt to the ants degree Fourth power. Now, let me show you another cool thing. This guy just came out and I got one before you did. This is the final, uh, spelled F R e s and e l. It's a silent s. I learned that if he adds a personnel, Okay, so what if Burnell does is show you guys step one and then we're gonna beam this guy all the way out. Uh, go have to make sounds while I'm doing things, guys. Okay, I'm shooting fairly wide. So you're going to see this? Uh, and what I'm gonna do is actually I'm gonna just my in camera zoom. So it's not zoomed. I wanted to fill up the whole thing. Let's see, that makes a difference a little bit. So it got when you put on these types of modifiers. Generally, I would bring your manual zoom back down to 24 millimeters just because if you're zooming and using a modifier than your kind of funneling in a funnel, so you get a little more consistency. But you see how that works. We got a little concentrated kind of beam that goes out from that. So what if for Nell does is you can see from the front of this. It has a lens on the front. This, and what's happening is guessing light houses, you know, like a lighthouse has the beam like that just goes straight out. That's created by for Nolan's and for in Ellen's, it's It's taking light that would naturally go outwards, and it's funneling it into a straight line so the lenses just designed to push light in a straight line. So what you end up getting is more light to the place that you need it, which for a pocket stroke is fantastic because if you want to get a cool, environmental dramatic shot and you need a little more juice out of the flash, this will give it to you, Not in the sense that your flash power is going up. What's happening is that you're just focusing that beam of light exactly where you want it to be. So this is another really cool manipulation object.

Class Description

Pye Jirsa and CreativeLive held an open Q&A based on the lessons taught in Photography 101, Lighting 101, and Lighting 201 classes. 

This course includes questions based around the fundamentals of using your digital camera, camera flashes, and the intricacies of posing.  Pye demonstrated with live models and gear to make this a free course that truly benefits your catalog! 

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a Creativelive Student

Pye is an awesome instructor! He explains everything in a way that you understand it. He is a wealth of information. Love all of his classes!! I love Creativelive and SLR Lounge! Continue doing the great work that you do!!

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Pye is an amazing teacher! I've learned so much from him over the years - both in person and through his tutorials. What's even more amazing is that he is able to do it LIVE! He is able to clearly explain complicated concepts through easy to understand lessons. I highly recommend his courses to learn everything from the basics to advanced topics!


Wow! Pye is an awesome instructor! I've learned SO many things - nuggets of gold!