Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp


Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp


Class Description

Creating systems in any business is essential to its success. Learn how to run a business like a well-oiled machine in Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp with Julia Kelleher. 

Systems create a consistent experience for your customer and produce reliable results in your product. In this bootcamp, Julia will show you how to develop:

  • Superior customer service experiences
  • Efficient booking procedures
  • Time-saving product offerings
  • Reliable studio organizational plans
  • Streamlined sessions
  • Sales and pricing techniques
  • Images and ordering processes
  • File archiving techniques
  • Automated branding and marketing solutions
  • Systematized finance management 
By sticking with set systems, nothing falls through the cracks. Clients enjoy a predictable and upscale experience, sales are predictable (which makes your income predictable), orders are reliable and complete with no mistakes, and your numbers are usable!

Packed with incredible content, this bootcamp will help you build your photography business plan as if you could walk away and let someone else run it – reducing your workload, increasing your revenue and giving you more time for what’s important to you.

Find out exactly what it takes to develop go-to systems so your time is managed and organized and your studio achieves maximum efficiency in Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp with Julia Kelleher. 


Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp is a multi-platform experience and we want YOUR participation! Please join us in this EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP! You will be able to:

  • Ask questions related to the bootcamp content
  • Discuss the weekly homework assignments
  • Connect with a global community
  • Participate in weekly private Q&A sessions!
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1Introduction to Studio Systems Bootcamp Part 1 2Introduction to Studio Systems Bootcamp Part 2 1Customer Service Part 1 2Customer Service Part 2 3Customer Service Best Practices: On–Location 4The Customer Experience: Client P.O.V. Studio Walk-Through & Session: On–Location 1Photography Session Systems 2The Studio as a System to Success: On–Location 3Image Workflow—From Camera to Client 4Post-Processing Systems 5Back-Up Systems 1Overview of Successful Selling: The 6 Ps of Selling Part 1 2The 6 Ps of Selling Part 2 3The 6 Ps of Selling Part 3 4Real Life Sales Consult: On–Location 5Tracking and Packing an Order: On–Location 6Dealing With Client Objections & Problem Personalities, with Consistency 1Financial Tracking—The Power of Knowing Your Numbers 2The Science of Pricing-—A System for Your Products 3Building Packages That Work 4Your First Outsource: Accounting: On–Location 1The Importance of a Solid Brand System 2Living Your Brand: Inside the Studio: On–Location 3Researching Your Market 4Marketing Systems 5Understanding Buying "triggers" and Using them in Your System of Promotion 6What We've Covered: Getting Systems Right 7Why Systems Are Important - and How They Help 8What's Your Plan - Let's Talk 5 Years Ahead 9What's Important - Let's Prioritize 10Where do you start? - Dealing with the Demon Inside 11Looking In the Mirror: Finding Success 12The Power of Never Giving Up 13Getting Back to Your Purpose - Why Do You Do What You Do? 14Introducing the BIG WINNER!