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Color Management in Photoshop

Lesson 32 from: Wedding Photography: Capturing the Story

Rocco Ancora, Ryan Schembri

Color Management in Photoshop

Lesson 32 from: Wedding Photography: Capturing the Story

Rocco Ancora, Ryan Schembri

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32. Color Management in Photoshop


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Lesson Info

Color Management in Photoshop

So this lesson's all about Photoshop. And you'll notice I'm wearing glasses because this is a really serious topic, so automatically by wearing glasses, it makes it serious. No, not true, I just can't see that's why I'm wearing glasses. Okay so, ideally what we're gonna really focus on today, folks, is skin retouching, which is an essential tool for the wedding photographer slash portrait photographer. And also I'm gonna share some techniques on perhaps toning or creating split tones through Photoshop as well, which is another technique. And we'll see how we go, but I also want to share with you a little bit of a sharpening technique, or a detail extraction technique, that I have. So there's a lot to cover, so let's get right into it. Now before we begin with Photoshop, we have to set up Photoshop, and we have to tell Photoshop the color space we want to work in, et cetera, et cetera. So we go into our edit color settings. Now our working spaces, from previous lessons you know why we'r...

e working in Adobe RGB 1998. And not Sentenic RGB, or SRGB, as otherwise known. Okay, CMIK is really irrelevant to what we're doing because we're not doing any pre-press stuff or anything like that. And your gray and your spot, really no relevance. This now, this big section here, your color management policies, are extremely important because it basically allows you to control how the images are open in Photoshop when there is a conflict with a color space. So with RGB it is said to convert to Working RGB. CMIK, the same, and grays the same. But the important bit is in the ticked boxes. If there's a profile mismatch want be able to get Photoshop to ask us before it does anything. Hey, there's a profile mismatch, what would you like to do? And it normally will ask you whether you want to convert to profile, or leave as is, or don't color manage at all. Ask when pasting, so if you got two documents open and you're putting one image on top of another image to perhaps create a composite, it'll ask you if there is a profile mismatch. And if there is a missing profile where for some odd reason there is no profile attached to the file itself that you're opening in Photoshop, once again it will ask you. So it does not make decisions on your behalf. You control Photoshop, Photoshop does not control you. Very simple. Now the conversion options, we just keep that to standard. The Adobe ACE engine, the intent is relative colorimetric, black point, et cetera, et cetera, okay? And we don't really play around with anything else. And once again we'll be working, now usually in a color managed environment with a color managed screen, whether it be your Apple monitors or whatever monitor you'd like to use or you know. Or an Izon monitor if you have the money to spend on a high end monitor.

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Jerry Willis

Ryan & Rocco, in my very humble opinion, are THE best wedding photography instructors in the entire industry! I've been watching their work for years now, which just so happens to win a most grand-scaled competitions, and they somehow continue to keep getting better! I first drilled Ryan at WPPI inquiring about what made his workshop different from all the others. His response, me paraphrasing, "If you're looking for tools to learn, come to my workshop. If you're looking for inspiration and smoke blowing, don't come." That's exactly what I needed to hear. Straight tools, no fluff. THE BEST photography workshop I've EVER taken, by far. You want the best photography education, learn from the best. This CreativeLive workshop is the PERFECT complimentary refresher and companion to what I learned! Thank you so much for having them! It's not the same as the workshop, which it shouldn't be, but they ARE reinforcing many things that have slipped my memory! I'm for sure buying this! :-)

Neeraj Arora

WOW!!! I have started a few CL courses but not finished as I got distracted by "life" and it took me a while to get back and finish them. But these guys!! They were simply superb. I finished this course really fast. Amazing artists, they explain things so well, Ryan is such a charmer and engaging teacher, Rocco is a fountain of knowledge. I am an enthusiastic photographer with aspirations to start my own business soon. I learn't so much from this class that will help improve my photography even if I don't become a professional wedding photographer. Great job guys, keep it up. I will need to come back to the lessons and I very much appreciate the key note pdf. All CL courses should include the slides like they did here. Thanks CL.


I am a newborn photographer by trade, but I really want to venture out and photograph more weddings so I decided to purchase a wedding class on creative live. Of course when I typed in wedding, quite a few classes came up. But when I saw the image and title "capture the story" I was definitely intrigued. I've always been touched by the photographs that have emotion and that's what I'm passionate to photograph! Always a little nervous when you purchase a class because you don't want to feel like it was a waste of money, but this knocked it out of the park for me! Thank you to Ryan and Rocco for explaining so much, showing the pull backs, and moving your subject and explaining why! This has opened my eyes so much to how beautiful photographing a wedding can be and not so terrifying as I've been making it out to be. I'm really so thankful to hopefully being a great wedding photographer and making more income for my family, while having fun creating something beautiful

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