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Create Exciting Next Steps For Client

So let's talk about the next steps for your client. We want this to feel very movie trailer-eque. Again keeping that excitement building all the way through our proposal. So what I will say cause the question I usually get at this point is, well what about price? What do I charge? How do I say it? How do I ask them? Like how do I communicate my value and like, how do I say invest in me? And what I will say is that if you keep your proposal content exciting, when you start to twist it in the way that we've been doing, then price becomes a no-brainer. You stand out. Huge, right? Plus they think you have listened to them which you have. You're reflecting everything back to them. You're exciting, you're someone they wanna spend time with, right, in any of these cases. It's usually not just you going off on your own and have zero contact with the client. You're having some contact, maybe a lot of contact. So we also want the proposal to feel like I'm a good person. Like, we're gonna have so...

me fun right? We're gonna get it done, but we're also gonna enjoy being in each other's company. So that's really really powerful, more so than just saying, I am a social media manager and I will get you this and that, right, like robotic stuff. No one wants that. So, but let's talk a little bit about price cause there are some hints I have for you. So more exciting content, higher perceived value. So they're gonna know that you put a lot of work into your proposal, right? They're gonna see that it's gonna be exciting. They're gonna be like, wow, I have not seen this before and it's gonna be leagues beyond any of the other proposals sitting in their pile. So that's great. You'll also be demonstrating deeper understanding through the problem statement. So that's why it's great because if they really feel like you get me and I used to hear that a lot with clients that would hire me. They're like, you were the only one that got me. You're the only one that understood. And simply that was all I did was really listened and took their exact words. I didn't even do anything that special (laughs). It was just literally being a listener and not you know anticipating. And then reflecting back their language demonstrates your excellent listening skills. So that's what all of these things really emotionally connect and clients are making their buying decisions from an emotional place. So all of these things are awesome. So let's talk a little bit about strategy. So I like to always provide clients with options in proposals as opposed to like one thing to do because then the conversation goes from, do I want this, to which option do I want. That's a very powerful distinction between the two. Because you don't want to leave them on, should I do this, do I want this, is it just this? Instead, you want them being like okay, they have these three really cool options and like which one should be pick? That's a much different feeling and conversation, right? And then also I want you guys to start packaging things up even if you customize what you're offering to your clients, I want you to still give it a name. Just like have some overarching name. So here's an example. I offer 15 hours of web development, right, boring. Verse, handled, we'll fix all your website woes, Oliva Pope style, right? So now, it's like, it has this awesome name. If they're a Scandal fan, they're definitely hiring you and (laughs) it just feels more exciting, right? There's something here so they could be like, I'm gonna get your handled package rather than, well like maybe we'll hire you for like 15 hours, like, who says that? People don't even speak that way, right? But if you give it a name and people can get behind that name, right? There's like an emotional connection to that. So that's what I would suggest for pricing. Then the pricing, the actual price, becomes less relevant because you're packaging it in an exciting way. You're giving them options and changing the whole conversation around are you gonna buy, should we buy, to what are we gonna buy? We have so many options, they all sound so exciting.

Class Description

Oftentimes, the proposal is the one thing that wins you new business. Yet, many proposals are stuffed with confusing jargon and unpersuasive language, leaving potential customers and clients bored, uninspired and uninterested.

If you want to close the deal, your proposals should read like a page-turning novel, not a dull, drab summary of what your business does. Marketing consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will show you how to use creative storytelling techniques to write proposals that wow your readers and make them excited about working with you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master the pre-proposal conversation to uncover exactly what your client wants.
  • Communicate the problem, solution and price in a captivating way.
  • Structure your proposal so it reads like a bestseller.
  • Focus more on the client’s problem rather than what you do.
  • Create a customized proposal rather than using a template.
  • Weave in relevant client success stories.
  • Nail down your proposal process to make it easy every single time.