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Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

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Class Introduction

Melissa Cassera

Writing Emotionally Engaging Emails

Melissa Cassera

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hey everybody, so excited to be here with all of you guys today. And we're gonna be learning how to write emotionally engaging emails. Hopefully I didn't just make you starving, cause of this picture of cookies on here, but we'll just go right on, all right. So let's just dig in a little bit to what you are all gonna be learning today. So first we're gonna talk about putting your readers at ease by sharing your stories. And that's gonna be a really fun lesson, we're gonna have some fun here with that one. Also, how to nail the personal tone in your emails, so I find that with my clients and students, that becomes really, really hard. Particularly if you're coming off a corporate career, and you're used to like using weird, jargony words like synergize, right, and things like that. So this is how to actually come across in your email as if you are sitting down and having coffee with someone, right? That's how we want to come across, even in the business sense, because it emotionally eng...

ages. So the third lesson will be about determining the best emotional theme to use for your email. So this is a fun one, because I'm pulling some of my screenwriting knowledge here. So any TV show or movie that you guys watch all has a theme we'll talk about that. And then how you can incorporate your own theme into your emails, so they all have that exciting, heart pounding, or something that maybe feels more heartwarming so we'll get to that. Lesson four is about captivating subject lines. Goodness how many times do we toil over subject lines right. What's gonna get people to open the freaking email. That's so so important. So we're gonna have a really fun lesson on that and then you guys will never worry about that again. How to master movie trailer moments in your opening line. So again we get somebody to open the email well now we have to keep them in right. And if our opening line feels like whomp whomp after they read this really cool subject line. Then they're out right. We don't want to end up in the trash bin. All right lesson six is gonna be about how to make the content of your email riveting. So after you've had that awesome opening line we're gonna jump through how to make that actual content in there to feel like you're a binge worthy novel. Then how to edit your emails to make them digestible, quotable and shareable so again it's not gonna be that you just wrote one draft and poof it was amazing. I'm a professional writer I can tell you all of my first drafts are terrible and that's just how it is. So just go in with the expectation that your first draft is never gonna be great. But there's some really fun way that you can edit your work to make it awesome. Then how to motivate people to take action in your emails without being pushy or sleazy. So how many people feel like that we're trying to write sales emails right. And we're like ugh and you see that other people are using certain words and phrases and you think I gotta use that too. But then you're like "Oh God I would never say that." So we're gonna get rid of that feeling and we're gonna talk about how to motivate people without using those icky sleazy terms. And then creative ways to create a ticking clock so this is one of my favorite things to do when I have something that I'm offering to my audience. That is maybe a class or workshop or whatever I'm selling. This is relevant to anyone here that sells and you want to put in some urgency to it right. So if it's like always for sale which many of us have things, products and services that are always available right. They don't go away well how do you create urgency off of that right. What's to stop them from saying well I'll just buy that six months later, I'll buy that next year right. I don't need that right now. So we don't want people to say that so we'll talk about how to do that in that lesson. Then using email signatures. I love email signatures, they're such a fun place to actually close deals or get people to take action. And we often don't even think about them just slap our name and our job title there right. And probably our website and sometimes we even put our email in the email signature. Which doesn't need to be there 'cause they've just emailed. Or we've emailed them. So it's a really fun spot that most of the time we miss put it's an opportunity to really connect emotionally. Okay so the promise of this class is to write exciting emails that gets results and discover powerful email writing techniques that you can use immediately in your business. Yeah all right and we have a really fun download for this class it's 25 awesome writing prompts. So if you find yourself like ugh what am I gonna write about, like I have to send an email out to my newsletter subscribers but I don't have anything to write about. Well now you'll have 25 of them so you're set for half the year. Okay and this class is for you if you send emails to your list or your subscribers. And no one reads, no one responds and whomp, whomp no one buys. Your email rates are abysmal so if you look at that nice little stat in your whatever you're using for your newsletter service. MailChimp or whatever you're using ConvertKit. And that open rate feels super low well that's what this class is for. We're trying to amp that. You haven't emailed your list in months, oops. So I see this a lot where often times we get so caught up in our own heads right. And we're like okay well what's gonna be the best thing to say and what do we say. And five weeks have gone by and we're like oh no I still haven't sent anything. And it falls to the bottom of your to do list a lot right. Particularly we don't love writing it's very easy to just be like mm I'll do that, I'll do that and then every week it gets ticked off. So this is a great way, this class is gonna be really fun for you guys to actually make that a priority in your business. And you hate writing emails and we wish there was a better way. So we're gonna have some fun stuff. So let's talk a little bit about me. This will be a super quick section. So as Drew said I'm a business strategist and a professional screenwriter. I write Lifetime movies so I'm basically a standing guilty pleasure. Any of you watch Lifetime movies then you know what I'm talking about. I don't just write Lifetime movies I write other things too but that's the most fun little stat for you guys. I currently live in Los Angeles but I'm originally a Jersey girl. And I love teaching you guys how to become better writers. So you're gonna learn lots of really cool screen writing techniques in order to do that.

Class Description

When it comes to reaching people and converting them to clients and customers, nothing is more effective than email. And yet, many of the messages that businesses send out miss the mark—remaining unopened, unread or deleted from recipients’ inboxes.

This class will arm you with powerful email writing techniques that will take your email marketing campaigns to ever-greater heights. Business consultant and screenwriter Melissa Cassera will teach you the secrets to getting people to not only pay attention to your emails, but to respond to your calls to action.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Infuse personality and emotion into your emails.
  • Re-engage a list you haven’t reached out to in months.
  • Put readers at ease by sharing personal stories and life experiences.
  • Write captivating subject lines.
  • Master “movie trailer moments” in your opening line.
  • Edit your emails to make them more digestible, quotable and shareable.
  • Motivate people to take action without being pushy or sleazy.
  • Create a sense of urgency through “ticking clocks.”
  • Use email signatures to clinch the deal.


Stavroula Fotiou

This is an incredibly beneficial course. Not only is it great for individuals interested in improving their email marketing strategy, but also for those who are looking to improve their blog writing skills. Melissa does a great job of getting straight to the point. yet giving great examples and details in order for the viewer to understand her process and ideas. I recommend 100%.

Chris Humphrey

Really solid foundational course! No fluff, just meaty info with a few great surprising bits of brilliance.

Shannon Christy