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We are proud to partner with SLR Lounge to teach you photography fundamentals using entry-level gear. Join Pye Jirsa in the field as he shows you photography and lighting essentials through the lens of the SLR Lounge philosophy: beautiful, professional-grade shots are within everyone's reach.

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Working with Flash

with Pye Jirsa

Learn How Light Works.
In this class, Pye will teach on-camera flash bounce techniques that you can use to create 1, 2, and even 3 light setups using simple and inexpensive light modifiers. He will also help you add motion to your images and dive into the basics of off-camera flash so you can take advantage of the additional flexibility and creative options it affords.

Best of all, you are going to learn lighting from the bottom up. You will see just how powerful the gear you already own can be, while learning about inexpensive stepping stones into the world of off-camera flash.

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