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Writing Week 2018

On-Demand Access -- All 19 classes

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Get ready for Writing Week! All course materials will be available for On Demand viewing after the live event.

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19 Life-Changing Classes
10 Masters of the Written Word
5 Days of Realizing your Writing Dreams

Everyone has a story to tell, but how we want to tell it is unique to each of us. Do you want to publish a bare-all memoir or a work of fiction? Do you aspire to be a popular blogger or a contributor to an online magazine?

Maybe you want to tell the story of your business or organization—through email, advertising or a content-rich website.

No matter what your writing goals are, CreativeLive’s Writing Week 2018 will give you the energy, instruction and focus to achieve them. Our experienced, successful writing teachers will help you develop a productive mindset, refine your craft, overcome writer’s block, identify avenues to publishing, create a killer proposal, hone your business writing skills and so much more.

Millions of people dream of becoming writers, but what sets you apart is your drive and determination to make it happen. Writing Week 2018 is an ideal way to jumpstart your bourgeoning writing career and give you the support and inspiration you need to kick it into high gear.

Here’s a look at some of our offerings for the week:

  • Best-selling author Jennifer Louden, with over a million copies of her books in print in 9 language, will help you conquer self-doubt and stop procrastinating so you can finally become the writer you want to be.
  • Award-winning author, editor and teacher Michelle Tea will guide you through the myriad ways to get your work published and read.
  • Grant Faulkner, world-renown expert on the art and business of writing, will help you overcome self-doubt and give you the confidence you need to succeed.
  • Screenwriter and business writing consultant Melissa Cassera will teach you how to write engaging emails, proposals and bios that get you noticed.
  • Jennie Nash, sought-after book coach and novelist, will take you through the steps of securing a literary agent and self-publishing.
  • Author, yoga instructor and healer Dave Ursillo will help you overcome writer’s block by dealing with its underlying root causes.
  • Heather Saunders, professional journalist, editor and proofreader, will give you the key to establishing a positive and productive writer-editor relationship.