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Archery (special guest: John Jackson)

This is john jackson, founder of archery tak oh yeah, and so I want to explain the origin story or just how we met so well, something curious myself I think it was was a delta american airlines in the whole inflatable caroline sky magazines so I'm with my girlfriend flipping through the magazine like I always do in the airplane because I'm not allowed to touch my electron actually kick me in the throat and I'm flipping through and I see this thing called archery tag I was just like, oh my god it's like paintball but with bows and arrows, okay? And that blew my mind my girlfriends like, oh boy, so she knew that I was going to shooting with bone marrow pretty much what I came down to, so we will get to that, but I'm extremely fascinated by our tree actually own a beau I still have not I put a string on, but I haven't even drawn and shot it because I don't have I don't know the technical foundation and I'm here today that's why you're here today so I was very eager to maybe go through som...

e of the technique if you'd like to talk about a little of the origin that's great and I think we have twenty minutes and on e and then I'd love to have you maybe maybe shoot some off my head you got an apple around here? I know we've got a cooking set. Anybody? Oh, there this I got you happen to find an apple here? Okay? She'll do that first. What do you think? Way we've not met before. This is not something I overheard never met the guy. All right, so dawn from the chat room says, don't do it, tim, we still need a few more books I want you to do is we're gonna have him face the wall over here. This is important, so I don't mess up his pretty face all right? I'm gonna have you get closer to the wall there a little closer locals, right? I don't move and you stand still. I could stand still. Sure I'm right. I'm incentivized to not move. Are you scared? A little bit good. I have a foam tipped arrow here. It's nonlethal. There is no point hidden behind it, theo the thing the thing that's really key standing really? Still the thing that's really key too. Hitting your target is to focus on that target. Okay, much like rick was talking about fact, he took a lot of stuff that I was going to say save me a lot of time, the whole thing with a dominant eye and everything so we all know your dominant eye now so what I'll do is I'll go ahead and shoot the apple off tim's head now kind of illustrate and I'm going to ask for a couple of volunteers that can come up here we're goingto basically teach you how to do the same thing in twenty minutes okay so we're going to see if we can knock that apple off his head sorry I was not focused on the proper target okay I like taking any sort of business are you all right there but I'm good I'm good I'm good all right okay okay well we'll try this again see if we can get a little close it might take me a few shots but you know so the key is to focus on that that apple in my case I'm looking at that little white dot the sticker ok and you draw back and you identify your apple gets more done now I love shooting guys apples off guys with bald heads or not much here where is that cory here he's got a lot of hair we might mess up his hair so yeah there's not much damage that can be done that hasn't been done already all right so can I get a couple of volunteers and we're gonna get our targets set up over here oh um more is it in the back would you like to try first thing have you ever shot a bow before? That's key number one. Um uh is it you never shot a bow come on up you get to try to soothe your rate of progress and master student uh sam back still right on the back so amped up who needs copies have you like pop out of the shadows like pink panther stones so what we're going to do is we're going to teach the most important thing about our tree just like basketball shooting a basketball is form understanding how to get that arrow to the target okay now what I'd like to do here we're going to start out simple we're gonna take the center out of the target nice and then we're going to work our way down so I like to start with a larger target and then shrink that down to shrink your focus okay so I'd like to give each of you a bow I'm gonna give each of you samarra you like orange alright you know what I want to do this illustrate the proper technique you're both right handed I see you're left handed okay so you would hold the bow in your right hand yes left eye dominant yes now proper technique I'm right handed so I'm going to illustrate this right handed for a left handed person you would do the opposite so let me work with you christine okay when you stand toward the target I guess the best way to do this I'm trying to figure out okay, we're looking at the target you don't want to a lot of mistakes that I see new new archers make is they try to site down that arrow okay and and that's a poor technique the other thing they do is they keep their wrist down okay and they do that that's kind of like rick was talking about throwing a basketball you want to keep your shoulders kind of inline and level with the target if you're shooting uphill you lean back if you shooting downhill you'd lean down okay there's also a proper way to hold the bow I'm holding it with what they call a medium grip that's a forward and that's a low grip you want to just you know something comfortable in your hands so it's easy to hold out there okay? I'll work with you on the arrow the other thing that that I kind of teach is when you draw your bow back especially with traditional archery a lot of people who shoot compound shoot vertical because they use sites and releases and everything else when I draw back a a recurve I angle that boat do you see how I'm kind of got that bo angled now kind of illustrate this for you here you see how when I'm citing down that arrow that arrow is right under my eye you see that okay that's important like rick was talking about I was getting that basketball up there your sight window so by tipping that polarizer to the side you can clear and bringing that arrow up under your eye you can clearly see that target okay and then you can you can get where you want to go and that will help you with your left and right the up and down is where we really need to work on ok, so let's help both of you get that arrow knocked. All right? Ok. Now the other thing I teach and again there's different ways of doing this some people shoot three fingers under some will do a split finger I like to do a split fingers just a preference. Okay, the other thing that's really key with archery is anchor point okay, that helps you be consistent now with you over here we're going to knock you on the other side of the strain. Okay, so then you would draw back and angle that bow like that now you want to keep that elbow up in line with their arrow you want to bring this back to your mouth? Same thing with you, john demon if I use your bow you it was your right eye because you're left eye dominant and you would do the same okay, take your finger off the arrow and draw that back I'll go up okay, bring that right up to your mouth okay go ahead and and just pull through keep pulling your fingers back and release let go of your ego your fingers okay that's a good shot you hit the target john how far do you tend to angle the bow to one side like like just so you have got a clear sight window and you're anchoring the actual knock here to the corner of the mouth yeah, I do is my finger right up here okay like a fish all right? I'll work with one of the other time okay, so what I want you to do is once you get that arrow up under your eye that's going to help your left and right okay? And then when you're looking down that arrow I want you to focus all your energy on that circle don't look at your don't worry about the tip of your arrow that should be in your peripheral vision okay? And you're going to see that sitting under the target on like when you shoot a gun when you looking at the sights the target sets on top of the site so that whole will actually sit on top of this point so it should be the whole circle top of it so the target is above the point here and I draw that back bring it up to your mouth up to your mouth okay and then just released the pressure on your fingers all right, well, generally work I have a quick question for imposition in terms of head position and whatnot are you standing upright and coming here or you want to lean slightly lean slightly I mean all straight again okay pull the bell back just like this, okay? And you see how you see how my eye is in line with that arrow okay? And I just kind of straighten out my back, okay? And you release the pressure on your fingers how much do your fingers move? Do they stay right here when you release it actually compound a bring back come back ok, now the other thing okay, you got close here's your beau we're gonna get you guys get through the target, okay? The other thing I want to show you is on your fingers when you're grabbing the string just use the tips of your fingers. Okay? It's more right here a little bit line up with your target competitive christine it's your fingers elbow up I'll go up, go up, relax your fingers and straighten your back. Hey, so I hear you're getting you're getting smaller target now, okay always are always up here all those that'll steaks don't shoot construction, I'll thiss relax your fingers and straighten your back when you say straighten your back like when I'm in here so when you're when you're pulling back like that, it just kind of like that okay? And then you relax your fingers okay? And you keep your head like rick was talking about was shooting the basket you know don't move your head to see where the arrow is going and also hold your bow stare still until that arrow hits the target what does your lot of people will we'll do this to see where that harold and that'll affect the flight do you uh do you have a preferred foot position or is that yeah, I'm kind of skipping around sorry all I know you're fun you're okay? Um typically men are built differently than women you know that's something new that you that these guys teo alright and women their elbow pivots in more so if they stand lined up with the target like this they're going to hit their arm so you try toe can I borrow your bow again and there is your mother okay when you hold your your bow out there kind of don't totally extend your arm out okay, because you're more likely to hit your your forearms see how it's kind of bent and so I hold my bow up lined up with the target think of it like pointing your finger at the target okay, when you point your finger at the target that's the same thing with holding your bell if you held your finger out there you're gonna line that up, theo, that target okay, so every time you should be able to get that here the whole sum noticing my like my groupings are consistent, but I'm shooting high and I'm what I've noticed with let's say, marksmanship and also potential archery like I know I'm left eye dominant, but I can't figure out how to sight it with my left eye from holding it on the right side of my body. So with you have marksmanship, I've ended up just using my weekend. You'd have tio yeah, you could you could actually use your left I just turn your head a little differently and look out your left eye ok, ok want me like I keep shooting to the right, but when I'm looking at it like because you've got to get the arrow right under your eye okay, closer you get under your eye than that line that that fix it ok, get it right under your eye. Yeah now what you did is you move the last second, ok, thea other things that the other thing that's really key if you watch me shoot, I don't hold it there very long. I usually pull back, identify your target again think of it like pointing your finger at that target you bring that up, you draw back fine tune and on pull through the shot was sort of my finger there before this eight minutes to make it when I've got my clothes and I'm pointing my finger should be right down below the circle correct so did the same thing with this, right? Just like that? Not not like I'm not love candace, but I'm gonna try a little to get better get better there's clothes I'm not good left hand. It was so it's so encounter what's counter intuitive to me is that it seems like I'm aiming so low yeah tohave it like down here, babe, and I tell a lot of people don't focus on the arrow focus on the target when I shoot apples I'm not looking at his head, I'm not looking at is but I'm looking at that athletic looking but, you know, again aim small miss small and so once we get these ladies to shoot through that blue target which they will, we will get them to shoot through the red target and then hopefully we'll put an apple on they're probably not tim's head put my face in that all let's start over again release okay, now I want you to pull your boat back, hold the bow up where you need to be, bring your okay now pull through the shot through the shot they're still holding it long you're getting close it's just like yes just remember where you saw that way now when you pull back again once you get lined up with your eye your good this way if you're if you're off on your left and right that's form the up and down is just a matter of gauging you know where your arrow flights going toby but left and right that's all for me what I want you to try to do bring the bow up like you point your finger drawback pull through the shot okay one fluid motion thing with you you're getting better you're still looking at the tip of that arrow and not the target that should be fuzzy the target should be clear oh okay well we're gonna work through this I like a challenge e like a challenge e I like a challenge you guys were gonna be so tickled by the end of this section it's like ok angle you bow back so you can sight down your arrow fingertips on the bo o k on the strength drawback and bring this finger right up by your mouth oh, wait we're getting there we're getting there you know this's reports lungs you're trending in the right direction making progress I'm serious the other thing that's really key too we've got five minutes left so we gotta work fast ladies thie key is attitude having that attitude focus on that target so I see what you guys usually wear things here huh like I get your ships through you could grab another era there if you want ah a little high your left and right was perfect oh boy I didn't realize you were still thinking about this with you is you're pulling your pulling almost all the way to much because you're going past okay pull less yeah okay let's do what you did have the tip below the target the hole okay remember what you did on that last shot okay well through through right hey we're gonna get you teo focus now I'm starting to have fun but we're out of time all right so pull back like you point your finger get that tucked right up under your mouth and not too much finger on there just your fingertips bring your finger right up by the corner of your elbow straight through good really theo come on hey schools so close last shot making a focus on that center whole aim small miss small ah take me in we oh, wait disney's sports movie ending that was great all right john thank you so much so right at the beginning of the show now we had a couple more minutes we'd have shooting apples off tim's head that's awesome twenty minutes that's pretty sweet well don't you ladies never shot before that's awesome well outstanding thank you thank you thank you thank you very much john we really appreciate it theo theo this way actually to go from you know never having picked up a bow too being the bull's eye in twenty minutes it's impressive. I am not an archery instructor I'm not even a world class archery guy um I'm not even that great of a shot but practice makes permanent yes that's a saying I coined no that's in this new book that's pretty good, right? Eh? Yeah and he's so right, you know, because you know again attitude repetitive working on that form and practice muscle memory that's what I was shooting in my hotel room this morning probably made the neighbors wondered what I was doing but putting out so I shoot my arrows everywhere I go that's the nice thing about these foam tipped arrows really safe and you know, I shoot him in hotels and the titanic is the same the technique is the same. So for instance, like with marksmanship I won't we won't spend too much time on it, but I have an m p forty five handguns are long story anyway that you meant you could get an mp forty or forty five replica made by smith and wesson that is the same waiting to shoot babies, so I'll just sit at home and I'll do the exact exact same motion and it translates translates really does cool thank you

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