A Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Manager

Lesson 2/8 - Why Advertise on Snapchat?


A Complete Guide to Snapchat Ad Manager


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Why Advertise on Snapchat?

Why advertise in Snapchat? If you watched Creativelive course on how to grow your business with Snapchat that we have just completed or if you want to check it out later then you will see a lot of data on the audience and other reasons why you should use Snapchat for your marketing. Here we will talk about advertising, so we'll still cover some stats and some data that will tell you the story of Snapchat ads better than anything else. So over 187 million people in America use Snapchat daily, those are active daily users. People create over three billion snaps everyday and they check the app over 25 times a day. When it comes to people over 25 years old they spend on average 20 minutes on the app. People who are younger they spend 40 minutes, which is actually a really long time if you think about it. Checking the app 25 times a day that's a few minutes per session. You can consume a lot of content considering that the average snap is only a few seconds long. The most important thing is...

that Snapchat ads, when it comes to ads, they reach over 70% of people of 13/14 years old. That's a massive number if you're targeting this young audience. Here you can see the split of the audience in terms of who uses Snapchat and other platforms and what this will tell you is actually the audience that is available in Snapchat is exclusive to the platform. So at any given time the audience that uses Snapchat cannot be accessed on other platforms that we're all familiar with. The thing is that 90% of Snapchatters exclusive to the platform are not covered by the top 15 TV networks. If you think about it TV is still massive. You can reach any audience on TV. Well when it comes to teenagers they do not really watch TV anymore. You might find them on YouTube and again on Instagram Stories and whatever, but it's exclusive to Snapchat they cannot be reached by television. We've spoken about Snapchat completion rate, so whenever users watch the stories over 91% of them are completed. The most important thing about that is that if you are an advertiser on Snapchat then a user whose chatting to their friend or watching their story if they're more likely to finish that story then they're more likely to be served your ad and to see your ad and provided that your ad is fun and exciting and gives the right call to action they will engage with it. So your ad will likely be successful. If we talk about advertising audience on Snapchat, so these are Snapchat in the middle, Instagram at the bottom, and Facebook on the top and we are talking about ad audience. So if we are narrowing it down to the audience of 13 to 24 years old this is the audience you're reaching on those networks. So 47 million people of those ages on Snapchat, I should have made yellow for clarity, 32 on Instagram stories, and 38 million people on Facebook. So even though Facebook has a massive audience, a few billion people when we're talking about 13 to 24 years old Snapchat is still the platform. Again, I did not encourage you to stop your advertising effort on any other platform. You should test every platform and see what works best for you and today we'll see how Snapchat ads might solve some of your problems and challenges. So the bottom line, use Snapchat ad manager, use Snapchat ads if you are targeting a younger audience. This is the number one take away that I want you to walk away with. The thing is that Snapchat as a platform has a distinct audience, as we have just spoken about, it has robust targeting and we will talk through that again and I really think you will be impressed with what you will see and what the platform can offer. The thing is that Snapchat offers an immersive experience. It's fun, it's really cool, and with the 3D lenses and filters it really transforms the way that the content is presented on Snapchat. So by creating relevant ads you tap into that Snapchat world and people are more likely to respond to the ad that they find relevant. Many people are talking about leaving Snapchat including advertisers and marketers. So sometimes you will see the news that this or that brand left. Instead of following the steps of that brand who's leaving the platform I suggest that you think about it as an opportunity for you brand. If your competitor left Snapchat is it because the platform did not work for them and therefor it will not work for you or is it because the content of the add was bad or the execution was bad or the targeting or maybe the product that was served through that ad was not right for the Snapchat audience? So instead of assuming that this program did not work for your competitor on Snapchat I recommend that you actually try it for yourself and see if it works for you. So Snapchat has a number of ad products and we will talk about a few of them and then focus on one that is served through Snapchat ad platform. Filters are very familiar to use, so you just swipe right or left when you create a photo or a video and in this case we see Everlane in their LA and the palms. So you can just add it, add this frame to your snap whether it's a photo or a video and you can create branded filters around your business or place it through Snapchat to be available to wider audiences. You could easily create a Geofilter for your business. So if you're a store, a brick and mortar store, you can buy a filter for a year, for example and it will be much more affordable, or if you're running an event, for example, CreativeLive Social Media Week you could create a filter just for that event for the duration of one day or five days, in this particular perimeter of the office and the filter will be served to the audience who is swiping filters on this location. It's really easy to create it, you don't need Snapchat ad manager for this. You can create it in the app, in the Snapchat app or you can create it on Snapchat.com, so the platform is really easy to use. So you just go select the available templates, colors, so you can add your text, you can add elements, and you pay and your filter is live on the date when you select. Then in addition to the filters can be not only picture ones, but stranger things did an awesome filter, which would turn your entire environment around you into the house, haunted house or and this one is really creepy, but again if you're a fan then you will interact with this filter. There are also lenses and again we spoke a little bit about lenses before in growing your business with Snapchat course on Creativelive. So they can augment your reality with different elements. So maybe you've heard about Snapchat hotdog, that was a real hit, you could place it on any location and it would spin and the music would play and Snapchat even introduced a full on Halloween costume that you could buy and show off at a party as the Snapchat hotdog or for example Game of Thrones created this awesome filter when again you can turn your environment and there would be 3D objects that you could interact with through that filter, through that lens sorry. Then there are Snap ads. So Snap ads can be of different formats and this is what we're going to focus on today, because you can place Snap ads through Snapchat ad manager.

Class Description

Snapchat is unique. Snapchat is complex. And until recently, the only way to run ads on Snapchat was to go through one of its ads partners. But that changed with the launch of the Snapchat Ads Manager.

Now you can create imaginative, engaging, full-screen video ads all on your own. Snapchat expert Inna Semenyuk, a seasoned marketer who’s worked with Facebook, Skype, eBay, Starbucks and others, will show you all the ways you can take advantage of the Snapchat Ads Manager to make a name for yourself on this popular platform.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop, create and launch a successful Snapchat ad campaign.
  • Optimize your ads by running experiments to see what works best.
  • Avoid common mistakes with Snapchat ads.
  • Use Snapchat Ad Manager and the Ad Manager Dashboard.
  • Identify your target audiences.
  • Monitor your ads and analyze their success.