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Lesson 2 from: A Positive Mindset for Business Success

Tara-Nicholle Kirke

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2. Metabolize

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something I talked with my clients about all the time is this that you can't really set an empowered vision for the future. Coming from a place of feeling the heavy the weight, the energy of Disempowerment, feeling the helplessness still being in the energy of the crisis. Right? So the very first thing that we're going to do to get our head back in the game is to actually metabolize, going to take a moment to really process what's just happened to metabolize that experience, to sort of grieve what needs grieving and to really like let it go. We're going to allow, we're going to create. I'm gonna invite you into a new um worldview that's a little more seasonal. All right, So let's let's break that down into parts metabolizing. I'm asking you to metabolize your experience of the last year. And when I say that, I mean, I want you to think about how your body metabolizes food, right? Your body when you when you eat food, your body takes the pieces that are nourishing to it and keeps them a...

nd then everything else it releases like waste, right? That's what I want you to do. I truly want you to sit down, take you may even want to press pause, sit down, take a few minutes, take a journal or notebook and and just write out brain dump out how you, what has happened. What were the actual events that took place in your business and in your life as you see them? As you remember them during the pandemic? Um what were the high points? And what were the really low points? How have you felt? How do you feel right now? Um, and then actually ask yourself these questions and in response to these, almost as journaling or writing promos, what did I learn in this experience that really does serve me? What do I want to keep? Like what changes many of us actually did have changes to our business that we decide that, you know, Hey, actually that works for me. So what are the pieces, the insights, the lessons, the learnings, the changes in who you are, the things you've learned, the resilience, what were all of those things that you want to keep and then I want you to do the same list. But let the second list an inventory of the things that you're going to leave, you're ready right now to see and leave behind. So maybe it's a feeling of disappointment. Maybe it's a feeling of sadness or grief, Maybe it's the fear of failure, right? That, that maybe it's that survival kind of level anxiety. Maybe it's the struggle story. I actually teach my students a tool we call it third time's a rap. So it's really common in our culture to bond with other, especially in in our culture in general, and an entrepreneurial culture to bond with each other over the struggle story. And I even heard myself doing this over the last year, I would talk to my friends who had businesses and we would sort of share our tales of woe what we would talk a lot about what wasn't going right and how hard it was and you know, the fears that we had in those sorts of things and the stories that we were telling about why or about, you know what that meant. Um so the rule, the third time's a wrap tool goes like this the third time you hear yourself telling the same story of struggle, even if it's understandable, even if it's accurate, you decide that the third time is gonna be the last time you tell the bad feeling story that way, right? So from that moment on your brain will you're requiring your brain to start looking for a new way to tell that story, right? So every fact that every event that takes place in your business, everything that takes place in your life, even the things that seem very tragic or painful or unwanted, they all can also be processed through the lens of trying to extract a germ a kernel of wisdom, of new clarity, even new clarity about what you don't want to experience again. New power, new new new skills. A lot of us got skills that we didn't know we had during this pandemic, right? So the fourth time you tell the story of whatever the so called failure or obstacle is, you tell it in a way that starts to distill and extract some of that wisdom and some of that power. All right. So I invite you to use it to a third time's a rap to really start to shift the energy of the stories that you're telling about your business um which will serve you well. As we get into the part the section of this material about setting intention, setting, vision, setting goals, setting action plan for your business in the coming season. So you're going to do the journaling exercise of metabolizing where you've been over the last year, what you've experienced, what has happened in your business over the last year, You're gonna make your two lists. One list being, you know, what did I learn? What happened in the last year that I want to keep? Um, and then you're going to make your second list of what am I going to leave behind right now? On that page, you're going to put the thing you want to leave behind the struggle store. You want to leave behind on that page honoring that. It may be 100% accurate and true, but you're going to leave it on the page that you don't bring it with you so that you don't bring that energy with you into the next season. All right. So that's the metabolism exercise. Um, again and again, remember the third time's wrap tool as you start talking with people about your business and the envisioning that you're going to be doing as we work together in the, in the rest of the course.

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a Creativelive Student

Wow, I totally love the positive vibes of Tara-Nicholle and her clarity. The „Farmer’s view“ is a brilliant tipp - and so true! Thank you so much for offering so many great inspirations! 🙏🏻😊

Maya Harish

I was lucky enough to have my business grow through the pandemic, but loved and appreciated this class asking me to take a moment to reflect and realign with the lessons I've learned, and reconsider my goals for the future. Really lovely short class!


Wonderful course. Inspiring, practical and simple - she provides tools for you to process negative experiences and feelings, reframe your struggle stories and ensure your business is in alignment with your values and genius. In this way, you can step into the next season, stronger, more focused, and with lightness and eager anticipation.

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