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Adobe Illustrator on the iPad

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Create a New Document and Setting Preferences

Jason Hoppe

Adobe Illustrator on the iPad

Jason Hoppe

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Lesson Info

2. Create a New Document and Setting Preferences
New document creation, setting Artboard sizes and specs, setting color modes

Lesson Info

Create a New Document and Setting Preferences

So here we can go to the lower left and click on the Create New, and we can bring up very much like we see in the desktop version any of our recent creations sizes. Here we can work with a print, a screen or an illustration set of presets. Now, these presets are going to be for print. We're gonna be working in C. M. Y. Came out, and the standard default here is gonna be measured in points. If you're working in screen, then we're going to be working in RGB mode and an illustration we can choose whether we wanna work in RGB or C N y Que and how do we do that simple. Choose whatever presets did you like here, or go over to the right hand side and choose your units of measure that you'd like to work with the size, the orientation of your art board, how maney art boards you would like and what color mode you'd like to have. If you're using a particular size art board all the time, you could go and you can save this art board size with whatever you'd like to call it here. So that You don't h...

ave to recreate that art board every time you log in. I'm just going to start off with a standard letter size page here. I'm gonna click the Create file, and here is my art board.

Class Description


  • Navigate and understand the Illustrator interface
  • Draw shapes, lines, and freeform sketch
  • Add color and gradients to your creations
  • Work with the powerful type tools and an extensive list of fonts
  • Share and export your work and stream your creative process


Create, illustrate, and build your creative ideas, logos, and graphics on the iPad with your Apple pencil. This newly-released app is filled with features such as creating patterns with the Repeat feature, expansive type options, easy to navigate and use touch interface, and the ability to live-stream your creative process.

Use on the go, at your desk, or wherever creativity comes to you, the Illustrator on the iPad makes creating fun and portable.


  • Beginners
  • Creative people who want the simplicity and flexibility of the iPad
  • People who use Illustrator on the desktop


Adobe Illustrator for the iPad (V1.0)


An Adobe® Certified Expert and Adobe® Certified Instructor, Jason Hoppe has accrued more than 20 years’ experience in high-end production training, photo retouching, color correction, and creative workflow management. In fact, Jason has been performing high-end electronic production since the industry’s inception. Also during this time, Jason has taught prepress and electronic design to hundreds of Seattle-based creative professionals and aspiring designers in a variety of settings, including one-on-one tutoring, classroom instruction, live webcasting, and large group training. He currently teaches the Adobe® Creative Suite at The School of Visual Concepts, Luminous Works, and Seattle Central College, an Adobe MAX Master and was the founding Instructor at CreativeLive.

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Raina Beutel

This course gave a great overview of the program tools and functions. Definitely a 101 level - best for someone with zero Illustrator experience, which is why I benefited so much from it. Thoroughly explained and perfect pace! Thank you very much! Looking forward to a future intermediate/advanced level class someday, to learn even more tricks and tips. :-)

Sara Chang

This is very helpful and exciting, thank you, Jason!

a Creativelive Student