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Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 1

Lesson 15 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 1

Lesson 15 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

15. Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 1

Lesson Info

Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 1

Now pockets have you've pockets crab lift before? Or I should say the proper noun project life I know a lot of our creative live viewers have done that with becky's workshop and it's so amazingly simple and fun if you want it to be or it could be a little bit more creative and involved in time consuming if he wanted to be it's a little whatever you want to make of it, I want to say a few samples quickly to get your creative wheels in motion as we prepare to create here and have the crop party go on. What do you say summary the printing party crop extravaganza or something to that nature? Yeah, exactly yes we'll get our ideas thinking that way I sat on my suitcase because I had so much to bring and I could fit it so that is using my assets tio pack my bag it's not something I recommend well, just learn from me there. Sorry, but this is by this is the captured collection by basic break it's one of your many products on the market right now that have a pocket approach and by pocket I don'...

t mean like off your genes into here you can buy you can actually get stuff like that we scrap bookers have a little of everything but I just mean the's page protectors that have the little divided slots in them common sizes air four by six and three by four but now, as I just mentioned, they're doing more of the squares, so this is one option and when I can't remember like a seven by nine meaty eight by nine suddenly I don't know but different weights and heights in your album choices and one way I like to use this again is kind of like a party guest book, so I had these are your common six by four parts he's happening by simple stories and they have a snap program is with the name of its their pocket program and I just gave the already printed like this adorable cards they come like that just like some more fancy pants designs ones that we saw yesterday I gave in to my guests have them write my maggie a message for her second birthday let him write in the book, but you don't have to just use the cards you know you can also use and now after I could go in print their guests photos and put them in as well. But you can also use these pockets the hold like the birthday cards so the view it couldn't come into town with us use the fuller size drop in the birthday cards that she's received, so they're all in a place because how easy is it to get all that confused and mixed up I used to bad bad habit I didn't realize that get my greeting cards take him out of the envelopes and save the card to sort in a drawer and most people I tend to but I mostly wanted like me don't date the top anymore and I like what year is that from you? And it all gets blurry and blends together because life is so quick and so I two things I started saying my envelope because the post office does that for us you know and you'll know when that was sent but also I try to keep them grouped in books of some sort by year I haven't I call it my book of love and it's a little box that looks like a book that I keep in my living room and then after I have him on display for a while I love seeing them but after the holiday has passed whether it's christmas or valentine's or birthdays like two or three weeks after they all go into that year's book of love the cards too so that there and then I could just punch him in the group into a mini album or something if I want to or they can just have volumes year after year of your greeting cards or if you want to keep it rather than your two year activity and event activity an event you can do this and just keep little albums and books for those they really hang on to me. I mean, they're so neat and special on people are sitting nosing. I have a whole shoebox full in my closet that my grandma had sent me. She was my pen pal when I grew up in I love that I have that really male dying artform just don't sit on him when you're packing so that's one option another is these air facebook photos that I have taken over time, and I wanted to give my daughter, um, let's see, I'll just open to this one here that's, a photo posted to facebook of my daughter with her grandma, my mother in law, who is a brilliant cook. I don't possess that skill at all, so I wanted to give her a snapshot of that part of her family and her heritage that she'll never get from me, so I ask her to provide some of her recipes. Pocket scrapbooking is great for holding recipe cards so that's a good choice as well, and just at that level personalization. You can also put the photo of the person who is providing the recipe that's not kind of like this has to be all photos, this is all recipes, the point I'm making is you can use these pockets for a variety of purposes to create a very well rounded product. And then last one quickly, before we get to playing, get your ideas turning so you can start working on your own is baby books baby books are great. I mean this whole entire book and, well it's not quite done, but maggie's first year of life thinks almost exclusively to instagram. I had that snapshot pulled out already. The work was done for me. I knew where those photos that I had already edited and enjoyed were located. I just had to print them on dropping this book. I created the whole thing in a weekend. That's. Pretty remarkable if you think of a baby's first year again, there are a few kind of place holders, right? No, it's not quite ready, but to do that all in one. And I even got to be a little more artistic with that. And like I painted on here with a pencil eraser just did that in paint. Some of your pocket system is again a simple stories by snap or snapped by simple stories. Approach has his long skinny pockets to you it's not always just photo sizes so that's a great place for a title, you know, think about how you scrapbook and your scrapbook with and how that can translate. To these pockets so that's my title actually maura's we start working, I'll show my aunt at home audience more of the book I know you are just looking at me like, please stop talking sites and play and so excited and I don't blame you and so it's in front of us we have from different elements, including we are memory keeper's. They're kind of one of the pioneers air a few, but one of the pioneers of the pocket scrap booking system, and they have divided page protectors or pockets in a variety of styles and, um, device and it's nice because they're that twelve by twelve so heavily there now are official. So this is a variety pack that I have and it's the you get a full twelve by twelve and you get the four by six is and the six by fours and then some of the grids or the square size that you've been seeing me work with. You also have this grouping in front of you said here in the studio at home, any pockets will dio on dh if you don't have pockets, just know that you can kind of file us away and watching be inspired, I certainly as a creative get inspired by single other people do with their work, so this is a wonderful sampling it's kind of like a a little bit of everything, and so you can buy either just a whole pack of solid. This is really common, the solid twelve by twelve. We've done that for years and years, or you can buy an entire set of just four by six pockets or you can. You know all of these there, you can get them if you want to just get into your routine and use that same style over and over. This is a nice little sampling either if you're new to pocket scrapbooking and you want to try out a few designed to see which one resonates with you or if you want to mix it up and, you know, do full twelve by twelve today, this is called a blended album, sometimes known as a blended album. Then tomorrow I'm going to do grid and two for by force, you know, so you have choices. We are memory. Keeper's also offers another variety pack beyond this one that has three by threes. So you check your choices and you can see all of the wonderful hey there I am and all the different choices available to you in that kid I'm a messy crafter I guess people will get that we all are right I hope and then these air just some prints that I've printed up I believe I sent these ones persnickety prince coming a nice little clear rapper and they were right from by instagram account I just pulled it right from there there's some of these you're going to recognize that we talked about yesterday like I hurt california and my little there it is on the tiny scale so that when we did twelve twelve you get to see the full spectrum here with a little to the gigantic right this is the using the formal marketing language of the mean so this is my my angelo quote that I talked about yesterday just to write right may not be expedient it may not be profitable but it was satisfy your soul and I so believe that just sickens me that people are trying to get ahead and not doing right. So um inspired me a lot where I was in my life going back to our how pinterest kind of reflects who you are and what you're pinning and what speaks to you at any given time and this really speaks to me this is a I'll do the tea for one class two of them one for the at home audience and one here I think I created using rana designs up so it's the one we played with where you can drop in the layers I didn't jump from after app I did this all in there if you remember him yesterday I took that breast stroke stamp base like that it's a digital stamp in black for my calendar why did that here? But I did it in red and I made sure to space six sounded like a stripe flag sided red, white, red, white and then I'm with the mask function but the united states of america that's an icon that was already in there I didn't have to do that one of time with the text fast, fast, fast and now I have a little something to drop in a pocket for my fourth of july crafting so that is there again printing the collages it's a nice choice with our collage ups that we've been using recently for my daughter's second birthday I like to document I remember I said it's sometimes okay to stage your life when you want to capture our free something before it's destroyed like her toys so I wanted to take pictures and documented toys but I don't want to just feel my pocket pages here's here's woody here's the fisher price what have you here's the who's and what's it right I but I wanted included so instead I use that collage template in my app, and I uploaded it into one print. So just as I said, don't over instagram, do it all on one that's also true for over scrapbook. You know, our space is kind of at a premium, and things like a shot of each toy may seem a little, uh, not as efficient, productive, but this way I can remember. Oh, yeah, you were two. And you got woody, which I think just like the toy story shows she's going to carry him with her her whole life. She loves him so much this remembers where when he entered our life. So that's the choice with the collage function. S o my maker stuff from when I make make things in my kind of little small portfolio piece, I also wanted to print those out. If you notice he's a very rigid, these air, the persnickety prince disease, as I mentioned, they have just regular photograph paper for your four by fours, or you get kind of this is called a project life print and it's a heavy duty, like those cards you buy is not great and it's your images, they know it's going to stick in those pockets, and sometimes when you're working with your pockets, if you find your stuff is sliding back out it might be that the papers a little bit thinner that happens, I think that's one of the benefits to this thicker, heavier weight paper is once within their sin there, which is really nice. So that is that if you bought four by six here in studio from facebook, you can use a different page protector than what I'm going to show you on, def, you one he's square one instead and you have four by six you're just going to cut two inches off if you can find a crop a ble area. So that it's four by four we are going to work with some of these four by fours and I'm going to isolate this one here. The nine by nine page protector or in the nine, nine up. I mean, the nine squares. I will show you what I started with my not done by any means that found the way. So here you can see that's when I showed you in our last segment in my year in review book, I wanted to have both a little calendar prints and a few highlights and that's what I have going on here. So this is the this is the highlights, and then over here you'll see the calendars put in throughout not the entire years, but six months of the year, and I mentioned I wanted to leave my center column open so that those little journaling car designs I created that could cut out and just dropped in there. But I want to show you before I do that a cool technique or a cool product that supports this, which is called a foot flap. You heard of the foot platz, yet a foot platzer by close to my heart and their flats there flaps designed for pocket scrapbooking in particular, or just traditional scrapbook and as a way to get a pocket onto a regular page, and they have this. The white part here is an adhesive element, but it's like self sticky, this pill that often, and he flips any flats like a little door, so I could actually do a kind of a layer, which is what we're going to show you here if I wanted have both my calendar and my highlight photo in one square of space and really maximize my year and review experience. I can mix and match can have that main photo on this one in the calendar on this one, but they're both still there, so it gives you just like more real estate. In your space, one kind of tip when using those that I've discovered along the way is that you wanted you don't want to do one on every square are that way, it's gonna get really heavy. They can do a few here and there, or maybe have a little extra memorabilia that you want to incorporate into it. Memorabilia is just a keepsake or a souvenir like movie tickets or what not flip platzer by close to my heart are really great for that, so they have different sizes. The variety pack I picked up was extra small, and it has squares for by force and the three by threes, and even to buy tooth. So it's, very cool. You have this to work with friends here with me, and you have your pages, and then the other thing you have is by we are memory keeper's, also it's by the in the album's made easy department of there, offering they design cards that fit right in these just like project life and snap and captured by basic race. Some of the ones I've been mentioning and they have a variety of styles I asked him and as a sponsor of our class today, to give two kind of different style, so no matter your kind of interests and look and feel you want there should be something. So look in these boxes what I'm gonna have my in studio people, people, friends do it kind of just go with your own flow go with drop in photo cards like this and photos in your pocket because I can't know the story you're telling your real unity is that one here? I would never do that and then I'll show my online audience he's doing some kind of park and of course join along and and ask questions here in the studio as well, but I'll show you some techniques with using pocket since you're not you may or may not have these to work with me and exact product I wanted to get you and more of a technique base brainstorming session to think about ways to take your pockets even further. This is kind of almost a base level the base level is buying the pockets, buying the cards, dropping them in down and done love it fast quick, I think that's why it's so hugely popular? Because people want that kind of expedited process while still doing the honorable thing I guess of documenting their stories or the important thing of documenting our stories, but sometimes we do it's you want to play, we'll get our hands dirty want to be creative and try different tricks and I don't like you can on lee do that on a twelve by twelve scrapbooking campus that's not the case you can always it is almost like anybody scrap within campuses just a whole bunch on one page and I'll show you some things that I've done with that are you feeling here in the studio like you're okay this kind of place your goodies and see what you like and start dropping section and baby oh fillon centers around the hard hat their smiles like you know that new car smell it's like it's like new scrapbooking supply smell yeah the room there's they're all grimmette and things were happening and this is the hands on part is yes this is the crop vega and I don't think prom thing and they can't crap this I want to get them some techniques to file away but you know it's funny you say that I smell my newspaper do I haven't being and I can't help it it's probably a sickness but I it has a very distinct smell people either love or hate that's most really loved so that's awesome that you brought that up I'm glad you have that smile on your face and then you can enjoy this and if you're comfortable with this after a few minutes perhaps we'll share a few things you've done because I want people here and at home to realize one of the beautiful things about pocket scrapbooking is how. No two are ever the same, even within your own album, it doesn't. I think that has kind of a misconception that it sort of cookie cutter, famous and it's so far from true it's just a quick way, but it doesn't mean it's a boring way by any stretch. So as you're there in the room with me playing, I'm going to get some of my step out that I've already worked on. Give me some ideas and show you how I did some of these things. There are some of the face here, all right? So I wanted to create a pocket date divider. Um, I wanted to do a year in review, and I wanted to just a quick at a glance, I can tell that this is two thousand thirteen using my little calendars that I've printed here, so you can see that I have my margins july and everything and it's just right there at a glance, and I have this little divider element that I created and super simple, but it looks a little bit a little more involved and can see and it just a little trick here and there, and you'll know how to do this first thing is these air just stencils hearing class, this is part of your class kit, thereby fancy pants design. And they're just your normal number stencils that there again you're going to see this over and over is you're out and about shopping for scrap booking supplies square square square that is more common thing that we're coming upon including these stencils which are three by three so with perfect for those three by three pockets and I put it down the one thing kind of was a pro tip if you will when you're scrapbooking with pockets on this applies to here in the room and at home is remember it's two sided there's two sides so if you drop something in I think I love it but then you flip it over I want law that may be hot mess you know you just don't know so you have to always kind of keep it takes a different approach in a different way of thinking too to approach the pockets that way but you get used to it it's just if you're used to a page with a background that's card stock you can do whatever you want because it won't show up on the back that's not true here which is why when I did two thousand thirteen I had to back my numbers because the mirror image doesn't work with the exception of well the zero and the one could go either way my two of my three if they're if the's air showing through on the other side is going to be back backwards so trick for that if I simply took a journaling card like these from that we have in our kitchen a from fancy pence design these air there brad cards and you look at that even glatz longer then the pocket no worries that doesn't matter the reason for it is you can always just cut off what you're not going to use a three by fours khun b sides down or I could use a three by fours in a four by four pocket that's totally fine I just have to know that either I'm going to have some seat through area right here or maybe I could take some washi tape and run it right here to fill that space it doesn't have to be an exact match or you're out certainly not true and but one thing I would notice with this is on the back these particular parts are not double sided so I could either that's could be fine and I could just matter photo on here put a slightly smaller photograph on here to show up on the other side I could do journaling right here or an awful I want to just be quick and easy about it just you two cards back to back gloom I would always encourage you if you're going to do this to put a little piece of down in place because if they shipped it all then you're going to see that white showing up glued together and then fly them in your pocket and you suddenly got a double sided card so that is one choice will go back to our divider here on and so what I wanted to do to make sure I could still use my two without that reverse image becoming a problem plotted to you know what's so awesome about these fancy pants stencils is you get lots of each number which I love it's like when you get a letter set and you only get one of each vowel uh what word only has one of each foul right so the same with ease yeah I don't get like three or four but here's my too and I'm gonna pop that out of course with this is in scrap booking on is positive and negative shape okay so I can use this like this because dare we ask a question or something I already it would be great to hear from our students here this's like disneyland for size right? How how how what's topping open and why holly I before okay ever so kind of the whole night is like playing cards eh yeah shuffled through the deck you know, tonight I loathe cute yeah l s u like christmas really? I mean it was so hard not to touch it but you know we wanted teo I want to listen to what she was doing that I wanted to get my hands into it and I was interested in some of it is but I think it's spanish on one side, yeah, I'm glad you brought that up and which is great because I've got some pictures that I would just took of my daughter in love is from mexico. Oh, and these will be perfect because of the the pictures that I've got I'm having I don't have him with me here, but they'll be perfect for her. So my word that got a match made in heaven, I think I can talk again, but I still have to continue this because it's fun to hear these air experience. I know how I feel. I love it, obviously, but to hear that, especially how you save never done this before, I love that because, you know, phillip, I've never used the project live for any type of thing like this. So this is great it's your like I said before it's a test drive, a classroom environment is a test drive to see what you what resonates with you. So I'm so happy that you're getting a chance to try a variety of styles in our workshop that that's perfect and you say something lori hi like christmas there's when you're busy and you don't have a lot of time, you know it taken it really half of the problem is going through your stuff and trying to figure out what to use. And here we've got so much it's, like, I want to use it all, but I only have a few minutes to do it like this morning for us all, over, but it's, great there's so much, I think I owe all of you an apology, because I get a little excited, we'll just take it. We'll have some of that will do some of that, and here you go, whoa it so much, but it's, a nice, because you can make it as much or as little as you want it to be. Oh, you can ever, ever have too much, ever, yes, ok, that was not meant negatively, and I'm so excited I can formulate words in my mouth right now. Well, one thing I said foretell, sagan, I know how to get friends, right?

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