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Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 2

Lesson 16 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 2

Lesson 16 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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16. Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 2

Lesson Info

Playing with Divided Pockets - Part 2

Back to what I was saying about the two can be decided it won't work this way so I wanted to back it, which is not a big deal before that I want to tell you a little bit kind of language or housekeeping I guess that this is considered whenever you're like reading an article or watching something on lines creative live if you hear an instructor or friend before to a positive and a negative shape it's a very common terminology, terminology and die cutting that simply means if you cut out or punched out in this case I mean, this is kind of busy um an image then don't like this is garbage or the scrap and obviously with the stencil you don't cause you would trace in there but anything you cut out or punch your punch this has just considered the positive shape here that one that comes out of it and this is a negative and these negative shapes are loaded with technique opportunity I use them all the time people will use these masks like I could put that down and take some spray ink which of ...

a liquid color application and scored that on there and then I remove it and I've got a cool to almost like spray painted you can use it as a stencil in this case, which is the intended purpose and you can take your permanent marker I did in my maggie album on draw in the house show you a sample of that in just a moment, or you can just use the paper behind it, which is what I've done here and back it, and that is called it that that technique is known as feeling your negative shape, so I'm going to feel it with a pattern it's a very common and popular thing fun to dio and it solves our problem of a chief sided pocket creating a reverse image. Now that is no more because I simply took one of my cars, it doesn't matter which one you know, you can have anything that fits the style of the story you're telling in this case, this one's hand yell grab and I simply have to put that on there with him. And he said these are paper central, so it's easy is running an adhesive runner on the point about adhesive. Um, I don't know if he's companies will let me for sharing or not, but I don't feel like I've seen students and myself too many times like just bathed the back of something with it, he said. These people know what they're doing when they manufacture and make this stuff, they make it a quality product, you don't need that much, you can just do a strip here here kind of in the corner is this is a brand new guy, so I had to get him warmed up and ready to work. But if yours is already in fluidly running in just a dab in each corner and maybe a little in the center not conserve your product and I'm just gonna line it up because they're both three three inches in length. That's an easy line up. I'm not going to do all of these. I just want to show you how fun and quick it is to work with a double side pocket. Help you understand when your concern when you're taking your online memories, putting him in teeth books and I could just touch that in there like that was gonna have a big tab but that's a little bit of an interference on where this is a center divide. I should clarify what that even means. So if I had this here, this is my two page spread. Let's. Say these pockets are all full it's in my scrapbook album. I could leave it like that. But one thing I see a lot of crafters do and something I enjoy doing with my pocket, scrapbooking is creating kind of levels and layers and different with so you wouldn't want to have a whole bunch of the whole twelve inch ones here stacked up or it just looks like a photo album well you do you will have that but not for this layered effect what people do instead is a mix and match a variety of pocket size is in with so it's got these levels going on and that's where this comes in this is just one of those levels says the center divide that runs down the middle it's a quick read where these calendars are a little bit on the tiny side I know all this is two thousand thirteen at a glance it's done and done just like that and because I'm showing you techniques for making it double sided when you turn it this way the same remains true so that's what we're talking about but I don't want this divider it can stick out in fact I like that it sticks out because that indicate pay grabbed me I'm a tab I'm gonna flip over right so I'm glad I did that intentionally I wanted a tab there but I don't need it quite this long like that's a little much instead what I'm gonna do is just take my paper trimmer and kind of probably about half of this as faras trimmers and tools go and there is not a whole lot I can say about that for my new reviewers and newer to this hobby this guy's an oldie pattern in my life I just stick with what I know I stick with what I love, I suppose, and I've had this one for years. It's by fiske, ours, it's an awesome when its light weight I can throw it in my bag and go to a crop without in trouble the blade safe, straight some of the tremors I've experienced in my former magazine life. I'd get a lot of product coming in my job, my column that I wrote was a new product column, so I had that joy of getting in. Then you gets all the time. I love some of them, but some of meant to be perfectly honest. Of course they won't throw out names, and I want to be awful, but have, like wiggly blades or and I think they're off the market now. Anyway, they would be weighed with dole quickly or you know, they don't all they're not all created equally in that sense, so if you have when you love, don't like, you have the next greatest thing necessarily, because just to cut your paper, main thing is just with scrap booking in particular the main importance if you're just out shopping for your first paper trimmer is one that will support a twelve by twelve product, a twelve inch product some of them are more portable or on the go were meant for card makers, and they're smaller than that, and then you'll be out and about, and you can't get your paper in there so that's one tip toe have and then just cut that off, and then I'm gonna take my photo uh, corner rounder, I think I have one here made it bring it, I have a cord around or punch that, or you can just cut it with your scissors, which is find two and round the corners. Shea, the outcome or the end result here have been rounded, and that makes it feel more like a tab, you know? So it doesn't have to be around, and I just wanted to really create that tab look and feel so people knew, oh, foot that over, and then on the back side, I could again just leave it white if I wanted to, but I kind of like the idea of having another pattern there, so I'm going to grab another one of my little journaling card, this one's hand, he saw the snag it again back to back. Um, but if you look here, it's going to be too long, so first thing I'm going to do is glue these together just a quick little but he says here's another tip you probably saw me almost do it sometimes, you know, a strong way most that he surrenders and it's a little thing, but they'll have a little textured spot on the top of them. That's kind of a fool proof way let's show on camera not thinking straight to know. Okay, I'm gonna hold of this direction. I'm from my finger here. So it's running this way if you do it upside down it's gonna have the reverse effect and it makes a mess inside there. So make sure you look for that area to hold your hand, your finger and then you just ran a little bit of adhesive on there again. I don't need much. I mean a pause here and show you I'm doing something wrong. If I were doing this, I should put my adhesive on the smaller piece. You can do it over here, which I do cause I do this so much I can do it quickly, but if you're just getting into this and you do it on this pc maximally gear adhesive in the area beyond, like, right here where you don't need it. So if you have, too, that you're sandwiching together like this, always go for the smaller piece, having the glue he did not have a runner like this no big deal on paper to paper it's not crucial if you're really going to get serious about this hobby it's certainly a go to supply a runner that you love again that sort of teach their own thing we like to pick what works press, but if you're just kind of dabbling like phyllis in holly here today and you want to just get a feel for this to make sure it's something you want to go into full force based glue stick is fine, you know, I know we have those from back in the day of kids and that's how you find to your liquid adhesive the main thing that liquid and he said in scrap booking is check it and make sure I've been archival quality because some of those air really hard core and you can even smell that they supply gas a tone and you don't want tio necessary but those in your books so then I'm gonna take off that excess there and I could take my scissors and clean that up if you want to something I will because it'll bug me some people don't care but there's a little bit of white I didn't get someone's going to take my scissors clean that up a just a little bit and then from here I like this idea of a two tone so see how my center pattern that feeling that negative space is the black but the tab is a different print when I turn this over? That is actually this print. So it's like this reverse image to do that super simple just going toe hold onto that piece that I just cut off both of those, if you know me well, take my classes, you know? I hold onto everything I'm like the biggest warder ever, even this little scraps kind of ridiculous, but in this case, I'm glad I did that because now I can create my tab like this, I can just simply it here that on there to get that two tone effect or on the back side, same thing I can just put this on here, I've got a chap, I'm gonna show you the back side for a moment because there's something missing, obviously and that's the two. So, um, you want to take your positive shape? Turn it this way. Check how it's going to look on the back here in the audience and at home that's a key whenever I'm teaching pocket, scrapping that's when I like to hit again and again, if that's double sided and you're working on one side and altering it before you glue anything down, make sure that when you turn that over it still works in the patterns aren't upside down like it it's a double sided paper and the one side the solid print on the other side has words or something you cut that and put in your pocket and turn it over in the words our upside down you know I mean will always do a little quick my on the right track check here and there because I almost just did that myself and I don't want to tow have two pill things up again I'm gonna turn this over making sure that on both sides that to make sense and that I almost put my tab over here is what I'm trying to say but I my number the wrong way so this would have been like this we don't want that I'm gonna have that here like this this time is the tab on this side instead of this side because it's the reverse and then I have no problem with that being inside that pocket because no matter the direction I go in it still says two quick easy get two for one out of one single stencil you get a lot of use out of that little a couple of other things that for my more I guess experience pocket scrap pickers I hope that will inspire you one thing is I just took on the inside of this pocket and I ran from why she taped down the center of my zero and I could just leave it like bacchus against two sided. No problem. Just take my decorative tape online that up? It was not it wasn't difficult at all. Or if you want to add a little bit more of both layering and make it look a little bit more like zero I think this back in the pocket. Sorry can get in there. I've put this guy the center of my zero on the outside of the pocket that it gets more depth, more dimension and complete set zero esthetic, I guess. That's one idea. Fund ideas to feel that negative space with tape instead of paper and then down here on the third one, some technique for you is since the one for the most part, it's. Not exactly that, for the most part could be flipped either which way? And it will allow you to have still look like a one. I wanted to kind of let it float around there and have a party within our party. So I put made it what's called a shaker pocket. This is a common staying with pocket scrap bookers. It's fun, it's happy and you just he's a variety of elements inside there, almost like confetti in my instance, here I have sequins. Which here in the audience you have in your little jars if you want to do any kind of confetti pockets with yours there's little cute, I'll show I love these I have to show you their behave one ruby and all these first of all, they look amazing stored in a mason jar. They just look pretty and happy like that. So you know, point that keep that in the memory banks, they come in sets of three in different color family families, and kind of the neutral gold metallics color family on my project, sharing this when you have here in studio as well. But they also have, like a green the green color family here's the rest of this one. So this is one we're using this trio, then there's a pink kind of the pink and salmon and red grouping so pretty the's sequence I use pretty regularly, and what I like about this is both that you get three different color choice, that all compliment and it's not going to be. It'll look cohesive and nice, but it also allows you to do a shake your pocket like this with one product these air sold in packages of three, so one purchase, when you do a shaker pocket like this, we'll have more of a confetti effect using more than one tone of sequins and they come in these little test to be guys with the cork on top, which is just at you know, if something looks cute in the package I'm in, I'll give you my five dollars I'm all about it so that's the situation here, I just poured some of those in the problem being well, now these pockets because their pockets are open and I don't want to come on creative liven hall and how the printer here, but I want all my sewing machine to so that and if you're cropping on the go as my friends are with me today, not too feasible you're going to a sewing machine with you, and if that's the case instead, you can just feel it closed with some decorative tape, a lot of times of pockets and these confetti shakers like either one I have here, people that like to stitch on their projects with a just a regular sewing machine will so right here that's great idea that all the time, I think once you cross over that into that world of selling your, you'll find your projects don't feel done until you just in a little stitching just a little bit, but in this case where it's more of a portable air on the go activity like this, I just simply take my washing tape, I'll show you how I did this this is also by hazel in ruby and it's tight makes it so easy to do this because it's got it's got a grid pattern running through it this up here so it has a line for me and I can usually with decorative tape like this or as I said, washy w a s h I washi tape, the idea is you want to tear it it's kind of meant for that terror and it looks like tape right that's part of its cute factor, but where I'm trying to just close off a very specific area of my pocket, I needed to be a really clean cut and this tape makes that easy. I would have it open or have it out in front of me like this and another thing about why she that I've mentioned before and I will say again, it's reposition herbal so well I even had on this kind of rest iq awesome table and I'm pulling it back up that doesn't ruin the tackiness of it it's really nice that way and I have these lines already on here because it's a grid tapes I could just cut either through the scout that also makes it easy, but I could just follow that grid line and I've got my clean edge just like that and then it's just a matter of simply that trick with the pocket where double sided and see both sides is making sure you line this up so that we put it on the one side I'll teach you to two tones will be cute will do a layer a staggered scallop effect when you put it on here make sure that when you flip it over to the other side it's even it's not gonna have an extra edge sticking out ok like that you go all the way up and then went to get up at the top there you can see I got a little long no worries just cut that off howto I did it again my full house reference I can't help myself a part of my ok t g I f abc every friday wait ok so I'm gonna cut it across here and again those lines already there for me thank you so much, hazel in ruby you make my life easy as an instructor trying to cut in front of the world there you go and I'm going to take this up and before you wrap it around and really what I just did that's what it's called burnishing and that's where you going to run your fingernail or a credit card or a bone folder which is a scrap booking tool before you do this? What I'm doing makes you do just a kind of a soft trial run on the back side to make sure that it's pretty even see how my green scalp that I've already done they're lined up pretty evenly it's not like way over here in off center and I'll wrap this one around and if it's not and you want to stick it down just a little, stick out a little on the side, you know, pull it in to make up for that, so make it just to clarify the strip of pockets that you have there that was just a purchased item, correct? Oh, you sneaky one. No, no, no. You asked me that it was something that someone someone asked the joy project wanted to know all the joy project knows her products, doesn't she? E o get to that, I will tell you that's one of the benefits, we'll just jump right to it and I'll come back to my three while just finished the three there's not much it's just double sided with paper and paper again like number the number two. Really? The main technique variations are between the thes three here, so shaker these air, just wood from years from freckled fog that's, an online shop that makes the cute little would shapes sequence numbers, and if you're using a number that could go either way, just add it to your confetti peck I know that the pocket itself, I kind of made myself and I wanted to show that as an ah ha for my extreme pocket er's which I'm guessing she is that's, not that's, not their handle name, but maybe that's what it should she needs a change that pocket and it's extremely bob. Thanks. You have to ask her. I'm guessing she's pretty into this and recognize what is that right there? I love that I love being with my people. You're going to share that share how I got there? Yeah. I'm not going to do the whole thing but it's a pretty quick thing. And it's fun it's a fun tip. This was actually this little three up our three by three guy where these air the four by four squares is one of the we are memory keeper's options. And what it is is they have a page protector where there's three by three and three by threes with a long, empty column in the middle for like a long panoramic image. And I what I wanted to do is just make a divider so I don't need the whole twelve by twelve area. I just wanted to isolate one that would fit my numbers. So that's, why I went with that three by three approach. And to do that simply some people learn a little leery, but as you get to her joys in life you're going to find that you're more inclined it all to your pockets and that's fun that's part of the process you can actually cut them up and nothing goes to waste because you know, the little flaps I showed you you could use the extra ones and create your own d I y flats with little tape that bea darling so let's pretend that this these four by fours are these three by threes and it looks like this but this scene right here I was going this way um so that I had to move it so what I did was I cut first I cut this off along the seam right there and when you're going to cut off your binding like I did make sure when you're going to cut around pockets at all on notice that they have this stitching or the kind of the closures when you cut cut on the opposite side of that you're not creating it a wide open, messy flat so I'll show you what I mean I'll just start cutting this no don't do it just getting fined see some cutting on this side of it and that way this maintains this pocket nature, so I cut this out away from it but then on this side I'm gonna do it can I just do it? Tio joy just do it, but I'm gonna get on anyone same exact pocket that just don't want to cut anyone that has my photos so you can either actually do it with scissors, which I'm going to because people are watching me or you can put it in your trimmer and do it it's up to you I cut along here don't be too ah willy nilly ok, you want to be fairly precise union's gonna need this piece again the little piece that I'm cutting away so said this society is clear kind of hard to see put it in a safe place so you remember he doesn't get lost and I'll do the same over here, but this time instead of cutting right along that seem the way I just did on that side I want to I'll use my terminus time to illustrate both approaches go in just a little bit more like a quarter inch so I have a margin, maybe another half inch so I have a little margin toe work with there like that and that come on, cut him away stubborn think like this okay, and then from here it's the makings of this and again, this is an ideal example because this already had the binding running this way, but where my other insert this one didn't. I had to create a new binding because it wasn't running parallel to my pockets, and therefore it would have been one little pocket and all that open area and then a pocket again, and that wasn't gonna work for me, so I need to flip it around. So we're going to imagine that's the case here, I put this against this open area, that margin that I allowed myself first thing I did was I just took that piece of it cut away, I put it back in there as a marker for me, and then I can take my permanent marker doesn't matter what color they were gonna punch it out. Anyway, I just traced, ok, I'm going to do a hole punch there, and if you're worried about it moving at all, um, you can tape it within washy tape first so that you don't bump it for the sake of time. I won't worry about that. So now I know where my ring binding is going to go, and I punched out using just a basic hole punch and I have my divider made, but because I had cut away, this is more what it was really like I had these openings on the side and that's, why, with the shaker one, I just sealed it off. With some tape, otherwise you'll have your opening where you took something in any way, you could put your tape right there, and we just find the creative shaker that way. But I wanted to reinforce it because this when it's cut like that is a little bit fragile because this opening yeah, I mean, I hear they can open up and separate, so I cut one side of it off, so I just had a single strip of it instead of this too too flapped part. And then again, I take my tape love that tape ran it down the length on both sides because it is a two sided experience here. That's when I then blessing before burnish, you know, really push it on there with your nail that's what hazel and really be taped. First of all, it comes in and you get all of them in one package, which is so much fun on dh it's also a nice quality tape. I love my my decorative tape, I could tell you for hours we'll have a whole workshop on us someday about tape, and they're not all created the same way. That's fine, they each have a purpose and a time in a place, but some don't stick as well or as permanently as others. So this one, you won't have a problem. I put this down here, it stayed put ever since. If you're starts to creep up it all, and you do so on your projects, you can simply reinforce it with machine stitching, or you can add a little bit, he said. I know things kind of counterproductive to put glue on tape, but just in a few areas to maintain that that tacky aspect and then you've got yourself your own customized pockets so that the point of all this is a pocket scrapbooking you can alter, you can adjust, you can customize, but you can also layer and stagger two to twelve by twelve with dividers inside, and to include all to show you that it's not only twelve by twelve scale, but insects many we are memory keeper's excuse me, has the that instagram made easy albums that I just love and they are designed with both before by four pockets and, um, the same package on to buy a separate set. They have the two my tooth. So where were talking earlier in the program about the using the most of your printing and having a four by four next door neighbor did to two by two's using a collage app and the perfect for this. And this is a good example of how you can take it as creative as you want to or keep it as basic because here I got a little artistic like I stitched on here you can actually apply your rub ons right onto your many albums. I did stapling on my pocket you can punch your cork stamp that cork and punched it and put on the outside. One key tip when working with pockets is remember that it's not just inside, play with layers, play with textures, have fun treated like you would your scrapbook and then just with the rest of you, your instagram prints throw him in there and you've got yourself and easy at a glance amazing book to enjoy and it's not going to be out there in the cloud. I don't even know what the cloud is, but out there in space somewhere, you know that you can't access this is how you can access it and it lives on and that's what this is all about that's what we're doing, but is there any you know, help or assistance or advice that you would want to give our crop er's here? Yeah to make the most out of divided pockets, but yes, we get wrapped just you know, I want to hit this home as much as possible it is what you wanted to be this in this style more than I would go on record as saying more than any other approach to scrapbooking is what you want to make of it. Whether it's a drop in wham bam! Thank you, ma'am. Done or as I've done here this I will not gonna lie to you my little mini album. Why stitch that heart around there, it's? Not something you do in five minutes. I probably took me a half an hour while this page did, but I love it. I love it's interactive aspects going to that two sided component that I was discussing for it. Stitching works either way so you can either side of the coin it's fine, so you know, get make it as much or as little as you want. That's tip number one tip number two again, I'll reiterate this over and over it's a double side of experience. So always how that kind of double check turning over make sure things that air on the other side are in line and doing what you want them to be doing because it's an easy mistake that we all I do all the time. We all do this so it's just rather than get done and then, uh and then turn it over has such a letdown I've done that a thousand times, so avoid that pitfall, I suppose, know that from a social media app to archive point of view it's the way to go with your instagram in the case of these minis, but also in the twelve by twelve, because they have the grids, and I'm going to show you that you don't have to use pockets for your instagrams loserman on regular scrapbook page is a little bit later on as well, but it's such an easy, um, option for you that way. And unless, well, I guess not last, but another thing is you don't have to use the pre made products they sure to make it easy. These little kids make it very easy, but you can always just take I know we have gobs of stuff that we love, and we have it at home just take this and especially my at home audience right now if you have pockets, but you may not have this exact stead of inserts from we are no worries that doesn't matter. You just take your trimmer and cut four by four three by three whatever size you're working with and create your own. And you know when use double sided paper like this it's done and done both sides wonderful on dh if you want to have a little bit more of a polished or finished look like the stuff you get in these kits it's a simple is getting your corner around her punch and that just slips in on the corner and rounds that edge makes it look really sleek and no one ever knew it wasn't a pocket insert to begin with because you're using your paper or even your photos you know you could cut your photos like I did the full facebook sampling and I could turn that into a printed funky sorry I was going to show it, but it was right there handy I could around those corners and I've got an insert made right for my my photos so another tip here is just you can use a square punch for the little pockets you can eat your two by two punches that you have on hand and that's a great time saver short cut and it's already punched a fit just like that one tip with punching just make sure holding it upside down so he can see exactly where you're going and I still punch into part of that image. So anyway, you know there's a shift I'll say it again and again with so much you could make it your own system and you can enjoy it and its creative and it's fun it could be fast or not so so user friendly that way, so I hope that is kind of what you're meeting one of the the highlights of this experience a tip point of view but I'd love to know from my new means that we have a minute to ask them are you enjoying it? Might my new recruits to the pocket world? I'm just waiting for the pictures and the things off facebook. Oh, that looks beautiful so beautiful and it's in spanish and in english so that's great and that's kind of a unique thing with this product they're not all oh that's so okay, sorry holly and people believe that pretty well lovely that's unique thing with this set, fellas with the tooling language it's the same pattern on the front and the back with the ones that have words on them that one's in spanish ones in english that's not always going to be the case and where it was for me and I don't need the spanish side, I just knew that meant I had to either, like, put a stamp, overpower a sticker over part of it where it said, oy, whatever you know are mask it in some way, it doesn't mean you can't use it or it's, not something that will work for everybody. So I'm really glad you brought that aspect very hard to find something in scrap booking at what used to be able to see it sometimes you can't find anything in the spanish I know and there's like a very large market. I have so many amazing friends and metro in particular, but hispanic scrap bookers and crafters, and I love it. They're considered because they are very creative crafting group, right? Oh, yeah, that's, awesome and held up yours overtime, holly, show our friends here, actually, that she made a shaker to showboat. She just stepping it right out there. Not great that's, beautiful out, yeah, with me, so I love it. Well, that's, a beautiful thing to usually on when you're crafting on the go with your friends like this in a classroom, just go home and drop them in it's. Not even a big deal, but we also have turner party access, so you could care that d'oh.

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