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Turning Your Photos Into a Book

Lesson 14 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Turning Your Photos Into a Book

Lesson 14 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

14. Turning Your Photos Into a Book

Lesson Info

Turning Your Photos Into a Book

Prince air coming through the students here in studio are printing. I love it. Are you enjoying this? Aren't these cute? Definitely a cool product. I wanted to talk to you a bit before we move on to other printing options. Just one more thing about this in stacks because I had someone come in just a crew member coming on the break, who has interest in the camera and was asking about that versus the printers I mentioned. I had a camera that went along with it. This is the insects many, and this weather case was an ad on it doesn't come with that, but it's fun. Thanks to my cousin andi, it does the same thing as I said it earlier. Princey image out automatically as it's taking it, using the same film. The main difference for me. I love them both. There's certainly a time and a place for both. I have a jack russell terriers that fly up the law. They're fast, they're little have a toddler. She flies off the wall she's fast, she's little and sometimes I'm using this to take my fifty cents t...

o a dollar per shot. And they're running away you know you can't be so hard to get anyone still these days especially the small kids and pets and life on the go so it's more of a crapshoot right? You can take the picture sometimes I get awesome ones, but once in a while scrap in which I don't love that's where the printer comes in again same film everything same effect but I can pull my already edited I know it's a sure thing photos off of my phone or my wherever usually to the phone and through the printer get the same effect but no it's going to come out lookit all right, so the dog won't be just the lightning blur across the image, so like I said again, time in a place I prefer this one frankly when I have like the parties and the guest books because it's easiest portable durable the printer's not not portable and durable but I kind of keep a close eye on it right? And I don't mind as much having my camera just jumping around people having fun with it. Where is that room right now with some a little bit back away? It's mine so anyway and I certainly don't like if you have the camera already it's a waste I love having both of them but there is certainly benefit to having a little more control over the output that's that and these coming lots of colors I have the yellow I also have a white one and there's pink and there's blue and black, right? My missing one, I think that's a beautiful colors so that is a little bit more about the insects. Keep those images coming. Spend a c and let's get on to the book. So my social book and love walnuts these air the two that I found. And I believe the students in the chat room. Yes, they brought up the my social book. I think that was what they were asking about. Basically just polls at facebook content particular and turns it into a book. A real book. So I want to show you a few. And the cool thing about this well, many there's, so many cool things, but one of things I really loved about this that actually creates the book for you for free. They can flip through test drive, see if you want or fine tune and scale back to make sure it is what you wanted to be. Because it can be from the very first day of facebook till right now and everything in there and I feel like me that's like volume one teo you know that'll do it all in one book but it's a big book or it could just be last month because we had something special like creative life going on and I just want to isolate that information actually think I misspoke I think it does one year of time but then within that year you can just isolate certain things like this album are only my comments so that's what's happening here is kind of a photo collage that's what the cover looks like and it has different cover options again you can do that hard cover which is really nice has the glossy option are matt option you can choose I left it white and I like that clean look but you can choose colors if you want instead of the white and you can build up a clash there it just lets it takes you into your facebook camera roller albums and you can hand select which images appear on that cover or the other option for the cover that it's not up there instead of like that collage is it'll do your one of that one across the top called header photo the header cover photo yeah, we'll do that and your avatar your user photo that's the default setting but I opted to switch to the kalash and then from there it does these different like choices here you can do an album of fam pages story gives her friends and ask you that that's the first thing it does is this a book for you or a book for somebody else? Because it will help direct your choose your own adventure and that helps direct you on your adventure and then right into it actually have a table of contents that prince and their adds to that from the day. Well, from your period of time in there, I just did my whole usage from my very first day in two thousand eight up until now is all categorized and organized. I want to do a thing it's just so intelligent and value. My favorite thing about it is it takes the pictures that people that I have shared with my friends and family, that people have liked the most or responded to the most. And it pulled those into a collage right in the beginning so you can see kind of the best of the best right there at the front, a little teaser of what's happening so very cool. But beyond that, I want to show you how it looks on the inside. It also takes all of my friends if you look closely, some of you may be europe in their head shots and puts it in there as well and takes your own avatar for the inside cover and then from there, it just starts a timeline. So february I just for this book because I did my whole thing and it was massive and took forever to upload to my computer to share with you put it down to just two thousand twelve till current so it started with february twelve you can see there's a few highlight shots from there, by the way in that lower right here, this is like the biggest pizza I've ever seen in my life. I was really pregnant and it, like covered anyway, so forever in utah come with me and we go to the pie it's like crazy and so has like the cell synopses of the month of february and then just different status updates I've shared comments have received all that seven been teaching you how to do and pull out one at a time. It puts in this for you, which is great all through the year, so that is called again. My social book and the website my social book dot com been love walnuts is another option. I love both of these for various reasons with love long that's unlike my social book, where it's pretty graphic and clean, this is commerce monica sketchbook like somebody drew and so these are again my updates, my status updates, but it looks like they're hand written in that queue, I really like that and then it does more of the full page image is as well he didn't give it a title several book of faces dedicated all my friends and it just fills it and populates that book for you and as it does so in this case it doesn't pull in everything but you can say, you know, I don't want that one in there I want this one in there instead and it will also pulling photos like I didn't post that my friend did, but she tagged minute, so and it is me, you know, so she will pull those for you as well. Photos you're tagged in on, and it does he's a little like see over there the different comments had put in those little sketchy boxes sketchy not exactly that's that's really it's really interesting how it works. So, um, like instagram feeds that one from instagram into facebook pulls those as well any questions on either of these? I did not order a book from either of them, however I plan teo, I definitely plan to, but I did do the whole preview process experience and I can tell you that if you like me and your computers air full and old and tired um it health thanks for our friends in the chat room yesterday t even reiterate this don't have a lot of programs open if you can help it has more that's running against it slows us down a great deal, so if you can do it and then have other things to work on it's not time like hours and hours and it's like a good ten fifteen minutes depending on how long you've been on these different channels are on facebook in particular, so just keep that in mind for user experience and then, um I think that's all I don't have to install anything. Oh, yes, you need to have it allow access to your your account you have to actually grant that, but it walked right through. You have to do that. So in that needs haven't you heard of this before? No, I need I think it's pretty new. I know the chat room person, our friend yesterday and asked about it so it's kind of the buzz is getting out there, but I like that we kind of get this glance at it yet were you were you able to determine what was the full page photos? What was I mean, did it allow you a little bit of flexibility? A little isis? Yeah, it did, it allows you to kind of shift things around a little bit more that experience and I don't know if this is a fair assessment, but in the my social book I had a little bit more control or what it using what it didn't but this one you can swap things out yeah, and we both have very reasonable prices and, um just different style that I wanted to show you both your more than you're kind of sketchy, I like this one and then there was a little bit more graphic, great question so then one last thing we don't want to ignore just a couple quick options that sometimes they're more accessible to people the local flavor costco, walgreens or cvs great choices and I want it really focusing on walgreens for a minute, but I'll just show you the costco experience does allow you to pull from your phone they have a nap free to install easy one thing about costco at least to date and at least the location that I printed. I don't know if this is globally true is they don't do squarely on a five by five so they'll defined by five because those air called proof in the professional photography business right very common have been for a long, long time they haven't really jumped into the instagram bandwagon world yet with four by four three by three two take two by two's but this does still allow you to print your instagram they'll just be a five by five and that doesn't always align with our next topic of conversation which is the pockets because they're usually designed at a four by four but you know what you can do is just trim it, trim it down a little bit if you want to otherwise they have your standards for by six eight by ten things like that and then of course a wide variety of gift and book options as well one thing they have I wanted to show you that little hefner live hashtag image up there that's a sticker you can print scott bookers I know listen up you confront photos into stickers I thought how cool would that be if I could do like little thank you letters then put my hashtag hepner live sticker on there something and so it does make your photos into stickers as well she called it won't you one thing about that in the reason I didn't do it as you have to order it and it takes a few weeks to come in so you can't have it printed in your local store and picked up all right walgreens this was really awesome the walgreens has just started well to my knowledge I may be three years old but I think it's pretty new this program come on called print worthy print worthy and it's doing again everything we're talking about is taking a facebook posted image it goes into your facebook and it finds it and it's printing the comments right on their awesome because all that work on so it is a print worthy through walgreens I picked my enough of my walgreen store one little glitch again could just be my old computer, but like kathy selsky commented on this, and then I get down to my friend jodi sanford of fancy pants, and she has my friend jim coz profile, so they are not. I thought it was just on my screen that way, and so I sent it to print. I did notice six it gives you a preview, but no, it was just a little glitch, so if you see that on yours, try to refresh your screen and see if it'll sort them out and if not contact, they have a live chat, customer service. I'm a mom of a baby, so I have to craft it crazy hours. It was like three a m and this is happening and I need to help. They were right there to help me twenty four hours a day so very neat, and they only do at this time five by seven set some another data point to consider, but that is how you get your comments. I don't know as far as like if you were doing my photo that three hundred comments, maybe not that common, but more than what's in this visible screen, I I don't know if you just print the whole thing again and do different comments. I didn't really explore that option, but it does give you a nice sampling of maybe we have here. Oh seven and then all the lights and my caption in the date that I posted it, yeah, pretty groovy, right? And it too is an app on your phone. It's actually, just the walgreens up you can find it in their media questions on the local flavor now good. All right, great on then books. I just wanted to show you a little bit about this is a shutterfly book. I mean, a long time ago in taba, my my young pup face and hair kit, but they don't have to just leave them as they are. They're beautiful as they are, like faded that my social book, and it is kind of just pretty clean and basic, I don't like you can't alter it, so the colorado with the fabric and I actually just I cut that from fabric all those flowers and are you could just come out with your sisters and put that in there just from added texture. These books are very sleek, very clean and in a scrap bookers we like our stock, right? We want to put that texture on there in that tactile element and so that is certainly a possibility don't feel like it's off women's or too fancy for that on and it's fun and allows you to still be creative well, having fill a very finished sleek product a choice that is the printer party everyone get out okay any questions on printing services or favorites? You mind if I put on the spot and ask for a favorite or a highlight? Katie I'm buying the cameras printer yes oh, yeah yeah I think it's going to be a crowd a crowd pleaser for sure. Very good. I'm glad you are telling megan sent you. We absolutely will and we actually you took our picture on the cruise. You did that for everyone. You walked around and took a picture with your camera and printed it out. We found love with it then yeah it's just a scrapbook fun it is and party favor fund now it's nice to have guests on an event like this that you can have them take something away that so customized so personalized absolutely very cool you till you love the camera you love the camera but actually going to go to the love walnut because that cute well I have a friend that passed away in october and so for his family I'm thinking what do I have a ton of pictures of him that they sent me that I created a stove facebook page for him I think I'll go through and do like all of his pictures and we even have pictures of this funeral I know that's like weird, but he had a full military arrest and he had a full military funeral, so I'm going to do the whole thing with you know, baby tio to the unfortunate day and send it to him for christmas I think that would be lovely. Oh, that that's an understatement that's amazing! It really is actually when I was doing some trouble shooting on, I wish I could remember for his love long they're not one of them one of my three a m live chat there was a drop down common question asked can I do a profile book for someone who has a facebook profile but it has passed away? I didn't go in and read it, it just caught my exit so sad, but I can see why you would want to do that, so if I don't know if he was on facebook or not, but yeah, some maybe you could even tap into his if that account is still there, there may be a wayto to tap into that and I have a dear friend who lost her sister to cancer and very young, a young woman and it's terrible and sad and I could she's a crafter and very much understands and recognizes the importance of a memory keeping, and I know that she does she that accounts to exist both on instagram and facebook and at one time I thought, I wonder why that would be so hard that she wants to make sure she still her memory's still there and I think she would love your idea I'm going to tell you when I get home that's a really, really touching tribute thank you for sharing you say you don't like to be put the spotlight on you and you have such amazing advice to share. I really appreciate you coming on your comfort zone if it's found such a personal level to inspire us that's amazing that you miss lori thinking so far the printing party that one of the standout is a must have, you know already above I am a big persnickety princess user it's just it's easy for me. I'm a mama four and I have tons of stuff coming in and it's nice that my kids can even upload their stuff tow my persnickety account, and one thing I love about them is they go through every one of your prints and color correct them, and so I've done, you know, I've done different routes locally and then the local flavor and they haven't the color hasn't turned out very well, just like phyllis and and so I'm just a big fan of persnickety and that I don't because I'm so busy I don't have time to run into a walgreens and pick up my photos and it just ships right to my house so that I'm a great fan that I'm busy yeah that's amazing to mention that I live you too we both live in utah persnickety is based out of utah so we have that option of in store pickup to avoid shipping costs sometimes I just had sent to me anyway that convenience factor when we're living life if you just did and that reassurance that you don't have to spend time after the fat chasing down customer service because something was wrong with the order that's why I really wanted to spend time kind of hand selecting one that saved that step for you so you're not I mean this minor little glitch with the walgreens thing I think really enjoy a shit my computer is needed for a new home in the computer graveyard but the reality is these are all high quality options and I'm really glad he's touched on that yeah yeah and as a scrapbook er kind of in the industry they any size I want yeah any size you want they speak to scrap bookers and we speak to the huge popularity of instagrammers I love seeing that the more square options and that with the pockets we'll talk about in a minute it just grows and grows and it makes it so fun because our lives are being lived and documented there already and it makes that much easier to put it into real life handheld projects yeah, for sure there's no translation needed yes, yeah guess where god I'm for guess where none of us do you have that kid's smile on your face? What do you thinking? Well, uh for the books I've used my publisher and I think the great one place with those but I want to try love walnuts because I love the way uh some of the things that what it was searched shown on there, so I'm excited to try that one that's the kind of artistic hand on doodily and, you know, in scrap looking kind of touching on scrap booking trends for a moment I talked a little yesterday about then tangle as a doodle form, but they over like that umbrella of the doodle look is very popular right now it's very on trend so I like you you're very styling girl. I like that. I did too. I like that it gives a kind of that handmade look another option if you don't have um the means right now to get a book ordered is you can just do the steps and techniques we've learned throughout the course and create your albums with your uh different elements added from your social media and just doodle on your books and I'll get a permanent special you're doing like us these air to books I created through shutterfly for my family reunion the first was a invitation because we're meeting in mont ros where we all have common roots montrose, colorado where my grandmother lived and so I wanted to make sure I invited everyone by getting in excited about our past and that kind of that fun time we had there and in the back I just simply put him a little treat bag and a tag I was able to alter the book, but it would be so fun and just take a pan in doodle some little frames around there and if you'd like a sharpie or a permanent panis look writer by american crafts or any pending alright on a smooth surface and not smadja want to definitely test drive that first so you don't mess up your books that's a really cool way to do it yourself it's a d I y option but this is a wonderful time saver the weapon on that yeah doodle veneman just played in to add a little little things to it add your touch you want I want I think that's why we love creativity you could put your touch on it like you mean sally, what do you think I'm still like in the artifacts are headed from yesterday because I think it would do well because it's nice and clean and represent my furniture problem e like chair and walls. Yeah, how can our director yeah, yeah, I love it. You know, you were talking about it more from yesterday from a business perspective, and it is a great option for that it's, very professional. I mean, I love it for all levels. I know you do, too, but but he would like to have things in a way because they feel like they own it. Yes, and if you value them enough as a potential employer, give them a product that that you want them to enjoy an experience. Yeah, for sure. Awesome. I'm glad everyone found a little something and I always love it as a teacher. If my students khun each find something different, like the wider the offering, better off. We are in hitting all of our bases, so thank you.

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