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Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Lesson 22 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Lesson 22 from: From App to Archive: Social Media Scrapbooking

Megan Hoeppner

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Lesson Info

22. Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Lesson Info

Unleashing Your Inner Artist

So art journals I want to talk to you about those a bit to round things out. We've covered many albums we've covered pocket scrapbooking colored covered traditional scrapbooking and we've covered home to core in our large, beautiful prince we've covered tags and flip books let's get from that for a full circle moment back to the journal that we started with at the beginning of class and just one more turn side by side of these two there's my my leg ouch there's my blueprint of my sketch just like that life, this wasn't planned at all I didn't want it to be I wanted to be very organic, so you could see how even with stage fright thing on being camera shy if you happen to be that you can get over that and pass that beyond punching rounded corners, but we won't worry about that mishap and create something pretty awesome to enjoy in your album. Yeah, and meghan excuse me, erica! Erica hayes has popped in and says, of course I'm watching meghan a and it was page draft and scrapbook cards. B...

ecky fleck yeah scrapbooking cards today and page draft of that was when I can erica to you thank you so much, girl and thanks tio page draft d r e f t s that right, yeah drafts they are a f t s I imagine dot com for them for because how much work in detail go into these sketches? I sure appreciate her. She was so excited about creative lives, a big fan and wanted to share her love with us. That was really nice and so glad that worked out. You never know, right? Yeah, no, great um, so our journals actually want I made before we get back to our official curriculum one here, this is just a composition notebook, kind of well loved. I used it a lot. So that's what I mean about protecting those covers? They get worn out a little bit, but you don't have to invest in anything big or fancy, like at the art store, but you cannot course depends on how involved are you are if you want a sketchbook or not, but in this case I didn't need anything fancy, so this is like a dollar or two at the store and I just kind of a collage of different elements on here. They don't have to be that thought out as long as they're inspiring and speak to you so against a few years old, but it's still inspired me and it still speaks to me I have the different that I heart creativity and I use a kind of generic title on there because I don't just stick to one craft my heavens, no I'm so many that I love to enjoy so this could be a good catch all for that and then it's just a matter of like putting in this case with my bracelets that I create oh there's a little in stacks print right there ha I create online in my little shop is a different possible swatch ideas I put down orders from people and you know, and the scrapbooking ones in here different page maths or sketches that I like quote sent inspire me so you can use them that way is kind of an inspiration journal if you want tio or in the case we're going to do here as a group is you can use them as a place to practice and enhance your skill set but also represent your creative life in this moment. So I asked my in studio audience and I'll tell you at home to do the same. I had a time I asked them to go into their pinches sports for those of you who have pinterest and look at the things you have pinned and find things that inspire you and speak to you at the moment a military getting yours out did you do that actually just signed up with boards? I've looked at pinterest but I've never down aboard I didn't baby europe interest they did two boards and I'm hooked I know I was so reluctant with both pinterest and instagram. It's kind of funny that I'm the one in this chair teaching today because my friends had shove me to do it, and I love the fight probably should admit this, but more than facebook, I love them so much, and he just there's a reason why we're bananas about it. It's an amazing creative environment, for sure. Interesting point to bring up to you know you're talking a lot about bringing your stuff from social media and turning it into a scrapbook. Not, but you could actually take the scrap books that you've created and even put that back out again. Yeah, social media, right and there's one stop. I never saw that and there's also one more way that it never stops. We actually have galleries here, so you can actually upload your work to this course and it's right at the bottom of the course page and it says, upload your work so if you've got many albums or twelve by twelve layouts or anything that you've created from this course that's an excellent place to share it I would love that yeah well I want to go see that for sure and you know I have the different connections at the magazines and whatnot so you never know that helps him my job I'm always thinking content and new things to prevail on the block I have to do a lot get to do a block every week you know I need fresh ideas maybe future classes so I would love if people would go in there and sharing of course on instagram too hashtag hefner live right so I'm glad you mentioned that it is kind of a constant like revolving door of information and creativity because I am the same I start with like my pin boards how are my magazine or my creative life class and I find my inspiration revolves to my desktop where I am creating something and usually I will then take it back out that revolving door whether it's in a gallery like trade of lives or on my instagram or on my personal web site because we want to return the favor I was inspired by somebody or something whether it's a store window or a piece of fabric or an actual scrapbook page I want to put my stuff out there to helpfully inspire somebody else as well so I'm really glad genre he said that it is kind of on always in motion process of sharing taking and receiving so this is where we left our book yesterday morning just kind of a a simplistic little design a nice little fairly flat book that I can keep in my bag if I want tio this's the brad book by fancy pants designs and are as are the elements on the front there also by that company and just a quick inside look again as the line paper has the photo sleeve but all across the top this doesn't come with it I created these it's one of the techniques I wanted to show today are these tabs so these aren't tabs in the traditional sense it wasn't a tab punch that I punched them from and so they're just embellishments in my kids that you wouldn't put in a suitcase and sit on so they get squished but you can see that it's kind of I thought it was a fun idea I'll put it flat that might be here too look at from my point of view to put these down little dika elements and pre tags are tabs and to do this this book is divided very evenly it's nice has sections where there's the lined the photo fleas and the pocket twice that's repeated and then there's a new section so I knew how to break it up evenly and each of these khun b a different aspect of my creativity one tap khun b where I practiced techniques for the pentangle or the breast script that I'll show you in a moment or the doodling what glory did or stamping with that cool close to my heart said whatever you want to dio on, then the next could be and why I asked you to do this ahead of class. I need to finish my thought I had my students look at their pinterest boards and see what inspired you and what and kind of represented you or was a mirror that was reflecting back who you are, either in this moment or in another moment that you want a document based on quote, that you have pinned and I touched a lot about that yesterday, but you can see sort of how you're feeling and how you are as a whole in life by what you're pinning or what you're doing or what your activities are in your life at that moment by what is in your pin boards it's really cool to look at it that way. So if you have quote for you here with me today that you brought that you may have printed off from print trist on this would be a fun places like a glue book it's sometimes called you couldjust collage and glue those in here clearly they represent and inspire you for whatever reason, so it makes sense that you want to preserve that get off of the the pin board into a real border book in this case or you don't taking the sum of these techniques like brush script maybe you would want to try to take that quote and write it yourself with your handwriting so it can work that way as well. You don't have to try to print them off of pinterest necessarily that khun get tricky with copyright and whatnot because they're not just pinterest we just say oh it's from pinterest no that's from a person somebody made that money, we're charter on that cage, I'll hit it really well when she said, would you say you don't liketo hack what? Jack yeah, yeah jack somebody's idea and pinchers kind of thrives on that right that's the whole point of it and of course it's because it's a an idea sharing process but at the same time you don't just right click copy and print some of the work unless they are inviting you through there presentation of it to do so and if that's the case and it's a copyrighted element that you love, you can still be inspired by it, but just add it with your own hand writing in a quote sent, so for me like a party planning book for my daughter's second birthday, I have a maggie's second birthday pin board and on there there are the different directions I was considering taking it from many mouths to yo gabba gabba to this and that and the other. And then you can see, when I finally made up my mind, you can actually just see it on the board because it's done by order of pinning that's the way it's cattle are filed so it's all over the place, and nelson it's very targeted and it's cool it's like you almost look back in time on yourself and how you're thinking. And then from that you go to my block without revolving door concept that john reso accurately described and you can see me making are my instagram I mean, you can see look, I made this for the party next week can see it's starting to take shape, or here I am a party store. I'm gonna put this on instagram and hashtag maggie second birthday or that's part two broad magadan, second birthday foot unique to my book, right, going back for that teaching point. Then you can go see on my face book the whole maggie second birthday entire photo album, where I put the outcome of the end results that's a full experience from the planning stages on one social media outlet to the little sneak. Peaks on the other to the full shipping reveal on the other and that's where I said yesterday, I want to talk about how they work together, they come in the co mingle to tell a really solid and cool story s so that could be what you do in here really again. This is just like everything else for my friends here, and if you're working on a journal at home that I can't say do it this way, but I'm trying to give you ideas. I can tell you, however, ideas for your tabs, you don't have to use tabs. In fact, these particular little pick sounds like garden picks, as I've mentioned before are laminated, so there are heavy duty good tab option. I also adore you haven't talked much about it, which surprises me this role of tickets from his show it to you. So we're seeing it's another fancy pants product it's not a mme a thin as a ticket roll like that you would get for your carnival at home or whatever. You know your home party that she have full carnivals in your yard, maybe, but they're thicker there a little bit more heavy duty with they have that adorable ticket. Aesthetic to them is not awesome you can tear one off and go for a ride so I thought these are amazing little tabs, right? I almost just did all of those across the top but I wanted to give you kind of a small sampling he could find one that you that resonates with you for these air little paper tickets they're an easy tab again their little heavier weight so it's good to have that sticking above if we're just a regular piece of pattern paper like my feathers which were die cut from paper while they look cute they're already starting to get a little bit mangled because they are that's a thinner cut right there and so you know that's just kind of something you learn as you go and d'oh and then from here just that after you have your tabs and your sections and decide how you want to break out your book you get a play so let's do a few quick things someone being I mentioned for the brush script have any of you here with me today tried brush, script or script writing? You have laurie have howdy what product did you use? What style of medium like did use india ink or spray inker? I'm not into all that goofy stuff that's good energy I just used more paints or watercolors or like watercolor hate yes okay? Or or even water color pens and then go over it with a wet brush cool because that because I'm a little more particular like I was doing script here and the ink smudged and so I like to do it with a pen and then give it a little body with the water in the brush they depend what kind of indy's on your pen so that when you put the water pillar it won't bleed some of those I sometimes they use water color pencils even you know, just to just to fatten it up a little bit yeah, yeah yeah, but I don't pay attention to what kind of pen it is because I'm not that's okay? I just know sometimes if you play water to certainly yes, it makes it really will run yes, yeah that's a good idea that I have your base there you're kind of especially when we're newer to these techniques that helps guide yeah for sure and they didn't want also they'd tried script right brush script approach to there there are worked before with her just like water color pencils and things like that because I do like tio did a little doodles in it yeah and fancy like the first letter of the word or something I'll do something fancy what that call the drop cap or something like the first letter of word is is it a drop top dropped where it's bold and pretty and gregory attention grabbing that's cool and I'll use the water color pencils and water and pull out a round but I do like that they have done I usually disturbed pencil line so that no kind of where I'm going and then I used the water color pins pence that's great and then do you raise your pencil liner you so subtle you don't worry about it usually it's subtle enough to where I don't have to price it but if it does show I don't usually worry too much about it because that's part of it part of the art yeah, absolutely it's one of your players to your levels that is really cool and if you don't have a lot of experience of water coloring water color pencils they are just they look like colored pencils and apply them to your paper but then when you play light water with either paintbrush dipped in your water or they actually make brush tipped pens that have a little barrel e fill with water on they soften though that pencil that colored pencil line as you play your water too it turns into a paint on it's a very easy way to water color they're also products like they're called pigment sticks of brand name of one of those is the gelato and they have a similar effect but it's a more saturated color because it's like a cramp you know and a darker color same thing you color a little bit on your page you can blend that with some water and it makes a very soft a sect in this case I'm going to have a seizing india in quiches calligraphy ink so we have some of these little bottles here on the table these come in all colors black white and um rainbow colors and these particular ones or by higgins and one thing about these that I really appreciate is they dry fast there quick drying where so you can also use a spray ink if they have any my spraying cure I don't think I I brought it in spraying cause just a liquid inking a spray bottle to kind of create a splatter effect but if you remove the novel and dip your brush in there you can write scripted words I know a lot of artists amy tangerines one who does that quite a bit and it's beautiful I do that quite a bit well actually the cage of brush script besides having a liquid medium of some sort is a fine point paintbrush so not that kind of blunt flat paint brush or the skinny flat ones but ones that come to a point I'm I've got the shop at home it an agent market because there's a lot of calligraphy influence in in asian shops in fact in china air in japan town last night I wanted to show you what they had there and get all for a dollar fifty. So if you have a japan town nearby, are in japan for some very jealous second, all of this so amazing to see how the cultural divide is just not there anymore, you know, and how we're also inspired by each other don creative lie that session appropriate thing to mention because it's a global community, they have a little trade that you can put your incan they're called sewn something like that, remember, darn it being stones that you can put in their andi have these maps that you can get, and I think a lot of art stores have stuff like this, but just sort of what a who's who of scripting artwork help you sometimes appeases binner paper like a rice paper or a tracing paper it khun bleed on your table? Ivor, I've actually had a missed on my coffee table permanently because of that. Oh, there are products out there like this little matter you can put underneath that just absorbs that ink so that it protects the surface. They have brushes and a variety of styles and sizes, so you could make sure that you get the point that you want, where you can even buy, and brush script markers and then it's you have less tio to juggle around so that's a little tired of the really, really big look at this I have to open it it's worth seeing they have a gigantic pick that is so cool for the calligraphy and the script um you could do really large script with this since you'll find that point is don't make me matter awesome looks like a tale of it critter or something anybody comes right to appoint try this just for curiosity thick you should all have paintbrushes there in your in your tool stash and this ink you can either use the black or the white both either one would look great on your am intimidate I've never used the I don't dare to in such a public platform, we'll stick with a smaller one for now and the whole world not watching I'll try teo, I didn't go with black and I want to mention about this being quick drying something. I'm on your tables here we with me. You should also have some shipping tags, which, as I mentioned before, I get a gigantic box for fifteen bucks and then you should have a glassine bag a glassine bag is just a little treat bags with a slick surface, something I have found with my brush script practices I've been practicing I love the shipping tags one they're little bitty palette that I could buy a whole bunch of for very little money so it doesn't matter you will need practice you know you're naturally going to need some practice it won't be put well, it may be perfect right out the gate knowing your work that I'm seeing today but you probably want to find you know as you go and that offers you a little palate to do so to their fun to put on gifts I have my little online shop and then I put these I write thinks with brush script and put that on and send it on its way is just a little added packaging so if you're a business owner that's a fun idea and in three a little unexpected thing I discovered with the tags is a one sided smooth a slicker side and then the other side is a little bit more matt like paper believe it or not with this ink well with any of the things I have actually found the smoother side is easier to script on has a smoother continuous blend if you're using a spray ink a product or water color is something on the smooth side you and I let it dry for several hours because there are areas that are going to stay wet quite a while the reason I love this india ink is pretty quickly as seems like apply it is going to dry however it's a little bit more human here and I craft in utah, which is a desert things dry before they're out the bottle, right? But I still think it will be a fairly quickly drying process that's the same with these glassine bags, they're smooth and that makes it easier. So if your home you don't have india into per se this and calligraphers inc they can get it most art supply stores grab your spraying, click and mr heelys but studio calico or maya missed by maya road or uh another's when I'm leaving out tattered angels any of those brands and dip it in there and play with it, I've found a lot of success with my mr heelys once in particular having a lot all amaya missed by my wrote I haven't had a lot of experience with my tattered angels. You have to let me know how that works and you can either do what my friends here in the front of said laurean phyllis and they have a little they draw a little bit first to kind of give them a guide or if you just want to give it a world and see how you feel, you can just simply dip it in and try it this is a novel that you khun kind of tap it on here and get up I'll show you paint splatter effect you want that paint platter effect you just heard it told it over there and I used to think he did this and that you can do that but it looks a little forcible artificial by this if you're just listening and tuning in that way I took the nozzle and I put it down on the paper and enforced a splatter mark instead he just hold that nozzle that's been sitting in the bottle of ink and tap it with another element in this case I'm using my paintbrush and it will naturally kind of splatter it right and then you can set that aside make sure with when you're using this product the brush script have some paper towels on hand creative lives already hooked us up they're great at home cover your work surface and has some towels out because it seemed could get a little messy and you can either again right something first and then scripted or you can just dip it in did that in the ink could soak it up you can go to town you khun they'll dio oh my gosh you know through a hashtag my brush scott has something on the tip I don't know what it is and it's missing me up maybe I do have to use that big daddy should try him why not right should be and having adventuresome spirit just beginning very well it even fit in the bottle I don't know I guess we'll find out you just put oh it's actually a lot of control for being such a big guy and you just draw it just draw on there and it drives so fast but this is exactly why I like the smooth better because it's almost drying faster than I wanted to but remember when the ap when we're looking at the ap in a snap section of class and I took in the ron is at that paint smear and said that's really in look right now this is part of that this is kind of part of that trend that's brushed script I want to show you the difference when I now take my smooth side of my tag do the same thing you see how much easier that is amazing but the way it glides on there um one thing tio are a couple of tips for you it as you're trying this out if you're doing a word, especially in this and I say brush script if you're scripting a font to him lettered fund you want tio, make sure you don't stop mid letter to reapply inc if you can do your very best to get through the entire word if it's short enough before you dip in and in again if it's all one script hooked together word because it's a going you're going to show where you're lifting up point wass and even if it kind of starts to run out as you get through the word that's part of the style that's part of the look so that's ok, I'll show you what I mean I'm going to do see, I don't know I did that whole h I tried to do that whole thing and then I'm going to do the hello and one that's got so big one brush and then I can go back in and kind of clean it up one thing also with this when when you're going in one direction with your stroke, so in this case I went up, I'm gonna have a fairly kind of fat stroke and then to show the variation when I'm coming back down I'm going to make it a little thinner that just gives it a little more variety, I guess hashtag hello I but there's a lot on there for that I should have done happen her life, but this brush was afraid was too big so that's that on the paper and here it is I also think that happened her life will try data for try help there's a long name in this brush is humongous heppner all one word line break life my age is a little rough with a daddy brush like this, but anyway have fun definitely when you're approaching this getsem tags or something smooth and practice practice practice and you're going to see how things develop you can do shapes I'm going to do a heart on my glassine just fine and you can kind of decorate it with some different piece of you can do and I don't know I think what else give me an idea I wanted I could actually use different sized brushes on the same thing absolutely could use the big broke at hashtag or the heart and then the smaller but more detail perfect point you want to play I can feel what it was like oh yeah I could feel her energy just got a little computer right here that you know, not fair but your ass absolutely right, john where you could actually take a wider and thinner and I'm sure a lot of people do for different effects and same with the colors katie a series in the white so maybe feel mine I'll come over there and grab that from you I want to show people the difference because it's probably most common right now in the black like that caliber tests came in she before that she's an amazing artist that amy tangerines plus one line was she was a part of that with american crafts is black and it's bold and it's awesome in fact there are stickers and different things in that and then they have their white stickers in that same brush script and it creates a different effects. I will. I'm glad that we have both the black and white thinks he can see. But more people right now are seeing and blacks I want to get your white. Is that fine? Okay, definitely a learned skill. It takes only whatever. I never mind. She didn't. She failed. I don't want to know. It's. Beautiful it's. Amazing. Look at her handwriting. That was that same it's. The same india ink by higgins. But it's in white and I love the way white in general will pop off of craft that's awesome. And let me show you one. If I show what brushy used, this is usually a little bit more. Get a better pairing my gardening tool over there. But they both have it laced trauma. You said the time is in place, so that is awesome. And did you do just little circles of that drop? But they're very sick. And then I pushed it down to get it to spread out. Okay, very good. I love it. Thank you. I want to see your tea. If I may. Kelly, do you care? Look how thick huge! This is a great choice because she's got the very spaced out letter you should have a fund that's really cute face that lettering and you've kind of going in and you're adding that little extra touches with swirls right? That was really nice really nice I love it when you've done your splattered he just tapped over the area keep gone enjoy and love seeing these things how about over here have some show and tell kai show your layout absolutely sweet. Okay, this is purty geez, one of our we printed it just go down. I did you did sure yes if you have it handy I didn't follow it to a t but I think what you mentioned about that's what's so nice about blueprints is you don't sit there and stare at the paper and feel overwhelmed and right is your starting point so this is the one I started with and not how rest script your title on the tag yeah so but I change it up a little bit but at least gave me an idea where to start o that's great and your handwriting on that tag looks awesome. Thank you. I think this is part of why people are such a fan of this art form right now it's it really goes with a lot of the products on the market and it makes really noticeable statements yeah, your name their great thanks for sharing no fear layout, not coal so to thankyou, ladies. How about over here, my friend and you say, oh my word you're an artist you sure she has kind of a being running throughout this course of dragonflies and amazing photo that we're going to on the twelve by twelve printer that she you took phyllis of a dragon fly and now you sketched one that's amazing love drug they're very artistic teo I can't leave me to that with a brush to paint yes and I can tell you will be finishing the class for me I don't know what this looks like a stamp uh you should design stance that we actually did stamps you carved him did you carve the rubber? Actually, I co cut it out um from very cool wearing cost thank you. Oh yeah, you want tio got a cat on her a bit? Oh my gosh, you are very artistic doodle or two that's like alex very japanese. Well, I lived there for a little oh, you did that scenario thing. Oh, you need to look at the mean that's so cute. Can I show that too? Because you're that's incredible. You need to give us lessons on that. Having lived in japan, I think a lot of artwork kind of originated from there so my captain khan is out of practice, but what if you call there's got to kind of hear adana in ramadi so what does that mean though there's like a really great video? Um, writing han ji is the letters that looked more like chinese letters that are really complicated, but the roma ji is what kids learn when they're little and the coptic khanna is just the simple like our printing so and it's very tonight. So this is wholly throughout my name, but the japanese pronunciation because they don't have an ounce of its cody okay, holly's hold the same megan being in just saying many like, it was pretty cool, but it really cool. So do you have that you have something we need brushes and things and paper and very cool, obvious some pointers with you from you after classics. I'm just learning this with all of you in the knee, and your kid is so cute, you can't go around, kitty, just down the street at the good idea on the show and tell jean marie yeah, not fun. Yes, e was great. Good suggestion and hey, you know, just, you know, like holly had mentioned, she no had I got a chance to get scrap picking, booking supplies or artistic supplies abroad. One of our chatters and mom candy says their brother has lived in japan for twenty years, and they usually bring me stuff when they come home what I need to meet that s so you know you can come to japan town or you can you know tap in one of your international relatives to get you some cool crafting supplies I would if you do that let me know where you're channels are and hook a girl up all right? I have a slight obsession with how amazing that culture is and how amazing the talented and creative I wanted to share one more quick technique and I wanted our art journal that we made yesterday that have kind of this little catch all for biddy like technique sampling so I'm going to go back to my talk about to be then tangle approach or that form of doodling but first to kind of complete this paige I'm gonna hear my little bag to my page and now I have a place for aiken take my remember my photo of me geeking out in front of the the tv because I was on it I can take that and this is already starting to form my memory of being here a creative live I can touch that put it on my tag and tuck it in there would be perfect get on the airplane I'm always scrapping on the weird girl she doing all right so then tangle is that doodle form and you can either just free handed I know I saw ten full here a moment ago I've already lost it I'm that too much fun out here in front of me or you can on what is going to finish my thought and say is you khun stencil you take a stencil is kind of your base thie idea is simply to have a fine tip writing tool so it really humongous brush probably isn't the best option here however that was fun I'm glad I tried it I'm really glad I bought it well doing it since my oh here they are finding there somewhere in the mix of this happiness up here so anything kind of easy way to learn and pick up on this is to have a base piece tio give you a foundation and naturally I want to do hashtag because uh right what we're all about this these couple of days and you you can just draw but I want to use a stencil because I don't want to just be lines intersecting instead see which you didn't tell the points on these they have numbers on the ends you know how big or how blunt or fine they are by the numbers on the cats you can just I'm gonna trace this and don't worry about being too precise that's the beauty is entangled doodling is it's kind of just anything goes free handing fun I heard that that's awesome what is I want to know I'm sitting way over here for one thing about teaching that's not ask, but I don't get out there and look over your shoulders I'm glad we had that show intel moment, all right, so I got my basic outline there on the reason I want an outline is because I want to space to fill that I can use and feeling with different patterns that's what that that's entangle look, is it you look at my pen packaging again? I know I don't know why I set myself up for failure every time trying to find things you can see all of these kind of side by side it can get very intricate and very involved how these different areas of this pattern have been filled in with these different shapes that's kind of an advanced I'm really serious about this entangle hobby and it's a brilliant, beautiful in fact, we go to instagram and in the search because we all know how to do this open the search bar and type in the hash tags and tangle in the work that comes up is very inspiring and cool, so that's one way to see a lot of ideas or on pinterest same thing okay, so from here you want to create little pockets or areas that khun doodle within our patterns I'm going to take like a portion of this search it create a pattern that I'm going to build on but I'm not going to do it on the whole hash tag just in an area of it and the reason in the sand and sea I'm already zoning out see y'all later I'm in my zone no, you just kind of get caught up in it and it's so fun. Um as laurie pointed out with her album cover, it goes kind of try roots of our high school notebooks and and you know, some down time and let's get in your head a little bit, dream and brainstorm and be creative so I'm gonna have that one there that pattern end it like that, I like that we're getting a good starting place I think I'm going to go down to this opposite end to kind of balance it I'm going to do some lines, but how do you see I'm just working within an area of an area so a portion of my my hash tag instead of the whole thing having lines or curves and you can leave it like that or sometimes school then fill in those lines like little polka dots and the fun thing is, well, it's often I love it all, but you'll do you could even do another hashtag and it won't look like this one because it's constantly changing your creativity you want to try new things and this is a nice little bite size way to do that they can continue can just fill in space is let's say maybe right here I'll d'oh triangles teo uh I think it's something that's kind of the overlap you know they're intertwined, I guess and of course it's not going to be this if you are a sound of artistic habit or hobbies that are a little bit more um evenly spaced precision you can make this pretty precise but you have to allow yourself some forgiveness because it is free hand and it is doodling and if you don't you're just going to make yourself sad because he can't there isn't a perfect unless you're printing an art piece of art you know from the computer generated it's not going to be perfect and that's what's perfect about it is how unique it is and the imperfections within it so are all of you trying to you doinsome because you know I want to peek at your hairy crazy soccer I violated go home and google it and yeah finest it's so fun and, um see, I'm trying to think of we'll go to pinterest injecting sharing yours in good and breathing in it feels nice after the end of thes action packed days so that's not usually then tingles not usually in like this blunt open well it can be but sometimes done in lettering stuff we were to do say hepner live I'll just the age oh, no it's like a hash tag um you can do you just draw the line the few times so it's going to naturally create blocks of space free to doodle in on my h there's one right there writes aiken do lines here in that block of space and then here's one right here I can do polka dots over here here's one here I'll do triangles and if you go and look online again you confined the these ends I think their other tangles the tangles have names the different prince the formal official ones mine polly don't just whoa what that name but he's like really fancy when beautiful pieces of art goes all have their own names and there are ways they break it down for you like step one step two step three you can do that it's achievable I've learned I'm practicing my skill and trying to get better at this that it's not as hard as it looks and it's cool and you can even like build out from and more of like a seventies retro waken bubble out around it you know how that seventy thanks so it's a little before my time barely he saw my shag old pictures of my youth you know I was around then but then you consent tingle within that bubble around there, right? You can add doodles in these different layers, like the lines and that's, that's, kind of, you know, as far as like just a bite size technique. That's. Why I wanted you to have this art journal because we've covered so much, had been so creative in here. And this is a nice way to recap everything and try a little few things on for size and evolve in so much money, both out there and here in the room to share it with your so excited. And you're soaking it all in, and I love it.

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user 3dc619

This was my first experience with CeativeLive , and I was very impressed. I have taken classes with Megan before over the computer which I loved. This live class was so much better because it felt genuine. I loved the flow and ease of the topics. I have already signed up for another class, and hope Megan will be back to teach us more.

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching Megan Hoeppner the past 2 days. She speaks clear, and doesn't tend to use the words "um" and "uh" all the time. I wish I could have been there for hands on, that looked like so much fun! I hope I can take more classes if she offers them in the future. Thanks Megan and CreativeLive! JG (Janice G)

Christina Henry

What an amazing class! Megan is brilliant! I've been scrapping & digiscrapping for many, many years and I NEVER though to use my social media photos and quotes to help document my memories. Thank you!!!

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