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Body Strong

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Day 4: Toned Booty

Ashley Galvin

Body Strong

Ashley Galvin

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Lesson Info

6. Day 4: Toned Booty

Lesson Info

Day 4: Toned Booty

What can I say? This plan is all about the booty, and I'm not gonna pretend it's anything else. We all want a nice, perky butt, and these moves are what's going to get you there more than any other plan or video, I should say thes specific moves are the ones that I do the most and I have the most fun with. It's gonna be a killer. It's a lot of booty. It's a lot of outer hip, and it's gonna be a lot of fun. All right, so let's start on our hands and knees, shoulders, motorists, hips above the knees just finding a little neutral spine to start. Let's take a one time cat and cats with an inhale, but the belly soft Lift your tailbone. Lift your booty, lift your gaze with an exhale round. Everything pulls in and up navel to spine. One more time here in hell instead of cow post licious, exhale TUI neutral spine. So putting a little awareness in our course is the first thing we're gonna lose when we start to add on. Know that and do your best to keep it pulling in and up. Take your left knee ...

slightly to center for balance. It's extend your right leg behind you, flex through your foot and then notice the big toe. Is it falling to the right? Is it completely collapsing in? And we're dumping our hip and try to keep it level here. Think of spiraling from the inner right thigh instead of lifting with your head. Take a nice, deep breath and we're gonna take our foot out to the site. If hamstrings are tight, we can bend the knee here, but kind of like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. We're gonna lead with our toes and just take it forward. We're trying to lift your right toes to the top corner of the mat, and you can even gaze back as if you're wanting to touch your knee to your shoulder. It's not so much about how far were coming forward and back. Actually, the smaller the better. It's all about keeping your heel the height of your hip. Let's take a pause. Circle five toes, Ford, four three to one. Bend the knee in. We're gonna kick it forward heel to the glutes and for nine, getting right into it right eight seven six. Doing good guys. Five. Keep a hell up. Four three to last one. Toes forward, forward, forward, step on the outside edge of your right hand. It's assist the right knee or thigh open with the right hand coming a little wider with the left. And then I want you to think of sinking the left hip down. If you want to come onto the form, that's fine to just a couple breaths. And again, let's take a little bit of movement. That little sway. It's gonna rockin it out. We're gonna keep our right toes angling to the right. Whatever direction the toes are angling, I want your knee to do the same thing. Come up onto your left hand, tuck your back right toes. Lift your right knee up, and we're gonna pivot the left toast slightly to the right as well, coming onto the outer edge of the foot. Take your hand a little wider if you need. We want her shoulder to stay above the wrist within in half. Reacher right? Irma lift from the bottom left hip with an excel seen get down. Nice big movements in how will live. Exhale will lower, so we're really stretching out. The outer hips was, well, is working on a little bit into the legs. Let's go five four, three to one more time lifted up and pivot all the way to your left. Those will come in heels out. Straddle your month. Relax down the center for a minute, form up into your hips just a bit. Inhale shoulders the height of the hips. Pivot your toes out. We're gonna seeing into the back left hip sweep the right arm up, if you can. What's more important is that your back heel stays grounded. If your toes are up like this, lift your hips until you can ground the hell staying up higher and then we'll start to sink it down. Once we build more mobility in your ankle and flexibility in your hips and hamstring, lift up through center, think of squeezing your left glute to bring you up, exhaling front your month into the right heel again. Sweep your left arm up, or maybe lift the hips up. If you're right. Heels not grounded down last month, squeeze the right body lift lift lift up. He'll tell your feet in heels out and then roll up through the core goddess pose. Take your feet a little closer than your straddle. Take a minute. To get into this, we want to make sure we can see our big toes and then sit up through the crown of the head. You want to kind of be a little wobble? You want to be wobbly, but you want to ride your edge. So if you're playing it really safe, we're going to be rounding and sticking the but back. Imagine that the walls at your back. We're gonna pull the low belly in enough as you tuck your tailbone. It's gonna add a little stretch right here. It's a good thing. Sick her hands to our hips. Sink a little deeper with an inhale. Straighten your legs, not doing anything too crazy. But as you straighten, squeeze the glutes in Anna. Exhale will sink it. Look in hell. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze X. Maybe finding a little more death with every exhale really working deep into your hips, really working the squeeze on an inhale If you're challenging the balance, maybe adding a little gentle arms out to the side. Let's go five floor. Keep the heart lifted. Three low belly stays in two one more time here in goddess. Think it low straight and pivot your toes in and full, for it's climbed back to the top of our Matt Runner's lunge or high lunge frame out your front foot with your hands spread. The fingers gripped the map just like our playing pose. If you've done either two of my classes and I've described it there, round the back, push your arms down like we're trying to push through the map and you're pushing down that we're creating as much space from them out to your chest as you can really carefully quietly pick up the right foot and step it back. Plank post. Make your little adjustments feel your way in, spread wide into the hands Biceps. Four. Try sub Speth, pick up the right toast. Flex out through the hell. Squeeze your glutes on the lift, lift, lift lift we're gonna lift and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. If this is too much lower your last needed. But I encourage you to try. Were stronger than we think, Ben Journey. Same lift, but we let our minds get in the way. Lift, lift, lift lift back to the straightly. 10th nine eight seventh, six, five, four, three to one. Hands and knees. Who second sides Take it one time in cal post in hell. What the bellaby saw. Gaze up heart forward, chest open act cell count. Pose back to her. Neutral spun So we're not ham making, but we're not overly rounding. Just a little awareness in the low belly right near the center just for Mount Sick. Extend the left leg back. Drive out through your heel again. Notice the big toast if they're opening to the left. That's common. Spiral the inner thigh toe. Lift the hip instead of cranking the hip open, flex your foot straight leg. The best of your ability. Maybe a little bent me. I'm gonna take my right hand out for support. Maybe coming up onto the left fingertips, left toes, Ford to the top left corner of my mouth. Just Florida back. So as I do this, I'm trying to keep my heel the height of my hip. That's more important than the movement, right? Just like on the other side. Little tow. So So let's keep it for it in Circle Sighs four three to 14 for or doing death last 10 nine, eight. Keep the hell up. Seven, six, 54 three To all the way forward will stuff lizard lunch. Lengthen the right leg back. We can take your left town to your left thigh. Former, Not on the right hand up to you. Melt your right hips down. I like to take it low. It increases my stretch. Mm. Keeping your left toes angling to the left. Your knee in the same direction. He's back up to your right hand If you're not already there, tuck your right toes. Lift your right, Nia Something again. Come on to the outer right foot. Left arm is going to sweep up with an inhale we're gonna lift from the right hip. Exhale lower till almost touches. Nice big movements stretching into your hips. Staying nice and strong in your bottom arm If you notice my shoulder. Really trying to keep my shoulder forward and keep that grip. Bison forward tries up back. I'm not hurting my wrist or injuring my wrists. As I do this last three to one more lower with the lift, we're gonna spiral it over. I'm gonna spend around just for the camera angle. You guys stay as you are. Let's come back to our scan. Dawson aside, decide so within in health. Stick it to the back of your mouth. We'll be into your right lake. Deep breath in sweep your left him up. Well, flow right to the second sight lifting up. We'll do a couple more of these lifting with the inner thighs and glutes. Do your best with the mobility. For some of Ma's, this is going to be the hardest part we'll find. Censor. He'll tell the feed in hand. Steer hips. Let's roll it up. Pivot your toes out heels in. I have this life format, and this is not a ploy to get you to Vialli format. However, it's great because it has my alignment guides. So if you have a mount like this or similar, do your best. So find your heels on the center line, where at least your toes looking for even this here little till of your public wolf. Open the chest shoulders down, rib cage down, sink deep into your hips. Hands to your hips. Arms can be out to the size. Focus on the glutes So as you lift, we're gonna squeeze, inhale, relax and sink deep. Squeeze with squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Internal engagement. Probably say this in every video in every class I teach, you can cruise and oppose, or you can work in a post and things on Lee get harder if you choose to make them harder so you can hang out thinking I don't feel anything where you can work. Always a little internal engagement. Last five. Squeezing for three to when we're time, Let's take it low and hold. Open the knees. Lift the chest rib cage down. Lobelia. Straighten your legs heels Pivotal Fold for crawl forward and then same idea. Your left foot is forward. Spread the fingers wife high on the back, right toes and will carefully step back to plank. Find your plank, the center of your heart lifting if you need less. You can do the same thing with the knees down, and I encourage you to do so if you're compromising your form. Otherwise, knees up again. Inhale, lift the left heel squeeze. Squeeze with your breath every time you lift. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. It's been the knee feel straight up, straight up. Push push push like you're trying to push something away straight. Nearly last 10 ninth, eight seven six five. Doing good for three to one. Lower the knees. We'll circle it out so you can create half circles. We can take full circles. Little wife. You can simply go side to side, something to release and help Open up your outer hips just a little bit more. More time taking it back and taking it for from your hands and knees. Position. Tuck your toes, lift your hips that's ease up into down dog, and then I'll let it be your tryst. Little baby hot stuff, however you get there, has come to the front of your mouth cigar toes together, Carney's wife and slowly roll all the way up to standing before we come into our chair pose. One has set up a little alignment here, so again noticing, when we're closing the core hips and ribs, that little crunch noticing when we're adding a back bend. Okay, belly is soft tail, bones lifting, closing it down. Opening it up seems office foaming at the movement, and sometimes we let that go sink into your hips. We're gonna find share post. Gaze down. Can you see your big toast? If you can't see your big toes, scoot the shins back and then I want you to find that little tilt. So we're closing it down and they were going to open it up. We're gonna close and squeeze and release, so I'm not full on opening here. I'm just softening, softening the tuck. I'm softening the squeeze of my glutes. We'll start it off. Tuck squeeze soft squeeze softened. Squeeze. Soften. Your arms can be up. Your hands can be at your heart. Sometimes I like my hands to my hips, just based off of what I'm doing. Sometimes it's good. Gaze down. Can I see my big toes? Let's go for 10. Squeeze eight. Savin six, five four, three to one. Stay low in the legs. Step into a nice white chair from your chair. Find the balance. We're going to squeeze the outer right Glute for stability. Stepping back. Crescent lunch. Good from crescent lunch. White chair wide share Curtsy, squats. Where do these 1st 1 slope curtsy? Squat. Squeeze my inner thighs. Sit up. Talk that tailbone. Squeeze, squeeze, Squeeze wide share. Crescent Lynch wide chair curtsy squad. Wide share. Crescent lunch Wide share Kurt. Sales go. Three more guns. Why check? Crescent Lunch Wide share. Curtsy Squad. Why'd you last year? Crescent lunch. Wide chair curtsy. Squat squeeze last. Why Chair caressing lunch. Why'd year heard? See? School? Let's step back. Sweep your arms up. Give it a little shake. Hance, your heart reset. Toast together, Heels apart. Sing it down. Feel the little tuck release. We're gonna tuck and hold. Pulse 10 nine eight. Seventh six, Five for three to one. Straighten your legs Hands stay to your heart Toes pivot Forward ground and to your right Big toe your right heel. Warrior three. So I'm keeping a soft bands in my knee in both knees. I don't wanna lock out and I want to keep all of the support in my outer. Right? Nice and slow Nosedive. Someone to start bending deeper until my chest connects with my thigh. My shoulders are lower than my hips, and I'm lifting my left heel higher than my hips. Now, to find the stability back to warrior three, lift and squeeze your outer right hip, soft bend both knees. Nice. And so again, spending deeper. Take your chest low shoulders below your hip chest on fire Touching left heel higher than my hip pressing Bacca Warrior three Keep the breath Find you're dressed. Your dressy is You're still point of focus Little spot on your floor whatever again banding down Just a guy Press it well, more time, guys, Take ILO Get down! Live Live Lift the left Here, press it up Let's stand up without touching your left foot Little break on the outer right hip We're gonna come back to where your three in a moment Catch your breath, soften the ribs down and we're gonna out on to that curtsey squat We'll come back to where? Three soft bending both knees and I'm going to curtsey squat without touching my left foot down. Squeeze minor thighs and press it back up A lot of bounce. Do your best. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Work in the outer right hip, Work in the booty. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. So you want to keep your left heel? Hi to your hip. You don't have to get crazy low in the right leg as long as you're feeling it. But just keep your left heel tied into the glutes. Not a whole lot of movement here. Let's go one more time. We're gonna hold the curtsy squad. Trust me on this one. I'm gonna give you a break. Take it a little lower. A little lower, a little lower All the way down in here we are seated Twist, Artem at sea, Andros and 1/2 Lord of the Fish is in. Sweep your left, Armagh. For all of you yogis exhale. Little twist to the right. Love. Trysts up, right thigh. I got a nice release in my back. Hopefully, you did too. Sit up tall. Take your gaze back over your right shoulder. Try to feel yourself sitting evenly and equally in your hips. Sick. One more breath. Nice and slow. Come back to center. Now. Look at your right foot. Look where you have it. Look where you want it to be. We're gonna stand on it. So lean four. Squeeze the glutes toe lift You compress into the outer edge of your left foot. We're gonna lean forward and lift a backup. Warrior three. Good. Lift the heart. Little engagement on the low belly. This time we're gonna bend, tap the back toes. Precedent. Tap the back toes Press it up one more time Tap and land here in crescent lunch So take a minute adjust your stance Don't do it to get out of the front leg Do it so widen your stance So you're gonna have more balance If we're on railroad tracks Not a tight rope A little bit in your back knee Working my mounts A little till in your pelvic bowl I'm gonna keep my hands at my heart You can do the hips You can do the sky It's gonna help your balance Hands on heart center Take a deep breath in focus on pressing down into the right heel Squeezing your right glute Stand up a little kick to get back Slow crescent Can you lower silently Sana Kick Take it back, Crescent As you press squeeze Make it more about the lift Then it is the kick or anything else And as you lift stand straight up Dont lean back to kick Keep the core Engage cigar Last two Nice and smooth Nice and control Back to crescent lunch Little set up deep breath in just a guy Arms come back like wings I know you're feeling it I'm feeling it too. I'm right here with you. Squeeze the right head back. Keep space from my trust to my thigh Keep the tuck in the pelvic bowl Gonna take Justify Stand up I need a chest Step back Just a thigh Stand up I need a chest Last time. This time we're going to step back Plant the hands Lower your neath right foot kicks up Step forward Lift Step back lower. Kick it up. Step four lift. Lower kick. Stuff left. Who worked the mounts? Kick, stuff lift, lower kick stuff lift, lower kick, step lift Last time, guys. Lower kick stuff Lift and up Come all the way back down Hands and knees Gonna cross the ankles and have a C Come all the way down once you're back What your heels shoulder shoulder with shoulder with hip with and be able to graze your heels with your middle finger That same idea of us talking are pelvic bowl. So trying to remove any space from your back and the map take a deep breath in and slowly lift. So as you lift little engagement on the inner thighs, be careful of the knees, just like we said in pigeon, we want our toes to face the same direction as our knees. Hands can stay relaxed, palms up her palms down. Try not to use the hand. Sometimes palms upper is a nice reminder not to use the hands we're gonna lift with the glutes and squeeze lower. Squeeze lower when you lower your just softening, just like our chair or tuck release. It's the same thing here. We're gonna lift and tuck, lift and tuck and squeeze. Softened squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, little tuck, little tucks, a lots of internal engagement. We'll go for nine eight, seven six last five for keep the squeeze to one. Let's keep the lift. Use your hands. This part can be tricky. In fact, let's lower our hips and cross the right ankle over the left knee. I'm gonna step my left foot in slightly to center with an inhale lift. An open, same idea. We're gonna lower squeeze, lower squeeze, lower squeeze. We'll go nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three to one. Lower the hips, which the lakes left heel over Squeeze, squeeze. So I am trying to lift my hips, tuck my tailbone and just keep my knee opening naturally, so I'm not trying toe open it with force. This is just whatever your natural flexibility is you need may be facing the ceiling a little more. It may be a little more open. We'll go last. Five, four, three to one. Soften the hips release. Last little push you guys deep breath in will lift it up. This time I'm gonna snuggle under, snuggle under my shoulders together a little more support me and late can be straight meant Whatever. That doesn't matter. Lower lift, lower left. Lower lip. Five four, three to one. Lower the hips. Switch it up. Lift recent fungal if you need left me and lower squeeze, squeeze five for your liking Me straight, three to one. Lower your hips. Nice little squeeze. Let's rock up soles of your feet together Fold for just for five breaths Catch the breath Mm Soften the shoulders. It's come back Needs together this lift and lower that ideo in a lot of my videos without the hands is really important. Part of mobility, flexibility and strength. It's all in one. So can we keep our heels in our knees? A little wife and then lift. Lift your hips all the way up and slowly will roll back up to standing to restart. Take your hips, toes together. Little space between your heels set up for our chair posts. Soften the ribs. Just come back to that awareness. Are we opening? Are we closing? Knowing when you choose to dio the open or the close? Sam Clovis right, Knees back. Maybe a little lighter in our toes. Sicker Hands to our heart. We're gonna talk and squeeze. Soften squeeze softened a little tight Release. Tight release. Squeeze, squeeze, Squeeze. Squeeze your low bellies engaged treatise in a little of the weight back into your heels, squeezing a little deeper. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Nice. Let's stay low on this. I, well, stop it out. Wide share. Stop back, Crescent lunch. Step it out. Why? Chair curtsy? Squat to remember. Shoulders up, ribs down. Squeeze it in and your knees going to stay above the big toe. Squeeze the inner thighs wide squad crass. It lunch wide Squad curtsy. Wide squad crescent lunch. Wide squad curtsy. It's a bloody quads, right? With the wide squad crescent lunch wide squad curtsy. Sick it one more time. Wife Crescent. Why curtsy? Squeeze back delight from your wide squad. Let's step back in chair toes together. Hang in there. You get to straighten your legs here in a minute. Little pulse. Pulse pulls hands at your heart. Let's tuck and squeeze. Release five four, three to one straight and in full. Shake it out, slow your roll left. Find your stance. Find the weight in your left foot. Here, he'll straight down. Grow up and out of the outer edge where the outer hip it's coming to our warrior. Three to keep a soft bending both knees, hands to my heart for balance. And then, just like we did think of spiraling the inner right thigh up. Instead of opening the hip up nice and slow, we'll just take our nose dive shoulders lower than the hips. Right heel lifts higher than the hips. Squeeze, squeeze. Squeeze the outer left hip. They come back nice and soft. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. I come back. Go for three more, squeeze it and who work in my balance. It's a lot of calf. Once I it might be a little harder bounds for you than the other. The left is definitely my harder one. Let's come back up and last get really, really, really, really low and we'll come back. I got to shake it out because my calves burning It's come back to our warrior three and then work that curtsey keeping your right heel up the entire time. Curtsy down, right, he'll stays. And at the glue grasa. Becca Keeping a little bend in my left hip. Squeeze, Squeeze, squeeze. Press it back up. Take our last few. Squeeze it in. Right heel to the glue. Press it back up. License, huh? Right. He'll squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Press it back up or your three more time. Squeeze it in. Let's take it lower. Lower, lower, lower, Lower. All the way down our democracy, Andros, on a deep breath, inhale sweep Our right arm up left town supports you behind the back. Exhale into your twist. Sitting up nice and tall. Turn your gaze over the back, left shoulder. Take a moment. Find your breath. Last deep breath in turned forward. Ground down into your left big toe. May be using the hands press out of the outer edge of your right foot and will stop back Crescent lunch. Adjusting your stance because we want our feet again on two railroad tracks and not so much on a tightrope little tuck of your tailbone. A little hug of your ribs. Damn. We'll take a nice deep breath in. We're gonna press down into the left heel, squeeze the left blue and stand all the way up right knee to your chest. Who a little kick. It's not so much the kick that matters. It's the squeeze of your left hip as you lift. Yeah, squeeze and lift. Trying not to lean back through our core. Just coming straight up. Nice. We'll go for three. Heart stays up to lots. Outer. Have one more time. One crescent lunch, Cygan. And who lift the chest? Exhale just that inhale. Same idea. You guys stand up, right knee to chest. Catch your balance. Stop back. Just a guy in hell. We press it up. Exhale. Step it back in. We left. Axe him the lower in how one more time exhale. Let's pause, keeping the space from my rib cage to my thigh, my lower belly drawing in my tailbone, talking that over exaggeration. Drive your heel down. Keep this squeezing your left hip the whole time. Throughout this whole video, we're squeezing everything in deep breath here. Nice and slow. Plant the hands. Let's come on down. Fingertips to the map. We're gonna take a nice deep breath in kick the left heel up. Step it forward. Press into the left heel. Needier chest will stop it back. Right knee down, left heel kicks stuff and back. Kick broadens crunchy. Step back and lower kick press and left. Doing good. Step back. I know you're feeling in the left hip. Stop! Kick it up! Last two kick stuff lifted up. Last one kick step lifted up will come back down on the hands and knees. Cross your ankles and come all the way onto your back. Have your knees and just for a minute Here, Find your breath, Little rock forward and back. Maybe side to side and we'll set it up. I give you lots of time to stretch in the middle, Fingers to your heels Live the hips up a little tilt, right A tiny bit of engagement on the inner thighs. Problems facing up Just to remember not to use the hands, Maybe even light in the toes Lots of heels. It's going to drive it up in squeeze, softened as we lower lift and squeeze. Soften. Lift soft with squeeze for nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three to one. Said the hips down. It's cross the right ankle over. It's might be a little more pressure this time because it's the second time around. So again, as we open just naturally left the right hope fall squeeze into the left glue with the breath. Let's go for ninth, eight, seven, six, five, four, three to one, said the hips down. We'll switch it up, laughed ankle over deep breath and drive it up. Will lower. Exhale, squeeze, squeeze. Squeeze nine it seven six, five four, three to one. Lower the hips ground into your left heel. Readjust if we need to. Let's take the hips up, snuggle the shoulders under. We'll start with the left heel, me and legs straight. Whatever feels better, you're gonna lower and lower and lift, and when you lift, we're squeezing. Five, four, three to one. Drive the hips up, set it down. Really second sight. Inhale lift. Reese Nagle the shoulders. If you need right knee and soften, squeeze it up. Squeeze five four three to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and lower down. That's how Younis in coming in rock back up. Same idea. Heels down lots of coral, lots of booty to lift you up. I won't take our former full ground into your hands. Let's come down to hands and knees. Consider for our plank posts. Let's start with an spread. The fingers Wife sigint helped release the belly. Open the chest one time into Kappos round round, round your back. Pull your chest up in away from the math will step the feet back as if the right toes. We're going to cross cross, but I'm squeezing my glute the whole time. Will go five four, three to one straight up. Fine. Four three to one. Bend the knee. Kick by four three to one. Step it forward. A pigeon post. He'll tell your right foot across. Let's get into your outer hip. Lengthen the left leg down and we'll slowly call your hands forward forehead to the mat. If your front heel is all the way into your body, that's fine. I want you to think of squaring your hips more than we do, bringing your right toes to the front left corner. Last breath. Let's come back up. Scoot the healing. If you need took the left toes, we'll bring it right back up. Plank posts reset. Chest up around the back, Left toes Lift little cross. Squeeze your glute the whole time. 10th ninth, eight Seventh. Six straight up. Five for three to one. Benjani Press Spies four three to one. Step it forward Pigeon pose. He'll told the foot across your math. Lengthen your right leg behind you on. Then slowly we'll call it a relaxed tried to soften the shoulders. Sometimes in our stretch, we hold tension without even realizing it. Last deep breath in nice and slow. So we're gonna crawl up. We don't to your left hip. Sweep the right leg around in front of you. Come all the way down onto your back. Make sure we can gauge or barely graze our heels with our middle fingers. Inner thighs slightly engaged. Deep breath in with an exhale will lift little tilt tuck, little snuggle of the shoulders. Under this time we're going to drive up to the right Dion through center, up to the left. So as we pop it to the right squeeze Center release. Left squeeze. Just gonna go side to side, squeezing on the left. Squeeze, Squeeze, squeeze, Squeeze. We'll go for five four, three to one. Back to center. Squeeze. Release. Squeeze Release. Five four three to one, Right near lift and lower. Squeezing up five four, three to one. Switching out. Left man lower squeeze. Lower squeeze. Five four three to one. Both heels down. Right squeeze left. Squeeze five for three to one lift and lowers last 10 nine. Eight were talking and squeezing. Seven six, five, four, three to one awesome job. Hug it in. It's fine. A little happy baby reaching up for the outer edges of your feet. Try your best. Who keep the heels above your knees, shoulders pulling down. Dry your knees in little rock up the center. We'll take our last stretch here with double pigeons. I'm gonna turn so that you can see what I'm doing. I'm trying to find shin stacking, so this may be one knee on top of one ankle, One ankle on top of one. Me, who might be a little wider angle on top of calf might be a little tighter you want to stop when your top me starts to lift, we're gonna come back here. Sit evenly in the hips up through the site body. Lean, lean, lean forward hips back, heart ford and relax. I encourage you to take more time pausing in between. If you have it, let's switch it out. Left leg on top. Same set up heart forward hips back. If you can call it out, crawl it out. If you're nowhere near this, outer hips could be tight, sitting upright and simply relaxing your neck and shoulders is fine. And then slowly it will come back up like always. Take longer in your stretches if you need. Take a Shiva Sena if you can. If you have the time, thank you guys for joining me. As always, take as much time in the stretches as you need or out on to them. I hope that you had time to take a shit. Boston. After this class, we'll see you next time

Class Description

Skill level: Intermediate
Classes: 7
Time: 30-45 minutes
Cycle: 26 days

Are you looking for an intensive yoga experience that will help you dramatically strengthen and tone your entire body? Then BodyStrong is for you. This month-long course is filled with effective exercises, challenging movements, and lots of tips and techniques that will activate your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin. In this class, you will use yoga for muscle tone and increasing overall strength. You’ll learn how to:

  • Strengthen and tone your whole body
  • Isolate and engage muscles in your arms, legs, abs and booty
  • Work to muscle exhaustion and continue through the burn so you get the most out of your workout

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in Manhattan Beach, California. She is known around the world for her strength and flexibility in her practice. Ashley teaches a strong and dynamic flow that will give you a deep understanding of the practice and cultivate body awareness. In these classes, Ashley will help you:

  • Focus on developing body awareness
  • Develop long and lean muscles you can be proud of
  • Tone your entire body

Workout Descriptions:

Day 1: Toned Core
Core work is key for a strong, toned body and proper alignment. In this lesson, you’ll practice yoga to tone your stomach and fire up your entire core; the front abdominals, obliques, and your back body, which will set you up for success for the rest of your BodyStrong journey.

Day 2: Toned Legs
Toning your legs is about so much more than just strengthening. Today’s class will be pretty quad-intensive, but you’ll spend a lot of time on mobility as well, stretching and strengthening through dynamic movement to truly practice yoga poses to tone your legs.

Day 3: Toned Arms
Today you’ll build heat and feel the burn as you move through rep after rep of plank, chaturanga, dolphin pose, and more. Get ready to ignite and tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back body. Practice these yoga poses to tone your arms and shape your upper body.

Day 4: Toned Booty
Through a variety of asana, squat and lunge variations and reps, you’ll work your glute muscles in ways you never have before in today’s lesson. Get ready for an energizing, booty-lifting challenge.

Day 5: Toned Body
As yogis, we work through a lot of “push” movements; chaturanga, downward facing dog, plank—but we lack a lot of the “pull” movements. Today, it’s all about the pull. Step into full-body tone yoga and get fired up!

Day 6: Rest Day
Today is a rest day. Take a breather and let your muscles recover.

Day 7: Rest Day
Today is a rest day, which is crucial for your muscles to have the chance to grow.

Repeat for Programming
Day 8: Toned Core
Day 9: Toned Legs
Day 10: Toned Arms
Day 11: Toned Booty
Day 12: Toned Body
Day 13: Rest Day
Day 14: Rest Day
Day 15: Toned Core
Day 16: Toned Legs
Day 17: Toned Arms
Day 18: Toned Booty
Day 19: Toned Body
Day 20: Rest Day
Day 21: Rest Day
Day 22: Toned Core
Day 23: Toned Legs
Day 24: Toned Arms
Day 25: Toned Booty
Day 26: Toned Body

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Grady Lawlor

Fantastic class and teacher! This is a great routine to get into when working out from home has never been so trendy. This series absolutely pushed me to go further than I thought I could and luckily proved right. The results? Brighter mood, better sleep, fitter bod, more energy and overall feels like I accomplished something worthwhile! *Pro tips: 1) When Ashley mentions grabbing socks to make one of the moves harder, the ones for your hands do not need to be worn on your hands like gloves. 2) Do this series with an accountabilibuddy - for me, my fiancée - so when you mix up the step noted above and have wool socks up to your elbows ready to start the workout, someone can be there to laugh with you. 3) For the photographers, an old 5D MkII camera box was a perfect substitution for the needs of the yoga block used for some of the moves.

Anne Dougherty

This is amazing. Definitely NOT a beginner class, but Ashley is very clear in her presentation. The pacing is steady and demanding, but I find my strength and stamina improving with every workout. I have to simplify lessons to accommodate weakened muscles after several years of ill health, but I do what I can, and it feels wonderful. I do think this should perhaps be upgraded to ‘advanced’ from current ‘intermediate’ level grade. Even Ashley gets a bit winded and occasionally shakey, and she is as fit and strong as anyone I’ve ever seen.

a Creativelive Student

I have switched from my regular HIIT (high-intensity interval training ) to this workout. Recommend it if you've been working out for 3 -4 months or more and want to step up your fitness level.