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Copywriting for Crafters

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The Sales Funnel


Copywriting for Crafters

Lesson 10 of 15

The Sales Funnel


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The Sales Funnel

If you've never seen a sales funnel before, this is my graphic of it this is what I used to teach my clients I caught a customer flow chart it's a sales funnel the same difference and as with everything else this is most effective after you have established the ideal customer for your business at the top of the sales final you'll see the widest opening remember your meeting different people in different situations every day and you're not talking to one person with the same elevator pitch so the top is where your marketing system is reaching not only for new customers but also for repeat business. This is friendly in casual conversation up here this is where we're talking about if you're speaking to a stranger, this is a conversation everybody can hear and then we're going to discuss that a little bit more in in content marketing but your online store front you're blogged any referrals your business gets and all of your social media accounts feed in to the top of this funnel still near...

the top you are engaging with your potential customers so you're not only finding them you're speaking to their challenges and interest up here at the top and you're appealing to them and that that is breeding connection and engagement and it's appealing to them the best way to connect and move further into the funnel even up here it's a collect e mails when you're just still having that very casual conversation still have sign ups often offers on your blogged shop in social media accounts then you're establishing trust so this is one of my favorite things the sales funnel when you look at that when you look at online business as the process that it is you realize how much is really involved and how much you're kurth customers really kind of need from you to build that that trust with you so beginners start out and they have a product they listed online they sort of expect sales can you relate? I mean, I know whenever I listed my products online I expected sales and that that's when you start out you expect them to come you think the whole internet will see your product? You know what I mean? And then but as you can see, they're so much more to it there's so many moving parts and what I also love about this is that it is an automated system. Once you get some content out there it can be evergreen and it can always be reaching and connecting with your customers. So as you're establishing trust your sorry to speak more intimately with your potential customers beyond social media which down here is beyond social media little bit your blogged starts to answer the questions that they might be having and your e mails provide value to them value in the form of information or specials or discounts a relationship in business needs to be nurtured and developed like any other relationship in life and at this point in the sales funnel your customer is a resounding maybe maybe to your offer they're interested they want to know if more information they might not be a yes they're definitely not a no there are maybe to your product so loud lower down into the sales funnel you and your customer know and trust one another this is when you're old friends this really is you have a relationship they believe you're the person for the job and you're having sales conversations and they're listening that's when things get sweet in your marketing system when you've talked to people in such a consistent in casual and comfortable manner that you're having sales conversations and they're all ears great place so this is that old friend position and this is the difference between up top where you how you would approach a coffee briefs if you were having coffee and you need to sell your product and at the bottom is how you would approach an old friend they trust you you trust them you know them you understand each other this is a fun and comfortable place to be in business this is the goal right there so you can cut straight to the point conversion happens at either the product listening where you sell your product or an email blast during a marketing campaign where you get the people to your site to buy the product. Either way, it involves a direct and persuasive sales converse sweet station and persuaded persuasive doesn't need to mean sleazy persuasive can be I know what your needs are this is what you want this is what you want to check out now because this is what you want so finally the follow up and remember that every customer is never a one off sale always treat your sale as an opportunity to build a better relationship if your customer is not already on your email list, you need to do some heavy prompting right here so I would send a follow up email send them a link to your list or an opt in confirmation if your manager provides that I know a lot of you were here I tuned in when abby was talking about a weber they have this automated system and it's really useful I'm a weber user you can send an offer for coupons for the order itself whatever you have to do push the email sign right there so you can stay in touch and you know they're going to continue to listen it's important to know note that this is not a funnel with an end punt puddle this is a flow chart so new customers are invited tio once they make the sell they're invited to come back around and your relationship ship gets better and better, and then they start to add to that referral opening up there it's a flow chart, so I'm bringing this sales funnel toe life for you using daisies are print as the example it's of her murder mermaid and tabby cat fish. This sales final here represents her online platform, the online platform that daisy has built so the print goes to the bottom because the ideal customer can have it until she buys and I didn't have any of your heads on hand, so I used my own, and in the sales final example, I am daisies ideal customer that makes me a collector of whatever is vibrant rich in colorful I love art and I'm looking to make a gallery wall in my home. I first saw daisies art when I was watching this amazing copy writing class on creative life I learned so much that day I was a referral because I saw it on a website and I use that link, but it could have easily found her on pinterest or by via search, I browsed her sight, and on etc I favored at the print this print light the art of daisy church on facebook but I wasn't ready to buy it I wasn't sure so you see, I'm up here at the entrance to the funnel, feeling my way around gathering my thoughts thinking about my purchase so daisy is going to be using content marketing, which we're going to talk about next to get me further down into her sales funnel. As I was following the art of daisy church on facebook, she shared a gallery wall of her prints on display at a recent art show I needed that collection is going to be the perfect art from my home above that image that she shared on facebook, daisy wrote in quotes can't make it to the show. To see these illustrations in person, sign up for email updates and enjoy ten percent off your order this weekend on lee, it included a link to sign up for her email newsletter who could resist? I've been wanting a print following the brand, getting to know the seller and now she's giving me a deal, I'm in the sent sales funnel, and right now I'm a strong maybe I'm getting closer to my art print by the minute I confirmed my subscription to her email newsletter and an email came shortly after and I opened it up and it was as if she was speaking directly to me and my love for original, vibrant art. She even gave him money off my first order in the form of a discount I couldn't resist for one minute longer I bought daisy did a fabulous job encouraging myself now the next part is equally important to having a thriving online business and that is to encourage that customer to come through and be a repeat business repeat customer my print was delivered by the end of the week and she paid amazing attention to detail I got this beautiful, sturdy print that I could hang on my wall and it came in a protective sleeve and included another coupon for my next order so that I could really start to build my gallery wall I was wowed I definitely see myself becoming a collector after he hung a picture on my wall I shared a picture of mike of the print hanging in my home and tag daisy and thanked her for the experience she shared my post with her entire following so you see how when you do things like that it means so much to the customer and you can also see how you've got me right back up here to the top of the funnel I just shared your print with my friends I got in front of people maybe you got to refer off that but now I'm even fonder of your brand and you have my email that means when you're speaking to me I'm listening I'm no longer gathering my thoughts whatever you sell to me I'm ready to hear that's how a marketing system is mental function and you can see how these six past came to life in our sales funnel again, this is a free resource on my block, available any time, nothing else to know about that, because it really goes into great detail.

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You built your online store, now it’s time to do the fine-tuning that gets people to buy! In Copywriting for Crafters you’ll learn wordsmithing tricks and techniques that lead customers to check-out. 

Lisa Jacobs is an experienced Etsy® seller and dedicated creative consultant. In this class, she’ll help you write the words that reach customers and motivate them to make a purchase. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop a copywriting template 
  • Critique your own work 
  • Avoid common copy mistakes 

Lisa will help you guide customers through the buyer's journey. She’ll tell you exactly what to include in product descriptions and what to leave out. She’ll also reveal the common errors that cause product listings to fail and she’ll help you ensure that yours always stand-out. 

Use the words that get results. Join Lisa Jacobs in Copywriting for Crafters and increase your sales by sending the right message, at the right time.  


Bundle Wade

Without being intimidating, Lisa Jacobs is powerful and articulate in her delivery. Her dedication, expertise and warmth are evident in each session. Throughout the course, Lisa reminds us that our customers—both potential and current—are flesh-and-bone people. Therefore, the content and copy writing on our websites must show the same careful attention we would exhibit in face to face interactions. In my opinion, some of the most salient course features are: the explanation of the distinction between content and copy writing, the marketing umbrella and its application, and of course, useful tips and real-life examples on how to write good, attractive content and item descriptions. Overall, this was my favorite class from the "Increase Your Holiday Sales Seminar." I happily recommend it without hesitation to creative business owners offering products or services.


This course is so helpful and well worth the money. It's broken into sections making it easy to do in parts and so easy to follow Lisa Jacobs. Lisa explains it so effectively making it so easy to learn and a pleasure to listen to. There are great questions from actual Etsy sellers and a complete workbook to fall back on. Great course and highly recommend it. Many thanks Lisa Angela

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I'm already on the next to the last segment. Having just purchased this class last night. Thanks to the referral by Dan Safkow of "Making it on Etsy". As I mentioned to him today- "Lisa's Creative Lab class is GOLD. Best $ I've spent all year- AND last year". ~So, I'm treaking all of my online shop's listings. Yay! I'm also glad to learn about (and take advantage) of the amazing resource for folks like me, and the crowd I run with --> CREATIVElive in general.