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Copywriting for Crafters

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Your Product Benefits


Copywriting for Crafters

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Your Product Benefits


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Your Product Benefits

Now we're going to look at the template we I want to start with a very basic look at the template using the copyrighting formula that I just gave you the what the wide the how and then we're gonna build onto that template and adam variables and sales techniques so this is an actual the actual template starting with the very basic elements because the what? Why? How those air vital tio effective copy reading so at the top we have a simple, concise keyword rich product title no action, no extra it has to make sense that has to be simple if you write it in your product title, you should be able to approach a customer in a store and say, oh, that well, that is and then tell the tell your customer what that is in one clean statement the first paragraph in your listing covers the what and this list all of the products features these first two sentences of the listing are typically crawled by search engines, so we're going to keep them keyword rich and relevant this the what gives your custom...

er a sense of scale and depth it's talking about what it is and you can get specific about size and dimensions the next paragraph covers the benefits of the product the why this is where you make your ideal customer feel heard and understood you're going to use this second section the uae to help the customer imagine your product in their life, you want to describe the results that they can expect and tell them how the product will pre produce the benefits that they seek. The third paragraph is the how and now it's time to end strong for your customer. This is where you tell your customer that they can stop looking. They found results that they're searching for and the how is about your business? And we do that in a way, without using eye or mine, we keep that other, so to bring this to life, and this is where the supply shops come in to bring this to life. I'm pulling an example from one of my my own clients, one of my one of the members of the luminaries club, and she is the owner of annaly marie on etc. She runs a supply store and she sells biased tape. What spice tape? I don't know, I don't know because I don't so and that's okay anally is an example she's a great example not only of good copyrighting, but I pulled her also because she's an exception to a rule that's surprising mistake shoptalk will supply shops are the exception. The ideal customer for this product already has a talent that she's already skilled at, so she knows this language so anally should speak this experienced advanced language at this advanced level, so biased tape for our purposes into my understanding is that finishing edging and she opens her copy writing with the what the first paragraph address is what it is, how much the customer gets, which is three yards off half inch tape. It describes the fabric used it's, simple and keyword rich, so that covers the what it covers the entire what paragraph? So she moves on to the why down a paragraph she's talking directly to her ideal customer who wants to save time but also wants to make their project extra special notice that this writing does not exclude anybody. Everyone is welcome to shot this product, she says. Simple baby bibs made from absorb it white terrycloth are transformed with the charming, biased tape edging she's actually offering ideas here, and I can picture a fresh white terrycloth baby bib with this cute tape around the edging for a baby girl I can picture in my mind, she's suggested projects, and all the projects she's suggested are very easy to imagine. Finally it's her listings job to solve her ideals. Customer's needs once and for all. This is your stop for by state she's also addressing some of our customers hesitation and we're going to swing back around on that one later in just a minute, but this stage in the listing the eye at this stage in the listing the ideal customers biggest question is, is this going to deliver the results I'm looking for or am I still going to be stuck with the challenge that I came here with? So customers always want the results after a customer decides to buy, they're wondering how long does it take to arrive and they again they imagine receiving it and putting it to use an analyst case her customer has a project to finish its on her sewing table. It needs to get done so she says to our customer flat rate shipping, often males on the same day you order it's perfect so let's, use our examples from our in studio audience to apply the what the why and the how to create a better flow in your listings. For the most part, we're going to be using the same formula, but each lifting will be different because your ideal customers are each different, so we have days these products and remember that daisy's ideal customer and her product listing she adds color, vibrancy, richness and she represents a personal style and extend aesthetic that's what she does for her ideal customer because the first two sentences are crawled by search engines, I want to add some key words, and what I want to add is original whimsical art, print and then I'm going to have some information about the sizes of the prince that you offer so this is the what copyrighting cast your eyes on this original drawing of a whimsical blond haired mermaid holding an adorable orange tabby cat fish this our print is available in size is five by seven and eight by ten to enhance daisies copyrighting I added those key words that I talked about and added the actual product dimensions to the opening paragraph so right away they know what they're getting what's on offer and it has it still keeps that windy colorful language up there next we're looking for the why and you're writing your writing when you go home and do this it should always go beyond likes my suggestions because I don't know your ideal customer as well as you're going to know your ideal customer that goes across the board but you'll have done the ideal exercise with all your thoughts in place and you really start to know and build on that ideal customer and you're going to know her better than I do but the why that I have is and these vibrant hues of sand and sea to your desk or gallery wall this animation comes to life on high quality fine art paper each print is signed and ready to frame we're speaking to the ideal customers love off vibrant colors in rich use then we're addressing the high quality of the print adding how convenient it is to frame this is making it all very easy in the language that they can understand so when we do this we are meeting the customer where they're at and there are non expert but this is easy to digest. Finally we need a brand statement and we're going to address the how which is not currently addressed in your listing so this is where you the artist come onto the scene in your product listing the art of daisy church includes a collage of pinups, geek re and lindsay daisies work has been featured on several channels including hbo, mtv and nick jr visit daisy church dot com to learn more this is an idea, a suggestion for your copy and paste brand statement that goes at the bottom of every listing wherever you're wherever your ideal customer comes and finds you that product listing should give them this I don't normally advise a website and a listing it can it's a destruction and it can absolutely add to analysis, paralysis and everything else but daisy's portfolio is especially impressive as an artist and they should absolutely go to daisy church dot com to learn more and so we want to get more customers there I feel and ads to the appeal of your art when you show off these amazing accomplishment and this paragraph is telling your ideal customer that you are the real deal and your affordable sign prints are a no brainer, and even when the price goes up, they're going to be affordable and a no brainer. Okay, I'm going to do a few more examples of the what why, how formula and then we'll talk about the variables sales techniques that you can add teach from their polly's listing is short and simple. We need to add and embellished her ideal customer is looking for that final touch. She wants to add detail. She wants to finish her look. So we'll start with the what these hearings were cut from copper sheet metal and buffed to an extra smooth finish. Their mellish with silver twists, a patina coding highlights the medals. So I pulled this information from your current listening, and I want to tell, I want to tell everybody about a few changes I made because you use the word filed and filed is a visual word and not the vision that you want to put next year product, because it gives us a sharp, filed, sharp, splintered needs edging, so instead I used buffed it's, softer, and then it's still describes what that product is made up, and I just rewrote, worded the rest of what you had to appeal to the ideal customer who likes that edge and that metallic, and once this once that look I would also add onto this paragraph the dimensions of your products so right after this and in the same paragraph you can say the earings measure one in three quarter inches and that all flows really nicely gives that customer a very, very first impression in a full thorough and impression so polly's currently listing speak to the process in the making of the product there was no why in the original listing and that's what we need next, so to add to the why this copper and silver pairing as a dose of edge and metallic sparkle to help complete your look that's for you to enhance on. But I had the feeling when I was doing this work and I was researching that there's something like its metallic and it's edged and it's it's geometric and I felt like there was a lot of there was some attitude going with that so not more attitude than outfit do you know what I mean? It gives them a feeling rather than it's going to go with a specific outfit, so it was kind of playing on that idea there again, this is going to get better the better that you know, your ideal customer, so we know she's looking for edge and a metallic feel to finish her look ok, finally, there's quite a bit of how already in this listening in the form of the process you're talking about the process but we need to take the eyes out of it and create a brand statement for a strong finish polly hendricks and jewelry design offers an a collected collection of medals, stones and glass while it's sold in boutiques throughout arizona. The latest designs can only be found online in this how paragraph I added in two triggers to yes can anyone spot them? Yes, please like where you can find it exactly this there's a bit of scarsone scarcity when we talk about new designs can only be found online any others one more there's one more in there it is social proof boutique throughout arizona these are carried and adore by people everywhere all the boutiques in arizona so we push that up to say it's a good thing a good thing so I have two more examples for you on guy wanted pete I want to make sure we cover every one of those surprising mistakes that we mentioned at the top of the class in these examples we're looking to make a good impression within two seconds because that's all we have we're trying to reduce analysis, paralysis we want to cut out any shop talk that and we want to make the language more customer friendly at their meet them where they're at and then we're going to remove any ambiguity from the listing bronwyn the thing I knew for sure about this is that we need to clarify your message, so I studied it and did my research. And, um and the one thing I always tell my clients when I can't make sense of a listening right off the back is I'm happy to take the time to try to figure it out, but customers won't give it the same amount of time. So that's a big concern for me? Um, so these are the changes that I would recommend making as soon as possible to really help improve your insults and get more people to understand. First, I want to give you my title suggestion because I didn't do it at the top, I would say made to order recycled heart pendant rare and reclaimed your pendant is rare on reclaimed, and when you say that I can find a correlation between the price. I understand the process and I understand how special and valuable it is you're currently calling made to order products, custom orders and that's what was really throwing me off when I first saw it. This is a made to order product you're saying you're going to make it and you can tell people that it might not be exactly the same, but it's going to be similar, so I wouldn't call it customer, I would call it a made to order and then tell them how long it takes to make it, and that would really clarify things. So this is the what this unique pendant is crafted from rare and reclaimed bicycle parts. Every component of the pendant has a story to tell even the heart stitched from the tires, rubber tubing simple, easy to digest now they get it so you're you're listening. Your current listing sort of goes off into some different directions, but the gist is that this is a remake you're going to remake some this product for them if they like the style and you can do it again, so it launches into a lot of policies, and what we need to fix is the ambiguity of it all and the analysis paralysis. This is all in full effect. This is the why you've never seen reclaimed jewelry like this before. Hang your pendant on leather courting or stainless steel chained to highlight its up cycled industrial features. Now, when I said that I can really picture industrial, I can really start to picture this all coming together, this this look coming together, so I wanted also to suggest that most people sell some kind of recording with pendants and your customers are going to expect it, and leather courting is very inexpensive. So even if you gave them like a set length of leather recording, it would eliminate a lot of questions it would eliminate some ambiguity and then they can hang there depending on whatever they want to from there but tohave like this set one and done this is how they come would help them a lot ok and that's also easier to explain in the listing the next is the house what began as a jewelry making project for adolescent girls tireless hearts, crafts accessories from the carefully selected reclaimed hardware and up cycled right bicycle parts. So when I was trying to do is give a summary of the story that goes with tireless hearts it's really cool and it again adds to that social acceptance and that idea behind it because there's so many causes behind your work. So in effect those three paragraphs now summarize this text and simplify the buying process for your cut your customers and you can add variables from there as you see fit. So now we're going to move right into our last example rebecca, we want to remove the ambiguity effect and so I gave you some suggestions earlier in the day of how you can either make them charge higher for them so that you always have something but what is unknown and unpredictable is undesirable that's the gist of it so the other thing is when you when you list your product listening online, make sure you just keep that spacing nice and clean and neat and do your product justice. This is how I have the what who doesn't want to hug the white house, which I stole from you, who doesn't want to hug the white house? This large custom pillow approximately give the actual dimensions is made from a unique selection of reclaimed fabrics. So I realized that your fabrics are one of a kind, your pills or one of a kind. But if you consistent mayes thiss and either by the discontinued fabrics like in way, you can get bulk and tried to recreate where you can or sell the patterns to people who understand that will really help the business take off in a new direction. So, um, see this here's what I have for your wife at this saw focal point to your bed, chair or couch to commemorate your visit, keep on hugging your very own white house gam stealing your lines because you had some very I love when you said it's, a huggable brand, and I have to admit that I stole your your wife from you as well. So in addition to not making your your customers choose their own colors, I said, I suggest removing where you get your fabrics, okay? It's. A very neutral fact to most people reading your product. And remember, we want to keep it hot or cold, so we want to move them in some way toward hot, not in some way we want to move them toward hot, so I'm okay. It's, also a little shop, talk ish, like, you know, I don't know where that building is, maybe it's, a cool building, but I don't know. So unless you have a good reason or feel your ideal customer can really relate to that, it can go. I pulled this from your current listing it's. A great, great half doodle doodle pillows deliver a lifetime of hugs and happiness. Enjoy it's, just good that's, just great copy reading it's, upbeat and simple and confident, and I absolutely love it.

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Without being intimidating, Lisa Jacobs is powerful and articulate in her delivery. Her dedication, expertise and warmth are evident in each session. Throughout the course, Lisa reminds us that our customers—both potential and current—are flesh-and-bone people. Therefore, the content and copy writing on our websites must show the same careful attention we would exhibit in face to face interactions. In my opinion, some of the most salient course features are: the explanation of the distinction between content and copy writing, the marketing umbrella and its application, and of course, useful tips and real-life examples on how to write good, attractive content and item descriptions. Overall, this was my favorite class from the "Increase Your Holiday Sales Seminar." I happily recommend it without hesitation to creative business owners offering products or services.


This course is so helpful and well worth the money. It's broken into sections making it easy to do in parts and so easy to follow Lisa Jacobs. Lisa explains it so effectively making it so easy to learn and a pleasure to listen to. There are great questions from actual Etsy sellers and a complete workbook to fall back on. Great course and highly recommend it. Many thanks Lisa Angela

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I'm already on the next to the last segment. Having just purchased this class last night. Thanks to the referral by Dan Safkow of "Making it on Etsy". As I mentioned to him today- "Lisa's Creative Lab class is GOLD. Best $ I've spent all year- AND last year". ~So, I'm treaking all of my online shop's listings. Yay! I'm also glad to learn about (and take advantage) of the amazing resource for folks like me, and the crowd I run with --> CREATIVElive in general.