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Create a Product Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Lesson 12 of 36

Discover the Changes That Sell


Create a Product Plan & Grow Your Standout Business

Lesson 12 of 36

Discover the Changes That Sell


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Discover the Changes That Sell

Discover the changes that sell. Value is transformation. Value is a change in someone's circumstances, their experience, or their past experience. When we give someone value, which is a phrase that we use a lot in very strange ways, what that really means that we've made a change for them. Something about what we've done, about the product we've sold them, about the program we've put them through, about the service we've delivered to them has changed something in their life. It's a job done. It's those key valuable outcomes delivered, but more than that, it's a story. And if we can tell a tiny little story about the change they're going to experience, we can make that value incredibly real for them. We can make them feel like, yes it's worth it. It's worth whatever price you're charging for it. You illustrate the key valuable outcomes of your offer by describing the changes your customers will see to their circumstances, which goes beyond just the immediacy of your product and what it'...

s going to do for people. So to go back to our ax metaphor. The ax that you create is a tool that helps people chop wood that they can turn into a campfire, which ultimately leads to s'mores because that's what's important about an ax, s'mores. (laughing) Now, we all know that s'mores are delicious, right? And all of the variations on s'mores are also delicious. And it's also very far removed from that ax you sold them. Here's the thing. The ultimate change that your customers find really valuable is probably gonna be pretty far removed from the product or service that you're selling as well. Even with something like Airstory where the final product, the change in the circumstance might be that you get your byline on more and more of the company blog posts and those blog posts are driving more and more traffic or more and more sales and conversions for the company that you work for. That's pretty far removed from collaborating on projects or from this piece of writing software. But that's what's important. That's the change that's important. And so the difference between your product and the outcome and the story that's really important to your customer, might be as different as an ax and some s'mores. Now, maybe you chop wood for different reasons. You know, you could substitute a lot of different things for this final picture. You could substitute a beautiful hipster couple cuddled by the campfire in their Pendleton blankets, like it could be that kind of a story. It could be a story about saving lives in the wilderness. There's a lot of different stories that you can tell. You get to choose the story that you think is going to be most impactful for the exact customers that you serve. I happen to think s'mores are most impactful so that's what I chose here. But again, kinda tell this story to make it as simple as possible. If I wanted to sell this ax, I might say something like my ax makes chopping the wood you need for a roaring campfire easy and hassle-free, so you could practically taste the s'mores. If somehow I could develop an ax that just made chopping wood and getting the whole experience going, easy peasy, hassle-free, you didn't have to worry about proper form or how buff I was, but that was the journey that ax was setting me on, the journey to s'mores. Like that's an ax that sells itself. At least in my world. Now this you might start to notice is where product development and marketing start to actually bleed together. Because when we talk about that, the s'mores element of the story, that's a little less influencing our product development and a little bit more influencing how we're going to sell it, but this really is, where these things start to come together, marketing should be a part of your product development process and product development really should be a part of your marketing process. The more you can blend those things together, the more you know that the product that you're developing is gonna sell easily and the more you know the marketing that you're developing is going to actually work for the product that you built. Let's look at our real life company examples here as well. So going back to Bombas. Buying a bundle of Bombas, say that three times fast, makes finding your favorite pair of socks simple. Just reach in your drawer. So remember how I said, they simplify things by selling socks 12 at a time or six at a time? I have done this by the way. I have bought a bundle of socks. I have thrown out a bunch of other socks that had holes in them and we're not fit for human wearing and replaced them by these wonderful comfy socks and so now every time I reach in my sock drawer I know I'm pulling out a great pair of socks. That's not world changing, but it is life changing. When you can wake up in the morning and have the confidence that whatever you pull out of your drawer is gonna make you feel really good. That's a great value proposition. It's a great story to tell about your product. So I made that up. I don't think they actually use that. They can steal it if they'd like. Bombas call me. Airstory. Creating your collaborative writing projects with Airstory removes all the hassle. Write more, search for your notes less. Again, that story write more, search for your notes less. That's that change. That's how I'm illustrating those key valuable outcomes. Yes, I'm gonna remove the hassle. Yes, I'm gonna help you collaborate on writing projects. That's the job to be done. But most importantly, I'm gonna help you write more and search for your notes less. That's the change Airstory is gonna create for you. With CoCOMMERCIAL it's stop wasting time on Google. We offer unprecedented access to people with the experience and expertise to answer your business questions fast. So the story piece is a story I just told you. Stop wasting time on Google. What business owner does not have the experience of having that business question, like the how do I do this, how do I do that? You don't know what words to use. You don't know how to get a personalized answer that's not something that's made for a Silicon Valley startup or a Wall Street company or a mom and pop shop on main street. You need something just for you and so you're Googling and you're Googling and you're Googling and you're trying to find this thing and you're going down the Google rabbit hole. We all have that story that we can rely on and so when I tap into that story and say, hey I can help you change that story by doing these things that you need done, makes it really easy. Makes it really, really easy to say exactly how we can help and exactly why you should become a member. Because what we've done is essentially create three pieces that you can use to create a value statement. Just like the nice, short, concise compelling ones I just created for those three examples. So what you're gonna do is you're going to combine that job to be done, that one job to be done that you know is really gonna sell this product. Then one, two or three of your key valuable outcomes. Those elements of value, those cliche things that everybody's selling, but that everybody wants. You're gonna add those in there too. Add that into the recipe. And then you're gonna tell a little tiny itty bitty story about how your product is gonna change peoples' circumstances. How you're gonna get them to s'mores faster. How you're gonna get more writing projects done. How you're gonna stop wasting so much time on Google. How you're gonna know that every time you reach in your sock drawer you're gonna get a great pair of socks. So job to be done, plus key valuable outcome, plus change in circumstances, helps you create a value statement or a value proposition that tells people exactly what they're getting when they buy, exactly why they need it and how it's gonna create a great change in their life.

Class Description

Have you been offering the same products or services for years and want to start creating new streams of revenue for your business?

But what can you offer your customers to grow your business?

Even after being in business for awhile, it is very common to be unsure of exactly what to offer as a service, package, or product to bring in the big bucks.

If you are constantly creating new things to figure out how to earn more money, or you just can’t see a way to make more from what you’re selling now. Or if you are always guessing, and that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and insecure, then this class is for you.

Maybe you’ve toyed around with dozens of offers over the years, and now you feel confused or frustrated by what your customers say they want (but still don’t buy).

Don't you want to create a system that will allow you to work less and earn more?

In this class, we will create a simple, customer-focused, and systematized product plan. You will be able to use this simple product plan to put yourself in control of your earning, build your brand, so customers know what you do, and you can grow your business at the pace you choose.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Equip your business with 1-3 offers you can use to FINALLY ATTAIN YOUR REVENUE GOALS
  • Easily prototype and test any offer you need to add to your plan so that you launch THE RIGHT products
  • Clearly and concisely describe what your business offers so you can ATTRACT new customers FASTER
  • Spend less time in creation and delivery mode and more time doing the things that GROW your business
  • CONFIDENTLY plan what you’ll offer and when based on your customer's feedback
  • Describe the VALUE behind what you’re offering in an easy-to-understand way
  • Explore possibilities for SCALING products—beyond whatever the hot trends in product development are

Customers might go elsewhere because they prefer to stick with one company that can give them what they need. Do not let your business never reach the stage where you can relax and enjoy the result of your hard work. Or worse, go out of business because you never land on an offer that can pay your bills—let alone create wealth or stability.


Lindsey Warriner

Every time I thought the class had reached a point that I knew "enough" about, Tara dropped yet another game-changer that I'd never even considered. Great experience, great speaker, great class.

Alaia Williams

Once again, Tara has been extremely helpful in getting me to think through where I'm taking my business next. I'm excited about the opportunities that lie ahead!

Ate Myt

Although the course targets people who have already started a business, I found it very helpful for me as I start my own business. I particularly appreciate the step-by-step guide to developing a 3-pillar business model. Very practical. i highly recommend it.