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Building Online Presence

Lesson 2 from: Experimental Portraits

Sue Bryce, Lara Jade

Building Online Presence

Lesson 2 from: Experimental Portraits

Sue Bryce, Lara Jade

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Lesson Info

2. Building Online Presence

Lesson Info

Building Online Presence

We want to talk about building an online presence laura's definitely built her on my presence on deviant art and flicka yes and at the time my space because remember myspace was a lot bigger than facebook. Facebook is obviously leading the way in social media now and so is pinterest we don't talk about that tomorrow because creating mood boards and conceptual mood boards is the ultimate creative expression and pinterest has that it's like porn created porn so we were looking at our all work I think it's really important that larry and I take you through our very old wig because this is what we started and I feel like you look at this work now and you've outgrown it and some of it's funny to you and some of it's embarrassing and some of it you know, but a lot of it actually when you go back is incredibly inspiring and it's amazing how incredibly stimulating it was to go back through my own you've reminded me that on my last course I said I'm embarrassed still my last creative life cause...

I'm embarrassed to show you some of my old work and you said to me don't be embarrassed about that you know I'm really that's what I started with that's my growth and you really reminded me of that and more importantly there are images in her beginning folio that people will never get to the people want to land you know if people want to be a fashion photographer I want to be a portrait photographer I want to make a living or want to be a finance photographer way weren't gifted we don't wake up in the morning one day and look what I can do I'm incredible you know, hundreds and thousands of hours of photo shop and experimental play that the whole point wass the theme today in this weekend really is laura knew her direction and I knew my direction I just knew and the more you walk your path the more you say I need to make money shooting weddings in once a month I dedicate three days to this project and if that if you do not do that project you don't want to do it because nothing could have stopped me from doing this hours and hours and hours one of my most significant images I was creating I took thirty six hours and I did it in two stretches and on the stick and day I gotta head cold because clearly I'm burning the midnight lamp you know I'm working too hard I'd get a head cold and I'm working on this image and I don't visit my grandmother because I've got a hit code and I'm too busy playing on finish up and I just got this instinct to get up and go to visit my grandmother and two hours later I was holding her when she died I remember thinking, I just love what I did so much, but I was still connected. Teo, you know what I have to do in my life and my responsibilities to go and be a good granddaughter and visit my grandmother every sunday? I'm so grateful that I was there with here, but I remember that significance of almost going you know what? I'm so lost in this and I've got a hidden code I won't visit my grandmother today, but I remember being so lost in the joy of creating this image that I nearly missed a moment, but I didn't, but the point was that I could just do it for hours and hours and hours and hours, and I didn't have to set aside a day like I wanted to do it all of the time. Yeah, and if you want to do it all the time above anything else, find a weight amount money from it, definitely because if you want to do this, whatever it is, whatever your path you find in the next two days because we're gonna give you so many options, we're gonna find a way for you to make money, because this will allow you to live this life so lara was living this life is a teenager, and I was living this life winning awards. And I never felt more enriched is an artist in all of my life, I felt like I was running a business during the day, and I felt like I was creating in the evenings and the weekends, and it has to do with it like that it has to have both worlds to exist, because if you're not in fired and fuel in yourself is an artist with personal work, your business is going to suffer, you have to have by and this is actually when I would have clients, that they would book me from my space on I'd have people like this. They were actors, dances, singers, musicians, models like aspiring models, they would come to me asking for pictures because they liked my conceptual work, so you can see that such a broad spectrum of people that would book me for that, and I don't shoot a lot of men, but when I do, I try and take it for the world. Lee and this guy was great on dh, this one as well. He was like a kung fu kind of guy did a lot if, like exercising was kind of gothic, so this was like about roots like tree roots with his dreads so often I wouldn't have these ideas until I saw the person I want to get to know the person before I shoot them when I do conceptual work, I want to know about them so when I met the sky was like, wow let's go break into that abandoned abandoned mill down the road and I would just you know they would leave it open natural light coming in from all sides and it was my studio and I loved I was so on you say enriches an artist I was so enriched as an artist when I shot conceptual work on I do miss that sometimes with my fashion work so that's why I do a lot of editorial with my own ideas why create a lot and test a lot? Because that has to take just on a side note please try and get permission to enter our properties and creative life not responsible for you getting arrested entering any problem thank you always good to remember to I do I think thank you for showing these images because a question had come in from debt man who was saying obviously the photos of you are very feminine how does one translate this type of photography and photographs of men? Says he finds it very difficult to take photos of men without the questions that one gets im sorry is difficult for me to express, he says, but it's an area that is neglected because of the cultural overtones that I'm not comfortable with women having beautiful hat feminine it's so easy to feel inspired by a woman is a lot of poses is a lot of coz there's our outfits a woman can wear when its men I try and you know they're normally shirtless like you do a lot of things like that when it's conceptual I want to take it back I want to go and put things in front of the lens I want to get a kind of dark or emotion this one on here was the guy's tattoo on his back he wanted picture it spent hours getting this tattoo and I took that tattoo when over laid it around the image and this was just taken around the corner there was a load of trash bins and ladders and I just stuck him in there and he trusted me and I think that's what you want when you shoot people like this you want clients that are going to trust you and want this from you and I remember sending this to him and he was so happy with the image he was like you got exactly what I wanted from this and I haven't shot a lot of men since then but even going back through the images and back from my old work of this it has inspired me to want to go back into that and try these concepts again with models I think a same for women is beauty and I think for menace masculinity definitely I feel like even some of the best conceptual images you ever see don't even have to be like hot body young guys, you know, with their shirts off. But, you know, is just how you know when you get the big biker with ted does, and then you illustrate it. So it's you dodging bone and detect trey and you give it those tones and that's something I want to teach you. A lot of people have been looking at our conceptual work on facebook and saying it looks like a painting. It looks like a painting always asked that quest and that's your layer that we put on that is how we work. The contrast this is color, yes, it's a little trick of the eye, so I feel like with men, you can pretty much take them anywhere into their environment. Tomorrow, we're going to talk about what sort of creative photographer you are, and you're gonna pick really what your favorite genre is, and because you really team to be drawn to one specific genre in style, very much so, and I feel like elemental portraiture is huge, and we've got a few examples of that, so we're going to open that ride up over the weekend and just another reminder that we actually have a male subject that you're going to shoot tomorrow. So I'm showing you how to shoot mint actually done as photography from colorado says I condone but only five a reference to follow our copy and I fear that I'm the same as a fighter kag ra for I long to be creative in the way that laura and soon countless other artists are how can I draw that out? Do you honestly think we're original? Nobody is yeah show me an original add ist in this world, I don't believe in originality. I believe creativity is sourced from multiple genres. When I get tired of running a business, I go to the movies, I become so visually stimulated watching movies, I can eat it and watch movies you know I have a favorite movie, constantine. It is so visually beautiful whenever I create complicit work like this species, the dark stuff I put condom constantine on, I've watched a forty times it is so visually stimulating to me I don't believe anything is that original when you see our sketches, you'll laugh because, you know, would you call yourself an illustrator definitely know it, yeah, so but she could still see and source inspiration online. You can still get an idea of what you want, like when I said to this audience here, how many of you can conceptualize something in your mind like I want to do that but you can't quite pull it off and into fruition years you all not it you all know what it's like to see something now you just need the tools to put it on so I don't think you need to worry I think what you need to do is find people that inspire you so let's say it's larry's early with that inspires you look at it, look at the elements of what it is you like about it study ever abbas that a similar and then go after that genre and let your own creativity come out but essentially when I started I copied people yeah, I mean, we all do people at college they're instructed tio re create concepts and I think it's okay to do that islamist peeing on an image copying elements so I saw this fashion photographer in spain he put tree roots coming out of the top of somebody's here, so I was like, I'm going to do tree roots tributes will resonate with me trees resonate with may and so I went and got there and I did that, but I copied his element I didn't copy his image and I think that's really important the next image I saw had smoke um they'd mix blended smoke with this new male nude and I was like, I want to do smoke in my own name you know and so it was gonna be in the way that you see it's always gonna be different and I think it's only what you take as long as you have different elements then it's fine and it's fine just source inspiration from many different places and pull it into one image you also had to be very careful when I started I'm going to be really honest when I started doing elemental composition it I would take elements that were mine and that is stealing you have to be really careful imagine if you took a photograph off you know a photograph or something and then put it in your image and it's not yours and the copyright of somebody else's it's like you can't do that and I realized as I was listening you can't just go online and sitch you know, for a female mood and encompasses the background you can't search for sky or a landscape and steal somebody else's landscape it's very easy to do that and when you're learning that's fine but what happens if you want to sell that and they find it? You know I assume lind I had to go and make my own text your library make your own stock library is element yeah that's what we're going to shoot this afternoon I'm going do elements tomorrow because when we build eva's world I have to build a vis world from shooting a dollhouse an image, a picture I love heart. I've showed you how to make all these elements. Now I'm going to show you how to build a room, you know, literally on photo shop, so I'm going to make my own room now. I couldn't afford to build was it? So I made my own sit. So if I have a floor in a wall, I photograph that and then I go and find another wall. I photographed it and I put the wall over that wall and then I have perspective. I also have line and shadow of a real wall so you don't build up by just putting down flat textures and making a fake room. You build it from multiple rooms, and then all of a sudden you start seeing and elements you start seeing and textures like I see I bought this christmas what you call it decoration and I was like, I could see that in the background of this image. Oh, I could see that and baited into somebody skin because it's a love heart and it opens like a door and he's like, oh, I could photograph a girl or a guy node with no shirt on, I couldn't bid the gold heart into his chest. And heaven opening it with a real heart inside and then all of a sudden it's like, oh, and then I could put it on this background. Oh, I need to go and photographs, guy oh, I need I need trees. Oh, I need I need clouds and I would fight a walk and then I would find walls and brick and start creating in text. It is you start scene like even just doing textures for this course. When I was going around a few days after doing them, I kept seeing them everywhere. And even at your place yesterday was she should rewrite and I turned around and she's photographing my stealing because my feeling I can't help it she's going to take chance at what you're doing just like, look at all these textures and even in the studio yes, I couldn't help myself when I was organizing that door. That floor, this this's the best power I was in the same it's my house. And I was making the textures for you guys for this afternoon in the same space. And I never once looked at the roof. She did shit ceiling. She looked at the ceiling, so she photographed the ceiling in the pillar I did the windows, you know what else I did attend that the tv was on my placement tv on the wall and I walked up to the bottom corner of the tv so I was holding my camera here and just watching all the light and I was photographing all the light reflections out of focus coming off I made thirty overlays light leak overlays from the corner of my tv there's so many ways and we can talk about that later but I was the bacon train my often was really duddy and I was like, this is great I'm going and people think I'm crazy for doing it but I was that it was like nail polish on on water and putting paper in um I'm just photographing anything and you can see here like this is where I mentioned clouds of perfect kind of overlay and this was at the old mill is teo was my studio and it's just about figuring out and I didn't know when I got the stuff there yeah, that was why it was good for my studio had everything I needed all my natural life myself, but it was just about adding the movement and it's something of simple is that just thrown a gull in an element and pulling together a concept after and people love this published his book covers people like that love this kind of work and they're constantly searching for it so these air few more before and after so again this girl actually was one of the first murder with daniel who I loved working with. Then it was she would have access to a wardrobe in a theater and she would borrow and they would gladly let a bar for shoots and we would go out again elements elements of the sea elements of like land and things like this a bird cage that was just in the middle of a field that the model source and it was so simple back then it was just me model has styles make go out create some beautiful images, shoot about ten concept today and come back with at least two images I was happy with so it's all in those days a really size brocade it isthe yeah, I climbed in to get shot and go really scan. Yeah it's kind of creepy but having that movement again because you can see how boring it is if you just have that plane image with the light and especially because it's that right and it was like wind to time, innit? Just throwing in some birds and kind of clouds and a vignette really adds interesting brings the fewer in that bird cage in the girl in the middle there as well we know that it's not that blew in the uk know we know we know but that was the true women all that is the kind of blue but that was it just simple setups and you can do this go location scouting go around search for things find these textures even just things like cardboard old film polaroid place it over and we could be doing so much of that I'm excited so she's photographed here best textures that I went all thes are in readable are actually her oven tray yeah or nail varnish that I've scraped on paper and scanned in laura sana in the chat room thank you for permission to not having to ever do their dishes again yeah a photograph it's all about yeah I did have a question that came in you're talking about elements and you're talking about textures and things that you've seen since you've been here with with laura what are some of the other things from meeting laura other elements that you have seen from her that you want to incorporate into your work and then perhaps vice versa well differently the reflection through the reflection for may larry shoots a lot into the back light so I instantly I should a lot into the back light but I student to the studio back line so when I shot with laura in australia I went out onto location I shot into the backlight on location in a meadow which was so beautiful and with and just shooting through twigs and then I came home and shot tiffany in her backyard through twigs and then I had people ringing me booking shoot's going I want to look like tiffany and they were just so many fashion elements so I just felt like it was really invigorating to go and shoot fashion models although the one thing that I did do that I didn't tell ara was there were other people on this workshop and they were all photographing the models and the models were moving so you know there doing this and I would wait to last and then I go don't move yeah you didn't why are they moving just stay still stay still and then I'd be like push it in for election map and I have to do it my way my controlled way you know I didn't want them to keep moving and don't move don't you remember that day I had a really bad whole astrology face blew up so it has my sunglasses they had horses like a stallion and everything will be fine all right? Yeah and the model didn't I have a ride in this italian took off after a mere it was it was yeah, it was great so this one I put in because we're gonna be doing it gets be shoot today is one of my I love vintage in old fashioned so I'm really excited to shoot this but this is just a texture backdrop one light set up and we made this hoop from just that, you know, the kid's hoops. They have spray painted it gold. We did a lot of other images with spray paint on backgrounds really simple set up and I'm just relying on the poses. We're going back in time figuring out, you know, the way that they would pose. And again, I shot gruesome glass here with some gasoline on. So I'm gonna be showing you that as well. That was pretty. Oh, I want to show you something really interesting. This image here see the circle behind this image here. So when I created is quite dark, this image, but you'll be out of state. When I created this image, I felt like she had a high low. Like I felt like I knew that from scene. And I felt like it was around here like this. So what I exceeded as I went, this is ann. This is a textured wall wallpaper background and that circle there I actually went behind her head and cut that circle out, enlighten the wallpaper and it's an extra layer. And then I put a stroke around it on photo shop and on the image. When it was printed for the awards, it was so light and beautiful, it was like the circle halo. And I didn't actually know how to do that, but if you go to your marquee tool, your marquee tool can go in polygon or and it can also go and circular so went onto the bed I got behind her head copied and pasted I'll show you when I'm unfurnished up how I do this and that circle alone just like the element of that circle I could have taken the hoop out of there created a ticks from that background light in the circle around her and still held the element of that circle just bringing in something that simple and then all of the twigs and here here played out and it looked so beautiful it looked almost like an iconic I'm sort of mother mary in the end with the beautiful circle around it, and I taught myself how to do that. How do I do a circle cut out a circle so I worked it out and I found a way and I remember thinking at the time when this wind to w p p I for the awards at w p p it's called ninety eight so this got a gold distinction and three countries in three countries this scored me gold awards and I didn't know how to cut out a circle on petty shop no, I was I remember thinking things like that so I would go honey make a circle had he cut out a circle a perfect circle on photo shop and I was like I don't know how to do that do you know how to do that and so until you learn something like that but seeing something like that would make me think in circles and it's quite now I look at creative work like that so I would now think if I was to see larry's work I think I'm gonna pose a model like that with their hands like that but I'm gonna put a circle in the background behind her and I'm going to make it the world or the moon so she's holding the moon in her hands but she's not because it's floating on the background or I'm going to do something iconic like that and all of a sudden because I know that I can it just starts creating and then I do what you need to see it you need to see it write it down next door it stick figure next time I do that and you know I've got this idea for a queen of hearts and then as I was doing it I was like she looks like the queen of hearts she has one of those colors that goes all the way around this and she's got big read here then I made a peter brew bevan backdrop will show you that tomorrow and then after I did that I was like imagine if I filled the tank up with red paint and then put the red paint like so she's sitting in a big tank of red blood and then all of a sudden I was off on this tangent drawing this picture and now I was reading about it and you say and they need to see this bill and you think oh you'd be a good queen of hearts unite to model for me and then all of a sudden you have all these elements and that you buildings that's kind exciting it is really I think something that we really need to share here is and we're gonna talk about this tomorrow but when you block when you microbe log when you do your social media there is an etiquette it's about consistency it's about positivity and it's about sharing knowledge larrys managed to build a huge following on facebook and I have to we're both consistent with both very positive were both here a lot of knowledge we show behind the scenes and we try and give us much as we can that is how you get a following you don't need to post creative work every day you don't even need to post it every week you can post your normal wick but this is the role that I adhere to something rolled something you something borrowed something blue a case that's the winning role it's pretty easy to remember I try and draw inspiration from my early days in block and post that I try and create something new a new shoot every week every second wake you know, try and do something new I try and get something borrowed which means referencing another artist by linking to their page or showing how incredible somebody else's it really inspires you and then something blue is from the heart something blue is something that's emotional it's touching it about being an artist people connect to it as long as you're being positive, not tortured nobody cares if you're tortured at us everybody cares that you're living this incredible life and that's what you are when you reconnect so try and keep your social media is consistent is you can learn this psas well, it's only been the past year I've really learned to do this even by doing this course and what you remind me we have to do this borrowed old share old work inspired people with it share techniques and I used to be very like oh no, you know, two years ago I was like, I can't share that because someone else will try and do it and someone also rip off my idea and now I'm like an open book and shot and it it really does help we're talking about that last night if you honestly you're too scared to show your work you're competing, you're not creating and whatever I share I expect it's going to be ripped off to a large degree but I expect that it was largely ripped off because that's where I got all of my inspiration and ideas from was for other elements and the truth is it was never mind anyway it comes through your creativity comes through, you borrow it, you create with it and then you share it and then you move forward when you create more because the second something lease you the second you feel no longer feel the need to create something and other people are creating something similar it's time for you to create more and if you're a true creator, if you're someone that exists in a round of creation you khun draw in their inspiration all of the time the biggest fault of photographers right now is that you exist in a state of competition constantly and I couldn't not only on social media that we constantly reminded and we're all guilty of it oh, that person did that and that was my dear we just always coming yeah create so if your theme this week could be im here to create not to compete, I'm here to create not to compete for what has already created is that my quote no, it belongs to our list iwata lt's amazing author incredible book it's about, you know becoming a richest soul, I really, really love it, but the truth is is I am not here to compete, and when I feel that competition, I instantly say to myself, no, I'm here to create yeah, I'm here to create and you know what? There's other people out there that are way better at this than us, I mean, I'm no doubt this people sitting out there going, why are they standing up there? But you know what? The difference between them and us is we're doing it, we're not talking about it, we're doing it every day and it's not easy. I have to remind myself not to compete. I have to remind myself not to look for validation, and I have to remind myself not to care when a thousand people like an image in one person, right actually always care about that one comment away, but it doesn't matter because, yeah, you know, if you're really looking for validation, the comments don't metarie they're the good guys don't matter come from yourself if you're happy with your work and you're sat in your direction than that's all that matters. Larry got book covers and I need to show you this because she got her but first book cover dane yes, now I think that's remarkable, they saw her on tv and free social media creating free images off herself from her house with no training somebody saw in deviant out why? Because our producers and directors are looking on these military is yet so I got a email today from an italian magazine who saw it one of my images that was posted on facebook linked to one of larry's images and see if came we feature this in our magazine so one click of a button in somebody important who follows here they seen something of mine one click of a button could get me published something in italian and it's like the way you post it's about the way you key work to these publishers are looking for cheaper ways they're outsourcing they're not commissioning because it's expensive they're looking for the new artist he's going to be who is someone that has a big following someone that has a buzz around them someone who's chewing every chief look what did you get the cover five hundred dollars, five hundred back so I just got an adis for original book cover fifteen years old I paid five hundred bucks. You know what if that book was a because then later on they would tell mayo no way pay two thousand dollars for this this kind of license could I have done with two thousand dollars fifteen years of age? What shoes? Oh yeah I had about twenty when I see this? It was just about keyword in so they'd find images that I would shoot personal work and at the time I wasn't making much money, but this was a way of getting money put in my work and social media flicker all these publishers random house mcmillan all these people are looking for this kind of work and they want the conceptual work they don't want fashion work, they don't relate that these authors really inspired by what the kind of conceptual that mean sudi what other people do when I want inspiration? If I go to a bookstore and stand in a bookstore, I see so much creative artwork on book covers yeah, I can stay in there for hours just looking at book covers and I'm a reader as well, so I just captivated by book covers. So when I found out that that's real our status teenager it's a creative gallery, it has more inspiration in a bookstore, then just about anywhere else in a great way to get lost for an hour or a library and learned something which one? This one yeah, so these would be so I would build the trust of clients by them commissioning and not commissioning sorry they would license my images so then later on they would trust me after about two or three times that each company would license these images they would trust me then to commission a sudden but cover and this was a great little earner for me, especially at seventeen, eighteen years old and it's something as simple as this and it may sometimes be a little bit cheesy, but the old has loved this and people relate to that in the kind of books and the one after this you'll see the self portrait I actually did this a year ago, so I had it in self portrait in so long and I remember thinking, oh, I haven't got brown eyes I haven't got brown hair, but I went back and I thought I didn't need all this lighting and everything when I started they want that so I bought myself a wig I walked my face in transform to make it symmetrical and exactly like they wanted a semi reference image and I changed my eyes to brown and they were happy with that and just something a simple is that he's still shipment? Yes, I still do and it's not necessarily something I put in my portfolio because it is so different from my fashion work that it would confuse my clients, but I remind my publishing clients around the house make millions that I'm still there and I still have a portfolio and here's the work if you want to book me and it's still an ongoing project for some books in definitely new editions of books coming out and I still get checks every now and again that's royalties so I get paid royalties from my cover as well. Did you notice? She says, I don't put this on my folio it's often cheesy work and then this tens of thousands of people out there today that just wish they could have a book cover and experience of actually getting one so I think that is so incredible I love that I want a book cover I think that is absolutely amazing I didn't even know that existed I don't know where I thought the book covers came from way I was going that inspiration in there but I never could sited that I could actually do it and if people want to get into them on the way in which I got was the interest first. But if you want to get a book cover and your work is in line with this, try and figure out who that person is, try and find the email address, try and look on linked in for the art director of the publisher and work out their email address or phone the company and ask for the art director's email your photographer and send you what because they're always on the lookout for this kind of and can you tell them place what the keywords when you play when you pose keywords are your search engine off demonisation of deviant are flicka facebook everything exists online but remember when you're posting on social media it might exist in a news feed for fifteen minutes you need to archive it on your blogger is well and put key with on your block and when you can create a slide show on your artwork or even a video of creating your artwork on any moto or on video put it on youtube video because of the second and third biggest search engine on the planet then get a mood board on pantry attract your key words on all nine social media's including your many people talking what else can we use finally find out we could put book cover in there you can put conceptual romantic romantic they love the good repentant from high dawg dawg they love the vampire bugs yes yeah anything anything you can think up yet look at my website and I just confusing myself it's like how I should organize it what I should put on how you were saying like all of your fashion work you want in your portfolio so do you strictly just continuously submit our directors for like commission job in the beginning it was I had voice of them huh? And then because I started with this so I would have this when I went into fashion it was kind of like a mix and he was kind of fun fusion now I just put the fashion work on there and because I've built the relationship with those clients, I just send them a pdf of updated work and reminding that I'm available shoot and I have all of this kind of work in a pdf that they still relate to and they still buy a cz well, so I think if you go on parallel and that is this she wants fashion work and she wants to be a fashion photographer you have to look how you want to bay yeah ok, you had the advertise the work you want to get what you don't know about laura is she actively pursues work lower doesn't sit around going oh him I'm gonna shoot this week clouded our grand buy shoes in new york yeah three hundred sort of I was trying to make it sound like you didn't do that but you can see three hundred emails a month just you know because she actively markets herself now I actively market myself too is a glamour portrait photographer, but I shoot families but I don't have families on my website, I allude to the fact that I have families but I don't you know to me I feel like I market the genre that I want, but then I constantly market on the side to the genre that makes me a lot of money as well so when I shoot glamour, I'll say you've had a great shoot when you come back with your family and then I'll give you about two to come back again, then I get a double sail, but that doesn't mean I market myself as a family photographer so you can hold this presents online off whatever you want to be, it does have to be genuine because energy is such, and you can't see people when they have a fake profile if you look like you're doing something and you're not that different than just advertising the work you want, but you can still actively pursue other word, and I think people will ask if they like his style enough in what you do and they want something like a family portrait reporter of them. But when I was doing conceptual, I wanted to get into fashion, but I was still drawing in different kind of clients who would like that kind of work, and I still do now with my fashion work, can you do a fashion style wedding? Can you do a fascist or portrait of me? Aspiring model was act his dances so people will still engage with that, too. So imagine if you are a wedding photographer that wants to do conceptual portrait and you want your conceptual portrait to have a theme or a name, so you want to be let's do doubting it zeroed out or whatever you have a name that is its separate you can go and get a twitter handle and a facebook page with that name it doesn't have to be your name, but you could do a theory dance portrait's by actually you know you could say that on your facebook page and have a completely separate twitter handle facebook page and countries board dedicated to that genre and then keyword and then get your videos on youtube and facebook with your key words any key words that are going to draw people to that style of work and keep it entirely separate but run it as a tool yeah, I want to show the rest of your book covers because I think it's really important yes, the title of your j peg just put your name always onion a pill so my website was built by may originally so it has absolutely no search engine optimization whatsoever. But I had a the june bag consultants when they reviewed my website they did an international search and they're like your image such ceo is outstanding and I said yes they put my name on every photograph and often if people do steal your work they often don't change the title which is so stupid because you can search your own work and find it straight away it's got my name on it so I put my name on it and usually the theme of the image, so I can find it in my search, so I'll go supervise ballet if it's a belly shit and then I fight google to price ballet, or even I go into my hard drive and go supervise ballet there's a chance that I'm going to find the image that I want, but I reference what it is to me, but year search engine really important, so keywords really important, I can't believe how many people are not only not on the social media of romeo and youtube, the business is out, but how many people weren't key wedding their own videos in slide shows and, you know, social media key waiting your own work for search engine. So I want to show you the rest of your book covers before we get a break, because I I just love them, and I think, um, it's such an incredible, incredible experience for you as a teen aged guard through this and this really encourage me, you know, I was that kind of self portrait artist that was kind of going into working with people, and I was still really nervous about it, so this really encourage me and gave me the confidence all I can get paid, what from this client's trust me, build relationships earning money, which was a big thing to fund back into my photography business as well. So we can't stress enough how much importance keyword in has to this and even recent things. This is recent, and they just wanted a picture that they could put into the diamond on the front there and it's. So simple, so simple, natural lie. A lot of these book of his favor, that kind of simplicity, natural light, dark, quirky poses. It doesn't even have to be model. So sometimes you just do the elements like the girl, and they do the background. Sometimes they edit, so I'll do this one. I edited myself, and then they changed it and put it into the crystal because they had a definitely different idea. The next former going onto which would be the goddess. They added it over, and I shot this at a beach. It was very white, a serial in the background, and I would just have my stylist come in. They would approve the clothes and just think, like, simple things. Really simple. Did you like it when you were younger? Did you ever get five hundred dollars for a book cover and then get a frame model no, yours, pedram, I always paid my model and that's so important in the beginning that whenever I would do this, or even if I would license in an image where a friend or someone modeled even it was fifty dollars a hundred dollars, I always paid for their time, and you tell everyone what licensing and image bank, yes, license and he's, when somebody pays the rights for your image for usage were not where you get royalties from down the line when she still didn't give away the whole copyright for this. If I license an image to a book cover that just can't be used for another book cover, so it still means I can use it for my personal work and everything else. But it just means that they buy the rights for that usage only and it's always important to check the usage. How many issues? If that how many books will be published, how large will it be used? What countries it's going to be a sign that can't be right over? And you've lost that image of symmetry. There came it was with one payment forever. Yeah, you never can use it again, and he signed over the copyrights from image it's gone really, really important and also, when you're talking about royalty checks, are you talking about appear shoes every now and then, or what? It could be sometimes it's three hundred dollars. I've got one for eight hundred dollars, and that was because the books get really popular, and these publishing house is a really good. They pay you for the time that pay for the license to pay for your team, and then they go. Thank you, here's, a royalty check, because we are you. This is well, so they really giving back to you as well, it's important that you read the small print on the contract, so you do a swell and just make sure that you know what you signing into view. Ever seen a book come out with a low budget, and then it gets blows up, and then it gets a new cover. Yeah, it's, interesting that, you know, that happens that it's, like they kick out your cover and put it on.

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