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Experimental Portraits

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Video of Eva's World

Sue Bryce, Lara Jade

Experimental Portraits

Sue Bryce, Lara Jade

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19. Video of Eva's World

Lesson Info

Video of Eva's World

I feel like a very different dynamic happens in the studio when people aren't watching you know anything observed changes its effect if anybody's ever saying down the rabbit home has anybody seen that it's a documentary about metaphysics? It shows a lot of science a lot of really amazing science experiments that, um change when observed including a camera I believe the dynamic changes quite significantly when you put a camera in the room but I recorded the shoot it's half an hour long off eva and eva's shoot is one of the ones on building tomorrow to show you eva's world I feel like if your children's photographer if your family photographer or you are somebody that want to take experimental portraiture just to the next level in terms of the processing and the shooting then eva's world is perfect. First of all, I've made a little crown for her in the finished product I'm going to put a big bird's nest on her here she has a little bird in here here I've left space for birds to fly for b...

ackgrounds to be complicit in for for sky to anything you can dream of khun go in his image and just how I shot it and just how simple it wass exactly the same as saying phillip it was quick it was fast I just want to show you behind the scenes one thing um even comes in and I didn't get shawn to film her walking in because I thought of the first things she saw with the camera, and so I wouldn't meet her within a minute. He was holding my hand, and I didn't treat her like a child or that you can see I am talking to it like I talked to a five year old, but I spoke to hear exactly the same way I spoke to cassidy and watch her react to chin forward and down, moving your hands so I direct to do no differently than I directed cassidy, imagining that it would be a compass it and that it would be a beautiful little world that would be eva's world. I asked eva's mom to bring in her favorite teddy bear to bring in a doll's house or something like that, like I asked her to bring in stuff like that. So, you know, I wanted to say so I was trying to create something like this for you, and I have so I can't wait to show it even then gets in the makeup here. Now she gets a bit of powder, a bit of lip gloss, and she got a here killed because the here is important, well, you want to see how little girls respond to being in this makeup here. No different than the big girls do it is just in our dna I don't know what it is but it's like she turned into a little supermodel she loved the entire experience she took a shot she drew me a picture afterwards that said love bye eva to sue and then she took a photo of me and the next day her mom facebook photo of even I together on the couch and eva came out of school. She took me to school, she showed everybody that she had a photo shoot down, showed her behind the scenes shoot and then ask her mom if they could go back to my place for another photo shoot and she just loved it, we treated her no differently then you know all the women get treated, but of course she doesn't get makeup we don't put make up on kids, so don't freak out but yes, we definitely killed her here this is about creating portraiture that's a little bit different than anything else we want different here we want something special the outfits that eva's wearing just play outfits I asked her if she has juice up close what little girl doesn't have dress up clothes or can't borrow them and she bought in three dresses and she was just absolutely amazing it was such a great little experience, so we want to show you this little shoot okay, so I made a little crown for here. It took about a minute. You see me make it? I put it in here, here I put in a little bit and there and at the end, she said, can I take the food home? And she was just so precious. Now what I'm going to show you when we work these images is I'm going to show you how I'm shrinking, even to look like a little person than she is because of five she takes, you got really long legs, she comes up to about here and she's going to be like your sister's fi for a living so she's going to be really tall and so I want to make her littler, but I don't want to distort here to match. If this was a portrait, I wouldn't change those things, but for fine art indefinitely, um, you need if you're working with children to give the parents a really strong direction of where you're going, so you need to show them mood boards on pinterest, you need to show them illustrative work, mark, right, and whatever. Just show them exactly where you're going so that they don't freak out, and obviously her mom was there and loved every minute of the shoot. I asked either she had any elements that I could possibly so I wanted to draw a tree I did start drawing a tree I ran out of time to draw it if I finished drawing it tonight I'm going to put it in tomorrow if I don't I'm going to put it on without the train edit later on because I wanted to drew drawn elements as well because I draw and I love to draw special things and I I figured that eve aboard an adult's house so what I did was a photographed it I'm going to make that look vintage and I'm going to put the dose house in the tree so I'm gonna have the tree with the broken does house and even standing underneath it I wanted to be in a bedroom so I wanted to look like the tree and the door's house is in her room so I wanted to look like a magical world and that was where I was going with the design I found a vintage dress for twenty five dollars that's over sixty years old it rips if you pull it too hard it's a real vintage dress I put her out there and I put her in it and she really just looks like a little vintage dole and so I've pulled three beautiful images from the shoot to show you tomorrow and so I want to show you this video and then we're going to go to break and that's my shooting for the day. You can ask me any question you want about even shoot and about this world and then we're going to throw it over to lower to finish all of her shoots from yesterday. All right, come over here, let's. Get you ready now for this one, I think we'll get you to stand up on here. Do you think you can stand up on their can't look a good little step for you, you know, loud to fall off. Okay, there you go. Look, here's tulloch's may I can't just leave your kills out. Yeah, very good. Do you feel like a princess? See, you look like a princess gear, right? Elite this here and I'm going to sit on this. I can take a photo of you. Okay, so I don't want you to do any smiling. I want you just to go over there. Okay? So put your hands down by your side. Said this and I just want you to look at me at this with a serious face. All right, stay there. Alright, now, china's, stay nice and still put your feet together, could girl and you just look at me like this eva, can you push your chin forward like this good girl all right, so what I'm gonna do even just take a little shot of you here push your chin for gigi and the way you did that just your chin circling this eva just reach in there one stadia stabia I can't do that with no smiley face just no smile that's ago you just look at me good girl that was perfect. Okay, one more you a very tool for a five year old justin five year old so what I'm gonna do either has come all the way back and I'm gonna take a little photo off you like this nicky would you go and get the little white dove out of the flower case? I won't even hold a little bit pusher tend towards me even a little weak but more good girl I can't even what I want you to do is hold your hands like this like you're holding a present like a secret present okay so like this can you go like that that's a girl you hold your hands a little higher and a little high out like up here like so so little up here by your tummy that's a go cook your stadia and push your chin towards me now eva good girl just to chin this one let it stay there eyes to make a girl can you do a sad face ava to push your chin towards may good day ten relax your mouth now just completely real actual face form a good girl eyes to me ever okay can you go like this push your chin down like this that's it and you look down at your hands can you look at me with your eyes? They're to go chin up a little wee bit cannot bring your chin up stop that's it ah eva that was perfect. You're so clever. Stay right there. Wow. Okay, now I want you to go like this with your hands a little bit higher. Yeah, and nicky's kind of put the little bird in your hand you pretend like it's really a little bit so if you hold your hands very gently we'll put him in here like this and hold your fingers out a little bit more that to go okay and you cradle him like he is very precious and then he had now push your chin forward eva and just your chin not your shoulders like this that and looked down at him could go stay there you look down at your little bit you look at him not may good girl so beautiful when your feet together either. Remember, put your little feet together like this can you bring your heels to give up? You look at your big push your ten forty now look at me with your eyes okay now well I want you to do now is show me the bird with your fingers so put your fingers here so I can see him because I can't quite see him stabia okay? You push your tenfold and look down at your little bitch not that far just lived to chin up a little bit good girl dave berry but let your hands open up damn it there so I can see my little bird like I just got that okay like this little higher and so it's really important that I get that little bird and if I can't what I'm gonna do is go like this is I'm just going to get eva to always that little stick gone we had a little stick right there there it is so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to get eva to do this because it's a compass it image hold this eva with the little stick the go like that so what I'm going today you hold it nice and still right there is I'm going to shoot the little bid against her dress because if I feel that I can't see the bed very well in her hands I can just come visit it in because that is beautiful stadium either push your chin for towards me back a girl a year ago five to me eva eva you're the best supermodel I've ever head all right, my darling, now what I want to do is I've made a crown for eva she's a princess and it's going on here here right here like this oh, wow! Wow! Wow look at you! I'm going tio clippard auntie here either so it doesn't fall off and then I'm going to get these beautiful vintage flowers here there's like so I was very lucky to find these flowers um I actually got them in australia from a designer cord alanna hill and she is quite remarkable really she has a lot of beautiful stuff that she doesn't often have these vintage flowers, but when she does I do snap them up they can be a little bit pricey but that's why people always ask me, why is it that I had the amazing flowers? Sometimes they got to forty dollars so but they last for a long time everything here is whose and they are differently a just a higher quality than any other flower that I've got other than the sixties ones so sorry about the siren parachuting life you can hear that. Oh either you just looked like a prince is so these flowers absolutely beautiful all right, so I'm going to put the little bird and eva's here so he's like living in here so I put a little stick and happy that you're here they go eva just a believable is that okay? That is it tickling you continue. All right, now I'm going to do exactly the same thing. All right? Even this time I want you to hold your hands in the front that's it. And I want you to push your chin towards may again like that's a girl. Stay there. Do you believe this child takes direction like this? Eva, can you look at me like that? Pressure chin towards me either. Just gonna bump my eyes. So up to three. Twenty. Amit two point eight I definitely shoot it. Two point eight. I just want you to be aware that, too that I've got the space evers here background is a good one and a half yards or a meter and a bit behind her is have got a good drop away. Two point eight dipped the field because what I'm going to do is I'm going to clear cut her out of this background but have chosen to shoot on the brown because the background that I'm gonna overlay can go over the brown if I wanted a real clear cat into a different wallpaper probably shooter on the white or the black b flat, so this will be absolutely perfect for what I'm going to do, all right, so now we have another dress which I really want to shoot um but I would love for him mom just to come and see here like this all right eva can you go like this and hold your hands like this good girl stay there push your tend towards me either okay I may ever and now can you go like this again like a little surprise remember this one up in this one down back to stay just there now push your chin towards me now remember this faith pusher tend towards me ever go that was it damn ok, so because you're in such a beautiful outfit let me take a photograph just on the little white background so that we've got one for mummy as well that's just a pretty portrait of you help me hand will jump down come over here and sean you can move with us right? Just follow us around and come over here eva and just lean against this war for me go stay there okay? Just bring your turn around to me either keep going around a bit more now just go like this in tune and look at me guys can I have a little just a little baby smile just tiny little waist like like this smile just a little way but that's a girl okay tune your body towards me show me your pretty dresses and hats on wednesday right there push you tend towards me either beautiful thank you my dear let's get you into your next dress all right so what we're doing is making a crown so we've got twigs bnd twigs and we're just going to do this even getting into your next outfit which is like a little vintage blue I asked even to bring all her own clothes and um I see dress up outfits so they're just little dress up outfits and can you shut that door? Nikki so that we've got even you come out here so what I'm doing is just twisting it and making a crown because what I'm gonna do is make a nest on her head for the bird and I come and stand over here so that I see them look at this see those people watching here you come over here by may you can hold him all right and maybe some moss nikki I him just give taping it appetite so nikki just pulling off piece of gaff tape and I won't see it anyway because it'll be at the back and that big pace of mosque there would be good and this is eva's crown are really perfect look at that little piece of mask there can I put this in and I love that little dress that eva's wearing so this is her little princess crown so you've seen me do this crown before I've done it a few times for the big girls as well so I buy these twigs usually from the florists and then I just keep them in a box and then I just reconstructed every time I have somebody in my studio and I stick flowers on it a swell you may have seen me do that so today's eva's world that we're building is that's it you can take that away and I'm gonna put that on eva eva's world that we're building is pretty much being built in photo shop um so we've got a dollhouse and we've got, um, some elements that were going to compass it into eva's world to illustrate a make believe world for eva and so we just wanted some beautiful shots of either that we can choose the best one and I love the flowers and the bird now we're going to do something a little different, all right? You go and get it, we'll get outbid but come back and stand up here on your bucks even ah that's fantastic. Okayo I'll look at that and the best you can. All right? Right there. Let me put it on. He has got a little teacup for the bed. Okay? I wonder if I don't put it this way so the twigs come down across his face? Yes, I like that. Oh, even this is our pretty it's gonna put these little twigs in here I know what's going to get that one because that oh, look pretty up here and it's pink and I knew you'd choose a penguin or purple one because that's your favorite color, right? All right, we'll put a bid in we want to see him from the front don't way still haven't named him it's kind of weird bird with no name that you're here. Okay? It's not hating you that with it. Alright stadia eva now what? I'm going to dio its fix your strap bring you here like this. Okay, let me take a photo of you here. Turn this waiver. All right, so I'm going to put a bird's nest. I've got a picture of a business I'm gonna add to eva's here put your chin towards me, va that to girl stay there. I love when I ask you to do that. Because when I do, she gets me this very serious place, which is beautiful because it's perfect whenever I ask you to do something she's thinking about what she's doing I love how her little toes killed up here and she's just doing quite a natural movement with their hands, what I'm gonna do, even this jump down and I want you to just take these boxes way nicky and I'm going to get it just to stand on the backdrop even coming stains right here on the very edge there to go and look at may so that you will see if your little business is fallen down okay the savior exactly like that take a little step back for me that's it ok, perspective is important. I am at eva's eye line and just eyes to me eva I love what she's doing with her hands and feet pressure chin forever okay, straight away she did a little serious face. This is absolutely perfect because I can get such a good perspective on here. Now I'm going to shoot lower because what I want to do is make sure I get all of the angles so that she goes into the room take a step back, ava, you just can't see her toes on the edge there bring your feet together again for me telling that's it push you tenfold. Eva was gonna come up a little higher and shit down in here too, so I get lots of angles to use. Magnificent, my dear said there's a little bids missed that. Okay, three eva now I'm going to take a picture ofthe eva's elements so we're going to build either is world and eva has bought her very own doll's house, so we're going to take a photograph of that so we can put that in our image with either so here's, eva's, dollhouse. I love it, I think it's absolutely amazing. So I'm gonna do a couple of different things here. One of the things I'm going to tokyo as I'm going to photograph it both very clean horizontally at a couple of different for speakers, nice and low looking up in it, and they're nice and high looking sort of down on it because it's very important when it's in the back of her room and eva's well, that we have the options off perspective and then we don't have to change it in free transform now, something else I'm going to do is I'm going to shoot it out of focus. I'm gonna go into manual focus, and I'm going to shoot it out of focus now the reason I do this is wind. Oh, isn't it funny, I couldn't take the shot, I was trying to focus it when we drop it into the compass. It it's very important that I have some out of focus shots because sometimes, if it's two sharp, it's really hot to make it look like natural depth of field, so I always take a couple of shots where they're just a little bit out, okay, there we go, that's all we're doing for that. So this is a little dress that I found at a vintage store about three weeks ago and it's about sixty years old, and I bought it because it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and it's so tiny it doesn't fit anybody, but it fits eva she's five so I love this dress, and I love all the things we could do with the background in this dress. I have an image that I photographed of a little vintage french crown, so I'm going to put that and also I have the vintage hearts um, so I'm going to go and get a pin to chart so there's two different charts, and there I found these little vintage hearts for seven dollars at a christmas decoration shop in new zealand, and so I'm going to include these in our hearts, so they're actually christmas decorations on going to take a little shot here, so we're just missing out eva's here, so this is her third outfit, and I'm not gonna put anything else in here here, so I'm gonna take the shot here. Alright, miss eva, can you push your chin towards may? Good girl, stay there, I'll just go back onto my order focus, so always try and get a fairly close up shot and then come right back to the feet. Eva push your chin towards me again so instead of holding the dressy but can you let it go so force nice and long nikki just pull itself falls over her feet and down the ago good girl and even let's do something like this just one hand across lets it push your chin towards may this dress is very long but I'm actually going to make eva shorter it's gonna make her younger and smaller so I'm going to shrink her short her height to make her look younger put it in towards me they did that to go right from here I want you just to hold your hands again the way you did that that's the one push your chin towards me eva good deal in a couple of different perspectives they are and then down here really low no just me babe they're to go used abia eyes up to may the er and then just here so there's a couple of things I think a really, really important little we smile ever gonna give me a little happy that's a guy a little bit more than that you're a a you can make your clients smile as much as they want the shots that I want aviva today and really smiling shots seymour illustrative and sort of you know more I'm sort of just artistic it's opposed to portraiture I always do these close up shots that you just saw me take because hey, mom might want some without all the illustration, but if you are illustrating for your clients, the whole point is that they're coming in foreign illustrative shoot so you're actually building it you know? They know because you've already talked to them about the final look that they want I'm really happy with that um I think we've got three beautiful looks to work with and now we're going to shoot some more elements we've got the dollhouse I've got the french crown in the love hat or I wouldn't mind getting a veto holder love hat okay, so actually know what I'm gonna do is either you can go and get dressed, you like to go and change your dress and you could just get back into your normal clothes, evil, whatever you feel comfortable and nicky, I want you to hold the hearts for me so I'm going to get nicky to hold the hat around the great around the brown backdrop because I really need um them to be in this backdrop so I want you to hold it by the string um so that you don't get your fingers at this one should stay closed, so basically they are just christmas decorations, so I'm going to get nikki just to hold it and I'm gonna shoot it like this, so I met two point eight is you can say and I can put this love heart into anything one of the things I actually wanna put it into the background, so I wanted to go over here and around here like not any crown if you do this one now, but around here like a frame, so this is going to be really cool, so what I do is I try and shoot all my elements on the same backdrop, but she may elements on the same backdrop, then I have more chance off being able to drop them in. You gotta twist here one more stay the whole day, and he needed to be around. It doesn't really matter how okay, love both of those, so we'll see how we can add these elements into eva's shot we have the bird's nest, we have the flowers, we have the love heart, and we've got the doll's house so far, and I also have a vintage frame and there's a little vintage frame, and they're in the jury box let's photograph that, and then we've got all of our elements to build eva's world, so I found this little mirror it's, just a little cheap mirror that came with my hair straightener, and I really like the elements that any elements I confined like this to build around eva's world, I'm going to be fantastic, so I'm going to get nicky to hold it over the brand and take a photo of it just like I did with the love hat so what I'm doing is building my catalogue off I'm building my catalogue off backgrounds in my catalogue off sort of decorations background elements I call it elements because whenever I'm building an image it's perfect nikki thank you when if I'm upset didn't taken out of focus shot make sure when you do elephant elements you always take a slightly out of focus shot the one thing photoshopped cannot d'oh it's making image look out of focus really well I mean you could do moving blur you can do lots of motion blair you can do different blues you can do linds blows and all the rest but they never look the same as how that camera can do it and if you take a photo out of focus then you can pretty much dropped it into any background and it looks very real so that's perfect anything that I could use I could use this frame take the mirror out of it expanded and put it around even so looks like eva's sort of vintage portrait on the wall I can use thes elements into frame the entire image as an overlay and I can also use this as a mirror or a painting mounted on the wall behind even if she was in a make believe room so I can use this so now I'm just going to go and find is many little things that are around as elements that I can add to eva's world to build a big shot so what I want to do is put eva into this big oversized laser tax jacket like this pin they will be one on one of the phallus nicky he's gonna pin it there and the reason that I put her in this hands dammit that we could try rolling their sleeves up but I kind of feel like it will look more oversized if I keep your hands but this is because I have this fabulous little head this was a little gift that was given to me by kim and john corner cello for my birthday and I haven't taken a photo that yet but I just thought it would be perfect on either all right so I need some clips bless you bless you binds eva gays want teo it was a cute sneeze all right let's have a look from the front I can make this head is because I want that's the cool thing about it or a small as I want so you just stay there put your hands down so that the head doesn't fall off stay still for me princess oh I like this let's try this. Eva my camera. Katie all right, so here's our shop let your hands go buy them sides like that yes thank you miss I'm still at two point eight and I am at three twenty I so put your hands down by your side tva can you just push your chin towards may takes he gotten very bright in here all of a sudden I'm going to drop my eyes idea okay drop your hands down by the sides miss thank you put your hands down by the side by side even like this girl now push your chin towards me eva I just love it when you do that all right and just kind of pull back and take a fooling shock okay keep your head still for me just for one little siguen your bobick stadia gonna get your toes in can't see a little toes myth pushy chin towards me a little weed but not too far right now very good right let me just too new to the side like this eva and can you just push u a chin like this forward a little wee bit that's it stay like there don't move anything because that's so perfect question for the little weep it good girl now what about the other side and now push you tin for that side put your hands by your sides eva push you ten forward a little bit more that's it now what about halfway like towards nikki that's it now push it in ford now look down with your eyes that look up with your eye that's it's just the most perfect kid in the well, I swear thank you either, but absolutely perfect now we've taken love hearts frame's I've got the hat of gutter and it'll jacket if I want teo, we've got the dough house the last thing I'm going to do is bring in eva's door health and photograph the walls off the door house so that we can potentially drop them into the that crown behind the door house and they were done then we've created eva's world the one thing I love to bear eva wass how incredibly you know so I'm not a kid's portrait photographer I'm a photographer of women so I when I photograph children I like them to be still and not smiling and that's the opposite it just about every photographer kids, photographer I know, but did you notice? The soon as I started to director she did it exactly what I said I keep my energy commas, commas I could, but I still keep my voice out. I just needed to hear she was really still and I just loved it, but the finished image when I cropped it that way on the blue dress with the bird in the nest, I live space to the right so I could have good flying out from a here if I wanted to, I could have pretty much any element that I wanted in there. There were so many elements I found a bird's nest, a real one. I photographed it, I've put that on a head and it shifted it slightly and made it yellow. So I'm gonna show you how I did that and I'm I'm going to show you how I compensate that in. I'm going to change the background on her, plus the background on the elevation shot plus the background on the ivy wall. Plus, I'm going to put the tree roots into philip so I should be able to cover the compass it background, compass it elements and then compass it into the body with dodging and burning. And then one color should be covered. All of that right upto in advance move in the morning toe lunch so that's pretty exciting. That is a very exciting I can't wait to see the final results of these beautiful so we've got some time for some questions. So if we have any in the room here, we can definitely ask those as well. But while you guys were thinking about it, just a simple one from any p how long was the entire shoot? From beginning exactly what you say eighty five minutes great effect that she hit she was in here and make up for a period of time for about twenty minutes and you know she's just adorable so she was so much fun so I want to go through a couple of things the one thing I feel like I want to always give people is I never just float off and go the go it's up to your own devices life's not like that let's go through ideas when we were trying out ideas for elements everyone is so quick to think up ideas check comes forward with ideas that's really cool I want to go back to the king out this morning at the very end where I see it we've got okay note at the end of the first came out this morning when I was talking about trees water, meadow at the end of that there's a couple of things that I want to talk about one is an ad exhibition find out and had it and incorporate this with your marketing. Now everything I do is marketing. Okay, if we facebook status, I do essentially its marketing okay, I don't just jump on facebook and rip out about somebody or say something stupid I have a brand to protect I have a brand to project in that brenda's surprise and I want my facebook, my media, my block, my micro block to always be positive and knowledge positivity and knowledge of the two things that sell above everything else in the world okay, now information is free, okay information is free online you can find out anything you want but knowledge knowledge that has tried in true knowledge that israel and positive information is something that we still want we want positive information because everybody needs to be uplifted particularly on social media when you see things and people being attacked you watch the news and it's always the dark side of life sometimes you just want a bit of light heartedness you know I do things all the time I hit my head I punch myself in the face I took my scared into my aunties and walked through this year the airport you know, I do that because I wrote it on facebook you can't make that stuff up trust me and you know, I share that because it's funny and some people right? You know, this guy wrote the other day, you know, something everybody wanted to know when I was like, well, this is facebook it's not seen in if you want to watch what the world needs to know what's seen in if you want to watch something stupid, something funny, something light hearted, something inspirational come to my page okay say when I try and think of is what is in my world that is good for my marketing what is good for my brand what is good for you guys to share lin what is good for you to connect with me and what would be interesting enough for you to keep coming back to my page over and over again but more importantly, how do I build my following if I'm not interesting if I'm not funny if I'm not lighthearted if I'm not entertaining and if I'm not giving you knowledge and information why would you come back? You wouldn't you wouldn't come back because that's where you follow people online because their profiles like me and so the whole point is that I'm trying to make it interesting so if I was going to do an art exhibition, how can I market this from my business? How can I put that on my facebook page and say ok let's say I want twelve models so I'll say I'm calling for an exhibition I don't have an exhibition I have to shoot it first but the first thing I'm going to do is announce it announce what I want to do and I'm not like hi I'm hoping to do this exhibition you know I'm doing a I am doing an exhibition in march for women over fifty I'm going to start an international campaign on fifty is fabulous on why women are so fabulous after they ten fifty so the first thing I do is turn it into a marketing campaign. Okay? It's, not a question, it's another am I good enough to do this? It's not a validation? It is an announcement. This is what I'm doing. I no longer need anybody's permission to do something because I'm strong enough and enthusiastic enough to create whatever I want myself. So when I decide to do that, I said it in concrete within myself. I put it on my social media, I make it happen if you want to create an art exhibition with your finance, but you haven't shot it yet because you haven't got models, but you've got your concepts announce it. I'm creating an exhibition for my business. I'm creating an art book I'm creating this may be your art book will be funded, maybe it'll be bought. Maybe it will be in at price. Maybe it'll be collector's item. Maybe it'll be an at book and exhibition. But until you announce it created, it doesn't happen. How can you make it marketing? How can you make it part of your business? How can you make it get noticed now? If you're going to release it as an exhibition you can't go showing your image is before they done you have to save it but you can tease it but don't get on your facebook and twitter for the next three months and go can't wait to show you this exhibition in showing nothing you have to talk about it you have to show behind the scenes you have to talk about your interaction with the model you have to show where you're shooting what you're shooting but don't show the shop show the elements of a show and remember give it a name given an emotion give it a feeling is this power is this freedom is this joy is this love is this romance is this fantasy sell me on the concept without showing me the concept sell me on the emotion ofthe the exhibition in the emotion of the book and the emotion ofthe what you're doing but don't just say it's like when somebody goes oh I can't wait for you to see my new website then another week oh that's gonna be great when we build this new website you keep seeing the status but you see nothing it's like come on on people show me something you can't just keep teasing something that's not there you know put something up I'm sourcing so when I want to talk about something I talk about it in an interesting way I'm I'm currently researching websites for my new website and I'm finding these amazing richer websites and I might link that website to that person site then I am talking about my side but I'm giving you something to look at and I'm giving you the option to look at it as well, you know be interesting how can I make this interesting show behind the scenes? Because it is the most interesting thing you can do? What are you going to do when you do your next creative concept? Get a friend along to film you doing it then you can put the making of it on video and youtube make sure you buy recording software so that you can record the photo shop in speeded up so that you could do a time lapse of the photo shop so if it takes you thirty hours you khun time lets the photo shop do you know what it's like for people to watch you create like that? They love it. Do you know how much traffic that's going to get to your site that is called marketing smart marketing social media? Pinterest mood boards design your concept show that on your video how exciting behind the scenes and if you can't bring a video together and you can't buy and editing goto inamoto and do a slide, show yourself two hundred forty nine dollars an emo to give you a year off professional hi rid slide shows that could go on video on youtube to market yourself as a creative artist. What do we do when we put things on video and you too? We tag words, we keywords, we tell you well, so we take your facebook page we share we link we in bid we share, we link we in bid and we tag sheer link and bid and tag drives your search engine optimization through the roof and you name it with your name. All right? I really think you need to start getting smart with your sharing don't look for validation don't put your work on facebook and youtube and romeo and go what do you think of this peeps? Because somebody is going to tell you they hate it and you're going to cry about it and steve shear it look what I've done! Look what I'm making look at the joy of what I'm making. This is how I've made it show share and sharing his knowledge. Knowledge is into time, mint entertainment will bring you traffic don't send emails out and say like me, why would you do that? Like my page? No, show me something that I wanna like and I'll like you and then I'll show you and then I will bid you, and then I'll take you and then you will be off me. So think about that. You don't go up to someone and say, would you be my friend? You go up to someone and you say, I like you, I'd love to be friends, and then you make sure you do something to maintain a friendship. That is what social media is, and you are creatives. So give me all these reasons to shout out online and make this amazing noise about who you are and what you're creating. And remember the key phrase today. The state with which you dwell, you post with no ego, because there's always gonna be someone who doesn't like it. You post from a place of shearing, not from a place of sky ting you post from a place off, giving information, sittings, location, style, posing something. Give me something, and I will keep coming back. Human nature.

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Bring your most imaginative ideas to life with Lara Jade and Sue Bryce's dynamic workshop on illustrative portraiture. This course will stimulate your creative senses and show you how to produce magnificent conceptual fine art portraits.

Lara Jade started her own lucrative career as an international fashion photographer by doing experimental self portraits, fine art and book covers. Sue Bryce is a multi award-winning Illustrative portrait photographer who specializes in creating beautiful images that look straight out of a fashion editorial. 

Lara and Sue will break down every step of their process — everything from scouting for creative props and settings to styling and shooting your portrait. Finally, this dream team will bring all the elements together in Photoshop and show you how to polish your raw photos into pieces of art that reflect your own unique imagination.

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This was my first Creative Live course and I thoroughly LOVED it! While contemplating purchasing the course, I was a bit weary because some of the reviewers commented on how they wished they could have seen Sue Bryce give more in depth information about one of her projects, but there is SO MUCH information that is packed into this class. I LOVE Lara Jade and her work is amazing. The enthusiasm that both instructors bring to the class, their eagerness to share their workflow and wonderful retouching methods are worth every penny and then some. Going into the class, I already was familiar with Lara's beautiful fashion photography and really wanted to know her trade secrets so for me this was everything I needed. For me, the bonus feature was getting an insight into Sue's wonderful mind and how she conceptualizes, photographs and retouches her amazing portraits! Wow, I learned so much and I HIGHLY recommend these ladies and this course. Creative Live just one more thing... please, more LARA JADE courses!!

Kristen Clapham Photography

SO glad I bought this one...!!! Check out Day 2 - "the gospel according to Sue Bryce" - it's absolutely awesome - if you feel like you've been in a creative rut then you've gotta own this and watch it repeatedly!!! Thanks Sue, thanks Lara, thanks Creative Live team... another GREAT workshop!!


fantastic to see Lara in this; she's so natural and inspirational, and so generous with her resources. I would love to see her do another course, maybe with Felix too as I love his lighting and creativity. More, please!