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Shoot: Trapped Male

Lesson 18 from: Experimental Portraits

Sue Bryce, Lara Jade

Shoot: Trapped Male

Lesson 18 from: Experimental Portraits

Sue Bryce, Lara Jade

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Lesson Info

18. Shoot: Trapped Male

Lesson Info

Shoot: Trapped Male

What I asked for was a mail that was happy to take a shoot off so we're going to meet him I haven't met him yet so we'll get him to come in I want him to dio designed for the tree roots and I want to shoot this in team minutes like I think it should be quick there are no elements to his chute everything is going to be done in photo shop I need the lights off and the studio because I really want is much natural light as it can what I want is no reflector I want hard light we photograph men in the complete opposite that we photographed woman kills you can go thank you kiss it e you were so amazing for leading a stick you onto a wall and then float you around thank you so much and yeah, I can't wait to show you those finished yeah, thank you. All right, so I'm with our guy this's philip woman commander phillips later everyone I philip, how are you? Nice to meet you. So I've got a great shock for you and I've taken a photo of a beautiful tree and it's being wrapped and strangled by tree ro...

ots, and so I'm going to take the tree out of it and put your torso in so that you have tree rates around your body and in your shoulders and your chest and growing out of you and there's an incredible part of the tree that looks like an arm and so if I can get this part of his body I can put the entire opening of the branch and it looks ripped apart and it looks like seenu and muscle and it's a gray so all I have to do is match his skin tone and it will fall into and when you see me blamed it into his skin to my you'll see how something texted becomes part of the human body and I found that to be the most incredible part about photographing so what I do want is for you to be in no shit and you can take your belt off but leaving jane thanh and and then we'll do the new one people always say okay to me okay okay yeah okay now look at this here we are in this light I don't want to reflect I want him as far away from the window is possible. What I want is to create contrast on his body but I do not want him to be in the light now as he walks towards me take one step and that stopped see that isn't that incredible so straight away he's sitting in there half contrast and I try and make a cz many little tunnels as you know so this is exactly the same as how I would shoot it with glamour but how I would shoot it for glamour if it was a girl is I would simply put the white reflector here to bounce the amount of light coming from this window back to him but with guys we want contrast we want to shoot it to stop lower maybe to stop slower and what I want to do is put his much shadow into the shape of his body as I can the more shadow I put into his face chin and body the harder he looks in the more ripped he looks ok so I'm going teo just start with a kind of a normal shot I want your hands just here like we're your pocket sir hold the fist okay and I just want you to look down like this I can't not too far okay and I want you to think abbs abbs tent sam's tin shoulders excellent now eyes down ok that's where I want to say I'm going to stop here the first image I have in my mind is to read the torso like it looks like a single or a tanked up so it looks like he's wearing it that was my first idea is to just be here and just have it strong and powerful I want to shoot it nice and low want to shoot it nice and fast the countdown you're giving me lenti is to eva's world, isn't it it's not for the whole segment okay, I managed to get through almost a whole shoot and not break the tether nico would be so proud of me right now I use you break this tether don't I? Ok, I'm shooting on the city five mil he doesn't need this distortion I'm going to flip it over to the fifty uh there and just so you know are model didn't actually show up so you with somebody that just turned out for us right at that last moment which is absolutely wonderful thank you so much we greatly appreciate you all right first thing I'm gonna do issued it that dak I'm a three point two I'm at anything sick and that screen is really bright the back of my camera is really dark it's absolutely perfect for may I don't know what you're seeing at home but hopefully it's somewhere between the two and this is where I want to be a I want you to put lots of tension into unique shoulders hands chest and beard down on your tummy that's it beautiful awesome okay from here I want you to bring your hands just to hear a case if that's it lots of tension in the arms and I want you to really hold almost a frown that's it perfect, perfect wow just crazy beautiful that's amazing. I love this shot look at that but what we could do with that okay, I want you to imagine that these are strangling your body and I want you to tear them off you so I want you to hold there's something on your shoulder like that that's it and I just want that tension there and I just want you to hold exit perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Wow. Okay, beautiful from there, look at the light I'm getting on his body off with that natural light. Look at that dark and the and contrast I'm getting right through his muscle. It's actually perfect. This is going to be amazing to illustrate. Okay, from now, I want you to hold this like I want you to hold your wrist that's it to hold your own wrist like grab like this. Yeah, that's it and I want you to hold it to the side like you pulling that's it but I don't want it like a bodybuilding post I don't want you to be like I want I want you to be more like he'd down like I have to tear this off me that's it perfect so the roots go off to one side and I really want to be our rep it around his body diagonally I've already seen the shape in my mind so I could have had the shape for him to see that he doesn't need to see that the shape of the routes, he just needs to know the mood around it and he needs to know what it represents. I thought it would be really cool toe hold your hands out in a fist like this pushed towards may that's it perfectly lots of tension in your arms and to just do a shot like this were chin comes down where I'm only focusing on the bottom eyes down a little bit lower, perfect where I just do a shot like this, where I can create the growing and ripping up the tree roots through his arm, but not have it in his face like actually had the dip the field out, so we're going to try and we'll try that one and then I need to do something with this the shoulder so let's, open the body up, so just bring your arms away now, of course, men always look good when their arms a wide and it's nice and strong. And so what I gotta do is do something with the heads, so I just need you to drop your shoulder or you're hit that's it perfect? I don't want to make it look like a bodybuilding pose, so in order to do that, I'm going to use the sam stay there I'm going to get your left hand and bring it up to here and let's pretend you're ripping something out of your chest so maybe towards your heart more that's it perfect don't move and stay down there nice strong expression like down good tension frown a little bit about the teaching and your face perfect this is going to be incredible love it okay from here I need to think smart too in the body around this way so face everybody this way okay? And I want you to roll your shoulders forward again and do the same position to the front of them that you were doing to may okay? Because I want to see your let's I want to see your shoulders so what I want you to do is you've got no this way sorry you're ridin opposition I want you to roll your shoulders forward because you've got really good posture so I want you to like fake it. I push back through your tummy and like road down almost like you're bending down like this that's a lot to teach in their perfect don't move and what I'm getting is this here now push your chin away from your nick so it's not tucked in that's it so long like this so just push down, push down push down that now lower with your chin so it doesn't look too bad all right stop the act and just go like this and open your shoulders up towards me like that so just yeah that's it now he down this way that's it you're just looking down lots of teaching I'm going to take one from the side I don't want it to look bodybuilding so I might just change these hands up so from here let's go back to ripping through there that's a perfect perfect now just long chin this way now go like this and open your shoulders up to me that's it nice and strong little bit of a frown it had teo strong arms give you those strong arms perfect beautiful wow this is you think I want something on this right turn towards may keep your hands here at six I really like what you're doing in its covering the top your jeans go a little bit lower that's the one and I just need you to lift your are perfect okay I'm going to read this one around his throat I wanted to strangle them I wanted to be tearing I want to see the tension in his neck and shoulders I want to see it looking strong and ripping apart and I wanted toa almost may dislike I'm there you know at breaking point it's tearing out of my nick and when you see they treat what you'll understand how I'm even coming to these ideas okay perfect look at me you can look at me that was perfect but now I want you to just close your eyes and relax them but give me the tension in your neck shoulders abbs perfect really good okay from there I want you to look up so it's kind of tearing looking up lots of tension in your throat kind of look to the ceiling and keep your eyes open and just give me that that's it so a lot of strong neck that's beautiful love this my idea with this was to see him looking up and just having it tearing out now almost want you to just be like angry like you know look up I want your hands here that's it I want you to just look up and strong it really give me that next knew that amazing not so much ok that say that ai's relax down a little bit more there too high that's it so go lips together and now and then start again that's it strong that goat perfect okay I shut and exactly the same thing so look up but then close your eyes that's it strong mouth grimaced tight strong pull it apart stronger, stronger, stronger that's why like that good friend perfect right from there now just go let's together look up strong everything strong and just push it that's the one don't move perfect now and she can see I think I've shot maybe thirty I don't know, but the most important part is I've got to get the emotion I've got to get the attention I've got to get the strength I'm not cropping with any space around him because I don't need to its compass it I don't need to create any background because I'm putting a background in I'm standing at my full height um I'm one stop under to get nice and dark and that's how quickly I would shoot the composite image heaven in your he'd have it ready to go but you know what? This is always the time where I stop and I think to myself this person also sometimes if people model if they want to model their own model may him or they have something that they might want something for their book that's not find out so you can take a photo, put a single back on and take a nice shot of him and his jeans take a nice shop for his mom for his grandma for his girlfriend whatever like think about it like that you know there is a photographer, not just tio take what you find out shots you might get a good a good portrait you're in a good position you know let's do that for you and then he's got something for himself I feel like there's a least five images. They're they're they're exactly what I envisioned. I'm going to show you how tobin and make all of this contoured parts of his body stand out and then tear it apart and make it one color.

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This was my first Creative Live course and I thoroughly LOVED it! While contemplating purchasing the course, I was a bit weary because some of the reviewers commented on how they wished they could have seen Sue Bryce give more in depth information about one of her projects, but there is SO MUCH information that is packed into this class. I LOVE Lara Jade and her work is amazing. The enthusiasm that both instructors bring to the class, their eagerness to share their workflow and wonderful retouching methods are worth every penny and then some. Going into the class, I already was familiar with Lara's beautiful fashion photography and really wanted to know her trade secrets so for me this was everything I needed. For me, the bonus feature was getting an insight into Sue's wonderful mind and how she conceptualizes, photographs and retouches her amazing portraits! Wow, I learned so much and I HIGHLY recommend these ladies and this course. Creative Live just one more thing... please, more LARA JADE courses!!

Kristen Clapham Photography

SO glad I bought this one...!!! Check out Day 2 - "the gospel according to Sue Bryce" - it's absolutely awesome - if you feel like you've been in a creative rut then you've gotta own this and watch it repeatedly!!! Thanks Sue, thanks Lara, thanks Creative Live team... another GREAT workshop!!


fantastic to see Lara in this; she's so natural and inspirational, and so generous with her resources. I would love to see her do another course, maybe with Felix too as I love his lighting and creativity. More, please!

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