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Like I said before, in many ways portrait, photography and wedding photography is nearly the same. One is an event and one is you create even so. So whatever I'm going to apply in photo shop is going to apply also for both industry quickly graphics studio my favorite album makers whatever I sent from my screen is whatever I get big on a couple of years ago I suggested it's recession so let's create a new album for the recession moments and we created the event collection the iran collection wass three volumes instead of one william take advantage recession time and we created two values that sits on top of each other and what we decide we're what we did was in the studio we sell quite a lot off this. The small volume is for engagement pictures or their childhood or or ah, the minute they make each other we convict those fast from them. We take it from them and create a book for the first one or day we can create an engagement shoot and put it at the reception so qwest can sign into it ...

so that's the small volume. The second volume is moments for the journalistic style coverage of the wedding so mostly black and white and it's it's all moments that happened during the day and the herd with the large one is art book many bright have gone for it, so recession time take advantage to try to make more money so that's the way it has been very successful it looks beautiful and brides come and and if a broad is going to spend two to three hundred dollars thousand dollars for a wedding, why shouldn't we capture a part of it? You know everyone is doing it so create something that's that's available from ordinary mick into extraordinary that image there take a couple into a bar put them next to the window beautiful lighting no flash needed take take them told tell them some funny comment they will love in take the picture and it looks like they're talking to each other and having fun okay, okay, this is just a quick a quick marketing point and now I'm going to go into photo shop you're on my level, the quotes you've picked out I'm a big quote person I love all the quotes you've selected for the course I love court also hey there's, not one for you you don't take a photograph, you make it and that image comes from my workshop in venice. So talk let me talk quickly about the workshop because it's an event it's it's it's the most fantastic event photograph visited many off our photographs or ten once they come again because you can't build a beautiful portfolio with the fashion traces and models plus its inspiration plus its education and plus it's networking it's great to have creative live on line in your pajamas in your room that can happen every day but this happens once a year so it's it's a beautiful moment so I was creative life but I do venice also okay now let's see yesterday I took many shorts and I edited to the best ones so what I'm going to do now I'm going to select an image first to show you some examples off what I would do then we will go and work on each individual picture let me select one off those images may be the first one there it is not to be okay after I saw this picture let let's open it because I haven't converted from rose so I will warm it up a little bit magenta exposure darken it there the contrast ratio I like it to contrast but I don't want like I don't wantto lose any details in the light areas so I will bring details bake with the highlight a bit of shadows so I can bring details into the hair and you see it's starting to get a nice reflection into the chair there and that's want I want to highlight you said I I see a triangle there and that's where I want to go areas off the picture I don't like is around here around here so let's keep on working on it just a bit off whites and blacks this function has coming photo shops yes exciting and the light one for this was with our future before that so that's why I used our picture quite a lot because it's a quite a good function because if if you if you exaggerate the white and blake some summer you can bring so much details so much creativity you can go for the picture but let's not do that at the moment they just bring the picture is a normally meet out into a photo shop opened the image okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm going on go close here the first thing this is a new laptop nearly noon on top I don't use my photos off in this so I'm going to set up the laptop to suit my work for usually I have to monitors one is for all my tools and one is for the big image off the screen so that works very nicely because I know where to move how to move a very important tool I have the wacom tablet I can't do without this because this one dozens came my my fingers and it's right like a real retouching pain I can move I can go wherever I want to control the picture so before we we start working on it hissed a gram I don't need it so I'll close that uh sometime I forget with two settings because I've always had set ups so let's cause this one also adjustments we leave their own layers channels all I want to bring is wei have the layers there history I want to bring the history at the moment today I'm not going to use any actions I'm going to be all demonstrating it tomorrow I'll use some actions so let's take I don't need pat so let's get rid off that also so I'm basically setting my computer from from zero the most important thing I need to do is feathering I do a lot of feathering so I want a very close up shortcut for the feathering and what I do is where is it somewhere just a second guys it's because the monitor is not big I lost it at the bottom keyboard shortcuts and I'm going to go into select find a feathering which is here the shortcut for that is shift classics but I don't crop out images from sections out of them image so I don't need the cut short cut we teach commanded or control eight control x so I'm going to country convert that pattern into feathering so click on shift and sorry command and x now that's my shortcut this is what I use a lot and I needed toby under my fingers ready for it okay click okay so I've done my shortcut the other shortcut I want to create is tito straight in line but another shortcut which is in the new photo shop I want to use quite a lot so let's create another shortcut kilborn shortcuts let's go wass it usually filter and it's the one less correction that's the one I want so I'm going to create it so let's goingto filter in linde's correction and I'm going to convert this command am commanding and was already for curse I don't use curves purse for me is more for graphic artists and doesn't work the way I want it in in once you makes up occurs it's going to be all over the place so I like to work the old way and lucky to hear that they're tryingto fadeout occurs in future photo shops so so so the way I work is with levels color it's like having a fixed lens fifty millimeter, eighty millimeter I want to go and work individually in the darkroom days the first thing you do is correct the levels it just levels I'm not going to do shortcuts now because I want everyone to understand what I'm doing the metals, metals and there's sometimes heavy seen pictures that they look quite flat and they have a tone in to eat it's not very contrast and it has a orange tone or a year low tone into the picture you can achieve that by ending output level so what output level does it? It brings a leadoff great into the picture and if you light a need it will be quite a soft picture then you can create any color effect to it and it will look like I like using are put in effect sometimes because it it softens the whites in the in the picture okay, so let's let's do that I can't go into image just shadow highlights, but this picture doesn't need much off that you see what you can do it is you can bring details out into the shadows look at her hair it's coming up but I don't I don't wantto bring too much detail as long as I've got enough details that keeps me up there in the highlights maybe a little bit over here but slightly over exposed and somewhere there and that's good enough if you if you scroll down in this if they're more into the missing jessica because my screen is smaller than I can say okay, if you do the midtown contrast, it can become quite graphic, so I don't play too much to it unless you want to achieve something interesting okay and the color correction it can make it into more flat and into more higher saturation okay, now I've done that part, but if if we go close to the picture we can see that there's a lot ofthe skin textures and things I don't mind keeping a little bit of it but because I'm using also available light the shadows and the details are stronger because there's a lot of shadows when you fill it with flash those does disappear in a boudoir style of photography most of the time they will exaggerate the highlights all those details disappearing then soften it but I like details in my pictures so if I give this peters to the bright she's a model but she still has keep skin textures that she might not be happy so this is where I was goto my layers create a new layer control j or command j and gotto filter image gnomic portraiture let's large piece so we can see the face it's about the face because this effect doesn't work anywhere else you see this is how beautiful clean up it does this software look at it just giving me if this is the smooth medium if I go smoot high it will get rid off it even more you have a look but the good thing is it doesn't lose details so let's goingto a medium one here a normal mood normal and let's see medium wass here okay medium okay let's see before enough look it gives me quite a nice softness click okay and it gives me a general beautiful softness if it's too much if it's to hollywood because it's a layer we can reduce the opacity we can reduce or the opacity and one important thing I don't flight on this until the bright sees it because suddenly she says I'm too soft I or I want to be a software we can go back to the original image and correct it but at the moment I'm going to do the way I want to see it okay so let's go on sixty five or sixty there that's that's quite good before and after he just gives me quite a nice softness but there's a bit of shine there under the eyes and I'm going to six fixed six fix whatever it is I'm going to fix that in a minute but let's this's stage toe so what I want to do is I want to merge those two layers together because there's no tie city there if I don't murder those two and start to bring actions it's going to apply only to the top action so I prefer to watch them so what I do is link the two layers control j or command j emerge done murch layers so those two layers are now the flat layer but I still have the details underneath if I need to go back to it okay, now I look at the picture and I will crop the picture the way I cropped the picture is inside the frame I like to keep the rest show off the original file this is very important when create you create an album if you start cropping all over the place one picture is going to be tired one picture is going to be narrow one picture and it's going to be a miss then try to lay out that on a page it's going to be all over the place are much rather crop it after on the page if I need to then crop it now so what I do is command tea could or control tate and I will crop it inside the frame see I'm cropping read right inside the frame the kraut area you won't see it anymore so I'm going to crop it a little bit more they there that that's quite good okay I didn't like her arm there thiss part didn't work quite nicely so I'm going to crop it toe to achieve what I want so that's my cropping crocked so let's have a look before and after okay that's good now I'm going to select the bottom part off the image here averett selection no need toe detail selection or my selections are like this unless I'm doing very detail shop I select another it's election I'll keep it very simple this's where my feathering works so I made a shortcut command x feather two hundred feathering depends from the sides off the meat from the sides off the selection you have to experiment this there's no a former lady you get used to it and there are two hundred fifty will be good even even three hundred because the new photo shop can do more than two hundred fifty originally it was limited tow two hundred fifty now you can go up to one thousand that's a big advantage I I wanted this feeling thiss section many years ago and I I I could I create feathering there before I do the fairing feathering I'm going on do and I'm going to show you what is a feathering okay so let's go to the picture again if I darkened this without feathering this is what's gonna happen you see let me hide the selection a straight line where I darkened and you see the line that's going so let's cancer if I put feathering the more feathering udo the more blending into the background will happen so if you do less its most solid more feathering itcause softer it's like gradient so if I do three hundred feathering let's hide the selection again just levels and see you won't get that line it just planes into the into the background into the north selected area so I'm goingto darkened the front area off the chair so I don't want it to be the main destruction off the picture I want I want to move away from that so that's that thiss area is quite I'm concerned I didn't do a good job off fixing this area I should have left more details into it there was a reflection coming but I can fix that now just a bit I prefer to do it from the row file so what I'm going to do in the next stage I do everything staged by state this highlighted area there I'm going to dark and even more so feder five hundred there adjust levers and I'm gonna darken it okay I still want a bit off texture there but I don't you see I want her reflection toe pop out into the picture okay now what I'm going to do is the clothes go close up her face somewhere there and this is a technique I've been doing for fifteen years before any softness focusing effect was available and it works out so beautifully but you need to do section by section so I'm going to pick up this area here command j so I've created a new layer off that section no feathering nothing a new layer off that section and I'm going to do filter blur go simpler and I'm going toe soften it as much as I want I need a really nice softening their liked it but don't forget it's a it's a layer it doesn't it doesn't need to be a kid amount so this is what happens to that layer it softened so now I'm going to go to dead layer and change the opacity bring it down backto the original site plans nicely into the background you see I want her textures toby left a little bit but there's a highlight their shining I want to get rid off it also so that section one now I'm going to select her nose area just liked it just an approximately selection command j blur cause simpler change your capacity I don't get it in one go because she's going to look plastic it I want to do it section by section so I don't lose the texture the look on her face okay that's quite good it's quite soft so I'm going to change the capacity to somewhere there let me show you dead section to show you what I mean before and after it just cleans up it gives you the beautiful feature okay this area here not too much off the back because that will blend into her face command j blur causing blue yeah I'm going to soften different level there change opacity so bring her details back go under her nose with same command j blur blur two solved just reduce it down a bit there somewhere there let's go there okay and change the opacity can hear you can control as much as you want you can go to zero or higher there let go under on her change there that area there including this area blur goes in blur okay regis that she's got a beautiful but you call this temple temple get it so don't get rid off the dimple and soften it there one area left to do this this one is individual one is this area of the forehead I was selected hair and the details also but not too much off the blank their control j blur well don't blur causing blur again and you can create on an action which I have and this will happen very quickly you don't have to take so much time let's take it down with capacity okay that's it okay this's the biggest problems we might have in digital files when the shadows are strong those areas become very pixel ized look how beautiful this technique works in the sections I was our select those dark areas use the same control command j blur cause ambler and just often need you get rid of all those noise and then if you blend in it will be quite a nice software don't make comments here because I'm not finished s o just let's clean up you tell him you're wrong yeah I have to fedder sorry no feather in command j blur go simpler just get rid ofthose and and we're done in the in the face okay let's go down to the picture okay let me enlarge it a little bit so you can see the difference okay, now I'm going to merge all these layers into one you're not quick question from your name xxx why doesn't he's portraiture for doing this portraiture does the whole thing it does great job but I don't know you I used portraiture I use project it but I want a little bit more controlled you can you can also do it with portraiture and reduce it after but I'm just now manually controlling because it's a big picture if it wass it was going to be a small five by seven in the album I want to eat I just iran portraiture but I like to combine everything my techniques also to achieve what I want I don't want to have shortcut especially if it's going to be a big picture in the album okay if you look the texas it's quite soft they're against her hand and everything so I merged those layers and I can still blended into the background looking at the whole picture just reduce it a little bit so that's where I want to go before and after merge it down okay now the rest of her body if there was chased or hands or r r I will nearly do it as a one group so let's grab this command a blur causing blur I will go quite soft those areas it doesn't need to be too sharp it's plain dating liked it go there and comanche blur causing blur so funny too much again dared somewhere there okay now this area because I made a mistake and it's it's highlighted too much I didn't see it if it's a real job I will go back and redo it again but it's a good occasion to show you a technique here if if you don't have anything later you should teach a pig let's murdered this altogether first merch layers what I'm going to do is I'm going to sex selected area there couldn't control command j again thiss time feathering definitely one hundred pixels command j and I'm going to do a just levels and use the output level I'm going to bring gray into the section I'm going to bring a little bit off grain to the section when I bring gray it gets details in there but it's great so don't worry about it I'm going to click okay and then I'm going to go color adjustment and I'm going to match to the rest of her skin so being a bit of red and yellow it's too much yellow somewhere there so automatically you will use it I bought in details they were that I had lost just plain did a little bit into the background and that's good okay so let's merge this one done let's tow her arm they're just soften those hair also so I will capture a big portion of it with the hair command j click okay blur go simpler just two solved somewhere like that and then blamed it also go back for the section I did I did to date on the layers so history let's go back command jae in blur again got simpler so a nice portion of it liked it and then plant the layers the same way as we did before somewhere d'oh okay, now merge it done now let me go to the whole picture select the bride's face somewhere around there feather four hundred are selected the face area then I in verse the selection when when I inverse the selection is the selection now outside her face so I got there and I will do just levels and I will darken it I will darken it and just that a bit off weren't into it just colors and when you do photo shop there's millions off ways to do one wanting there's millions were off doing one single thing, so you might say I'll oh, I do it to the other way it's alright to whichever way you do I'm showing you the way I do it guys now off darkened area because there's a beautiful reflection over although you can't see her face but there's a nice reflection there I'm going to go feather one hundred hide my selection control age adjust levels I'm going to bring the whites the contrast into that area so you can see more off her face dear you see I'm bringing the details out somewhere there I don't want this area to go to light okay now they'd have gotten that I'm going to go and select around area around her face ah selection around thie ages include her head into it feather three hundred inverse my selection I'm going to do call command okay so I've got a new selection off the ages liked it adjust levels so I'm going to dark and the ages I'm going to darken the ages and I'm going to change the limit with the luminosity so it doesn't add a lot ofthe saturation into the picture so basically this is what happens you you've darkened the area your eye travels into the heart arise and that's where it stops when I look at the picture there's still in the area that I'm not happy and this is this area so I'm going to do a little bit more cropping you see usually start learning your picture by working on it so I'm not happy around this and just get rid off the playground command jae geun control t and let's pull it out a bit of copying and there it is and if you're gonna ask me by cropping like these are your weak losing quality yes a little bit but really it's not visually you can't see it because this is my full size file sometime we a large it more than that between the largest enlargement so it's not going to make that much visual effect on the contrary, it might soften the image a little bit and the way I like to save my father's r j pick contrary to what everyone says, I love to pick because j peg softens the image and we shooting portrait when you should port it j pick the squares the pixels on the ages are rounded so they blend with each other and gives a soft look is a perfect square so we're not photographing products were photographing people especially woman the saw for it is the better it is I don't need to soften eating in the with delays or with the filter so let's go back to the pictures just let me a little bit let me dark and it just slightly somewhere there it's it's great now the last thing I'm going to put his globe to the picture glow is the technique I look I use quite a lot glow will ed flash to direct to your picture and that's going to be included in the free actions I'm going to give you? So what? What will happen? I will show you how it works make sure that you have a new layer control command j and make sure that your color palette is black on the default setting at the bottom blake on white, the default setting I'm going to go in for into filters this's most probably one of the only filters I use so I'm going to go into distort he feels glow if distort if his globe when you go there what this does is it will pick up your picture and wherever there's highlights it will exaggerate it will look like flashed introduced to the picture usually I don't play too much with this unless I need to so if you play you can bring it more whites into it and more blacks into it you can achieve whichever effect you want but somewhere in the default setting is quite good. I click okay and I get this effect into the picture but this is layers I don't want his so contrasting I reduced the opacity somewhere new there and that's my finished picture before I finish it, I merge these two layers let me merge this tree layers down for demonstrations that usually I keep the layers all I dont get rid off the layers I saved them it. But today for demonstration I'm going to flatten it now first let's go to the origin before we go to the original because I solved in many areas we lost the pixels we lost the noise I liked the film feeling I like a bit of noise into the picture so what I do is filter noise and noise so what this does is it plans everything if any imperfection in the softness and everything it puts noise into it and makes the picture more touchable more feeling not plastic any more you see that it may be I will go eight percent sometimes you can go crazy to black and white nose and create a nice effect depending how much you want to do but with this picture I'm going to do eight color of noise uniforms and click okay now as you see on the picture has a nice texture we need there's no way you can see any softening areas in the whole area so that's one of my finished images let's see before and after okay you can't see a really nice rendition off dead guys if you come quickly take a step forward and I'm going to dance so you can ever look at my screen come on dog that's a way off the relaxing for a minute you see how how it looks that screen doesn't show you I hope that did they internet what? See exactly what you see on my screen so it it becomes quite a dramatic picture, you know, from a simple set out, but basically I had everything there I didn't introduce anything new to it I just exaggerated to make it look different, okay that's image one any questions for this image eso one of the questions I wanted are you going to go through exporting as well like if you export how you export and your color space and all that I've done did ok good question while we wanted subject your monitor needs to be calibrated it needs to be calibrated but sometime calibration also will make your monitor totally out of calibration don't forget that the lives are not going into it too much and the monitors are improving so much with the mac monitor I hardly calibrate I calibrate maybe every six months you don't play too much which calibration I love those calibration machines but don't overdo it the best calibration in my opinion after you do you you do the calibration send a print to your luck same percent the sample pin to your lab the light condition you're in the room you're in every now and then compared to the finished picture and the monitor it will never be the same it's impossible one is digital one is printed so ink and everything is going to be different but as long as looks cross enough that's all you need that's all you need and don't forget we are not trying to match colors like the commercial photography or anything as long as it looks good it's great it matches stay there don't try toe play too much with calibration the profile you work I like to work on is adobe rgb a darby rgb has a lot more information in it so it's a good way off working on your initial image but if you're going to send it for printing in a lab it needs to be converted toe s r t b I do could become version after I finished work so I always have the original and converted teo s rgb latinate seven days j pick and it's ready to go and what college best you shoot in adobe rgb okay, I want to get at the maximum I came so so so I don't use the sixteen beat at all because it's not required because all the action's software don't work also with sixteen b it's west ofthe time I think thiss days because I want to accept a texture to the picture what's the point off going to the original perfectly shop then I'm going to change it so I'm happy with it and some of those images are huge wallpapers in my studio and they look amazing every time I send the book toe graffiti I send it s rgb after I created in page gallery I will I will introduce it to the graphic software I make sure everything is laid out nicely it's rgb center for its simplest it and I get exactly what I want every now and then because let's not forget they're using ink they're using chemicals it cannot be exactly the same if a lab tells me that every time you send me the prince it's going to be perfectly much, they're lying there's no such thing I worked in a love arman expert in the lab sometimes in the morning the temperature is different it's going to give you a different with you? Is that the temperature in carrying the evening or the replenishment in the evening you replenish the chemical while you're printing so replenishment is you add more chemicals so every time the chemical in the machine is rotating and you're reading drops off new chemical in it so it's gets replenished but it can never be perfectly matching unless it's printed big too big at the same moment even then there will be different, so don't be too concerned about those things if you send a picture and it's not matching your screen that's when you need t o fix it that's why it's a good idea always toe make what you're getting from your life because every loves also have slightly different profiles not every love matches the same, so don't send one dab into another left our monitors are so perfectly calibrated toe what we get out of graffiti we hardly make any changes in we get exactly what you want sometime it might be dr sun my time expected there's no solution for that we have a large format printer in house but we have the cannon nine eight thousand or eight thousand six hundred printer forty four inch so we do every large painting in house for that we have a second dedicated monitor because it's not going to make the one for the graphic it's slightly different so we have a dedicated monitor and we have different profiles for each paper we use again if you send a book graffiti and one is on the gloss paper in one his own mad paper it's not going to look the same one is ink one this photographic paper so there's going to be differences no solution for their toes trace for this as long as they look good it's good for the eye perfect um I don't like too much light behind me I don't mind light in front of me so now I'm where I work it's quite dark in my area but I've got the tv I've got a screen off god merry music the place is all my environment no more no one counts around it I have the lord music lately have been listening toe punk punk and keep going come on baby yeah hey that that it reminds me off the sixties the discos and yeah it's cool and when the kids are sleeping when I'm not working at night they head for the main they're so deep into the pictures on soap creating things I suddenly want off my boy little one usually used to come and stand next to me who might want to go to restroom or something? I turn around there's someone like john pavel come out in the reality that if you did I scare you no no you didn't scare me too right it's all right, because I got so deep into into my environment and with that music and the music might influence influence what I'm doing and if if I'm not in the mood off the music or the picture I must go away from it if it's not working just move away come back later on it's very important because this is where you're trying to bring what you want based some days also if you sit down and so what am I going to do with this picture? I don't know well what do I bring? Because your brain goes numb some days in my dream I imagine something that was that victor I wake up, I tell you I wake up, I go to my office and start working on the picture so I don't let it happen after I wake up, I go to the picture and work work on it so I don't have and that's the biggest part of my life that I work from home but now my customers don't see where I'm working, everything is in my studio but my production here there's a lot at home you're gonna have on sorry, I don't mean, you know no good a request from calls photo who'd like if you could just click on the before the original file and then show us all the layers so we could see the before and after they're in there some off the layers I lost he wanted to see individual layers now just the before and after that's perfect. Thank you. You see this this's okay also, but it depends where you want to go with it, you know, at the moment it's a demonstration? Is it this how this picture gonna and I don't know I'm demonstrating in when I'm talking I can't be creative I'm the most hating what I'm doing you know you don't have your death whether you're missing your way can't wait, can you? Well, apparently that were that music was record released in a little town in australia eight thousand people or some and city was packed with people for the release date and my my older boy is into that techno music and dance music, he said that there's this beautiful music I said, ricky, I know your music, I love it, but I'm not in the mood please please that can you listen to me? I'm sure you're going to like this so he he puts his ipad on the stereo system I said, oh, that's, shake, that's the guy from shake the big. Don't you know the you remember, shake the freak. Wait. Here we go with the discus chic here and then then it was sounding like them, and it wass one off their musician on playing on the music. So it was good.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons. I learned a lot of interesting despite the fact that there is strong in English. Please tell us how to do touch-3 band. Many thanks


Yervant shares his knowledge with a passion. If you are a wedding photographer and even if you're not, you will love this course. Thank you Creative Live for sourcing the very best in creativity and making it available to us. Frank Jun 24, 2016