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Canva for Work Account

Lesson 8 from: Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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8. Canva for Work Account

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Lesson Info

Canva for Work Account

There's another feature about the account that I want to talk about and that's the can before work side of things I pretty much exclusively work in canada for work it's what we use as a creative brand agency for our business with our clients on don't want to talk about the difference between a free general account and the can before work account the first difference clearly is cost in order to uh purchase the camera for work account in your in your private account you're going to click on this button down here that says upgrade and then you're going to get a prompt um it's going to say do you want to buy you want to buy a year's worth or do you want to go month to month it's about thirteen dollars a month on a pretty substantial savings if you purchase a year so for a year for one user it's about a hundred twenty dollars on pump you for your credit card now what's cool is that you do get a free trial so you contrive for thirty days is not contracted credit card and then you could cance...

l at any time as typical with an offer like this really really really important thing to note for those of you out there who work in a nonprofit or or an association or or an ngo um I encourage you to contact can va uh and asked them about a free for work account can, uh, will work with you to identify your candidate to use canada for work for free, which they do for nonprofits because they love him so much and they want them use canada, and they think that nonprofits deserve the the kind of design that private corporations and companies get a cz well, s o, please do that. So, uh, we'll go back to our dashboard and we'll talk a little bit about about the difference between camera for work in the general let's see? So one of the first things that we need to distinguish is what kind of account were in just by looking at the dashboard the way this is set up and you'll see the difference in a second. This is my personal account. When you sign up for canada, you get a personal account when you purchase canada for work, you keep your personal account and then you get, eh? I guess you could call it a sort of a second account, and the way to get to that second account is to click on your name appear, and here you'll notice I get an extra button below my profile that says the name of the team that you're on, so when you purchase a canada for work account, you're right. Remember automatically of aa team or and you could also create more teams. These are teams of people who also have can before work, and you can invite them to your team to work on designs collaboratively, it's a little it's, a little complex, but I encourage you to if you purchase camera for work, try it out for thirty days work in a team, set up a team and we'll show you how to do that in just a second, so I'm going to switch from my personal account here. It says the word personal. I want to switch to, uh, my canada for work account, you'll notice that now I have a little f here, it's f for my team named fathom creative, and that tells me that's one of the things that tells me that I mean my camera for work account, some of the other things I have some more links here have some options that weren't there before. Not only do I still have my designs, my design, my, which, by the way, have all changed. You'll notice the different set I have, you know, my share with me, but then I got to new things, your brand and team stream, and we'll go into what those mean. Later it also gives you a tour if you want to go through that your own time it's very similar to what we're going to learn here today on it just walks you through some of these features the background here is changed I'll tell you why in a second the first thing is the telly's declude you in that you're not in your personal account but it also reflects the color of your brand and we'll get into that when we talk about the your brand section so I'm gonna switch back because I want you guys to see the difference again so here colors different different set of designs different set of you know last menu options but let's go into the camp back into the camera for work so first questions but wait what about your personal designs? What if what if you accidentally designed something in your personal account that you actually wanted in your in your team your four work account no problem so you can actually import your personal designs so the very last panel of your of your of your design stream here you can bring in any of the designs that you did from your your team yes, any different from sharing it with yourself from your business account to your personal you could do that you could share as an editable link but that's a little bit roundabout that's that I guess you would do that I can't think of an instance where you would want to do that instead of doing when you hear it like that, it's still editable, it is still the same, and it will create. It'll create a copy just like this creates a copy of it so that you'll actually have it. In both accounts, you'll have a different version in your four work account, so I could bring in let's do that, actually, because this but this design says fathom, creative and it's my father created accounts so let's bringing in so you can bring in multiple ones. You can click to check marker, uncheck the ones that you want to bring it on, then click finish it's taking a little bit of time, it's thinking again it takes sometimes it takes a little bit for the thumbnail to update don't worry, it'll it'll be there in a little bit. Um one thing that I did not mention is there is a little wing menu over top of your designs in your stream. I want to explain what that does. You can copy a design, so save out a version of it without having to open it up again, or you can just delete it and get rid of it um, uh, I we'll go into version controlled, but that's it's a rare case where you're going to want to delete a design militia really know you're never going to need it ever again, because there is no undue for deleting a design like that. Um, s o, so just be careful when deleting things always try to save different versions, either using pages or creating copies. Um, so let me refresh to see if that, uh, sometimes it takes a little bit, but if I open it up let's close these guys, I can see the design that was in my personal account is now my work account, which is great, so close that, uh so the other really, really important part of the camera for work accounts with called your brand, so currently I'm working with a team that team all has access to this set of four options if they click on your brand here, I can see my team name uh, I can edit this and we'll go into that in a little bit, but most of my team cannot because I'm the administrator of the team, the person who creates the can before work team is automatically the administrator you can pass that privilege on, we'll show you the second, so along with my brand, I get templates. Ah brand kit and I can see who are members of my team and then I can also do the building as well and adjust that if I need to eso here are templates here I have one template I'll show you guys had a had things this temple it's a template is a design that other team members can use and when they click on it it makes a copy into their canada for work account so it's a great way to set up a design like for instance this is for this for a race in chicago and we do every year and I knew that I was going to reuse this design this year two thousand fifteen based on one into their fortunes are created a template any one of my team members can go in click on this template and it will save a copy for them and they can manipulate it as they want so it's a great way to make the same layout across different team members so what team members I know obviously you're designed or you have a team but a car we also talking about clients too so again is that is that interchangeable and also my other question is so I get a canvas for work account right and I want to share but I'm creating for my client with them do they have to have a camera for worker can I set them up on the free once they do not need a canvas for work account, if you want to share an editable version of what you created, however, um, it, uh, it's tricky, because things can become inconsistent, you're actually giving them a version of what you created, so if they go and change it and they say, oh, I like this one it's now different than what you have here. So we want to be careful of those of those versions, and we'll get into teo version control and how to label your files properly, but it really it really depends on whether you want the client to be able to edit it or not. Um, ideally, everyone has canada for work accounts that way, everyone can pull from the same brand elements that will will just go into right here, but you don't have to have the camera for work a counselor to share those designs, okay, because I'm thinking I work with small businesses, so in the beginning, like, if they're not familiar, it's a great way to introduce them. Yes, I said that from the free model, and that way they could see what I'm creating an ok, yep and say done, and then as time goes on, they would probably by the camera for work, and that would actually be there yeah, canada should act as the hub for the brand that you're creating so all of the elements the logo, the colors they don't come into canada and that's a great segway they live in this tab here this is the brand can and and I would have the brand kit and they probably wouldn't if they had the free over exactly they would not get to edit this or use elements from this brand kit in their designs that's what that's this is really what the team is centered around it's getting everyone tow a line on all of these items here so that they're all the same and we'll go into brand consistency in the in the canvas for business segment so I'm empty this out uh there's this is what it would look like if you were to create a brand kid from scratch we have three parts to a blanket we have the colors, the fonts and the logos the colors are you know it tries to make it as simple as possible just the big plus sign if we want to add colors to our palate again, it gives us the wheel with also the option of putting in hex codes again if you need to transfer a different you have a color and a different format or a different code definitely search online there's lots of tools out there that can come I heard something next so let's pick a color for our brand let's do through the filing creative brand so I have prepared I have ah set of have a photoshopped file that has our brandon and I know what the hacks colors are so I just sort of pull this up here and photo shop all right? So this fathoms brand is made up of three blues this's a monochromatic brand if you want to learn more about colors here I'll show you if you want to learn more about colors you could you could click on this link here and it opens up suggested color inspiration and again go to the design school they have tons of articles on how to pick the right colors for your brand to what the colors may need and how many to pick a lot of times brands don't really don't know how far to go in the amount of colors that they have fathom keeps it very simple we have three so I copied that hex code from from photo shop so I'll just, uh actually will that work can actually company right? I can great so that first blue and they caught they have these great names for colors so they call it dodger blue uh I think that name just automatically comes with that executed, which is cool it's like a little bit of brain personality I didn't expect let's take a look at the medium color here so I can just pull this this is just text in photo shop you can pull the text from the web or anywhere else uh right dark slate blue and my last one so I'll take this one hands my favorite I love this deep blue right dark slate gray awesome well um so this is our brand colors we can always had more to delete a brand color when you hover over them you're just going to click on the little x and they will go away never to be seen from ever again uh so that's colors the next brand element or visual bread element that we could add our funds here we have three different kinds of funds by the way these three fonts match up quite well with something that we've seen before I'm going to go back and show it to you so if I go to my designs and then I'll go to any graphic that I've created um do you guys remember the text drawer where we had three things here and then ah whole bunch of like premade stuff check out these funds so this is like kind of a thin five this is a thick bubbly fund than a normal sort of sand saref if I go teo I'll go back to my brand which we were just working into the brand kit that matches up suspiciously with let's hear when we have a camera for work account and we change the fonts here which you can do just by clicking on the little pencil uh and let's say so the fathom fund is a month surat on let's to it so it's hairline for the header and then I can change the subhead too let's keep it in montserrat and same thing down here you don't you don't just you don't have to just change the fun you can also change whether it's bold right alec on but also the size of it as well that's right regular okay so that looks like fat and that's our brand which is great so what's really cool is if I go back to my designs and I go to add some text how's my brand funds so even though we know from the previous segment that we could change this to whatever we want it's suggesting to anyone on your team use this phone please it's our brand fund it's it's part of who we are and it's good to have consistency by the way I believe if I add this here on then I go to change my brand fun anywhere that you've added something like this like all this stuff that I'm adding all of these will change if you change your brand fund so if I were to go in there and say ana like months writing why when he's ah sarah fund anywhere that I've used unedited heading sub header title will all change which means that all of your it can be tricky and be careful because that means that all of your previous designs will also change to your new brand fund so if you have old versions they will no longer have that old funt we'll have the new one again it's it's it's designers will look at that I'd be like I don't know about that I liked all those versions so so be careful with it try toe you know you can change the fund yourself and then it should be fine so that's the that's the fronts the brand of fun section so I'll go back let me close this and I will go back to your brand section so we just talked about adding your brand colors your brand fonts and now let's talk about the logos uh ideally the logo that you want to upload um is an spg file and the reason is because this is cool I can't name another program that does this can vote will allow you to change the color of spg files if you have an spg file that has two colors you have the option of changing I'll show you what that looks like so if I go in and just click on the plus sign I've prepared some fathom creative lobos here I have ah whole bunch and I could actually upload all of these if I want, I would select them all just by, you know, shift selecting as you normally would in your interface to select multiple files and then I'll click open. And here here's our loading bar that's we were talking about the last segment, so let it think let it do its thing it's going to put these all in the place. So I have one for tiny usage. I have ah, one that's just the words I won that's the full logo. Ah, lots different variations. These are all spg files. They're all just a couple of colors. Which is how you want to keep your your files and they are now usable by anyone on your team. And I'll show you what that looks like if I go back to my design let's say, see it's saved all of my changes that I mean, say it automatically saved all that let's say I'm no longer a fan of the f in the circle that's just not how we use our our logo. So I'm going to leave the circle. Uh, that's old talking let's say let's say I started from here and I want to add the fat increase the the full fathom creative logo because I've put, uh, the low goes into the brand kid I can go down to here to up loads and you'll notice I had a a new bucket that we have not seen before the logo's bucket if I click on it I can see all of the logos that I just uploaded and this is great because it's standard across your whole team so everyone gets to use the same logos so no one is having to go search for a different file or be like you know you know hey michelle king please send me the little girl I don't you know I don't have the right version it's all right here so let's use the full fathom creative logo pan let's point with great so um that's just kind of stack it right up there that's great yes if I've made a logo for a really long time ago and today is the first I ever heard of ss views how do you change your is it a photo shop thing that you can change it into it's not so if something is is bit mapped o r, png or j peg in order to make it an spg it would need to be re created in a program like adobe illustrator uh if you have a png of your logo and has a transparent background you can certainly use that but just keep in mind that it has a set resolution to it which means you can't blow it up past a certain point without getting some distortion so for instance, this is a vector so I could make this huge and see it still stays crisp and sharp with a p and g that resolution is locked so it can't go past a certain size you go small small you want, but but the bigger against the more you'll see the pixels right? So that's that's using your your logos that were put in your brand will go back to that actually, uh let's go back to our brand brand kits so we got logos type and colors. The next tab in the camera for work section is the team members here you will give the option to invite multiple team members and here's all the team members that we have here, so you'll notice that each team member is has a different designation to them they have different ranks, the top rank which I am is administrator that means that you can change the brand kit you can add and delete team members and basically managed the whole you can vote for work team brand, then you also have a template designers they cannot change the brand, but they can create templates and then the last designation is just a member that's just someone who they can't create templates, but they can use templates that have been created ideally, you want one administrator on then on then whoever is really good at creating your templates for your brand you can designate them his template creators and then everyone else should be members just to create a good hierarchy so that everyone's not going in there and changing the brand whenever they want. Um, let's talk about templates. That's tab that's in here. So team members, we went through a brand kid. Oh, and an administrator can change the name of your team. So if we hover over this here we can see this little added button I could change this to whatever I want. Yes, yes, you can. You can be a member of multiple teams. You certainly can. And then each one of those teams will have its own, uh, brand associated with it. That's how we deal with most having multiple clients in canada, they each have your own team, so the templates is actually the first tap here by skeptics. I wanted to go through the brand elements first. This is a template that one of the temple of designers has created and I can use this template um, by just clicking on fire to click on this it's going to add this lovely design and here you can see it was actually multiple pages into my account so that if I go to my stream it's right there and this design is based off of something that someone has already done, which means that multiple people can start from the same point excuse me and create different variations on a theme I'm an administrator which means not only can I use I'm gonna delete this to show you guys with that process looks like so I clicked on the wingman you're here I clicked on delete oh by the way, you can't undo through its I misspoke earlier and you could just also hide it as well so I am not just a template user but I'm also a creator which means that I can edit a template if your designated as an administrator or a template designer then you can edit templates that your team can use I'll show you what that looks like so go back to my your brand and I mean templates and remember in order to use this template I just clicked on it but if I wanted to edit it so that other people could use a different variation of this, I go into the wing menu and I have an option to add it that template so it's a little trickier when your administrator there some rules and there's some responsibilities that come with the power so so but but it's it's worth it in order to have your entire team on board and using the same designs as a starting point um so there are a couple other options with camera for work. I don't think we have time to cover all of them again. You get a free trial, poke around thirty days of playing in creating your teams and uploading your brand for people to use next, I think I'm going to talk about some interface tips, and then we'll go quickly into saving out files, so oh, yeah, way we're going to get this question, so I'm just going through out there are using canada for your presentation when you go into presentation are using candidate to create that I did not. Yeah, if we want to go to the presentation really quick, I think I have a slide up. Um, so I'm using this tool here, as is called president president is a is a presentation software tool. It's cloud based is well on it does this cool thing where you can, like, zoom around and had really cool graphics and things we may be talking about president in another creative life section, attention in the future. So that's what? It was great, thanks, matt. S so if we go back to my screen here, we can see the template that I've created on I can go in and either at the temple itself or make a copy of it and do a variation on it

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