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Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

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The Power of Design: Canva Philosophy

Matt Stevenson

Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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Lesson Info

2. The Power of Design: Canva Philosophy

Lesson Info

The Power of Design: Canva Philosophy

So my name is matt stevenson we're going to unpack a lot of what guy just talked about with the the canvas tool my background I come from a creative design background I work at a firm called fathom creative in washington d c we call ourselves a brand creative agency which means we work with a lot of brands and we help them refresh brands, create new brands and help existing ones in juror basically become even better than what they are if you guys want to tweet at me, you can do so at d c m js or visit our website fathom create dot com or if you want to participate in conversation online on twitter you can use the hashtag I can't belive so let's um let's unpack the first little bit of what guy talked about what canada is earlier I mentioned that canada is a free cloud based design layout tool okay it's very much five words roughly first of all it's free which is unbelievable that's it gives you so much there is a premium version of candle which we'll talk about later and that's called c...

an before work but we're going to focus mostly on the free version because we want you guys to get in as quickly as possible and start designing some stuff what kind of problem would canvas solve guy talked about a little bit we need to make design more accessible there's been uh this thing that's happened in the world of design, where there's a barrier to entry. And if we want to go to this presentation really quick, I could talk about what that barrier is. Um, so let's, take the client. The client has a need, whether it's an organization or small business, they want to get to the end goal of design not just designed, but good design. But how did they get there? Typically in the past fast it's been through a designer? I was the only way, and the reason it was through a designer was because the designer had tools, tools that the clients either did not have or had but didn't know how to use properly. That was the barrier to entry for design. The client did have some tools, but they were pretty much this just word or power point things that they were slightly familiar with but didn't know how to create really great design and s o this created a problem, design was not accessible. We want to be able to make this guy into not a professional designer, but we want to empower him with the ability to create design at the same time, we want to make this person a better designer, so we're gonna be solving two problems with can va we're going to empower someone who's, not a designer, and we're going to show a designer give them a new tool to be even better and to collaborate more with their clients. So solving this problem requires a software that's going to match the criteria of canvas it's going to be online cloud based, which means that anyone could access at any time you know what the downloaded you don't need a fast computer, you don't need a fancy processor, it's got to be useful at multiple skill levels, so can va can be used by someone by someone who really knows what they're doing when it comes to graphics and someone who, you know may not have touched a lot of graphics logo's images before in their life on the last thing is going to do is the tool is going to be simple, and we'll get into this a little bit later. Uh, guy mentioned wheezy wig stands for what you see is what you get literally what you're looking at is going to be in the tool is going to be what's going to be printed, so no guessing at all by the end of this workshop, you're going to be able to create top tier graphics for your business, your organization or just yourself. If in canberra you'll have your own canvas account and you'll know the ins and outs and the workings of just about every tool and every trick that's in there. So we talked a little bit about the past what was going on with the designer client design relationship let's talk about what it looks like now because this is causing designers to need to change. We need to be able to keep up with the programs on also realized that our clients are going to have the same programs that we are, which could be a little scary as a designer I know, I know photoshopped do I want my client to know photoshopped? Maybe that could be a little iffy because they could do some damage to some of my designs if they get in there and start messing around. But let's, take a look at what a tool like can va can do for that client designer relationship now instead of going at the design themselves as designers were going to use, the tool is the center and we're going to collaborate through the tool in order to get to the good design. So it's no longer going from client to me a designer to the finnish design its decline and I are going to be working together that's the best way to, uh to be familiar to make yourself open to the democratization of design what guy said, design is now for everyone. So we as designers, need to figure out a new way, a new paradigm on howto work with our clients in order to get there.

Class Description

Beautiful graphics are essential for running a thriving business and Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. 

In Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva, you’ll get to know the Canva interface and how to take full advantage of its powerful features. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Combine images and text
  • Build graphics for social media 
  • Share and download projects 

You’ll also learn about the basic principles of design and how to create graphics that are as effective as they are beautiful. 

Guy Kawasaki will be on hand to offer tips on how you can use Canva-created graphics in business and how your designs can elevate and grow your brand. 

The Canva interface makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop design elements into elegant, professionally-designed templates and this class will help you ensure that every project you complete is top-notch.



This was a fantastic course! You will walk away from this course confident, skilled and knowledgeable enough able to create amazing deliverables/images/graphics for all social media platforms. Especially if you are completely intimidated by design and don't know where to start, this course is for you! (that was me) I really enjoyed seeing into the mind of a designer with his tips & rules about fonts, flow, colors and brand integrity I have made some fantastic designs! Thank you Matt, Canva and Creative Live! Absolutely one of my best CreativeLive purchases.

Aaditya Somani

This course is fantastic. Matt is an excellent teacher, he explained all the details of Canva in less than 4 hours. And those basic design tips were a bonus! Thanks a lot, Matt and Creative Live. Would definitely recommend it to take your designing game to the next level.

Barbara Schiffman

Great course, great teacher -- I'm a Canva and design novice but am now creating book covers for my own books/ebooks. Matt taught me things about using Canva's tools that have already improved my design "eye" and skills -- especially about the value of simplicity. Many thanks!