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Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

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Creating Social Media Graphic in Canva

Matt Stevenson

Easy Graphic Design for Your Business with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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Lesson Info

17. Creating Social Media Graphic in Canva

Lesson Info

Creating Social Media Graphic in Canva

So the first one that we're going to do is we're going to create we're going we're going to pick up brand set we're going to make our own brand on the one that we're going to do is for let's say the company I work for fathom creative we had a little bit of taste of this in the previous one but I want to show you guys what it looks like sort of start to finish going through it all somebody close this guy here yes thank you yes thank you thank you all right so I get my mike sorry in order to do this I'm going to have to go to my candle for work account because that's where the brand kids live all right so I got my little f here and let's go ahead and change our brand so let's say fathom actually did just go through a re brand we created a new logo for ourselves and a new senate colors were coming out with a new web site and I want to make sure that all of our social media assets or all of the things that we create in canada align with this new brand so I'm going to go into excuse me your...

brand and I'm going to go into brand kit this is our old brand is what we used to have so I want to change this around a little bit so I'm going to uh I want to simplify my colors because again, I like not having to consider so many things, so I'm going to delete one color and we're gonna change this I would lead that color too, and we're going to change this blue and the first blue is going to be dark now this is really interesting noticed something else is changing along with the color of that square. This is just a little treat that canvas gives you as a brand champion the first color in your brand kid will be the color of your team in canvas, so it will be the color of your head or graphic in all of your pages, and it will also be the color of your little f here, the symbol that's going to be next to your name. It's ah it's just a fun little thing that happened, so you feel like canada is part of your brand, so let's go with a blue something around there and I have the color code and never in case I ever need to give it to someone or another design team or or or whatnot and we'll go with one other one. I'm going to keep this pretty monochromatic, so I'll choose like a nice cornflower blue there, all right? And then again, so I'm going to change my fonts by going over here. And I want to use a nice sort of light fund for my headlines, which is ok if I'm making my headlines big don't want to use a light fund make it smokes and it not eligible but I think this is a little bit too big someone is going to change the size yeah, maybe something like that give me a little bit smaller I'm gonna change my subheds to be interesting let's go with something a little bolder again when we're picking funds contrast is good so if I have a light front for my main one will go for something there and the body text I wanted I want to make it something that's pretty pretty standard I know that I think open sands is in here that's one of my favorite body text fonts go down into the hose might help great so I have a new ah new font sets new colors I'm going to keep the locals and their for right now. Um interesting note uh when you I'll show you what this looks like um earlier I was, uh going to change the color of the logo that I imported into one of my designs I'll show you so let's say go to my logo's he's a lower is pulled from the brand and drop it into here um I can't change the color it's an spg I uploaded it I should be able to uh I promised you guys that you know you'd be able to change the color of an suv, but I can't that's because of the logo I don't think we want people changing the color of our logo is very often if if the target logo was green instead of rent, it would have a much different brand feel to it and a much different meaning as well. Logo's and color have a very tight relationship and if you're hesitant to change your logo and you're like the name of your company or anything about your company's also be hesitant to change the color of that logo so what canada is hinting at is when you have a brand that's great you have your colors have your logo let him let him live let him be that way it's a consistency and branding but you can however, change the color of espy jeez that are not in the logos section so for instance, I have this f I uploaded this separately, I'll show you so I have this in a folder that I made myself you could make folders of uploads uh in the in the can before work and I just dropped an f because I wanted to show you how the color of an spg can change oh, by the way, there's your brain colors at the top of every color change thing that happens you will see your brand colors and that's can vote telling you use your brand you have a great brand you created it yourself use it even if I were to go in here and just create a random square brand colors right there so eso we've created brand from scratch I'm still I still want to make a graphic uh let's say I want to promote uh say I was just say happy new year so I'm gonna place this guy here now this background this is not a very new year's eve background so I'm going to change this I'm going to get rid of it um and the reason why the f one away is because it's white on white it's actually still there but we can't see it case you were wondering on we'll go into backgrounds and I want to phone festive backgrounds let's do party sweet all right, cool what's a good oh, yeah all right let's do that I'm a fan all right? So I just dragged and dropped in and I'm gonna position and so when I'm doing this and I wish I could like tell you my exact thought process so I'm making all these micro decisions so when the image came in it just was there right? So it's hanging off the edge there's no symmetry there's nothing about it that way that is a decision that I mean in fact made zero decisions when this thing first got plopped him except for choosing the image that's it so I'll walk you through some of the micro decisions that I make in in these like a couple seconds what it actually sounds like the first thing is ok, I need to make this the full background so called dragon to fill the frame second, I need to crop this properly because the drink is flying up off the top of the thing so kind of pull it down third now my logo is right over top of the drink and everything's kind of messy and they're so because I moved my image that I have to move my logo so I have to make a decision do I like aloe gum or don't like the image more honestly, at this point, I like the image more I think I'm saying something cool with the image it's it's making people feel a certain way it's got some bright colors the logo doesn't need to be his biggest it does so I'm going to shrink it, which drops it in the hierarchy it's going to be looked at second instead of looked at first and I'm just kind of kind of throw it down here um now another micro decision let's look at the space that I just moved it here I didn't put it here, I would put it here I moved it so that the space to left in the space to the bottom was about the same. I can't all these small little decisions that need to be made very quickly in order to be efficient could actually be a little bit smaller song drag it out of there, and I want to keep it white it's nice invisible down there, so I have an image, I I can sort of forgive the, uh uh, candle watermark for right now because I know it's going to be beautiful when I go to download it, so I'm not paying attention to the lines of the candle logo right now, but I do want a piece of text on, so now I have four things that I'm going to consider my space, my logo, my image and my text. So I'm just going to a headline, I'm going to use my brand so it's going to text and we'll use. So by the way, these match exactly what I just created, so anyone who uses your brand part of your team, they're going to see this and I'll add a headline here and right now so designers do this a lot where they just kind of move things around without letting go it's like in chess where you make a move but you'll let go your piece because you're like oh do I really want to do that move or not it's exactly what designers do whenever you see this they're just going maybe maybe baby yes ok great I want to put it right down there it's out of the way the image I want the image to be read first and I want whatever this is to be read second now first of all it's black I can't read it kind of change the color so click on it double clicks with selects everything you know going to my color wheel do I want to make it a brand color I could but the brand colors on top of this image aren't that ledge a bill either even this lighter one not a big fan of that with like the yellow going on it's just too much so I'm gonna make it really simple I'm going to go for white yes image didn't have the text match the color you selected good question uh no so what you're talking about is called sampling so when you sample something from a bit mapped a lot of programs to that illustrator does that quite well you could drag something in to be like I want that color even in power point you can you can sample a color that's not even in power point that's elsewhere on your desktop and it will bring that color and camera doesn't have that. So if you want to get a color from an image, I suggest bringing that image into something like photo shop if you have the capability and grabbing a sample from that so I love love love the symmetry of what's going on between the white logo, a white text, especially because they're almost the same line wait, so the lines in the lug are almost the same as the line here. I love that, so I need to I need to say, what is my message when we're trying to say here? Um yeah, happy new year ok, so now you need to make more considerations. First of all, my texas too big for my box, so I'm gonna expand it, pull it out here, check to see if I spelled you're right, I did and you see what I did there, I moved it so that it's again almost the same distance here and here and has a really nice I've considered the space here it's centered horizontally center to the logo, making all these really quick it's gotta have something to do with something else in the page, so, um one last thing that I want to do with this is uh I still feel like the bottom isn't really as legend has it could be so I'm gonna do our trick where we put in a transparent background so when you go to search click on shapes grab my awesome magenta box it's been my best friend today and I'm gonna s I dragged the anchoring and to make it long and thin and I'm gonna put it down here and we can go a little bit outside because that's not going to be in the graphic it doesn't really matter um it's ah it'll just you know what is in here is just what's going to show and I want to start sending it backwards two out there now I need to make a consideration now I not only need to consider the space bottom to the letters in the level but I need to consider the space from the top so want to pull this down so it's about the same right about there and then I don't like this magenta I actually like the colors of the image but I still want this box so the simplest way to do that because I'm gonna make it black and then I'm gonna drop the transparency down so that I can see those awesome colors coming in from the bottom of the from the from the image so I click on the wing menu here of the transparency and I pull it back let's say to about there. So now I can read my texts now everything is lined properly, it's in its space, I'm making the image the hero so people are going to look at that first, then they're going to look at everything down below. I have my brand here. I've used my logo of my brand fund on it's, a complete graphic that matches my brand. So I'm so happy with this that I want to I want let's say so I've desire name named rachel. Hi, rachel. I want rachel two in a month from now. I want her to make one for valentine's day, but I want to use the same configuration because people are going to recognize that they're going to be for more familiar with it. So I'm gonna go up here to, uh, question, um, you're working for multiple outputs, so you want something, go to twitter. You want something to go on a web page? How do you take that same set of considerations for multiple size that's? A fantastic question. I always forgot about this. Um, canada for work comes with the tool called magic resize it's, amazing, um, magic resize allows you to take one design like this guy here and it means that you can transpose it into different sizes currently I think this is a if I look correctly it tells me this is a social media post at eight hundred by one hundred pixels I could be two things I can change the size of this graphic or I could um export this into many different sizes I'll show you how that works so the first thing I can do is change the dimensions by the way, this is only available in the can before work version of the product so if I go to change the mentions it's gonna ask me okay, what? You want to change it too so let's say I want to put this on um say I want to do a instagram post so it's ten eighteen by tennessee so it's it's actually it's square right but it's bigger than this eight hundred five hundred so if I click on that you know what I'll do a different one because it will be easier it actually just it but it's it's like a ninja magic we still square so let's do something crazy like uh oh I know let's do ah letter piece of paper so if I wanted to print this out posted all over logan circle I would click this one and it automatically resized it for me now it made some decisions it made some micro decisions for me that I don't like but it still is making some great decisions it kept my image in the background it's sort of kept the crop I can actually put more of the image in here now uh and put all my stuff up here it raised it I really liked it touching the bottom, so I'm just going to kind of move it back down, get him nudging using my arrow keys right back down there and now because I can see more of the image and that part of the image is darker there used to be because remember the type and stuff used to go I'm touching screen type stuff used to be up here, but now it's down here I can't really see my my dark box anymore, so I need to make another decision can I make this box darker so I'll go to the transparency make it just a little bit darker like that so now I have something that had a different size than I did before how can I do multiple different size? Listen, I love it so much I wanted everywhere so let's take this design we're gonna going to file here is telling me what what size it is now and I'm going to do something called magic resize this is so cool so I clicked on magic resize and it asked me it gave me a bunch of check boxes okay when you what where do you want to put this? I want to put it on twitter uh let's do twitter pinterest and instagram right so I clicked those three things and I click africa sabra and it opens and creates three new files thes three times the top here so if I click on each of these so kept the original and then opened twitter pinterest and instagram now clearly it's making some bad micro decisions for me so we'll need to go in and change that just a little bit but it's gotten me the majority of the way there which is great all I'm doing is pushing pixels at this point and I'm not having to re choose my imitated your copy and paste stuff it does it all there for me so for instance this guy this poor twitter post um we could stretch out our box see this image you can't even tell what that is anymore uh so I'm going to click on it and let's shrink this a little bit I'm going I'm going to shrink the image so I could see a little bit more and we'll go down about there that's beautiful and then I need to make some decisions here so oh it doesn't go all the way to the edge there let's pull this guy over here and this guy over here um so this this actions like a twitter like a like a background it's a little bit small for my taste we'll leave it right now let's take a look at some of the other guys and what they did close very close good job camera but I want to move this back down here and this guy let's fix him a little bit I'll just pull this out right? They're cool all right uh all changes saved by the way I always look up here just a peek to see if what I'm doing is ok and it is great so let's go back to the letter one so I love this so much that I want rachel too jews this design one month from now for for valentine's day so let me close the other ones and what I'm gonna do because I am a template creator that's my account designations my rank in canada when I go up here I have a couple different options remember in the private I mean in the public account you just had one option public or not you can either say I want to put my design on the public stream or not make it private that's fine here in camera for work we get some more options we can show our team which is on by default so when I click this it's going to go into a team stream or I could make the design public again the same choices with the with the general account or publish it as a template as a template creator I have this ability and let's do that so I'm going to show the team my cool design and I'm going to make it reusable is a template and I'm going to click save so that now all changes saved great to refresh this so I'm back in my account and by the way here's all the different sizes that I created all showing up there if I go into my brand well let's let's look a team stream first so team stream is all the different team members have all toggled share with the team for all these designs, so they've all said, hey team, take a look at this cool stuff that I'm not there is rachel she designed the racetrack ottawa and there's some co star wars stuff so everyone has been sharing these things on the team stream this one I shared so everyone can see it like, oh yeah man that's cool with that I got he spelled you're wrong again. Um it's happened so that's the stream it's sort of like the public extreme but it's just for your team it's a great way to sort of show off when you're working on but we're not interested in that we want to make we wantto reuse this template so let's hop among forward I'm rachel and I'm sitting my desk and matt said matt had said some mean evil saying hey maybe the cool new year's design now we want to do one for valentine's day the template is in our brand kid go at it so she's going to come here is gonna go into let's you know she's going to go into our brand she's going to see this template here and she's going to know to click on the template because she say she's not a template editor she's not going to be able to edit this template but she could make a copy of it so she'll click on him and it'll remix and it'll come up here and it's a new file so first thing I want to dio and I want to do a quick throwback to our talk about version control change the name please please change the name that's going to make things so much easier so this one was called simple fathom I'm just gonna call around times day all right so now I know it's a different file I think the only things that I want to change here are here and the image so to leave that guy and go find and it started from the template so everything was already there for me all I had to do was change a little bit of it so go into search and I'm going to hearts let's see what that brings up lovely oh now I'm hungry okay uh see all these acute cool so now I have cute little valentine's day so I made a lot of considerations in those past couple seconds I decided I wanted to be full screen uh this still works down here I want to make the crop just a little bit and you'll make sure it's above there and that's it so when I says unsaved changes a little trick if you click on the word file sometimes it hurries along those changes and it saves it for you so if you ever see this stuck just go up here and click file and usually this will go a little bit quicker does that work on the ipad two it does not and thank you for bringing that up so those of you here and those of you at home who are following along on your ipad there's a lot of differences in the interface they're doing things that are more sensitive to touch oh are different for touch than they are for here eh so I encourage you play around with it see how things work they try to make it as easy as possible all for you so if I go back into my account it has not updated give it a second so here first thing I can tell us at least I've renamed it so you know canada is not is not showing me the right or the correct there we go boom valentine's day um and if I wanted to I could say that as a temple of two and someone else could use that um so any questions for you guys for that demo or anything else we talked about this session when you were making all of the versions for you know the different sizes I noticed they were all opening like in a different tab and different window but it's also saving it back to your designs correct that's correct yeah why does it to that so it's saved it does two things the first thing it does is it saves the new files here in your stream it makes them all knew the second thing it does is it prompts you to edit them it can't is basically saying matt I created all your files for you jobs done launch check my work and so we as designers are designing this would go in and make some micro decisions a little bit better than what can they did because it has limitations considering it's basically running a script so it's just asking you it's already saved thirty in your file you could all just close all those tabs not do anything he'll still be there thank you I that was my question too but also when you're when you have different teams you can separate them so you know one team will go in and we don't see the work of the other two years straight street is that that's correct the way the brits streams for each team. Exactly on the way to get to your different team accounts is to click on your name on then you'll see multiple ones down here and the other and the other teams won't see. They don't know what other teams you're on it, they won't know come up and join you up there. That was awesome, thanks, thank you so much. My pleasure, fantastic having you here. We talked earlier about, you know, getting somebody of your caliber. Ah, working creative director, you guys are experts to canada. I could imagine anybody else you know, coming in and teaching this class, so so thank you.

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Beautiful graphics are essential for running a thriving business and Canva offers users a free and easy way to create them. 

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This was a fantastic course! You will walk away from this course confident, skilled and knowledgeable enough able to create amazing deliverables/images/graphics for all social media platforms. Especially if you are completely intimidated by design and don't know where to start, this course is for you! (that was me) I really enjoyed seeing into the mind of a designer with his tips & rules about fonts, flow, colors and brand integrity I have made some fantastic designs! Thank you Matt, Canva and Creative Live! Absolutely one of my best CreativeLive purchases.

Aaditya Somani

This course is fantastic. Matt is an excellent teacher, he explained all the details of Canva in less than 4 hours. And those basic design tips were a bonus! Thanks a lot, Matt and Creative Live. Would definitely recommend it to take your designing game to the next level.

Barbara Schiffman

Great course, great teacher -- I'm a Canva and design novice but am now creating book covers for my own books/ebooks. Matt taught me things about using Canva's tools that have already improved my design "eye" and skills -- especially about the value of simplicity. Many thanks!